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31 of the Most Badass Viking Beards in 2022

31 of the Most Badass Viking Beards in 2022

So You Want a Viking Beard…

Viking beard styles have been popular for a while, and the range of options is enormous. From long braids to sharp, short-trimmed beards and various adornments, we’ve got you covered. These Viking beard styles are great for a night out or even everyday wear! 

What Is a Viking Beard?

Let’s begin with a little history lesson! Despite what pop culture would have you believe, Vikings were deeply concerned with hygiene and aesthetics. Their clothes were fine and richly decorated, they bathed regularly, and they carefully groomed themselves. 

Beards were very common among the Vikings and across most Scandinavian cultures, and this attention to detail and ornamentation applied to facial hair as well.

Braids were popular among Vikings of all genders, and those with long beards would often weave them into braids. This kept their beards from becoming unruly.

Some also added decorations like beads or metal loops. Are you still hanging onto your experimental quarantine beard? Let’s go over some fun and interesting ways for you to style it!

Viking Beard Inspiration: 31 Ways to Rock the Trend

Viking-style beards have been around for centuries, and even in modern times, they’re incredibly versatile. Viking-style beards can fit with all different looks whether you’re going for dapper, dressy, casual, or rugged. 

1. A Simple Braid

A Simple Braid Viking Beard


A single, simple braid is a great place to start when styling a Viking beard. This look works for many beard lengths–whether your beard goes down to your waist or just touches your chest. Braiding it will keep it contained and looking sharp. 

2. Try a New Twist 

A new twist on the viking beard

Fernando Navarro/Shutterstock

A twist is much like a single braid! This look lends itself to longer beards, and it’ll keep your Viking beard tamed and neat. A twist also adds a little more personality than a regular braid, if you’re looking for something a little more unique.

3. Clean and Trimmed

Clean and trimmed viking beard idea

Ysbrand Cosijn/Shutterstock

Vikings were famous for being particular about their grooming, and this can extend to your modern Viking beard. A carefully trimmed and sculpted beard is perfect for those who have a formal job but still want that Viking beard look.

4. A Little on the Wild Side

Viking beard that's A Little on the Wild Side

Just Dance/Shutterstock

Vikings couldn’t be perfectly put together all the time. Do you feel more comfortable with a rugged Viking beard that doesn’t require as much upkeep? A wiry, slightly disheveled beard still looks very handsome. 

5. Beads and Other Shiny Things

Viking Beard With Beads and Other Shiny Things

Anna Krivitskaya/Shutterstock

Vikings loved their shiny baubles! If your Viking beard is feeling a little blah, add some beads or metal rings!

Beard beads are available on Viking jewelry websites, craft stores, and some specialty souvenir shops. Instead of a tiny hair tie to keep your braid in place, why not add a little silver bead? 

6. A Long, Majestic Beard

After many years of short beards being the norm, a long beard is a distinctly Viking look. Whether you braid it to the hilt or let it flow freely, a long, healthy beard is sure to turn heads.

7. A Battle-Ready Short Beard

A Battle-Ready Short Viking Beard

Dan Gheorghies/Shutterstock

As much as the Vikings loved their long beards, they weren’t always practical for the battlefield. Or the construction site. If you’re concerned about a long beard getting in the way, a close-cropped Viking beard is still a Viking beard. 

8. The Goatee 

The goatee is a popular style among many cultures. Isolating your facial hair to just your chin and mustache can help to keep it from feeling too unruly or messy if a full beard bothers you. If you still want that Viking style without a full beard, give a goatee a try!

9. The Braided Goatee

One way to add some Viking style to your goatee is to add a braid! Vikings were all about adornment, after all. If your goatee is getting a little long, add a braid and a bead to hold it all together. 

10. Lose the ‘Stache

Love the idea of a Viking beard but not feeling a mustache? You don’t have to have one! Your first thought might be that a beard without a mustache might look a little odd.

But it’s really a very handsome look. And, you won’t have to worry about getting suds from your beer in your mustache if it isn’t there!

11. Braid Bonanza

We’ve talked about single braids and twists, but Vikings really loved their complicated hairstyles. Why not go crazy with the braids?

A few small braids adorned with beads could be an incredibly unique and dapper look. If a few isn’t enough, go wild! There’s no such thing as too many braids. 

12. Tapered

A stylish Viking beard option is the tapered “v” look. A clean and carefully trimmed style, this is great for formal events and other occasions.

It retains the masculine look of a long beard while keeping it sharp and dapper. Usually, this style is close-cropped around the mouth and tapered from the jaw to the end of the beard.

13. Broad and Bushy

Love the look of a broad Viking beard? Let loose and grow yours as bushy as you can! Sculpting your broad, bushy beard into a rounded, plump shape is a handsome, rugged look that goes with everything.

14. A Mustache for the Ages

Viking beard with A Mustache for the Ages

Anton Watman/Shutterstock

If you love mustaches, why not go all-in? Vikings loved their bright, ostentatious look. Don’t be afraid to try out something loud and flashy too! A large, shaped mustache is a great addition to any Viking beard. 

15. A Little Ponytail

Is your beard on the shorter side, but just long enough to become unruly when left to its own devices? Try the ponytail look! A simple hair tie or a small bead can keep your beard looking sharp while still maintaining a distinctly Viking look. 

16. The Segmented Beard

The Segmented Viking Beard


Is your Viking beard on the long side, but you aren’ feeling a braid? No worries! Simply segment your beard with a few hair ties or beads, and you immediately have a handsome, clean look for your beard.

17. No Frills

Not into styling a beard? No worries. If you just want a long beard and a mustache, you don’t have to add any frills if you don’t want to. It’s a Viking beard if you say it is. 

18. The Double Braid

We’ve talked about braiding a few times, but a double braid is a particularly Norse way to go. You can segment your whole beard into two and braid each side, or you can simply add two small braids below your lower lip to accent your otherwise free-flowing beard.

19. The Silver Fox

A nicely colored silver or white beard is unique on its own, and adding a sculpted taper, beads, or a more angular cut will only serve to accentuate that magnificent beard.

20. Square Jaw, Square Beard

We’ve mentioned tapered beards, but a beard sculpted into a square shape is also a dapper look for those who have a square jaw or broad shoulders. This will accentuate your naturally broad look. 

21. The Bandholz

The Bandhold style received its name after Eric Bandholz. This style features a mustache that flows seamlessly into a beard, which could be a great option if you’d rather not worry about styling your mustache. 

22. Sculpted Stubble

Prefer stubble? No problem. Stubble is a great way to get the look of a beard while avoiding a lot of the upkeep. 

23. The Santa Beard

The Santa Viking Beard Idea

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

If you have white or silver hair, there’s always the possibility that you might get likened to a handsome Santa Claus if you grow out a beard. Why not lean into it? A full white or silver beard with a rounded shape is an amazing look.

24. The English Raider

The English Raider Viking Beard


Vikings spent quite a lot of time raiding England between 800 to 1150 AD. We love the look of a Viking beard but also the look of a more Victorian, 19th-century beard.

So why not combine the two? Combining a long, tapered beard with a dandy-ish curled handlebar mustache is a great way to get both looks at the same time. 

25. The Fade

If you’re bald but love sporting a beard, the faded look could be a great option for you. Instead of having your beard’s hairline start abruptly near your ears, have your barber give you a faded trim that seamlessly transitions from your skin to your beard.

26. The Dwarf

Love the look of the dwarves in Lord of the Rings? Go wild with braids, adornments, beads, and metal rings. The more ostentatious, the better. 

27. The Dapper Professor

Want to look like a professor while maintaining a distinctly Norse look? Go for a carefully trimmed and sculpted beard with a styled mustache, and maybe add a little braid in the center for an accent.

28.  that Jaw

One great thing about beards is that it allows you to play with your “jawline” if you’re not a fan of the one you have. Sculpting the hair along your jaw can give you the look of a more angular or broader jaw while serving some handsome Viking looks. 

29. The Isolated Chin Beard

The isolated chin beard is more or less a goatee on steroids. With a clean-shaven jaw and a long mustache and goatee, you can grow out this beard style as long as you like. 

30. Tuck it Into Your Belt

Want to see just how long you can get your beard to grow? Vikings sometimes tucked their beards into their belt to keep them from flying all over. Why not give it a try?

31. The Braided Mustache

If you love your mustache but don’t feel like a handlebar is for you, try braiding your mustache and adding a couple of beads. This will keep your mustache neat and contained, and it’ll add some visual interest by framing your mouth with a pair of sleek braids and a little sparkle. 

Frequently asked Questions

Let’s go over some common questions regarding Viking beards to help you on your way!

How long will it take for your Viking beard to grow in?

Facial hair, like the hair on your head, grows about 1/3 to 1/2 inch a month. Therefore, growing a 12-inch beard would take around six months.

How do you help your Viking beard grow?

 A healthy diet that includes a good amount of vitamin D can help your beard grow nice and thick. Try adding fish eggs, and other proteins to your diet.

B vitamins like B12 can also help as well as certain supplements that specifically target beard growth and hair follicle health. 

How did Vikings take care of their beards?

Vikings took care of their beards much like we do today. Vikings carried combs made of bone on them and were so meticulous about their hygiene that some Englishmen became irked at the fact that English women began preferring Norse and Danish men over them. 

Was hair important in Viking culture?

Hair was incredibly important in Viking culture as part of overall individual self-care. As stated in pieces of Norse poetry such as the Hávamál and Reginsmál, daily self-care and grooming were a must. 

“You should always go out
With your hair combed
And a meal in your belly,”

(Hávamál, 61: Crawford 38)

The Norse believed that personal self-care was an important part of humanity’s effort in keeping Nine Realms in order. The nine realms were the nine separate worlds that Norse mythology and beliefs presided over.

Is there any particular way to have a Viking beard?

The great thing about Viking beards is that there really is no one way to wear them or anything you specifically must do to have a Viking beard. Viking styles and details such as beads and braids help, but Viking beard styles are incredibly diverse.

What’s Your Favorite Viking Beard?

Really, there is no right way to wear a Viking beard. There are accents and certain styles that can lend themselves to a Viking aesthetic, but the Vikings simply deemed well-groomed beards important.

If you have a beard and you take careful care of it, you have a Viking beard! Personally, I love the addition of beads, braids, and other adornments, but it’s really up to you and what makes you happy.