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Dyed Beards | How-to Guide & Considerations

Dyed Beards | How-to Guide & Considerations

Beards enhance the structure of a man’s face. They add a certain charm to the overall persona.

Both long and short beards look fantastic. Some people prefer to let their beards grow naturally, while others like to style them regularly. Either way, they enhance a person’s style.

As you grow older, your hair starts to turn gray. Just like the hair on your head, the hair on your beard also starts turning gray. While some people like the salt and pepper look, others prefer to dye it.

If you are looking for guidance on how to dye your beard, then this article is for you.

Let’s take a look at how you can go about dyeing your beard.

Choosing right dye

which color to choose

The first step is to choose the right dye. You should select the brand and the color with utmost care.

Once you analyze the texture of your beard, you can go about choosing the right dye. There is a stark difference between the hair on your head and the hair on your beard.

Head hair is soft, whereas the hair on your beard is coarse. Beards are much dryer and rougher. The type of dye you choose will depend on dye absorption and the density of your beard. You also need to factor in the shade of your beard.

Most stylists suggest that you should go for a few shades’ lighters. By coloring your beard, a lighter shade, you will be able to blend it well with the hair on your head. A dark shade will look stand-out. It will create a stark difference between your hair and your beard.

Some make sure to choose a lighter tone. If you have black hair, then go for a brown shade for your beard. People with red hair should go for a hazelnut shade. Those who have blonde hair should go for a shade that is similar to their hair. Not the same, but similar.

You can choose a color depending on the color of your hair. 

Make sure you take the time to choose the right color. It is better to do thorough research before dyeing your beard.

Once you’ve made the right choice, you can go ahead and start dyeing your beard. Beards add personality to your face. Having the right color is essential. The wrong color can make your entire face look off.

If your beard doesn’t go well with your hair, it will stand out. That will end up making your beard look a bit out of place. Apart from the color, it would help if you also made sure the brand of the dye is on point.

Go through a few brands and do a little research before you choose one. Since you will be dyeing your beard regularly, you will need to have a good dye brand. Some dyes can deteriorate the quality of your beard.

You need to make sure your dye is the right color and as well as excellent quality. Once you’ve bought your dye, you can go ahead and start dyeing your beard.

Dyeing your beard, the proper way

Dyeing your beard with the right tint is extremely important. But there are a few steps before it.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how you should dye your beard. Before you begin applying the dye, you will have to take a few additional steps. These steps are simple and easy to follow.

It is always better to take all the proper steps before you apply the dye. This way, your beard will look fresh. To get a salon-like look, you need to take the following steps.

Step 1: Wash Your Beard

washing beard

The first step is to wash your beard. It is ideal to purchase a beard shampoo for this. Use the right amount of beard shampoo and rinse your beard gently.

If you don’t have a beard shampoo, then a regular shampoo is also acceptable. The idea is to keep the beard as clean as possible. Rinse off dandruff. Sometimes other particles get stuck in your beard. So, make sure you wash it properly.

Washing your beard helps retain the dye for a longer time. Some dead skin and hair follicles get stuck in your beard. Make sure to massage it gently and wash off all the particles. Grooming brands have come with special beard shampoos.

They are created especially for your beard. It is always better to use a beard shampoo rather than the normal one. Wash your beard gently and clean out all the dead skin. Once you have cleaned your beard thoroughly, you can go to the next step.

Step 2: Rinse Your Beard

The next step is to rinse your beard. Wash out everything correctly. Rinse your beard and repeat the process.

Wash it a few times. Make sure you clean out all particles of dried-up dye. If this is your first time dyeing your beard, you don’t have to worry about it. Massage out your beard gently and remove the guck. Rinse it till you feel your beard is clean.

Once you feel that freshness in your beard, you can move on to the next step. Now that your beard is clean, you need to start drying it.

Step 3: Dry Your Beard

dry beard

Take a blow dryer and dry out your entire beard. Make sure you take your time in drying it. Not a single wet hair should remain.

Blow-drying takes a little more time than you think. If you are doing this for the first time, then make sure you dry your hair patiently. Take your time in drying your beard. People who don’t have a blow dryer can use a towel.

You can pat down your hair with the use of a simple towel. It is ideal to use a blow-dry, but a towel will do too. If you use a towel to dry your hair, you might have to wait a little while for it to dry completely. Whichever method you use, make sure your beard is completely dry.

Your sideburns and your chin hair should be dry. You should also dry the rest of the beard properly. Once your beard is dry, we can move on to the next step.

Step 4: Trim Your Beard

Now that your beard is dry, you can go on to trim it. Please measure the length of your beard and see precisely how long you want it to be.

Take a pair of scissors and cut the hair to your desired size. If you’re going to keep your length intact but trim off the other parts, then use a trimmer. Trim off the overgrown sides. You could also trim the dyed portion of your beard.

Give your beard the shape you desire. Ideally, you should check the shape of your face and trim your beard accordingly. You can do thorough research on which type of beard might suit your face.

You could also use a razor to shave your hair. Use a trimmer or a razor and give your beard that perfect trim.

Step 5: Protect Your Face 

When you color your beard, the dye tends to spill onto your face. It can damage your skin.

It is also challenging to get the color out once it sets on your skin. To avoid this from happening, you should apply a thin layer of mineral oil around your beard. You could also use petroleum jelly.

Take a thin layer of petroleum jelly and gently apply it around your beard. Now you are ready to start dyeing.

Step 6: Prepare the Dye

Take the box of dye and start mixing the solution. The best way to do it is by following the instructions on the box.

Wear a pair of gloves to protect your skin. Usually, a dye box comes with a couple of gloves. Make sure you put on the gloves before you start mixing. The gloves protect your skin from any rash or irritation.

It also prevents staining. Now the color base and the developer in a dyeing bowl. Swirl it properly with your brush. Once you’ve got the desired color and texture, proceed to the next step.

Step 7: Dye your Beard

final step to dye your beard

Every dyeing kit comes with an application brush. Take the brush and dip it into the dye.

Now gently apply the dye all over your beard. Make sure to cover every part of your beard with color. Now, please wait for it to settle in. Read the instructions on the box and wait accordingly.

Make sure to check the color within the first 10-20 mins. If it is to your liking, then it’s great. If you feel it could be better, then apply a second coat.

How to care for a dyed beard

Now that your beard is well dyed, you need to start taking good care of it. Maintaining a dyed beard is extremely important.

Make sure you wash off the color with lukewarm water. It will help you maintain the color. Gently comb your beard with your hand. Now that the color is off, you need to start maintaining it well.

Make sure to use color-protecting products. You could use shampoos and conditioners. Please don’t use it too often. Once or twice a week is more than enough. Beard oil keeps your beard soft and moisturized. It will protect your beard from damage.

Make sure to retouch your beard every 3-6 weeks. It will depend on how soon the dye wears off. It also depends on how quickly your beard grows. Either way, make sure you maintain it well!

Does dyeing damage my beard? 

Beard dyes include a mixture of chemicals. Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are often found in dyes.

The ammonia helps the dye settle into the hair follicle and remain there. But some brands manufacture ammonia-free beard dyes. If you have sensitive skin, then make sure to go for those.

Although there is no evidence that hair dye causes permanent damage to your beard, some people do experience some damage. Your beard might become dry and coarse over some time. But this doesn’t happen to everyone. Also, if you use other products to maintain your beard, it will remain healthy.

Maintenance is key. You could use specific beard shampoos, beard oil, beard balm, and so on. Ideally, you should test the dye on a small part of your beard. If it irritates, then don’t use it. High-end brands help prevent beard damage.

Make sure to go for the one that suits you the best and keeps your beard healthy.

Can I use regular shampoo on a dyed beard?

beard shampooing

Using regular shampoo on a dyed beard is not ideal.

Regular shampoo is strong and might wash off the color sooner than you like. The best thing is to go for a shampoo that protects the color. This way, the color will remain for a longer time you will not have to touch up regularly.

You could also go for beard shampoo. These shampoos are made specifically for your beard. They help keep your beard soft and healthy. Ideally, it would be best to use regular shampoo a few days a week and color-protect shampoo on the other days.

A good balance between the two will keep your beard healthy. It will keep the dye intact while keeping your beard healthy! So, the best thing is to find the perfect balance between the two. Immediately after dyeing your beard, you should only use the color-protect shampoo.

Once the dye is appropriately set in, you could start introducing regular shampoo to your beard. If you use regular shampoo immediately, the color will wash off, and you’ll have to dye your beard all over again.

Balm or oil for dyed hair? 

Beard oil is great for keeping your beard moisturized. At the same time, people use beard balm to style their beards.

Beard oil does not support or help style your beard. It is excellent for maintaining the health of your beard. But if you are looking to tame a few frizzy hairs, then beard balm is the best for you. Both have their advantages.

Beard oil gives you a shiny beard, while beard balm helps you keep your beard in shape. Beard balm prevents your beard from looking shabby. It gives your beard a sleek, well-maintained look.


Dyeing your beard makes your look young. It also gives you a fresh look.

Make sure to choose the right color for your beard. Follow the instructions carefully and give your beard a treat! Use all the right products to keep your beard nice and healthy!