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How To Clean Electric Razor

How To Clean Electric Razor

What is one similarity between global geopolitics and high fashion?

They are both dependent on trends. Both geopolitics and fashion survive on the constant changes that people make in their choices, and it is on these trends that both institutions survive. 

One of the most prominent trends in recent years is that of a man’s beard. One fine evening, society decided that having a rugged beard is classy and a symbol of masculinity.

Ever since then, humanity has not looked back. We have strived hard to grow great-looking beards. We have created decorums that have guided us to choose one style of beard that goes with our face. We have cut, trimmed, and oiled them to the brim; we talked about beards, of course. 

In this perpetual desire to have a smooth, thick, soft, and shapely beard, we are aided by one true warrior – our electric razor. The electric razor is truly a magician – within minutes, it can transform us from a hillbilly nomad to a respected leader.

We now know that the difference between a good and lousy beard is how aesthetic it looks on your face. And an excellent electric razor is always handy if you are looking for a facial transformation. 

Do you always take adequate care of your razors? Do you clean, sanitize them regularly? Do you store them in the correct places? Well, this article will introduce you to taking care of your electric razor. 

Why Should I Clean My Electric Razor?

razor cleaning

Every electric shaver or razor has a specific lifetime. During this tenure, it is the user’s responsibility to clean the machine.

Only if you clean the machine regularly will its shelf life stay the same. If you allow the razor to remain unclean, with hair stuck in it, then the machine is bound to become useless sooner. 

Just like you maintain your beard with a razor, you are supposed to maintain a razor with regular and thorough cleaning. Some razors are marketed with self-cleaning boxes. These products are designed to reduce your chores because you only have to keep your razor in the cleaning box, and it manages the rest on its own. 

If you feel that your razor is not working as well as it once was, the solution might be a deep clean routine. If there is hair stuck inside the machine, it won’t function as well as it is supposed to.

Consequently, if you keep your razor in the wrong spot, the device is bound to lose power. A solution to all these miseries is a deep cleaning session of your razor.

A simple compressed air blowing routine might also help raise the performance of the razor by cleaning up any hair that might be stuck inside the blades. 

How Do I Clean My Electric Razor?

cleaning shaver head hair

The most crucial aspect of cleaning your razor involves taking out all the stray hair from the blades.

Sometimes, trimmed facial hair moves inside the machine because of its tiny size and gets stuck there. This hair can hamper the functioning of your razor, and you must clean it up.

Some electric razors are sold along with their cleaning apparatus. However, these razors are more expensive than the average. The cleaning apparatus often includes a tub-like machine in which you are supposed to dip your razor. The apparatus is then supposed to be connected to a water faucet, and it automatically cleans the razor using a signature in-built soap.

Such razors are heavy on the pocket, but they ensure that the machine stays clean. They allow you to forget the cleaning duties of your razor; all you have to do is keep the razor in the dip machine. 

You can also replicate this process by hand without needing the cleaning apparatus. The most important thing you need to do is make sure that your razor is waterproof.

Most razors retailed today are waterproof, so you must be doing well in that arena. Before washing and rinsing the razor, ensure that it is not connected to any electrical socket. Water and electricity together are not the best combination for your body. 

Now that you have secured the razor, make sure to remove its top shaving head. Most razors have detachable or flip heads that you can take off for cleaning purposes. Now give a quick rinse to the razor under your faucet. The water will wash off most of the hair stuck inside.

Now, add some soap to the blades under the shaving head – you can use shampoo or hand wash, too – and gently rub it on the blades until it starts foaming. 

Lathe and cover all parts of the razor with the soap. Now, switch the razor on. The whirring and moving of the blades will ensure that the soap permeates the top layer and reaches the deeper crevices where hair or dirt might be stuck. You might also want to turn the razor upside down so that water flows in and out quickly and all the unnecessary hair falls out. 

After rinsing all the soap off the machine, hold your razor under lukewarm tap water for a few seconds. Don’t forget to turn the razor off after thoroughly rinsing the soap. The detachable shaver head also needs to be cleaned thoroughly, so hold it underwater for a few seconds and rub it clean. You can also use an old toothbrush to mimic a scrubbing action so that all the hair stuck on the shaver is dislodged. 

After the rigorous cleaning routine, shake the razor well and keep it out to dry. Since water has been on the insides of the machine, it is paramount that all the parts are dry before you put it together and keep it back in your cupboard. If any part isn’t completely dry before you put the razor together, then you might have a wet shave the next time, and most of us detest wet shaves. 

You might be wondering what the procedure of cleaning a non-waterproof electric razor is. You cannot use soap and water or rinse the machine in your sink. You can, however, use a can of compressed air to blow away the trimmings from your razor.

Today, most razors are equipped with a tiny cleaning brush that is explicitly designed to reach places on the machine where stray hair might get stuck. This brush will help you in cleaning your razor. You can also use an old toothbrush to clean the razor blades. However, these actions will only amount to dusting the razor and not promise a thorough cleaning of the machine. 

How Often Should I Clean my Electric Razor?

razor cleaning under water

The best way to keep your razor running for a long time is to clean it after every shave.

Since shaves are not very closely knit on the calendar and beards are in vogue, you might be looking at washing your razor once every ten days. If you shave every day, you don’t need to clean your razor with water every time.

You can brush off some of the stray hair with a brush and do a simple rinse underwater. Then, you could build up a regimen of thoroughly cleaning your razor once a week. 

If you use the razor often, clean it – that is a rule of thumb (or should we say ‘rule of cheek’?). However, keep your water usage in check because you don’t want your razor blades to rust. 

How can I disinfect my electric razor?

lubricate shaver head

Since your electric razor touches the uppermost layer of the skin, which is host to the most pores, there is a big chance of some infection.

Razors can also create cuts and bruises on the skin. These cuts then become thriving spots for an infection. Hence, your razor must stay disinfected.

There are several disinfectant liquids available in the market. You can choose a sanitizer that works for metals and plastics and apply it to all parts of the electric razor.

For this maneuver, you will have to disassemble the razor completely. Before rejoining all the parts, make sure you add a touch of lubrication to the razor so that it stays in place easier. 


Razors are a standard part of our everyday lives, and we don’t give them a lot of thought.

However, to fully use its shelf life, a razor needs to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Since most razors are waterproof, you can rinse them in water and soap to remove unnecessary hair and dirt.

Ensure that you drain all the water from the razor after washing and let it dry completely. Use a brush to weed out the hair stuck on the razor’s parts, and do not forget to sanitize your razor once in a while.

We hope you find a beard style you can rock with a razor that works efficiently.