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30 Unique & Trending Black Hairstyles for Men

30 Unique & Trending Black Hairstyles for Men

The versatility of black hair allows men to try many different styles and lengths. These cuts represent some of the best black hairstyles men wear that look professional, attractive, and unique. 

What Are Some Black Hairstyles Men Wear Today?

Bunch of popular black hair styles for men in a single illustration


Black men are less likely to straighten and relax their hair than black women, so natural curls will always be a popular choice. Some of the natural black hairstyles men love include close-cropped cuts that look barely there to a more sculpted, short style that keeps the curls in line. 

The popularity of long hair means black men don’t have to get haircuts at all. Braids, locs, and long hair are great looks, too. Black hair varies in texture, from type 1, which is nearly straight, to kinky type 4B. The style that works best depends on each man’s hair type. 

Today, the styles range from buzz-cuts to long locs and everything in between. The only limit to the type of black hairstyles men can wear is their imagination and the skill of their barbers. 

Black Hair Inspiration for Men: 30 Ways to Rock the Trends

Whether you prefer short and chic or long and loose, here are 30 black hairstyles men love that should give you some inspiration. 

1. High Fade With a Design

High Fade With a Design black hairstyle for men

PinkCoffee Studio/Shutterstock

A short, high-fade cut that’s barely connected to the full beard adds interest with a three-stripe zig-zag. The lines lead from the temple to the ear in a striking design. 

2. Short and Natural

Short and Natural Hairstyle for Black Men

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Longer than a buzz-cut and shaped with shorter hair on the sides, a natural look is perfect for some black men. Graying gracefully with a no-fuss hairstyle looks casual and professional. 

3. Classic Crew Cut

Classic Crew Cut Black Men's Hairstyle


A classic crew cut with a slight high-top offers height and careful shaping. A skin fade on the sides prevents the cut from looking round or boxy. 

4. Freeform Locs

Freeform Locs Black Hair Styles for Men


Medium-length freeform locs give a casual and natural look. Small braids and thin hair twists can also achieve this appearance. 

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5. Kinky, Natural Afro

Kinky, Natural Afro Black hairstyle for men

Men with hair types 4A and 4B, the tightest and kinkiest curls, can grow their hair naturally to achieve a kinky afro. Aside from trims and moisturizing, this is one of the black hairstyles men love because it’s low-maintenance and easy to keep looking great. 

6. Mohawk With Buzzed Sides

Mohawk With Buzzed Sides Black Hairstyle for Men


For a layered look instead of the hair all one length, this short, natural mohawk adds some height without looking sculptured or messy. The shaved sides are a uniform length instead of a fade. 

7. Crew Cut and Fade

Crew Cut and Fade Black Man's Hairstyle

El Nariz/Shutterstock

A short crew cut with a classic side fade offers minimal shaping to keep a natural look. This short hairstyle is easy to care for and only needs regular barber visits to keep the length down and the sides tamed.

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8. Locs and Buzzed Sides

Locs and Buzzed Sides Black Hairstyle for Men


Sideswept locs with an undercut and buzz-cut sides draw all the attention to the top, where a few locs wrapped in gray make a striking statement. 

9. Neat, Tight Waves

Neat, Tight Waves Black Man's Hairstyle

Alexander Image/Shutterstock

One of the super short black hairstyles men love is the tight-cropped wave. Waves create a gorgeous pattern in short hair and require little effort to keep the look for weeks. 

10. Short Ringlets

Short Ringlets as a featured image for black hairstyle for men

SFIO Cracho/Shutterstock

This curly but not kinky look is easiest for men with type 3A to 3C curls. The black hairstyles men with this type of hair wear often are short to medium afros. Choose defined curls or a blowout for volume. 

11. Short Waves With a Slight Fade

Short Waves With a Slight Fade Black Men's Hairstyle


Short waves are long enough to give some volume and blend into a classic fade. The sides perfectly meet the full beard. Natural lines instead of sculpted straight ones give this cut a soft look.

12. Shaped With a Part

Shaped With a Part Black Hairstyles for Men


A short, shaped crew cut offers clean lines and styling, and a distinct part shaved into the side keeps this option from looking round.

13. Long, Structured Locs

Long, Structured Locs for a piece on black hairstyles for men


Long locs pulled and secured at the back of the head and nape give this style flair. The hairline looks well-groomed, with one lock twisted across the hairline to join the rest as it’s pulled to the back.  

14. Curly Blowout

Curly Blowout Black Hair Styles for Men


Curls on top with a classic fade on the sides draw the eye up. This blowout works best on medium-length hair that stands up after some time under a blowdryer. 

15. Classic Shaping

Classic Shaping Black Man Hairstyles


Short, tight curls without precise lines and a high fade on the sides offer minimal shaping and a little height without requiring much maintenance. 

16. Long, Loose Curls

Long, Loose Curls Black Hair Styles for Men


One of the black hairstyles men wear when their hair is type 2B or 2C is a long, loose wave or curl. This look with close-cropped sides and long curls on top looks casual and comfortable. 

17. Easy Natural Hair

Easy Natural Hair Styles for Black Men

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

One of the black hairstyles men prefer when they don’t want a sculpted look or designs is natural hair kept at whatever length makes them comfortable. A short to long afro is a classic look that will never go out of style. 

18. Medium Afro With a Part

Medium Afro With a Part Black Hair Styles for Men


Ringlet hair that stays in tiny curls instead of kinks can look great in a longer crew cut with a shorter hair part notched on the side. 

19. Buzz-Cut With Design

Buzz-Cut With Design

PinkCoffee Studio/Shutterstock

A buzz-cut hair style with a sculpted hairline and temple offers a sleek look, while a cut-out design on one side ensures you won’t look like everyone else. 

20. High-Top Locs

High-Top Locs Hair Styles for Black Men

Pheelings Media/Shutterstock

Short locs on a high-top cut with a classic fade on the side bring height to this hair style. This look works with short locs or longer locs swept to the side or pulled back and secured. 

21. High-Top Blowout

High-Top Blowout Black Hair Styles Men


A skin fade that looks nearly shaved features a subtle line design below a medium-length high-top blowout. 

22. Buzzed and Faded

Buzzed and Faded Hairstyle for Black Men

El Nariz/Shutterstock

A close buzz-cut with a dramatic skin fade on the sides and back looks clean and sleek. A side part, or a design, will add personal flair to this classic style. 

23. Curly High-Top

Curly High-Top Black Hair Styles for Men

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Long, tight curls stand up tall in a high-top blowout. This cut is one of the black hairstyles men wear when they don’t want a skin fade or buzzed sides but prefer a length difference between the sides and top. Turn it into a flat top with careful cutting and sharp lines. 

24. Long Braids and Locs

Long Braids and Locs Hairstyle for Black Men

Paul Aiken/Shutterstock

This dramatic look takes a long time to achieve with natural growth and long extensions. Braids and twists in front lead to long locs that take hours in a stylist’s chair, but the appearance is worth the time. 

25. Fun, Floppy Curls

Fun, Floppy Curls Hairstyle for Black Men

Inside Creative House/Shutterstock

Short, shaved sides lead up to a high-top of medium-length curls. This look is easier to achieve with the less kinky hair types or relaxed curls and waves. 

26. Tight, Medium Curls

Tight, Medium Curls as a black men's hairstyle

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

A medium-length afro looks fantastic when it’s full of spirals of about the same length. As the curls grow, they hang and create a striking silhouette. 

27. A Thick Loc Ponytail

A Thick Loc Ponytail Hairstyle for Black Men


Long, thick locs create a textured look on the crown when they’re pulled back into a ponytail. Use the locks to secure the hair to avoid damaging hair with an elastic band or clip. 

28. Styled Afro

Styled Afro Black Hair Styles for Men

Wayhome Studio/Shutterstock

What looks like a natural medium-length afro can be helped by a blow dryer and time. Ringlets in the back contrast the blown-out look of the hair at the sides and on the crown.  

29. Crew Cut With Detached Beard

Crew Cut With Detached Beard on a black man


A classic crew cut gets an updated look with a skin fade and a detached beard. Careful shaping at the temple keeps the beard edge from looking like a razor slip. 

30. Two-Tone High-Top

Black men's hairstyle featuring a Two-Tone High-Top


An ordinary high-top with medium-length curls becomes one of the black hairstyles men wear when experimenting with color. Bleached curls on top offer a two-toned look that catches the eye. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions about black hairstyles men wear today:

How often should black men wash their hair?

Black men with close-cropped hairstyles can wash their hair more often than those with longer hair, but it’s not necessary. One to two washes a week is enough and will help you avoid dry hair. 

Should black men rinse their hair daily?

Daily plain water rinses will strip oils from your hair and scalp. If you’re uncomfortable unless you rinse daily, rinse quickly and condition the hair every day to counteract the drying effects of rinsing. 

How do I keep my afro in shape?

The best thing you can do to keep your afro looking great is to use a deep moisturizing product and make sure your hair doesn’t dry out. A silk cloth wrapped around your hair while you sleep and a silk pillowcase will also help keep your style in shape. 

How long does it take for a black male to grow an afro?

The average person’s hair grows about one-half inch per month. Once you decide how long you want your afro, you can estimate how long it will take. A tight curl won’t be an inch longer after it grows an inch, so account for the shorter length as the hair curls. 

Why is my hair always frizzy?

If your hair is dry or frizzy, you might be shampooing too often or combing your hair wrong. Wash less often, moisturize daily until your hair is less dry, and avoid raking through the hair with a comb or brush. Comb dry hair gently, and use oil to detangle instead of pulling and brushing through tangled hair.

Which Black Hairstyles Are Your Favorites?

If you’re trying to decide on one of the black hairstyles men frequently wear, trust your stylist to help you narrow down styles that will look best with your face shape. Your barber can help you determine if a cut will enhance your features or minimize aspects of your face that you want to camouflage. 

Look through the styles in this list and at photos of your favorite celebrities until you find some you like. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to create something uniquely yours.