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Do Beard Growth Kits Work | We Found Out!

If you want your beard to grow faster, you’ve probably asked, “Do beard growth kits work?” If you asked a salesperson who stood to benefit from your product purchase, you probably got the wrong answer. 

What Are Beard Growth Kits?

Image of a guy using a beard growth kit to find out if it works


Beard growth kits contain oils, creams, and other products the manufacturers claim help beards grow faster and fuller. Beard growth kits often contain various products include:

  • Beard soap or shampoo
  • Supplements
  • Topical products like oils, balms, creams, and sprays
  • Beard combs or brushes 
  • Derma rollers

That’s a lot of products, but do beard growth kits work? Or are they scams?

Do Beard Growth Kits Work?

The sad truth is that there’s no evidence that beard growth kits make beards grow faster or fuller. Nothing will speed up your beard hair if you have hair that grows at an average rate of about a half-inch per month.

If you have long hair, nothing is holding your beard back. And if a nutrient deficiency has slowed your beard growth, you’d notice your hair growing slowly.

Beard growth kits might make the hair softer or smoother, and they might feel good to apply and smell nice, but they’re unlikely to make hair grow. Let’s look at each element in beard growth kits to examine the claims and whether or not the products live up to them.

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Beard Soaps and Shampoos

Most people use whatever body soap they use in the shower on their beards, though some men use the same shampoo they buy for their hair. 

Soaps and shampoos explicitly designed for use on beards don’t contain ingredients much different than regular soaps and shampoos, except they might contain more moisturizing ingredients. 

None of the ingredients in these products cause hair growth. One ingredient in many shampoos that the kit manufacturers tout as making hair grow faster is biotin.

Biotin Claims

Biotin is Vitamin B7, a water-soluble vitamin you get through your food and some supplements. People deficient in biotin who take it see improvements in their hair, skin, and nails, but there’s no evidence it boosts those things for people with normal levels. 

Many people claim that biotin is excellent for the skin when applied topically in an oil or shampoo. They also claim that it can strengthen the hair follicle to reduce breakage. 

Before it became the miracle vitamin in every beard growth kit, it was put into women’s hair products from shampoos to oils to supplements that claimed they could provide thicker, healthier, longer hair. 

There’s no evidence that healthy people who have normal levels of B7 see any improvement from taking or using biotin. A few studies suggest that it might make hair thicker, but none of those are definitive.

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Topical Biotin

Scientists haven’t studied topical biotin enough to conclude anything, but users often report thicker, longer hair and beards. If biotin can strengthen hair from the outside as it does from the inside, it’s possible that using it leads to less breakage, so the hair appears longer. 

Even if this is true, and there’s no hard evidence to prove it is, it doesn’t make the hair grow differently. Enjoy the product if you like using a biotin-infused soap or shampoo on your beard, but don’t count on faster growth. 

Vitamin B5

Another ingredient in many beard shampoos is Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid. Vitamin B5 breaks down fats and converts the food you eat into energy. The theory is that it breaks down the fats needed for hair growth and helps nourish hair follicles to promote healthy growth. 

While you need Vitamin B5 for health, it’s unlikely to change your hair or skin if you have normal levels and take more.

Using it topically probably won’t do anything for your beard, either. Like with biotin, there’s no definitive proof that it does anything unless you start with a deficiency.  

Other Ingredients in Beard Soaps and Shampoos

Cucumber, aloe vera, essential oils, activated charcoal, and many other potential ingredients in beard washes might help moisturize skin and hair, but none of them make hair grow faster. 

Should You Use Beard Soap or Shampoo?

The ingredients in beard soap and shampoo aren’t harmful. Even if biotin and pantothenic acid don’t strengthen hair or make it grow faster, shampoo that contains them won’t hurt you. If you like the shampoo or soap because it feels or smells nice or leaves your beard soft and supple, use the product and enjoy it. 

But don’t pay for overpriced beard growth kits. Buy shampoo, soap, or conditioners that don’t make unproven claims, and you’ll pay a lot less for the same ingredients. Also, avoid products with sulfates that strip oils and cause dryness and breakage. 


Do beard growth kits work if they contain vitamin and mineral supplements? Unfortunately, supplements aren’t likely to affect your hair growth unless you’re deficient in one or more ingredients. We’ve already covered two common vitamins in supplements: B5 and B7.

Supplements might also contain other essential vitamins and minerals, much like a daily supplement. They also often have ingredients like saw palmetto or creatine and questionable ingredients that the FDA hasn’t approved.

If you take too much Vitamin B5 and B7, you’ll get rid of the excess through urination, so even supplements with large amounts aren’t likely to be harmful. 

On the other hand, fat-soluble vitamins can accumulate and cause serious health problems, so avoid anything that provides well over 100% of the RDA.

Ingredients Not FDA-Approved

Some ingredients you might find in beard growth supplements like saw palmetto, which they claim raises testosterone levels, aren’t FDA approved, so there’s no recommendation on what’s safe to take. 

Supplements for raising testosterone, if they work, can increase hair growth in men with low testosterone, but taking supplements to raise the level without knowing that it’s low risks your health. 

Some of the unregulated ingredients in many supplements, not just beard-growth formulas, can cause dizziness, headache, fatigue, heart palpitations, and other side effects. 

Worse, some ingredients found in many supplements can potentially interact with prescription medication or increase blood pressure, which could be a problem for people on high blood pressure medication.

Just because an ingredient is natural doesn’t mean it’s safe for everyone to use. Take a multi-vitamin and eat a balanced diet, and save money on beard growth supplements that won’t help. 

Topical Oils, Creams, Balms, and Sprays

Do beard growth kits work if they’re laden with several bottles and tins of creams, oils, and sprays? Let’s look at these products a little closer. 

Beard Growth Oils

Argan, jojoba, cedarwood, castor, tangerine, and sunflower oil are a handful of the oils you might find in a beard growth oil’s list of ingredients. You’ll find the same oils in beard oils that don’t make growth claims.

They advertise their products as moisturizing, soothing, and pleasant to use. Some oils might contain biotin or pantothenic acid, but those won’t make hair grow faster, as we’ve already covered. No essential oils will, either. 

If you enjoy beard oil, find a brand with a mixture of essential oils you want, but don’t hold out hope for fast beard growth.

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Beard Growth Creams and Balms

Beard growth creams and conditioners usually contain various essential oils and may contain ingredients like beeswax for shine. Some might include vitamins like biotin.

If using the cream makes your grooming ritual feel more relaxing or luxurious, you should enjoy it, but stick to those that advertise moisturizing and scent over unproven growth claims. 

Beard Growth Sprays

Sprays usually contain vitamins and carrier oils like Vitamin E. They’re beard oil in a bottle with a spritzer to make it easier to apply. There’s nothing new here, but if you enjoy spraying beard oil with a spray bottle, you should indulge yourself and enjoy the feeling. 

Beard Combs and Brushes

Combing and brushing feel pleasant, and buying a kit is an easy way to get several products at once, but you can find individual beard grooming tools without paying for other items in the kit. 

Derma Rollers

Some beard growth kits contain a tool called a derma roller. It’s a handle with a small wheel covered in thin needle points on one end. In a process called micro-needling, you roll this over your skin, doing micro-damage to the skin’s surface.

But do beard growth kits work when they have a derma roller? 

Derma rollers might help minimize tiny lines, wrinkles, and scarring, at least temporarily, by triggering the skin to heal itself and produce more collagen and keratin. Using one can increase circulation to the area, which helps, too. 

Better Circulation Might Help

Some people claim that it helps beard growth in the same way, by increasing circulation to the area, which boosts the follicles and hair growth. Things that cause better circulation overall, like more sleep and exercise, could help, too.  

By using beard oils, creams, shampoos, and anything you need to massage into the skin, you could be promoting better circulation, which can lead to better skin and hair health. So it might be worth trying beard products, regular brushing, or a derma roller for overall skin and hair improvement. 

However, you don’t need beard growth kits or growth-specific products. Anything you use to moisturize hair and skin is suitable. Healthier hair breaks less, making a beard look longer and fuller if the hairs remain longer before shedding off. 

Is There a Beard Growth Product That Works?

Image of Minoxidil for a piece titled does a beard growth kit work?


Do beard growth kits work if they contain a minoxidil product? Minoxidil, a product many people know by the brand name Rogaine, is a proven medication for stimulating hair growth.

It doesn’t work for everyone, but many people have used it to stop hair loss and regrow some missing hair. If a beard growth product contains 3% minoxidil or more, it could promote hair growth in your beard.

While minoxidil won’t necessarily make hair grow faster, it could help fill in patchy or bare areas in your beard to make it look fuller. A beard can look fuller by merely letting it grow for a few more months, and moisturizing can keep the hair from being brittle and breaking. If less hair breaks off, your beard will look fuller. 

So use regular moisturizing beard products like shampoos, oils, and creams if you enjoy using them, but look for products that don’t make growth claims. Those products cost less and focus more on what they set out to do: help your beard look, feel, and smell fantastic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about beard growth.

How can I stimulate my beard to grow?

It’s actually pretty easy to stimulate beard growth. With or without a product, massaging the skin or using a derma roller might help stimulate better circulation, making skin and hair healthier. Maintaining overall health, eating a balanced diet, and getting enough sleep will keep your beard growing normally. 

Does drinking water increase beard growth?

Drinking water doesn’t increase beard growth unless the growth has slowed because you’re dehydrated. Like everything, you won’t see a benefit from drinking more water unless you’re drinking too little. 

How do I fix my patchy beard?

In some cases, a derma roller or a minoxidil product might encourage hair growth in bare spots. If you’re otherwise healthy and not deficient in a vital nutrient that affects hair growth, you might not be able to grow hair in patchy areas. A different beard shape might help disguise uneven growth. 

Does beard oil help it grow?

There’s no evidence that any beard oil formula helps a beard grow. It might smell pleasant, feel good, and soften beard hair, but it’s not likely to grow faster or fuller when you use beard oil. If your beard is dry and brittle, the oil’s moisturizing effects can help reduce breakage and make it appear fuller. 

What makes beard hair grow faster?

There’s no product proven to make beard hair grow faster. If you’re deficient in essential nutrients, supplementing or improving your diet to get them can help hair grow at a normal rate again. People who don’t lack these nutrients aren’t likely to see a change by taking them.  

So, Do Beard Growth Kits Work?

Unfortunately, there’s no evidence that beard growth kits help hair grow faster. A derma roller and a minoxidil product might help hair grow where it didn’t before to fill in patchy spots, but there’s no guarantee those will work. When in doubt, be skeptical of quick-fixes to any problem, especially when it comes to your beard.