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The 7 Best Beard Combs in 2022

The 7 Best Beard Combs in 2022

Are you searching for the best beard comb to ensure that your facial hair looks as clean, neat, and groomed as it can be? We’ve got you covered with the seven best beard combs on the market. 

What’s the Best Best Comb?

Beards come in many sizes, styles, and textures, but they all need to be groomed to look their best. Part of the grooming process entails washing your beard, and some men choose to brush their beards as well.

But combing your beard is essential for a healthy, growing, and good-looking beard as well. However, there are many different types of combs out there.

And some men make the mistake of getting the wrong beard comb for their particular beard and desired final look. It may seem like using any old comb will do, but there are particular factors to consider when purchasing your beard comb, such as material, portability, and comb tooth size.

This article will share the seven best beard combs on the market, then dive into what makes them the top picks and what all you may want to factor into your final purchasing decision. 

Our top 7 picks for the best beard combs:

  1. ​ Best Overall: Viking Revolution Dual Action Beard Comb 
  2. ​ Best for Smooth Glide: Kent FOT Fine Tooth Comb 
  3. ​ Best for Dual Action: Hunter Jack Dual Action Beard Comb 
  4. ​ Best for Thick, Curly Beards: Chicago Model 7 Pick Comb
  5. ​ Best for Travel: Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb 
  6. ​ Best for Durability: Didforu Sandalwood Beard Comb  
  7. ​ Best for Value: Beard Power Wooden Beard Comb

Now you know our top seven picks for the best beard combs. But it’s important to understand why any of them are a good choice in the first place. 

So before we get into the nitty-gritty details of each one, we’ll discuss why you need a beard comb if you don’t already have one (and why you might need a new one if it’s not doing its job). 

Why You Need a Beard Comb

Guy using the best beard comb on his face

Agave Studio/Shutterstock

You may be in the initial stages of growing your beard and decide whether you need a beard comb to help maintain it as it develops. Or, you may have had a beard for years and are considering keeping it better groomed. Here’s the deal; combing your beard has several benefits

Aesthetically speaking, it makes your look clean by shedding particles that may have gotten trapped in your beard throughout the day or overnight. These particles may include dust, lint, or even tiny pieces of food. 

Combining your beard will also train the beard hairs to grow in the direction you desire, making your beard look fuller and healthier, plus granting you your preferred final look. 

If you don’t care as much about the look and care more about how it feels, then you’ll be happy to know that combing your beard helps prevent ingrown hairs, those itchy and even sometimes painful bumps. 

Additionally, if you love the feeling of a soft and well-moisturized beard, combing your beard hair when done after oil or balm application helps to moisturize and soften your beard even more. This is because the comb helps distribute the oil or balm more evenly and efficiently throughout the beard than your fingers can. 

However, you cannot just use any comb. You want to make sure to get a high-quality beard comb so that you don’t risk pulling out beard hairs and damaging your beard overall. 

Best Beard Comb: Top 7 Picks

Next, we’ll get into the details regarding the specific pros and cons of each of the best beard combs.

If you’re deciding between two or three of our top 7 picks, based on what they are “best” for, this next section will help you figure out which will be the best beard comb to meet your particular needs. 

​1. Viking Revolution Dual Action Beard Comb

Best Overall 
Wooden Beard Comb & Case
  • Dual-sided comb for both fine and coarse teeth combing 
  • No static combing or harsh pulling 
  • Great for beard oil and balm application 
  • Unscented  
  • Teeth may be too short for a thicker beard 
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The Viking Revolution Dual Action Comb is a durable and versatile beard comb, giving you the option of fine-tooth combing or coarse tooth combing in one reliable product. 

The comb is thin enough to slide into your back pocket easily but remains reliably strong, only breaking with intense pressure. Even then, the Viking Revolution customer team has your back and will send a replacement free of charge if anything goes awry. 

The Viking Revolution comb is made with high-quality wood, won’t sharply tug at your beard, and will last a long time. However, the teeth may be too short for people with very thick beards. 

​2. Kent FOT Fine Tooth Comb

Best for a Smooth Glide
Kent A FOT All Fine Tooth Saw Cut Beard Comb
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The Kent FOT Fine Tooth Comb is an excellent choice for people fed up with combs that pull and tug at their hair follicles. Pulling and tugging can be painful, irritate the skin, and cause beard hair to start thinning. 

This comb, however, prevents that completely by gliding effortlessly through the beard hairs for a quicker and easier grooming session. 

The Kent comb is also handmade and well-crafted, without major imperfections so that it won’t feel scratchy on the skin. Its eco-friendly cellulose acetate material works well on either dry or wet hair. 

​3. Hunter Jack Dual Action Beard Comb

Best Dual Action Comb 
Beard Comb Kit for Men
  • 100% handmade finish prevents snags 
  • Anti-static wood 
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Feels too lightweight 
  • Wood splitting issues 
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The Hunter Jack comb is another dual-action comb that gives you the choice of using fine or coarse teeth to groom your beard. It comes in a nice leather case, which makes it great for a gift, and fits well in your back pocket, making it suitable for travel. 

Additionally, it glides smoothly through the beard without creating frizz due to its anti-static wood material. Some people have experienced wood splitting and cracking issues with this handmade comb, but Hunter Jack promises a lifetime warranty. 

​4. Chicago Model 7 Pick Comb

Best for Thick and Curly Beards 
Chicago Comb Model 7 Carbon Fiber Pick Comb
  • Great for Afro hair 
  • Great for big and thick beards 
  • Smooth and strong carbon fiber material 
  • Size may be smaller than expected (5.91 inches)
  • Could be more spaced out for less breakage 
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The Chicago Model pick comb is a fantastic beard comb, especially for men with thick, curly, or big beards. smooth surface with round edges to prevent hair damage You won’t get a static shock with the teeth of this comb, made with smooth, carbon fiber material. 

Although this type of comb is one of the best for thick and curly beards, it still may be slightly too small, especially if you are looking for a comb to use with both your beard and head hair. That said, this is an ideal comb for beards but may not be as versatile as other pick combs. 

​5. Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb — Best for Travel 

Best for Travel 
Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb
  • Easy portability that’s great for travel
  • High-quality green sandalwood material
  • Suitable for all hair types 
  • May not easily stay open unless tightened
  • May not easily open up if screwed too tightly 
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The Striking Viking beard comb is a folding comb, making it ideal for travel and everyday carry. Once unfolded, the comb offers a handle that makes combing your hair more manageable and more stable, as you can hold the comb from the side instead of from the top. 

It is also static-free, prevents frizz, and glides through beard hair easily with its rounded teeth and high-quality green sandalwood material.

The hinge may cause minor difficulty opening the comb or keeping it open. However, there is a risk-free guarantee. If you don’t like this comb for any reason, you can get your money back with no questions asked. 

​6. Didforu Sandalwood Beard Comb

Best for Durability 
Beard Comb Kit With Real Leather Case
  • Handcrafted with premium sandalwood 
  • Dual-action with both coarse and fine teeth 
  • Case has card pockets 
  • Colors vary due to natural materials 
  • Sharper teeth than competitors 
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This handcrafted comb from Didforu is 100% sandalwood and will last a long time. It can withstand tangled or matted hair without breaking and travel and everyday use.

However, as it is made from wood, we would refrain from putting it in a back pocket, as it could still snap. Though, the sandalwood is great for your beard hair and, as a plus, smells nice. 

This beard comb comes with a genuine leather case, as opposed to synthetic leather like many of its competitors, and it smells nice as well. Additionally, the case is equipped with a pocket making it easier to hold your credit cards and ID along with your comb. 

​7. Beard Power Wooden Beard Comb

Best Value 
Beard Power Wooden Beard Comb & Durable Case
  • Highly affordable dual-sided comb 
  • Durable soft leather case
  • Waxing process for finish reduces unwanted smells 
  • Not as durable as competitors  
  • Doesn’t penetrate thick beards as easily 
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The Beard Power comb comes with a case made with softer leather, thus providing more durability than other beard comb cases. Additionally, the manufacturers finish this beard comb with a waxing process instead of spray paint, which prevents unwanted smells from your comb. 

However, this comb may not suit thicker or curlier beards, as the teeth do not penetrate as easily into the hair. If you do have a slightly thicker beard and still wish to try out this comb, Beard Power offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t like your beard comb for any reason. 

Finding the Best Beard Comb for You

Guy holding the best beard comb in his hand

Hazal Ak/Shutterstock

There are several different factors to consider when deciding the best beard comb for your needs:


The material of your comb is an essential factor because it will influence whether your comb will prevent static, frizz, tangles, and tugs. Wooden combs are typically the best type because wood doesn’t build up static electricity.

So you won’t have to worry about your beard hair clinging to the comb and not combing through as effectively. People also like sandalwood combs specifically, as they tend to feel the higher quality and even smell quite refreshing and aromatic. 

Size of Teeth

The size of the teeth on your comb matter significantly, especially if you have thicker or curlier hair. If your hair is thick (either each strand or you simply have more hair), then you’ll likely want a comb with longer teeth to ensure that the teeth will be able to penetrate your beard thoroughly. 

Size of Comb 

Finally, the size of your beard comb matters for two main reasons. One is the ease of use, which comes down to your preferences. Some men prefer holding larger combs, or combs with handles,

Others prefer smaller combs that they can hold early with just their fingertips. The size of the comb also matters when it comes to portability. If you like to travel a lot, getting a smaller comb or a comb that folds is better suited for your lifestyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Best beard comb in a layflat image

Monica Lorenzo/Shutterstock

Below, we answer some frequently asked questions related to beard combs:

Is It Better To Comb Your Beard Or To Brush It?

Combs are better for styling and detangling your beard, while brushes are helpful for cleaning and moisturizing your beard. So ultimately, we recommend both combing and brushing your beard.

Why Is Wood The Best Material For Beard Combs?

Wood is the best material for beard combs because they are anti-static, glide easily through beard hairs, and smell nice. Lastly, they help with the moisturizing process because the wood soaks up excess oils from your products and your hair, leaving just the right amount in your beard and no more.

How Often Should I Comb My Beard?

How often you choose to comb your beard is ultimately up to personal preference. Some men choose to carry their combs around with them so that they are ready to freshen up at a moment’s notice. However, we recommend combing your beard just once a day for basic grooming purposes.

Does Combing Help Your Beard Grow?

Yes, combing can help your beard grow. This is because it supports healthy, more evenly moisturized hair in general, which can aid the growth of your hair.

Can I Use A Comb On Both Wet And Dry Hair?

Some combs are designed to be used for wet hair, hair with gels or balms, or completely dry hair. However, a high-quality comb, like ones on this list, will be suitable for both wet and dry hair.

So, What’s the Best Beard Comb?

The best beard comb for you will depend on your beard length, texture, and preferred style. However, we think the best beard overall is the Viking Revolution Dual Action Beard Comb.

Best Overall 
Wooden Beard Comb & Case
  • Dual-sided comb for both fine and coarse teeth combing 
  • No static combing or harsh pulling 
  • Great for beard oil and balm application 
  • Unscented  
  • Teeth may be too short for a thicker beard 
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It can work for all hair types, has long enough teeth for thicker beards, is easy to travel with, and does not cause static or harsh tugging. We hope this article has helped you find the best beard comb for your specific hair and needs.