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30 Short Beard Styles to Rock in 2022

30 Short Beard Styles to Rock in 2022

Studies show that women rank men with beards as more attractive than men with clean-shaven faces, in general. Another survey of over 300 bearded men showed that 71 percent felt more attractive, and 59 percent felt more confident. 

So, what does this mean for those who can’t grow a lot of facial hair or simply don’t want a massive, wizard-like beard? It means that you still have tons of short beard styles to choose from! Let’s dive in. 

What Counts as a Short Beard Style?

Most people would consider a short beard as any facial hair on your chin that’s no longer than two inches long. If you can grow a beard beyond that measurement, you’ve got yourself some good genes; take advantage of that gift, use your powers for good, and grow a long beard. 

Most men can get a solid idea of how fast and how much their facial hair grows within three weeks. From there, it’s up to you to decide what style best suits you. 

If you’re in the process of selecting a short beard style to upgrade or simply refine your look, you’ve come to the right place. While a good, professional barber can certainly help you decide what kind of look might fit your face, it’s also a good idea to check out a list of short beard styles below.

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30 of the Best Short Beard Styles in 2022

You may not think a short beard has a lot of versatility, but there are several different ways you can style a small amount of facial hair. 

That’s why we’ve gathered up 30 of our favorite short beard styles. Take a look and figure out which style you’d like to try out. 

1. Stubble

Man with stubble (a short beard style) looks intently at the camera

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

For many men, stubble is what happens when they put off shaving for a few days. But this look can give off a very laid-back, subtle, and sexy look. Plus, it’s incredibly low-maintenance. 

2. Shaggy 

Man with a shaggy (one of the best short beard styles) beard

Yekatseryna Netuk/Shutterstock

The shaggy short beard style is just a step up from stubble. You can easily achieve this relaxed, artsy look by leaving your stubble alone and letting your beard grow as it likes.

3. French (or Circle)

This classy short beard style is always a solid go-to. It’s simply a trimmed mustache connected to a trimmed beard. The rest of the face gets clean-shaved and you’re good to go. 

4. Tapered  

Tapered beards are often favorites of those who like long beards, but you can also rock it with a two-inch beard. It’s a neat and clean look that you gradually thin from the top down. 

5. Klingon

Klingon short beard style


The Klingon beard is similar to a classic chinstrap, but the strap portion is much wider. Some view this as a more natural transition from beard to sideburns. 

6. Classic Goatee 

The classic goatee features very little hair but makes an impression. It displays a small goatee, a short mustache, and some thin lines down the side that connect the two. 

7. Anchor

If you’re looking for a distinguished and slightly intimidating style, go with the anchor beard. This three-part style combines a chin strap with a soul patch and a pencil mustache. 

8. Short Fade

Man with a short fade and a beard rocks the short beard styles


Short faded beards are cool and tough, and they look excellent with a fade haircut. They’re exactly what they sound like too, short beards that feature a fade down to the skin.

9. Chinstrap

The chinstrap can be an interesting beard choice for those who want a unique look. It boasts a very thin line of hair from the sideburns down to the chin. You can toy with this look by pairing it with a mustache or even a full goatee. 

10. Chin Curtain 

Closely related to the chinstrap beard is the chin curtain. This style uses the same thin line from the sideburns to the chin, but it always connects to a patch of hair (a curtain, if you will) covering just the chin.

11. Mutton Chops

Man with Mutton Chops (a great short beard style) crosses his arms

Jeanne McRight/Shutterstock

Mutton chops are typically seen as very manly beards. They mimic the style of a chinstrap and a Klingon combined but present much fuller, longer hair growth. Mutton chops go well with a mustache, though you can choose to go without. 

12. Friendly Mutton Chops

Friendly mutton chop beards are like mutton chops, minus the chin. It’s a bit of an odd look, but some guys can pull it off. 

13. Soul Patch

Man with a soul patch (a favorite short beard style) on a black actor

Everett Collection/Shutterstock

Don’t be fooled the soul patch is still cool. This tiny tuft of hair under the lower lip is easy to maintain and perfect for someone who can’t grow a full beard. 

14. Tailored Beard 

Tailored beard (one of the best short beard styles) in a flannel shirt

El Nariz/Shutterstock

Not all men who rock short beards are incapable of growing long beards. The tailored beard is a charming, full-beard style for anyone who prefers a well-trimmed yet well-covered canvas. 

15. Stubble Fade

A stubble beard is usually left to its own devices. A stubble fade, however, cleans up the stubble a bit, fading it into the sideburns. This look says you care, but not too much. 

16. Full Goatee

Man with a full goatee (one of the best short beard styles)

Sahara Prince/Shutterstock

A full goatee takes the same shape as any other goatee, giving you a combined mustache-beard look. But a full goatee is very thick with longer hair, and you can keep it as full as you want. 

17. Van Dyke

The Van Dyke, one of our favorite short beard styles

Anatoliy Karlyuk/Shutterstock

If you’re into history, the Van Dyke beard is the one for you. Based on the Flemish painter Van Dyck, this beard entails a pointed chin beard paired with an unconnected mustache. Many men will often grow the mustache long enough to curl the ends up, too. 

18. Close Cut 

The close cut short beard style

Ekaterina Byuksel/Shutterstock

If stubble is a bit too wild for you, you can achieve the same look more cleanly. The close cut simply controls the stubble, giving you a close shave that won’t leave you with a babyface. 

19. Horseshoe Mustache

A slightly nefarious-looking short beard style, the horseshoe mustache emphasizes the mustache by drawing it straight down past the corners of the mouth, all the way to the chin. It’s often paired with a soul patch, but you can also wear it solo. 

20. Short Boxed 

A short boxed beard features all the elements of facial hair: goatee, soul patch, mustache, chinstrap, and sideburns, all in one beard.

But instead of letting things run rampant, you tidy up the edges and keep it trimmed so it looks more professional. 

21. Loan Mustache

The loan mustache and chin beard, a short beard style


If you have trouble growing hair on your chin, then it might be time to try sticking to just a mustache. You can shave everywhere else cleanly, or leave some stubble.

22. Short Beard With Lines 

A lot of short beard styles leave you with natural transitions from your facial hair to your skin, but not a short beard with lines. This style gives your beard a very distinct, clean, and sharp edge against your skin with an attractive angle and connected sideburns. 

23. Patch Goatee

Much like a soul patch, the patch goatee features just a very small tuft of facial hair. This patch sits at the base of the chin for perhaps the most subtle short beard style yet. 

24. Goatee Chinstrap

Goatee chinstrap, one of our favorite short beard styles

The Stock Company/Shutterstock

If the classic goatee isn’t enough for you, you can always add a thin chinstrap to connect to your sideburns. In this look, your chinstrap should stay clean and very thin. 

25. Goatee With Sideburns

There certainly are a lot of goatee various you can toy with, and one of those is the goatee-sideburn combination. This short beard is simply a goatee with a variation of the chin strap to connect it to your sideburns. 

26. Modest Beard

A modest beard is a full beard-mustache combo with thick sideburns. This beard features a lot of hair, but it shouldn’t grow past the cheek line. The stand-out details here are the cutouts on either side of the mustache, which distinguishes it from the beard a bit. 

27. Shaggy Soul Patch

The soul patch is cool, but not everyone can pull it off. Display your soul patch proudly, but pair it with some shaggy growth around the chin, mustache, and even cheek areas.  

28. Modest Chin

The modest chin is a great way to accentuate solid beard growth. It requires a whole beard from chin to sideburns, along with a mustache. The cheek line stands out with a clean-cut and slightly faded, while the chin and mustache stay very full. 

29. Full Goatee

Full goatee, a featured short beard style

Simon Greig/Shutterstock

If you’ve mastered the art of the full goatee but still feel like your look is missing something, try growing your hair out long. 

30. Clean-Shaven

Okay, so this last one is kind of cheating. But, if you’ve gone through this entire list and haven’t found a short beard style you like, then perhaps you should reconsider the clean-shaven look. It will never go out of style, and hey if Brad Pitt can pull it off, so can you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost every man has questions about growing a beard at some point in his life. We’ve rounded up a few commonly asked questions about short beards and beard growth with answers below. 

Do short beard styles require a lot of maintenance?

It depends on the style of short beard you have to determine whether or not it is high maintenance. Short beards that have a specific shape, such as the anchor beard, require that you trim the edges frequently to maintain the look.

Other short beards, such as stubble beards, are very easy to maintain and require little effort. 

Do short beards look good on bald men?

Whether you struggle with hair loss or simply prefer the bald look, you can easily supplement the style with a short beard. It’s really up to personal preference, but bald men frequently grow beards and achieve a signature style. 

How can I grow a beard faster?

Much of hair growth, including facial hair, has to do with genetics. So, you may have trouble growing a beard due to the genes you inherited. 

However, you can try some of these tricks to help encourage beard growth: 

  • Wash, moisturize, and exfoliate the face
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Supplement with vitamins
  • Get high-quality sleep
  • Minimize stress
  • Don’t shave (except to maintain!)
  • Try growth medications like minoxidil

Finally, be patient! Some men can grow beards quickly due to genetics, but it takes longer for others. 

Can you dye a short beard?

Yes! You can dye any kind of hair, but it’s best to use beard-specific dye rather than hair dye. 

Dying your beard can help eliminate gray hairs and make you appear younger, but it does come with some cons. Beard dye can be difficult to match as far as color, and just like hair dye, it can damage your beard.

When using beard dye on your short beard, it’s always best to follow the instructions carefully. 

Do short beards need beard oil?

Beard oil can offer outstanding benefits to any facial hair, long or short. Beard oil moisturizes and nourishes your beard and benefits the skin beneath your facial hair. Beard oil can help treat dandruff, relieve itchiness, and moisturize your skin. 

Is a Short Beard Style for You?

For some, growing a beard can be a challenging and frustrating process. You want to rock facial hair so badly, but it looks like the world (okay, genetics) is against you. Short beard styles offer the perfect middle ground for anyone who wants to grow facial hair that looks good.

Many of these styles require little maintenance, and you can achieve them with just a little bit of hair growth. Look through our list of 30 short beard styles once more your potential signature look might just be one of them!