Taking Care of Curly Men’s Hair | Complete Guide

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Taking care of curls can be a truly daunting task if you don’t reckon the know-hows of managing them. Unfortunately, many men with curly hair follow the same hair care routine as their peers with straight hair (a big no-no!) Since hair types, structure, and patterns differ from person to person, a curly-haired guy like you should always follow a regime specifically targeted to your hair type. Men with curls frustratingly give up on hair care because of their failed attempts at recovering their unmanageable dry hair. The main issue is the shape of the curls. As the coil shape becomes more dominant, the scalp has difficulty providing sufficient moisture and oils from your scalp to the tips. The result is men with a head full of dry and brittle curls. Hence to make your hair look healthy and attractive, you need to care and give extra attention to them.

This guide will help you achieve naturally healthy curls that are bound to make heads turn. We highly recommend continuous styling and taking care of your hair to further activate the texture of your mane.

Complete step by step guide for taking care of curly hair

To get started with hair care for your curls, one needs to withdraw from the wrong basics and understand the common mistakes they perform during their hair care regime. Fret not; taking care of your curls doesn’t have to be an elaborative routine; however, get ready to incorporate a few crucial changes.

Hair wash

Pre-shampoo treatment

Curly-haired men usually skip this step altogether. As mentioned earlier, men are prone to dry hair; therefore, they should always start their hair care with a pre-shampoo treatment. Men with coarse and rough curly hair should always begin with a highly nourishing pre-shampoo treatment. You can nourish and condition the hair by applying a very natural conditioner before hopping inside the shower. A deep conditioner can work like magic during the pre-shampoo step.


Cleaning your curls with shampoo that is specifically designed for curly hair is extremely important. These shampoos have various ingredients that help keep the bounce and oils in your hair intact. However, ensure that you are purchasing a deep cleaning shampoo. The dirt, dust, and pollution that gets trapped in your curls need a thorough rinse to make your scalp clean and healthy. It would be best if you look for shampoos that have coconut, jojoba, or avocado oil in them. Other active ingredients suitable for your curls are animal proteins, provitamins, hydrolyzed silk, keratin, shea butter, and aloe vera. If you have an everyday hair wash routine, opt for a milder shampoo containing natural cleansing agents. These gentle shampoos are less likely to strip away your natural oils as compared to intense clarifying shampoos. Men who wash their hair twice or thrice a week can go for stronger compositions.

Post shampoo

Putting back the moisture in your hair is highly crucial after a shampoo. You should always invest in a heavy conditioner with shea butter for maximum moisture retention. Now, to make your locks more bouncy and healthy, try using a leave-in conditioner or mousse. These products will instantly add a glossy sheen to your hair while improving the curly texture of your locks. These cream-based conditioners are exceptionally helpful in achieving tight curls without frizz. Products with avocado oil are perfect for dry and brittle curls.

Note: Always apply leave-in conditioners or mousse on wet hair.

Taking Care of Curly Men's Hair


Men with curls should avoid the step of combing their hair, especially once their hair is dry. You will end up creating a colossal puff of frizz with zero coils and dimensions. You can, however, comb your hair when they are wet to remove any knots. We recommend brushing your curls after applying your leave-in conditioner to distribute the product throughout the hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to brush, as a fine-toothed comb will add unwanted texture and flatten your curls. A detangler brush made with natural bristles can help spread oils without breaking the hair. Lastly, if combing makes your hair unmanageable, skip it altogether and comb your hair with your fingers. You can remove your knots before showering to avoid brushing later while keeping the texture as is.


Curly-haired people should always air dry their hair. Drying is where most men lose their texture and invite frizzy, unmanageable hair. Throw away your towel and start using a cotton t-shirt to dry your head. Do not rub the t-shirt as it will open the cuticles, thus making your hair frizzy. Try to scrunch your hair while removing the excess water gently. At this step, you will notice your leave-in conditioner or curl activating cream working. Avoid touching the hair or running your fingers through them. If you’re pressed for time, using a little heat to dry your hair will not pose any harm. However, never use a blow dryer directly on your curls; a diffuser is your only way to go. These diffusers won’t introduce frizz; on the contrary, they will add extreme volume.


As mentioned earlier, avoid using a blow-dryer to set your hair. A diffuser can be a great tool to minimize the direct heat encountered via the device. You can always style your curls in a messy man bun or leave it open for a soft curly look. To get a more voluminous look, try to keep the height of your curls short. Longer hair would comparatively fall flat, but with a diffuser and curl-holding cream, you can add a substantial amount of volume and texture to your long hair. If you’re bored with the same old tight curls and want to spice up your hairstyle, then a sea salt spray can help you achieve messy surfboarder beach waves. This hairstyle is perfect for a vacation or trip to experiment a little with your curls.


Hair masks are very beneficial for men with curly hair. These masks add all the necessary nutrients back into your head, thus making them more manageable, shiny, and healthy. You can find various hydrating masks available on the market, but DIY curly hair masks can be an excellent solution if you enjoy natural ingredients. Men with dehydrated hair should apply these masks every couple of weeks. 

DIY Restorative mask

Ingredients: Bananas, olive oil, avocado pulp, honey, and plain greek yogurt


Step 1: Mash one whole banana and mix it with half an avocado pulp. Add two tablespoons of olive oil, three tablespoons of honey, and one tablespoon of plain greek yogurt to the fruit mixture.

Step 2: Apply this mixture generously all over your head and cover it with a shower cap. 

Step 3: Leave the mask for 30 minutes before rinsing the whole head with water. You will instantly notice healthy, moisturized, soft, and silky curls. 


Apart from occasional masks, try to inculcate the habit of oiling your hair. Oiling and deep head massages will activate your blood flow in the scalp while providing sufficient moisture to your curly locks. Oils like coconut, olive, and castor are most beneficial for curly hair. You can massage these oils with your fingertips and spread the rest of the oil throughout your curls. You can either let the oil work overnight or wrap a hot towel over your head for an hour. A hot towel will speed up the process while saturating the moisture into the curls. Rinse off with your special curly hair shampoo for naturally healthy curls.

Note: Castor oil is exceptionally sticky and hard to remove, so using clarifying shampoo will help you eliminate the excess stickiness.


Men with colored curls should dial-up their hair care routine because of the excess dehydration and stripping of natural oils. Try to use color retention shampoos specifically for coils to keep your color intact. Always go through the bleaching process under an expert hairdresser. Unprofessional use of bleach will dry up your hair, thus giving rise to uncontrollable hair loss.   

Curly hair care tips worth following

  • To get rid of split ends, get a trim for a professional stylist every three months.
  • Get into the habit of constantly moisturizing your curls no matter your schedule. The deeper you condition, the more pronounced your locks will look.
  • Abstain from using scalding hot water to wash your hair. Hot water is very notorious for stripping away moisture while leaving your hair dry. Make a point of washing your hair with cold water to keep your hair healthy. Coldwater also helps seal the hair cuticle, thus reducing the chances of frizz.
  • Try scheduling your shampoo twice a week if your curls are getting dry even after using several products. Washing your locks every day will deplete the natural oils, thus giving rise to breakage and hair fall.
  •  Always scrunch your wet hair instead of running your fingers through it. Scrunching will enhance your coils, thus making them fuller.
  •  Throw away your cotton pillowcases, as cotton tends to create heavy friction between the hair strands. Your hair will automatically turn frizzy from the second day itself. Instead, start using silk pillowcases to keep the curls intact.
  • Curly-haired men should stop using two-in-one shampoos. We understand the temptation of using a product that reduces your shower time in half, but these shampoos will dry out your hair before you know it. Since they lean towards the cleansing side, you get little or no moisturization.

What are some of the essential products for a curly hair care routine?


Keeping your curls soft and pronounced requires a thorough hair care routine. The routine itself doesn’t have to be extremely expensive, but it should include a few essential products to keep your hair nourished and moisturized. We believe that a few basic products would suffice for a head full of bouncy curls.

1. Moisturizing shampoo

Always remember that creamy and foamy shampoos are very light and moisturizing on your curls than gel-based shampoos. Consider opting for a sulfate-free shampoo to keep the pH balance in check. Ouidad curl quencher shampoo is a perfect example where cleansing meets moisturization.

2. Conditioner

Conditioner should always be your next step after applying shampoo. Heavy conditioning is the secret of fuller and deeply moisturized curls. You can opt for the same conditioner as your moisturizing shampoo or ask any haircare professional for the most nourishing conditioner on the market. The SheaMoisture conditioner is an excellent choice for men seeking deep conditioning.

3. Deep conditioning serum/mask

You should apply a deep conditioner serum/mask every few weeks to retain a balance of the hair structure. Shea butter-infused masks work excellent to condition the hair and scalp alike. OGX deep conditioning mask contains argan oil to keep your coils soft and manageable.

4. Curl cream

Curl cream can be an excellent product if men find it challenging to keep their curls plump. These curl creams set your curls while keeping them fuller throughout the day. Most coils tend to fall flat by the end of the day, but a stronghold curl cream will sculpt the curls while keeping them in shape. Bedhead curl recall cream works like magic, especially for an effortless and soft look.

5. On-the-go serums

These liquid serums are perfect for livening up your curls on the go. A few drops of the serum will instantly add moisture and sheen into your coils. These serums are perfect for last-minute meetings, functions, and outings. Garnier Fructis style curl is a milk-based spray that can instantly add texture and shape to your frizzy curls.


We hope our comprehensive hair care guide for curly men’s hair helped you restore your dry, flat curls. It’s essential to understand that half of your hair care job revolves around keeping the curls moisturized. We highly recommend following our care routine to get the most nourished, defined, and healthy curls. These few steps mentioned above can genuinely change your coils, and you’ll soon start admiring them instead of gravitating towards a buzz cut.

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