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The 7 Best Beard Bibs in 2022

The 7 Best Beard Bibs in 2022

The internet is full of reviews for the best beard bibs. Most of them just copy existing articles and don’t do the work. The copied reviews stop here, we’re going to let the cream rise to the top.

What’s the Best Beard Bib?

The best beard bib does not have to do a lot except catch hairs and keep the area clean. Only three other things need to happen—functioning suction cups, fit around everybody’s neck, and don’t let hairs stick (easy to clean).

While not every bib can prevent sticking hairs because people live in different climates, the best bibs work consistently. Let’s see who made the list.

Our Top 7 Picks for the Best Beard Bibs:
  1. Best Overall: Beard King Beard Bib
  2. Best for Area Coverage: Aksice Beard Apron
  3. Best for Staying Dry: Beard Knight Men’s Care Beard Apron
  4. Best for Tall Guys: Doepsilon Beard Bib
  5. Best for Staying Clean: The Neat Guy 5-Piece Beard Catcher Kit
  6. Best for Travel: Smart Trim Bear Catcher
  7. Best for Tight Budgets: Dalabeng Beard Apron

All of these bibs and aprons exist to perform the same function. They keep the bathroom clean while shaving or trimming a beard. 

You might have a girlfriend or wife who will explode the next time she walks into the bathroom and discovers a pile of facial hair, so let’s see if a beard bib is a solution. 

Why You Need a Beard Bib

Guy who needs one of the best beard bibs because his barber is clipping his beard hair

Most men agree that deciding to use a beard apron comes down to a few simple choices. The first is obvious: some men don’t clean up after themselves. Messes can cause arguments, and a study concluded that many divorces stem from repeated arguments.

In the next category, some men clean up their mess, which nobody enjoys, especially when the problem is beard hair. A beard apron that allows you to dump the hair into the trash is a significant improvement.

Lastly, there’s the question about whether setting up the bib, shaving, rinsing the bib and still cleaning up a little bit of hair around the sink saves any time or effort. We think the bib helps if the material meets the right conditions.

Hint, hint, a material that is not slick enough and catches hair, instead of the hair sliding off, is not ideal.

Every manufacturer, of anything, finds ways to save money and, hopefully, does not deviate from quality craftsmanship in the places that count the most. You can often tell by comparing the price and the materials. So let’s see what these beard bibs get right, and what they get wrong.

The 7 Best Beard Bibs in 2022

A lot of men realize that women find them more attractive with a beard. Then comes the maintenance. Beard catchers are not standalone products. They all operate by sticking to a mirror with suction cups.

They have to fit around everybody’s neck, easily reach the mirror and catch hair. Do all the bibs achieve these simple requirements?

1. Best Overall: Beard King

Best Overall
Beard King Beard Bib Apron for Men
  • Large bib to catch hair
  • Good suction cups keep the bib in place
  • Nice velcro neck strap
  • Wide men need a wider bib
  • Thin material
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On Amazon, there are always fake positive reviews and fake-for-sabotage bad reviews. You have to learn to spot such reviews on the whole site. Beard King is no exception.

Beard bibs straddle a weird line between being funny gag gifts and needed time savers. Beard King charges a bit of a higher price which deters the gag gift side a bit.

Some owners report the quality of the material not matching the price, not in a good way. At the end of the day, the bib catches most of the hairs and lowers cleaning time. Most people will always be happy anytime a mess is easier to clean up.

2. Best for Area Coverage: Aksice

Best for Area Coverage
Beard Bib Beard Apron | Beard Hair Catcher
  • One size fits all
  • Locking suction cups
  • Easy cleanup
  • Not easy to dump into a small bathroom waste bin
  • Some hairs get under and on the shirt
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Aksice has made a beard apron that fits everybody and also works for big guys with barbershop quality and extra suction cups. The fabric is common and accepted in hair salons, so hair can slide off.

A well-designed velcro strap fits almost all necks. A few buyers felt that setup, takedown, and cleaning took the same amount of time as not having a bib.

3. Best for Staying Dry: Beard Knight

Best for Staying Dry
Beard Apron | Hair Clippings Catcher
  • Waterproof
  • Travel bag included
  • Easy to clean
  • Too big for some mirrors
  • Fabric can rip and not stay on suction cups
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A lot of people have a mirror big enough to support a beard bib. A few Beard Knight users noticed that anything other than a vanity mirror isn’t big enough. Without enough width to spread the suction cups apart, hairs easily escape to the sides and fall on the floor.

People like that the fabric is waterproof and cleans easily. However, at least one buyer had the loop which connects to the suction cup rip. With beard bibs, if anything goes wrong around the suction cups all effectiveness vanishes, and the mess becomes a problem again.

4. Best for Tall Guys: Doepsilon

Best for Tall Guys
Beard Bib Apron | Beard Hair Clippings Catcher
  • High-fiber nylon is smooth, so hairs slide off
  • Double-sided waterproof & machine washable
  • Long enough for all tall guys
  • Some hairs escape over the sides
  • Difficult to clean & doesn’t save time
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Doepsilon managed to make a bib that is wide enough to capture hairs that works effectively without a vanity mirror. The bib is long, so tall guys can get a pocket and have room to reach the mirror comfortably. The adjustable neck strap works for everybody.

Since the bib is a bit thinner, some people have minor problems with hair escaping over the sides. The only purpose for the bib is to clean up easily. If guys start devoting noticeable time to cleaning up, they begin to regret the purchase.

5. Best for Staying Clean: The Neat Guy

Best for Staying Clean
The Neat Guy 5-Piece Beard Catcher Kit With Apron
  • Has beard trimming scissors and a two-sided comb
  • Includes a bag for everything
  • Snug around the neck
  • Cheaper price, cheaper material
  • Hooks on suction cups can break
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The Neat Guy is one of the only beard catchers on the market that includes combs to aid in styling. The combs allow for different kinds of cuts with different beard lengths. They also make creating styling lines easier, especially at the base of the neck.

The problem with The Neat Guy is that they included extras and aimed for a price lower than most. The bib seems to have suffered the most in the corner-cutting.

Sometimes companies make the mistake of thinking customers can’t figure out that the kit contains more and costs more. Most people can accept a higher quality, more expensive bib. The Neat Guy misread the market in this regard.

6. Best for Travel: Smart Trim

Best for Travel
SMART TRIM Beard Catcher for Shaving
  • High-quality polyester pongee material
  • Packs light and small for easy travel
  • 100% money-back guarantee if dissatisfied
  • Not slick enough to stop hair sticking
  • Low-quality suction cups that can rip
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Since all beard bibs are essentially the same, Smart Trim’s travel-friendly compact size is an attractive feature. Customers appreciate the 100% money-back guarantee as well. The problem is, the materials don’t hold up well enough.

This goes for all the bibs, but the market almost seems like somebody arbitrarily decided $10 to $20 is the only acceptable price. To hover around the $10 price point, many manufacturers sacrifice quality. For example, Smart Trim’s suction cups can rip apart.

7. Best for a Tight Budget: Dalabeng

Best for a Tight Budget
Beard Bib Beard Apron, Beard Hair Catcher for Men
  • Budget-friendly price also good for skeptics
  • Anti-static and waterproof
  • Double-sided and machine washable
  • Users report inconsistent packing
  • 2 pairs of low-quality suction cups can all easily break
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Dalabeng makes the cheapest and lowest quality bib on our list. Having said that, problems like malfunctioning suction cups occur with more expensive bibs that have a logo. The materials are the same. The stitching is of less quality.

For guys who want to see if a bib even works or makes sense, the Dalabeng costs very little. Features such as anti-static and machine washable still apply. If the suction cups last as long as some other models, not long, the risk is low.

Finding the Best Beard Bib for You

Guy with the best beard bib getting his neck trimmed

Just Dance/Shutterstock

Before buying almost any product, most shoppers know to at least make a mental list of some key features to look for in a product. A buying guide for a beard bib should focus on the number one concern: Will the bib save me the headache of cleaning a hairy mess?

Does a Beard Bib Prevent Messes?

Yes, as long as the bib does not detach from the mirror and spill hair. The issue of whether or not the bib is less messy does not center on the bathroom sink and floor. The issue centers more around time and convenience.

There is no doubt that hairs stay on the bib and don’t get on the floor or sink. The question is, is shaving such a big, difficult-to-clean mess, that putting on a bib is easier? Hairs might stick to the bib, so you have to wash the material. Hairs might still be on the floor.

Is cleaning more hair off the sink and floor more difficult than cleaning a bib and a little hair off the sink and floor? The answer varies between men’s different beards and needs.

How Upsetting Is Low Quality?

By nature, a nylon apron isn’t a work of art. Nylon is just a cheap sheet of plastic. For $10-20, you’re not getting the highest quality stitching and suction cups.

When you look at the comments, there is no shortage of people who see the material and say, “what a waste of money, this is garbage.” Unfortunately, a $12 nylon bib was never going to be good. If you want a beard hair catcher, these bibs will work.

Will a Bib Take Abuse?

You might travel a lot. Everything you travel with might go in and out of bags that also get thrown around by baggage handlers. You also might give your beard daily maintenance.

The bibs can take the abuse. The suction cups might not, but Dollar Stores and similar places sell suction cup hooks. You can get good repeated use out of a beard bib.

Should I Shave or Use Clippers?

You can shave, but a beard catcher makes the most sense with clippers. Clippers quickly cut beards and are the main culprits in throwing hair all over the bathroom.

Clippers might send hair far enough to get past the bib, but most trimmings will land inside, ready for easy disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t the suction cups stick to the mirror?

Suction cups not sticking is an industry-wide problem, not just beard bibs. Some people grow up and never learn to rub a little water in the cup. When the seal pushes most of the water out, you might have to struggle to get the cup off.

How do you use a beard bib?

A beard bib attaches around the neck the same way a barbershop covering does. The most important part is to hang the bib on suction cups attached to the mirror. All trimmings can then fall into the bib.

How do you make a beard bib?

You could cut a head hole into a trash bag or fabric about 3 to 4 feet long. Buy suction cups with hooks. Make two more holes in the material to hang on the hooks.

Can you wash a beard bib?

Yes, but follow the instructions on the package to be sure. Most of the companies specifically mention that their bib is washable.

Is there such a thing as a beard bib?

Yes, and there are many types of bibs made by many companies. Most of the bibs are essentially the same product. Only the quality of materials makes a difference.

So, What’s the Best Beard Bib?

Beard King makes the best bib based on sales and customer reviews. All of the brands perform relatively the same, but the quality of materials makes a difference. Due to a good design and a slight edge in the quality of materials, first place goes to Beard King.