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Beard Without Mustaches | A Detailed Guide

Beard Without Mustaches | A Detailed Guide

Men wearing beardless styles isn’t a new thing. Throughout history, you see many men worldwide wearing these. However, today, it’s becoming increasingly common to see a man wearing a beard without a mustache.

However, most adult males feel that the beard and mustache should always go together. Whether you wear a bear with or without a mustache depends exactly on your preference. But, if you think you can pull off a beard without a mustache, then just go for it.

What Is a Beard Without a Mustache?

Beard is a simple term that includes any facial hairstyle that isn’t shaven, while a mustache is a facial hair grown on the upper lip.

Usually, beards and mustaches go together, like bread and butter. However, if you want to try something new and welcome change to the ordinary look, then a beard without a mustache is a sure way to go.

This style includes any facial hair, except above the upper lip. In fact, there are several reasons why many adult males choose not to grow their mustaches. However, this shouldn’t stop anyone from wearing a beard if they feel like getting one.

Why Wear a Beard Without a Mustache?

You might wonder why men like to try a beard without a mustache. Well, here are some of the reasons why they prefer a mustache-less style which might inspire you to do the same:

A Way to Stand Out of the Crowd

Wearing a beard without a mustache isn’t as unique as wearing blue and pink mohawks. But, it’s a smart and better way to express your unique self if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Shaping a Mustache is a Challenge

Mustache is easier to grow but harder to shave and maintain than a beard. It needs certain precision, which you might find challenging. So, some men just get rid of it instead of torturing themselves by styling it every morning.

While growing a beard might need more maintenance, it still doesn’t need much precision styling. So, just keep that beard without a mustache.

You’re After the Style

It’s undeniable that some beard styles look great without mustaches. Some great examples are chin curtains and soul patches. So, if you’re really after this particular style, take the chance and don’t be afraid to shave your mustache entirely off.

You Accidentally Shaved It Off

Well, you’ve probably tried it. It happens every once in a while to every man – shaving off more than you’re planning to. But, fret not and just shave the rest if you make a mistake with your mustache.

Just think of it as a chance to pull off a brand new beard style. Try to go through some of the options below for different styles you can pull off.

Should You Grow a Beard Without a Mustache?

The main decisive factor in a beard without a mustache is a man’s personal preference.

If you believe this beard style can express yourself and deliver the message you want, don’t hesitate and just try it. However, it would help if you remembered that this beard style could make your face look wider, especially the chin part. 

Make sure also that the style compliments the shape and features of your face. For example, if you have an elongated or diamond-shaped face, feel free to wear a beard without a mustache to create a balance in your proportions.

Beard Styles Without Mustaches

Here are some of the beard styles without mustaches that you can try:

1. The Shenandoah

Abe Lincoln's Beard Without a Mustache


A Shenandoah is a facial hairstyle that is also known as a chin curtain, an Amish beard, a Lincoln beard, or a whaler. While the Shenandoah isn’t easy to pull off, this style gives flexibility because it can be maintained in many ways. 

It’s like a hanging curtain from the jaw and chin and meeting the sideburns. One thing that needs real maintenance with this beard style is shaving the hair above the upper lip.

Famously worn by Abraham Lincoln, this facial style also became known as a Lincoln. So, if you admire Lincoln, you might also look up to his signature mustacheless beard style.

Additionally, this beard style has deep religious traces in the Amish community; hence it is also known as an Amish beard.

However, there are subtle differences to wearing this variation of a Shenandoah. To achieve this look, trim the beard on both sides of the face along your jawline to a moderate length. Then, grow the hair under the chin as wild as you desire. 

Afterward, use a beard trimmer to regularly trim the facial hair along the mustache region and the cheeks to give you that full chin curtain beard style its maximum appeal.

2. The Mutton Chops

Technically, the mutton chops aren’t a beard. It’s a throwback to one of the most daring beard styles several decades back. Those who wear the mutton chops grow hair down the side of their faces, transforming their looks that most men are hesitant to try.

If you want thick mutton chops, you can make the hair follow the jawline to give you more prominence for your rounded face. Regularly shave the hair on the upper lip and chin so that stubble won’t take away from the look.

3. The Chinstrap

This beard style is almost similar to the chin curtain style, except it only covers the area below the chin. This creates a strap running from ear to ear along the edge of the face. However, the chinstrap needs some serious maintenance to keep the style neat.

4. The Soul Patch

Soul patch, one of the best beards without mustaches

Chaundthar V/Shutterstock

The soul patch is the easiest to pull off among all the beard styles without mustaches. It’s also very easy to maintain because it’s only a small patch of hair below the lip and above the chin.

This small patch of facial hair can be thin or wide, triangular or square, depending on your preference. Additionally, you can trim it to create different shapes every month or allow it to grow out.

What needs to be maintained is to keep the rest of your face shaved entirely so that the soul patch can stand out. It loses the kick when there is stubble nearby.

6. Chinstrap & Goatee

As mentioned, a neat chinstrap requires you some maintenance. However, some men feel it’s not challenging at all. If you find this style easy to maintain, then why not try the combination of chinstrap and goatee. 

We have to warn you – this style needs a Herculean effort for maintenance. So, if daily trimming is okay with you, then this fashionable beard style will surely pay off some huge dividends.

6. The Long Goatee

The long goatee is a fun way of growing a small region of hair as long as you desire. Usually, it takes around 2-6 months to have a full beard growth.

This style is also pretty easy to maintain because you only need to keep the beard, cheeks, and jawline areas free of stubble. Then, sculpt your goatee from the side of the mouth and go as low as you want.

This style only needs minimal trimming. Just make sure to keep the bottom part straight, and you’re sure to stand out in the crowd.

76. Long Beard Without The Mustache

If you’ve already tried a long beard style but found the facial hair above the upper lip getting onto your nerves, shaving it off might be a good idea.

This beard style can create a very bold and impactful look that makes you stand out. But if you feel like a long beard without a mustache is too much, then you can try the elongated goatee without a mustache instead.

8. Both Sides Shaved

If you consider pulling off a mutton chops style with a twist, then both sides shaved is the way to go. It’s pretty similar to mutton chops, but the beard is just trimmed down very short. 

If you want to wear this style, you need to shave the stubble on the mustache, neck, cheeks, and chin areas and trim the side beard. Remember that this style requires a serious commitment that undoubtedly produces good results.

9. Islamic Beard

Islamic guy with a beard without a mustache in a white hat

Danish Khan/Shutterstock

Islamic beard style without a mustache has unique features requiring a skilled, steady hand. It’s pretty similar to the Shenandoah, but the hair only grows out from the sides to the chin and all the areas in between. It has a unique trimming pattern. 

If you want to wear this style, the top of the beard should form a U shape. You can achieve this look by using a close razor cut to create a rounded shape. It may be tedious, but the effort will pay off in the end.

Who Wore It Better?

In case you wonder if a beard without a mustache works for everyone, you might want to talk about some historical figures and today’s celebrities who were able to manage this mustacheless beard.

Abraham Lincoln

While he wasn’t the first to wear a beard without a mustache, he was considered the most famous. He started growing his beard after receiving a letter from a young girl suggesting that he do so. Then, he became the first U.S. president to have a full beard.

Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau is a well-known American philosopher and poet who was famous for his masterwork, Walden, in 1854. The book described his life in a cabin in the woods. This man was also well-known for wearing a neckbeard style without a mustache.

Robert Pattinson

We also have several celebrities who pull off this beard style in the modern-day world. A great example is Robert Pattinson, an English actor beloved by women worldwide.

Pattinson is famous for wearing a clean-shaven look and mustacheless goatee, which became the trendiest style during the peak of his career.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is an Australian performer known for being a triple threat. He is a successful singer, dancer, and actor known for his role as Wolverine in the 2000’s X-Men. Jackman was also known for his role in the movie adaptation of Les Miserables. 

He’s undoubtedly one of the best-looking actors today, and a major contributing factor to this is his mutton chops beard style he wore while playing Wolverine.

Beard Without Mustache FAQ

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this beard style:

Is A Beard Without A Mustache Okay?

Yes, definitely. In fact, having a beard without a mustache is very popular among adult males today, although you might find it unusual to wear it at first.

What Is A Beard Without A Mustache Called?

There is no standard name for this style, but some common names include chinstrap, lion’s name, or chin curtain.

What Tools Do I Need To Grow And Maintain This Style?

If you want to pull off this style successfully, you basically need only two main items: a safety razor and an electric trimmer. First, you need a razor to keep the mustache and neck area smooth. Then, you use the electric trimmer to cut off the beard at your desired length.

Do I Need To Oil My Mustache?

Cleaning and oiling your beard daily is part of maintaining your facial hair. A beard without a mustache calls for critical maintenance to make it look good and healthy.

So, What Is a Beard Without a Mustache?

Now, you’ve learned the different beard styles without mustaches. If you have an elongated or diamond-shaped face, having a beard without a mustache suits you best because it enhances the chin and balances the face features.

However, it still depends on the face shape. There is the perfect style for every face shape. Do your research first before shaving and trimming your facial hair.

With the various beard styles without mustaches that we showed you, you can select the style that suits your face shape. Once you’ve nailed it, you’re ready to take on the world feeling your best.