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Jewelry For Black Men: What You Need To Know

Jewelry For Black Men: What You Need To Know

Men can easily go astray when they are revamping their look by putting on jewelry.

They are in a constant phase of dilemma about whether to try adorning their personality with any piece of jewelry or not. Our strategized guide on everything one should know about black men’s jewelry will help you navigate this process with ease.

From Dennis Rodman to Lenny Kravitz, plenty of famous men have surrendered to the trend of men wearing jewelry. Having said this, let us begin our journey of jewelry for black men. 

Top reasons why men wear jewelry

Top reasons why men wear jewelry
  • There are a few jobs that require men to wear jewelry. What kind of occupations? For example – singers, fashion designers, and any or all kinds of creative artists.
  • Men wearing jewelry is a classic trend that has been going around for a long time. It is natural for men to follow the ongoing trend, just like women. Men adapt it into their personality even if it is out of their comfort zone.
  • The solid commitment to various subcultures can also influence men to wear any jewelry. For example – biker men lean towards wearing biking pieces of jewelry to fit in. 
  • There is a phenomenon called Metrosexuality, which took birth in the 20th century. This phenomenon has changed the way men should look. One of the icons of metrosexuality is David Beckham, who has inspired other men to put on earrings, beaded bracelets, etc. 
  • Lastly, let us talk about why young boys wear jewelry pieces. The answer is simple – they are rebelling against societal norms. They try to imitate the look of their celebrity role model. It is how they express themselves. They do piercings on their earlobes and also put on layers of rings on their fingers.

A list of commonly used pieces of jewelry by black men

A list of commonly used pieces of jewelry by black men

Do you want to look like a gangster or a mobster wearing gold chains?

We hope not. You might consider wearing too much jewelry or little to none. Nothing is lying in between. Although historical eras have normalized men wearing jewelry, it has become outdated and effeminate over the years.

Yet, that normality has resurfaced nowadays. Before we get into what is right and what is wrong when it comes to black men’s jewelry, let us find a few kinds of jewelry that men can choose from.

Cufflinks that range from platinum to sterling silver

The interesting fact about men wearing cufflinks is that it is not an excessively decorative item.

It blends with personalities in a way that it doesn’t get tacky. It can be worn by black men wearing suits that are of either white or grey shade. 

Rings that range from wedding ring to pinky ring

Wearing a wedding ring and a pinky finger ring can never be outdated. It gives a subtle look and works charismatically for black men as well. 

A combined look of silver bracelet, a necklace, and a chain

Although a lapiz lazuli bracelet would do wonders for both old and young men, the necklaces and chains are the preferred choices of young boys.

Also, this combined look can say a lot more about a man’s status than about his personality and style.

Other jewelry statements for black men

Apart from the three mainstream pieces of jewelry mentioned above, certain others need an honorable mention.

For example – different kinds of functional buckles for the belt, a lapel pin, a pocket watch, a collar pin, and a neat looking tie clip.

Things to avoid

Things to avoid
  • All men, please try to choose pieces of jewelry according to the occasion. You can’t look like Godfather at a funeral, can you? Keep that in mind, always. 
  • Do not ever experiment with metals. By this, we mean a black man shouldn’t pair a gold wedding ring with funky chains and top it up with a bright suit for a dinner party. Be aware of your ability to pull off whatever you choose to wear. 
  • Consider your body proportion and then pick up jewelry accordingly. Too many ornaments for any skinny man can’t ever go right. 
  • Lastly, we would like to suggest that you do not over wear in to show off your own. Being ostentatious wouldn’t help at all. Be minimal and comfortable in whatever you wear. 

This was all about the do’s and don’ts for black men’s jewelry.

List of jewelry best suited for black men and approved by celebrities

List of jewelry best suited for black men and approved by celebrities

Choker along with a pearl necklace

A$AP Rocky is a living epitome of this look. If you have the attitude to pull off the choker and not transmit vibes of discomfort, then go ahead and try it at least once. 

If you are from the 90s, then you surely know that chokers were the trend. After cooling off for a few years, it has been brought back into the limelight by black celebrities like A$AP Rocky and BTS stars like Kim Tae-hyung.

Wear a brooch, pair it with a tie clip and cufflinks

If you are an Usher Raymond fan, then you must know about this look. This look means wearing accessories with your clothes.

These fashionable items were lost in the sea of upcoming trends, but celebrities like Matt Bromer have brought them back in style.

Any minimal diamond necklace

All fans of Aubrey Drake Graham can associate diamonds with the star easily.

During the UK premiere of Top Boy in 2019, he was seen wearing a diamond necklace. It started the trend of using such necklaces in the arena of black men’s jewelry and hasn’t been overshadowed since then.

Pair up brooches with a chain

If any celebrity can shine in pink, then it is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

Wearing a pink suit along with a silver brooch and a sterling silver necklace is risky. Unless you have the aura to wear it casually, we advise you not to try it.

Wear necklaces that have a pendant attached to them

If you have watched Atlanta and The Photograph, then you are likely to be a die-hard fan of Lakeith Stanfield.

In most of his public appearances, he wears bulky rings and pendant necklaces, which is a part of his natural charm. Once you recreate this look, ladies are bound to swoon over you. 

Multiple layers of colored pearl chains and bracelets

Our society has created a few norms for men when it comes to how to dress up. Consequently, men are afraid to break the stereotypes and experiment with their looks

If anyone can encourage you not to blend in and be different, Jaden Smith often wears layered chains and bracelets.

Chic pinky finger ring

Michael B. Jordan is someone who can be one of the most attractive men alive today. Men tend not to wear any jewelry. Even if they don’t omit it, they try to wear the most basic and minimum accessories to fit in.

One example of this scenario is our heartthrob Micheal B.Jordan who wears a simple, pinky ring yet manages to make women drop dead.

One silver, cross symbol hoop earring

We want to cite Lil Nas X’s example to all those men who think they can’t shine in jewelry as women do. His fashion sense is enigmatic in the most real sense of the term.

Most women can’t pull off a single earring look. So, when this teen sensation started the trend of wearing a single hoop like an earring with a cross symbol, there was a lot of skepticism.

Top six pieces of jewelry that all men, including black men, should possess

Top six pieces of jewelry that all men, including black men, should possess

Michael Fisher’s cartography necklace approved by James Corden and Paul Rudd

Any piece of jewelry can be used as a hand-me-down. It can transcend from one generation to another.

So, this necklace attaches sentiment and personal touch to the entire appearance. 

Vintage ring approved by Ryan Reynolds and Rami Malek

Rings, be it bulky or vintage styled, are an essential part of men’s accessory wardrobe. A simple diamond wedding can enhance the look without going overboard with the fashion statement.

A timeless yet inexpensive watch approved by Michael B. Jordan

All men have made it a habit of wearing a masculine watch, if not anything else, along with clothes. It is a fundamental part of men’s jewelry, including black men’s jewelry. Be it Rolex or Miansai, the variety of watches is uncountable. The watch should look great, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be exorbitantly priced.

A signet ring approved by Channing Tatum and Chris Pine

A handsome signet ring for a handsome man like Channing Tatum.

Is there anything more attractive than this? All men want the simple yet charismatic looks of David Oyelowo. Also, with men, simplicity in their look works in their favor.

A classic chain inspired necklace approved by James Franco and Leonardo DiCaprio

If you pair up a simple yet cool watch with a chain necklace, your look has got the X factor in it.

You have to understand whether your body proportions can carry all the jewelry items that you will wear. Then, accordingly, make your purchase.

Combination of a ring, watch, and bracelet approved by Jonas Brothers

To all men, we have a piece of genuine advice. Do try to go for the basic look: a pinky ring, a simple yet heavy watch, and a diamond bracelet. This look is perfect if you want to play safe. It can never go awry. 

Black men’s jewelry isn’t a specific category in men’s jewelry. The items and guidelines we have jotted down for you are enough to make you realize that every man, be it black or white, has many options of jewelry pieces to choose from for their next public appearance.

From celebrities to politicians, brooches are preferred, and the list goes on. 

We hope you gained some insight while going through this buyer’s guide and know which jewelry to invest in.