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Man Ponytail: How To Wear It with Style

Man Ponytail: How To Wear It with Style

Although its origin remains unknown, the ponytail has stayed as a staple hairstyle throughout history – for both men and women.

The male Manchu people of Northeast China wore a ponytail in a characteristic style during the 17th century. Men in European countries, particularly those in the military, wore a ponytail far into the eighteenth century. It wasn’t until around 1800 when men’s hairstyles began to change, and they began to wear their hair shorter.

Recently, however, man ponytail has made a comeback. Men keeping long hair and the “man bun” have popularized high and low ponytails, which would have been unusual a few decades ago. So if you’re looking to join in on the trendy hairstyle of man ponytail, you are at the right place. This article provides a detailed description of how you can wear and take care of your ponytail.

What is a man’s ponytail called?

Man Ponytail

Well, there are some obvious questions many of us ask when it comes to guys’ ponytails.

Is a man’s ponytail different from a woman’s? Does it have another name? The answer is that male ponytails don’t differ much from their female counterparts. If you gather your hair in the back and pull it together using a band, it’s called a man ponytail or a male pony. At the same time, man buns are created when you leave the hair halfway around the loop or twist it around the base. A topknot is a term used for a bun that is put high on the head.

How do you make a male ponytail?

Before we dive into the method of making a guy ponytail, you should be familiar with the multiple types of a male ponytail.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular ponytail hairstyles for men and the steps to make them.

Men ponytail with Side part

As the name suggests, this men’s hairstyle has a parting at one side. You can wear it anywhere between the top of the head and the nape.

To make a man ponytail with a side part:

  1. Apply mousse to make your hair manageable.
  2. Divide it into parts using a comb.
  3. Pull both sides of your hair to the back and tie it using a rubber band.

This ponytail is most suitable for straight here, but people with other hair textures can also try it. To make it appear even more stylish, you can boast a full-grown beard to go with it.

Half Up Half Down Ponytail

A half-up is a sip half down ponytail for men is a simple hairstyle that is popular because it helps you keep your hair out of your face while looking attractive. It can be adjusted to suit any event and is suitable for all hair types depending on how you style it.

To style your hair correctly and without tangles, use a good hair gel. Then, split your medium to long hair in half and tie the top piece into a pony. You don’t need to groom your sideburns because we’re going for a wild look.

Braided Man Ponytail

Do you want your ponytail to have a sophisticated and attractive look? An excellent place to start is with this clean and easy three-strand braid.

Apply hair control gel to your strands to give them more control. Now part the hair in three strands, and alternatively, bring the right and left sides over each other until you have a braid. This man hairstyle makes your longer hair easy to handle.

Low Ponytail for Men

A low ponytail is always a good choice. It doesn’t matter if you have thick curly hair, locks, or even stick-straight strands: the low man ponytail is a terrific style to try out if you want to test out a laid-back, everyday look.

To get this look right, pull all your hair to the back of your shoulder. Then, use a rubber band to tie it at the nape of your neck.

High Ponytail for Men

A high ponytail is the most popular hair amongst women these days. And it looks fabulous on men, too.

To make a high pony, pull all your hair high atop your head, either by using a comb or simply your fingers, and secure them with a tie. If you have an undercut with a lock, this man’s ponytail keeps them out of your face.

Man Ponytail with Shaved Sides

Want to add a unique twist to your everyday ponytail look? Simply shave off the side of your hair and tie the rest using a rubber tie.

The messy ponytail

Similar to the messy man bun, the messy ponytail for men is low maintenance yet striking.

You need to let your hair grow out naturally.

Slowly caress your hair with hair mousse or gel. Pull your long hair to the back with a comb and tie a pony between the head and the nape. Make a knot, but leave it loose, so it has a wild, free-spirited aspect.

How long do you need your hair to grow to have a ponytail?

The length of hair needed for a ponytail depends on how high or low your ponytail is.

For example, if you want a high ponytail, the hair at your nape has to be long enough to reach the top of your crown. Similarly, for a low pony, the hair on your forehead must be long enough to reach your nape. Finally, an added 3-4 inches is required to secure the hair with an elastic band.

If you constantly change your ponytail placement, go with the one with the longest measure required. It’s preferable to cut it too long rather than too short in this case.

Also, keep in mind that the shape of your hair also determines how your man ponytail looks. For example, if your hair is layered, then the shortest layers may not reach the ponytail.

Ponytail hair care

As we’ve already discussed above, man ponytails are trendy nowadays. But one factor most guys don’t consider before growing their hair longer is taking care of it.

Proper upkeep is essential to maintaining your long hair in good shape. And men who’re accustomed to taking care of short hair might find it a complicated task. However, if you’re reading this article, you don’t need to worry anymore.  

We’ve compiled the best tips on how to best care for long hair for men. So, keep reading!

Regular trimming

It might sound counterproductive, but trimming your hair regularly is the key to getting healthy and long hair. A trim ensures that the split ends and damaged hair are regularly eliminated. It prevents hair damage from spreading towards the roots and also fastens hair growth. We recommend getting your hair trimmed from the base once every three months.

Using the right hair products

Since everyone’s hair texture is different, there’s no right or wrong product for all hair types. Instead, choose a shampoo, oil, and hairstyling gel that compliments your hair depending upon your specific type. Unfortunately, the trial-and-error method is your only option to find out what works for you. However, guys with all hair types should remember to go for products free of harmful chemicals like paraben, sulfate, silicone, etc.

Drying your hair after a shower

If you have the time to spare, you should always let your hair air dry. But in case you are in a hurry, we recommend using heating products only after applying a health protection gel or spray. It minimizes the damage caused to your hair. One thing a man with ponytail length hair should always avoid is vigorously rubbing wet with a towel. When wet, your hair is vulnerable and may become tangled in the threads and break off. Instead, pat it dry using a cloth with microfibres to avoid hair damage.

Nourish your ponytail hair properly

Even though you shampoo, condition, and trim your hair regularly, you should consider showering extra care to your ponytail hair occasionally. Once in a week, gently massage your scalp — either using warm oil or any other hair moisturizing product you prefer. Leave the product on for half an hour and then wash it off using warm water. This process has a fantastic smoothening and softening effect on your man ponytail hair.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

The condition of your health has a direct impact on your hair. For example, a long and healthy mane for your man ponytail requires a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, factors like poor diet, stress, smoking, or lack of sleep can make your hair dull and lifeless. Therefore, it’s essential to eat nutrition-rich food, drink lots of water, reduce stress, and live well.


Hairstyle is an ever changing fashion. And it isn’t just limited to the female population. With longer hair for men back in fashion, ponytails are the hype. These are pretty versatile, and they’re the greatest method to show off your long hair in a professional yet attractive manner. With a ponytail, you may keep your long hair in place while still allowing people to see your face and admire your hair.

We hope this guide helped you figure out your favorite ponytail style and cleared any doubts regarding ponytails.