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The Best Beard Styles for Oval Faces in 2022

The Best Beard Styles for Oval Faces in 2022

Different beard styles work best for specific facial shapes, and if you have an oval face, you may wonder what particular types work best for you. 

Fortunately, there are several excellent beard styles for oval faces, so you’ll surely be able to select one that matches your preferences and lifestyle. 

Looking for Beard Styles for Oval Faces?

You may assume that there are only a few different types of beards long, short, curly, and straight. However, similar to hairstyles and even glasses, there are a plethora of beard styles, angles, lengths, and textures that best match certain head and facial shapes, depending on what the wearer wants to emphasize and accentuate. 

Plus, there are even more options for combining your beard with mustaches, sideburns, and various head-hairstyles. That said, although men with oval faces might feel nervous about rocking a beard for fear of making their face look too pointed, long, or diminished, they have nothing to worry about! 

There are many handsome styles to choose from that match an oval face well, and the best beard styles for oval faces make men look more:

  • Sharp
  • Masculine
  • Distinguished 
  • Stylish 
  • Confident 

In this article, we’ll share ten of the best beard styles for oval faces so that you can quickly and confidently choose your next look.

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Oval-shaped faces go very well with certain styles of beards, and depending on the specific style, they can go with a casual, trendy, or professional look. 

Overall, beard styles for oval faces are pretty versatile, and it’s up to you to choose which of the following styles and trimming techniques will best suit your overall look. 

​1. Low-Key Goatee With Small Stache

Guy with a goatee, one of the best beard styles for oval faces

WAYHOME Studio/Shutterstock

This beard style is simple, straightforward, and clean-cut, which is excellent for professionals looking for a low-maintenance business casual look. 

This look is one of the best beard styles for oval faces because it does not overwhelm a smaller jawline. Instead, it complements them, as the mustache and goatee create an oval-triangular effect that aligns with the oval facial shape. 

2. Shallow Face Beard With Smile Gap   

Shallow Face Beard With Smile Gap as a beard style for oval faces

WAYHOME Studio/Shutterstock

Shallow beards that run all the way up to the hairline are excellent beard styles for oval faces because they frame the face nicely and accentuate the oval shape while maintaining a more masculine look. 

The “smile gap,” as in, the space without hair under the lips, is also a nice feature of this beard style, as it draws attention to the mouth and smile. 

3. Shallow Face Beard Without Smile Gap

One of the best beard styles for oval face, a Shallow Face Beard Without Smile Gap

Damir Khabirov/Shutterstock

This beard style for an oval face is similar to the one mentioned above, as it is a shallow style that does not overwhelm the more narrow chin. 

However, there is no “smile gap” in this style, as there is beard hair between the lower lip and the chin hair. 

This beard style is fantastic for men with dimples or deep smile lines, as there is already attention being drawn to your smile and lip area without too much effort. 

4. Shadow Boxing 

Shadow Boxing, a beard style for oval faces

Oleksandr Zaichuk/Shutterstock

If you like the idea of achieving subtly from a shallow face beard but want to go one step further, shave it down even more for a “5 O’clock Shadow” beard style. 

This beard style looks particularly good when matched with a boxed head hairstyle, as the shaved-down sides of your head will complement the shaved-down beard. 

5. Egg-Shaped Trim Beard

Egg-Shaped Trim Beard, a great beard style for oval faces

Faces Portrait/Shutterstock

When you have an oval face, the top of your head may resemble the bottom, rounded part of an egg, but the bottom of the head might be a little more narrow, thus not perfectly matching. 

With an egg-shaped beard, you’ll trim a medium-length beard to resemble the bottom of an egg as well, which creates horizontal symmetry to your whole head shape and is pleasing to the eye. 

6. Curly Beard With Slicked Back Hair 

Curly Beard With Slicked Back Hair for a piece on beard styles for oval faced men

Light and Vision/Shutterstock

When men have a curly beard and straighter hair, it creates an intriguing, dynamic juxtaposition that can be highly attractive. 

For an oval face, the best beard style for this look will be a medium-length, curly or semi-curly beard with rounded oval edges. Then, you pull the head hair back with a ponytail or slick it back with the help of a little gel. 

This look is even better with shaved sides, as demonstrated in the photo. 

7. Dark-Edged Shadow

Dark-Edged Shadow, a beard style for oval faces

Roberto Vivancos/Shutterstock

We’ve already seen how the 5 ‘o’clock shadow look is a nice beard style for an oval face. 

But if you want to step this look up a notch and have a more shapely look, you can leave the chin edge a little less low cut, so it has a darker and slightly thicker appearance. 

This is an attractive look for oval faces, especially for men who want their faces to look a bit more defined and masculine. 

8. The Shaggy Balance

The Shaggy Balance beard for oval faced man

Jihan Nafiaa Zahri/Shutterstock

This beard style is fantastic for men with oval faces and big, curly hair. The extensive, rounded hair provides a contrast to the oval face, each element making the other stand out and shine in its own way, and the beard portion complementing both. 

However, it’s crucial not to let the beard get too long or too short because either way might throw off the overall look. If it’s too short, the look will be top-heavy, and if it’s too long, the face will seem way too drowned out. 

9. The Tip Toe

A beard style for oval faces called The Tip Toe

Everett Collection/Shutterstock

This look is the epitome of the phrase, “a little goes a long way.” If you have a facial shape that’s somewhere between an oval and a rectangle, you might not resonate with many of these other styles. 

Or, you might love your oval facial shape and think it matches your hair, body type, personality, or else; thus, you don’t want to hide it under a big beard. 

Having only a touch of a beard, just on the tip of your chin as well as an optional small soul patch can make your face look a bit more masculine while still flaunting an otherwise appealing facial structure. 

10. The Scruffy Long Beard

The Scruffy Long Beard style for oval faced men


The long and scruffy beard style for oval faces accentuates the oval shape and increases the masculine nature of the overall look. 

Taller, bigger men look excellent with the scruffy long beard look, but it might not be as suitable for the office, depending on where you work. 

11. The Scruffy Short Beard 

The Scruffy Short Beard for oval faces

Olga Korica/Shutterstock

If you want a slightly more corporate-appropriate look that has almost just as much of the “masculine touch” of the long scruffy beard mentioned above, you can rock a scruffy short beard instead. 

It creates a similar appearance and vibe while still looking appropriate in a variety of settings. This versatile beard can come off casual, stylish, trendy, easy-going, or profound. It will all depend on the hairstyle and clothing style you match it with. 

12. The Wide Chin 

The Wide Chin beard style for oval faces


For men with oval faces who wish to have a bit more of a square-face look, the broad chin beard can help achieve this. 

Because the chin hair is wider than the mustache, and there’s a chin strap that further accentuates the chin’s width, this beard style can make an oval face look more square and angular. 

13. The Dark Light Dark Look

The Dark Light Dark Look beard on a man with an oval face

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

If you would like to accentuate your oval face, you can make the top of your head match the bottom of your head by keeping the hair short, dense, and dark on your head, chin, and chin strap. 

Then, you’ll keep your mustache to a minimum. In this way, your hair and facial hair frame your oval-shaped head. 

14. The Barely There

The Barely There beard style for oval face


This beard style is appropriate for men who have thick facial hair and find it difficult or impossible to get a clean-shaven look. 

Lucky for you, your head shape goes well with or without a full beard, so this slightly-stubbly look does not hide your oval-shaped head while still providing a more masculine element to your appearance. 

15. The EcStatic Beard 

The EcStatic Beard for oval faced men

ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock

We call this beard style for an oval face the EcStatic look because it looks like the hair is joyful as it reaches outwards instead of folding inwards. 

Plus, because the hair is leaning outwards, it also looks similar to hair that has experienced a bit of static shock. 

This look is a fun, welcoming beard style for men with oval faces that want to appear to have a broader, rounder, or friendly look. 

16. The Long and Strong

Long and strong beard style for oval faces


Oval faces are longer than most other facial shapes, and while some men like this long-face appearance, others wish to hide the fact that their face is that long. 

Interestingly enough, a long and thick beard does not necessarily accentuate a long face as you might expect unless it starts from the bottom of the chin. 

Alternatively, this beard style starts at the mustache and under the cheekbones, thus virtually hiding most of the face. Thus, onlookers won’t be able to guess where the face ends, and the beard continues. 

Plus, as your face looks shorter than it is, your beard will also likely look longer than it actually is, providing a highly masculine appearance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding beard styles for oval faces.

Do beards look good on an oval face?

Yes. Men with oval-shaped faces are deemed lucky because they can look handsome with or without beards. And since they are not necessarily trying to hide any specific feature of their facial shape, their face can work well with various facial hair. 

Which beard style is best for an oval face?

As this article demonstrates, there are a wide range of excellent beard styles for oval faces. What you prefer for your oval face may depend on how narrow or wide your face is, whether you want to accentuate or hide the length of your face and whether you want to add sharpness, masculinity, softness, or else to your look. 

The most commonly agreeable look is the Low-Key Goatee look because it is very versatile with different styles and occasions. 

Is an oval face attractive for a male?

Yes. Oval faces on men tend to be very attractive because many people like their relative horizontal symmetry. Some of the most attractive male celebrities have oval faces, such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Adam Levine, and Jason Statham. 

Is a clean shave good for an oval face?

Although this article is about choosing which beard style will work best for an oval face, having a clean shave looks handsome for oval faces as well. 

Beards tend to help balance out someone’s facial structure, but an oval face is already typically balanced, so a beard is not really “necessary” for oval-faced men as it might be for men with other facial shapes. 

How do I figure out my face shape?

You may not be sure which shape your face is, or you assume you have an oval-shaped face when you look in the mirror but want to know what the other facial shape options are. 

In this case, you can read more about different facial shapes, why it’s essential to know which shape your face is, and how to determine your facial shape once and for all. 

What’s Your Favorite Beard Style for Oval Faces?

Given the versatility of beard styles when it comes to what will look excellent on an oval face, there are a lot of beard styles for oval faces to choose from. 

That said, which style will work best for you will depend on your lifestyle, maintenance preferences, current or desired hairstyle, and the overall look you’re going for. 

If you want to look amicable and endearing, a slightly shabby, medium-sized beard style might suit you best. A trimmed-down beard with clean edges might suit you best if you’re going for a more professional look.  

Whichever look you’re going for, we hope you’ve liked one of these beard styles for oval faces enough to give it a try!