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15 Mexican Haircuts You’ll Love in 2022

15 Mexican Haircuts You’ll Love in 2022

Mexican haircuts—and Hispanic haircuts more generally—are a great way to blend different hairstyles. Haircuts like the Caesar and the Quiff get a unique take on them with the Mexican approach to hairstyling.

So if you’re wondering how to incorporate the Mexican approach to hairstyle into your haircut, keep reading to get some great ideas about the best Mexican haircuts.

Barbershop Terminology 101

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Before scrolling through some examples of popular Mexican haircuts, it is helpful to learn some of the basic barbershop terminologies that people use when talking about haircuts. 

Sometimes showing your barber a picture of what you want is the best way to avoid miscommunication.

But often times, you’ll have to communicate with words what you want, and unless you know the terminology, you risk miscommunicating your preferences. Common barbershop terminology as it relates to Hispanic hairstyles include: 

  • Fade: Gradually transitioning short hair on the sides into longer hair on top
  • Quiff: Brushing a long piece of hair on top of the head up and backward
  • Textured: Cutting hair at different lengths creates more volume and fullness
  • Blending: Smoothing out the lines between different sections of hair
  • Neckline: The style of the back hairline along your neck

Besides these terms, you might also want to review the guard sizes for buzz haircuts. Knowing the numbers will allow you accurately talk about hair length.

15 of the Best Mexican Haircuts

You can think of names and categories of haircuts as jumping-off points to create a personalized haircut that suits your style. So let’s check out some of the best Mexican haircuts to help get your creative juices flowing!  

1. Spiky Faux Hawk

Unlike the standard mohawk haircut style, the faux hawk incorporates spikes on the top. And the spiky faux hawk takes this concept to a new level, which is why it fits perfectly on this list of Mexican haircuts. 

The spiky faux hawk makes the spikes the main feature of this haircut, and although it can look good long, it usually looks most stylish with short and well-defined spikes.

For the sides and back, this haircut usually uses a fade. Fades help draw attention to the top, especially something stylish like a skin fade.

2. Edgar Haircut

The Edgar haircut is one of the most popular Mexican haircuts for a reason—it is a clean and stylish look that carries masculine energy. The Edgar haircut is essentially the Mexican take on the classic Caesar haircut, and it is a much more creative way to get a short buzz cut.

The Caesar aspect of the Edgar haircut is made shorter on the top, and the sides incorporate a high skin fade.

This haircut is modern and fun, and because the hair is so short, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Styling is also easy with this hairstyle.

3. Side Part With Skin Fade

As you will see, many of these Mexican haircuts will involve some twist on the fade haircut. In the case of a side part with a fade (usually a skin fade), you can part the long hair on top off to the side.

A clean part maintains a professional and neat look on the top, even if you have long hair. You can start the skin fade either low, medium, or high, and you also have flexibility in how short you go on the sides and back, although Mexican haircuts love the look of the skin fade.

And if you want to take an even more stylish risk, you should consider a high skin fade. The high fade works well for men who have a round or square face

4. Mid-Shadow Fade

Compared with the intense look of the skin fade (especially the high skin fade), a shadow fade is more subtle and blended. While a skin fade highlights the contrast between the short and long hair, the shadow fade usually does not reveal skin.

Shadow fades also blend the lines between hair sections. But a mid shadow fade will still have a sharp and stylish look since the fade begins halfway to two-thirds up the head.

There is flexibility with how you style the top, but a mid shadow fade can work great with styles like the side part or the faux hawk.

5. Curly Fringe With Fade

The faded curly fringe haircut is yet another example of just how many haircuts work with the fade style on the sides. In the case of the curly fringe with a fade, this haircut is all about embracing your curly hair.

Instead of fighting with your natural curls, this haircut is all about featuring the messy/wavy hair texture. There is some flexibility with the fade style, and a lot of Mexican haircuts feature the skin fade to get that extra stylish look.

But whatever fade you choose, the key to the curly fringe style is to have longer curls at the front of your head that fade into short hair on the back and sides. It is low maintenance and has that sense of professional messiness. 

6. Pompadour With Slick Back

The pompadour is a great way to wear long hair with style. The pompadour hairstyle is a method of combing the long hair on top into a high mound, and its name comes from Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV who was known for wearing her hair high and back.

But the haircut is now a popular option amongst men, and the pompadour with a slick back is a great variation on this hairstyle that fits in with the theme of stylish Hispanic haircuts. 

Some pompadours can be extremely high and obvious, while others are more subtle. And the addition of a slick back—usually accomplished with mousse—gives a stylish polish to the pompadour. It adds volume to your hair and will make your face look slimmer.

7. The Quiff With a Fade

The quiff is somewhat similar to the pompadour in that it uses the long hair on the top of the head to make a stylish look. But quiffs tend to be shorter than a pompadour. And with lots of long hair along the hairline, the quiff can either go straight up or be styled to the side.

This haircut can be both casual and professional, depending on how you style it, and it will help give your hair more texture and thickness.

To further stylize the quiff, you can combine it with a taper fade to give even more style and polish to the look. The quiff is a flexible hairstyle, which allows you to play around and find a personalized version that works perfectly for your face shape.

8. Brush Back With Texture

If you like the look of the brush-back haircut but don’t want something as radical as a quiff or a pompadour, consider combing the brush-back style with a textured haircut.

Brushing back with texture and doing a fade on the sides fits with the general theme of Mexican haircuts blending different styles to create something unique and fresh.

You have flexibility with how long you keep the top, and because this haircut is all about texture, those with curly hair are likely to look best with this haircut. The textured brush back is also a haircut that works particularly well in combination with a beard. 

9. Spiky Cut With High Fade

When it comes to stylish haircuts, one reality you should always keep in mind is that the high fade almost always makes a statement. Especially when you combine the high fade with a skin fade, it is a haircut that takes a risk to be on the cutting edge of style.

And in this example of a Mexican haircut, you can combine the high fade with a spiky style on the top.

This is not making quite as radical a statement as the spiky faux hawk, but it is a great way to incorporate a spiky and fun look into your style. And this haircut has the other great feature of giving you lots of flexibility with how you style the top—you can change it up every day!  

10. Skin Shadow Fade 

As mentioned above, the shadow fade is a great way to get a stylish fade without being as radical as a skin fade. But as is often the case with these Mexican haircut styles, why not try out a haircut that blends two approaches into a new style altogether.

And that blending is exactly what happens with the skin shadow fade. Whether you choose a low fade or a mid fade, the skin shadow fade allows you to get the radical look of a skin fade while still incorporating the gradual blending characteristic of the shadow fade.

If a shadow fade is not radical enough, you might also consider combing the skin fade with a burst fade. This style on the sides also gives you flexibility with what you do on the top—styles like a pompadour or a slick back work particularly well. 

11. Comb Over With Fade

The comb-over with a fade is yet another example of the Hispanic hairstyle blending multiple haircuts into a new and creative look. You can also combine this comb-over with a side part to give an extra neat and professional look to your hairstyle. 

There’s some flexibility with how you choose to style the fade, but this haircut will probably work best with a mid or a low fade. A high fade will likely clash too much with the neat and professional look of a comb-over.

12. Part the Middle

You might be wondering if there is a cool and stylish way to incorporate a middle part, and the answer is that you can make it look good if you use the right product and style.

The Mexican version of the middle part uses a pomade that gives your hair hold and shine, and it looks best when you create a wave style emanating out from the middle line. 

Another thing to keep in mind if you want to try this style is that it tends to work best with a square hairline that has sharp angles. It also tends to work best with thick, slightly curly hair, both of which will help you to achieve that wavy texture along the middle part. 

13. Blowout With Low Fade

The blowout with a low fade is a great way to get neatness and style on the sides while letting the top of your hair rock a messy/long style. As is usual with a low fade, you will begin fading from the bottom third of your head and gradually fade into the longer hair on the top.

While you can technically do a skin fade with this haircut, it will tend to look more consistent with a taper or shadow fade. Generally speaking, this blowout with a fade style works best for those with curly hair.

The haircut embraces messiness on top, and if you have the right hair texture, you won’t even have to worry about styling the top. But the haircut can theoretically work with straight hair, you might just have a harder time getting the right blowout texture on the top. 

14. Undercut With Slick Back

Following the theme of blending hairstyles, the Undercut with a slick Back combines the extremely stylish undercut approach to fading with the neat and masculine look of the slick back.

And like many of these haircuts, there is flexibility with how you style the top, and with long enough hair, you can even style this haircut to be a pompadour or a quiff.

The key to the undercut fade is that it makes the different lengths between the top and sides as noticeable as possible. Undercut fades are usually high fades that have the longer hair on the top overlap with the short hair on the sides

With this haircut, you have all of the options you normally have with fades—shadow, burst, taper, etc.—and you need only embrace the two-block approach between the top and the sides. 

15. Long and Wavy

 If you have particularly long hair and you want a haircut that has an old-school style, consider embracing your hair length with a long and wavy style. 

Styling long hair in a wavy texture, sometimes referred to as a feathered haircut, harkens back to the style of the 1980s. It has an evocative look that, when done correctly, can look both professional and casual at the same time.

This type of haircut tends to look most effective with a thicker hair texture that naturally gets a wavy appearance, and it works best with jet-black hair. 

Since Hispanic men tend to have thicker hair that is black, this hairstyle naturally works on their hair texture. While this haircut looks simple from the outside, to get that wavy texture, your barber has to cut layers into the hair to help it naturally fall into that wavy texture.

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Mexican Haircuts FAQ

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Now that you’ve seen some of the most trendy Mexican haircuts, let’s work through some of the most common questions people have about these hairstyles.

What hairstyles are popular in Mexico?

As you can see in the examples above, some of the most stylish Mexican haircuts (and Hispanic men’s haircuts more generally) are classic.

But they also have some extra creativity and pizzaz added to them. Most popular among these styles are the Edgar haircut, the low skin fade, the long wavy haircut, and a slicked-back pompadour.

What are Mexican haircuts?

Mexican haircuts represent the hairstyle preferences of Mexican men and Hispanic men more generally. There’s no one Mexican haircut.

But generally speaking, the Mexican hairstyle incorporates more creativity into popular haircuts like the Caesar and the fade. One of the most popular Mexican haircuts in the Edgar. 

What is an Edgar haircut?

The Edgar haircut is one of the most popular Mexican haircuts, and it is the more creative and bold version of the Caesar haircut. You can think of it as a Caesar haircut combined with a high skin fade. Because of the short hair, this haircut is easy to maintain and style. 

What is the coolest Mexican haircut?

In terms of general reputation, the Edgar haircut and the buzz cut with a skin fade are two of the coolest and most popular Mexican haircuts. These hairstyles are energetic and bold and capture great masculine energy.

What type of hair do Hispanic people have?

Like most places on earth, you can find a variety of hair textures amongst Hispanic people, making it hard to generalize on a hair type for everyone.

But generally speaking, Hispanic hair texture tends to be curly, with only 30 percent of the population having straight hair. If you want to embrace curly hair, consider the curly hair fringe haircut or the fade with a blowout haircut. 

Mexican Haircuts: Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen many examples of popular Mexican haircuts, you should have a better idea of how the style works.

Mexican haircuts tend to take some of the most popular haircuts and add a unique flair to them. Hopefully, you will take some of these ideas and find a style unique to yourself!