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The Teenager Beard | A Detailed Guide

The Teenager Beard | A Detailed Guide

Going through puberty has always been one of the challenges we all had to face. During this time in our lives, we became accustomed to our bodies changing physically. Transitioning from tween to teen can also come with its fair share of a universal change for boys: teenager beard. 

What Is a Teenager Beard?

Like the name itself, this refers to the beginning stage of a beard for young teenage boys. A teenager’s beard isn’t fully grown as an adult type would be, but it’s in the process of becoming one. 

You may be experiencing some growth of fuzz below your chin and lip. You are now in the beginning stages of growing your very own beard. But with great fuzzy power comes great responsibility.

Growing out your beard, especially when starting in your teens, can be a somewhat difficult and long process. However, for some this might not be the case. The usual age range for teenagers to start developing facial hair is between 15 and 18.

However, this process is different for many and some even begin to show early signs even before they turn 15. There is a balance of early or late bloomers but either way, there are some teenage boys who are eager to grow a beard.

Beard’s growth shows that these teens are fully developing, transitioning from a young boy to a man. There are going to be times when it seems to you like you aren’t maturing as much as your friends are but it’s entirely normal to feel this way.

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Understanding Teenager Beard Growth

To fully understand how your beard works, we would have to get scientific for a second. The two main factors in helping with beard growth are dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and testosterone. These are androgens which are a term for male hormones.

They start to evolve once one slowly transitions into puberty. DHT is one of the strongest androgens, causing beard growth to enhance. Of course, if DHT isn’t enough for you, there are also natural hair growth products and oils to choose from to fully develop your own beard.  

The process of beard growth comes naturally. You can’t force it or rush it. With this in mind, there are also plus sides and downsides to having a beard.  

The Stages of Beard Growth 

  • Stage One: Upper Lip StubbleUsually, the first sign of beard growth is the stubble above the upper lip. It starts thin, so sometimes it’s hard to determine if it isn’t just peach fuzz. The hair then stretches out into the sideburns and starts moving down the cheeks. It’s different for everyone, though. 
  • Stage Two: Early signs of Beard Growth. The most common signs of beard growth is hair growth near your cheeks and sideburns. Your hair gradually begins growing out into a nearly visible beard. To strengthen the chance of it fully developing your beard growth, one of the recommendations is to exfoliate every day.
  • Stage Three: Beard Thickness Evolution. The beard has now passed its early stages of development, so it’s going to start growing out more in thickness. The expectancy of this would usually range from 16 to 30 weeks. 

Pros of Teenager Beard Growth 

  • It keeps the majority of your face warm.
  • You can style it to suit your look and aesthetic. 
  • It can prevent blemishes and skin infections.
  • It prevents exposition to UV rays.

Cons of Teenager Beard Growth 

  • Maintaining your beard can be time-consuming.
  • It might be itchy and bothersome in hot conditions.
  • Dirty beards can be upsetting. 

The Upside of Having a Beard

Teenager with a beard in an orange jacket

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Prevents UV Ray Exposure

It’s amazing how your beard can protect you against exposure to harmful UV rays. Since you have a beard or are in the process of growing one, you are less likely to develop burns or skin rashes from UV rays. It will act as a blockade and deflect them. It will protect your lower face and below your neck entirely. 

Protects Your Skin From Infections and Blemishes

Your beard can act as your filter for your face, preventing allergies and infections from affecting you. Of course, where this can be a protector, without maintaining and washing it, it won’t be as effective.

And you also might cause an infection or two. You must frequently wash, groom, and trim your beard for hygiene and healthiness. 

Your Own Face Warmer

Scarves and zipped-up hoodies can only go so far as to warm up your face in a chillier environment. Even with extra layers, that might not be enough to warm you up if you live in a cold climate. It is a primary heat conductor. Your beard can act as a hairy scarf, covering your lower face and neck. 

You Can Customize and Style Your Beard

The best part of having a beard is having the ability to customize it however you please. You can choose from either fun and zany to sophisticated and professional.

There is no in-between. However, this is only if your beard is fully developed. There are ways you can style your beard to your general look. 

You Can Compete in Beard Competitions

It may be hard to believe, but there are competitions where people compete and win for the most interesting beard. 

The National Beard and Moustache Championships give mustache and beard connoisseurs of all ages to be able to participate in creating the most outrageous and intriguing types of beard designs. If you’re the more eccentric type for your beard style, this is perfect for you. 

Growing Your Teenager Beard

Teenager's beard is on full display in this image


Growing out your teenager beard certainly is no easy feat. To achieve this, you have to shave and exfoliate frequently.

Exfoliating your face will help keep moisture in and will help with beard growth. Most people also use hair growth oils to help with this. You will have to repeat this process weekly so the beard can grow out more

Shaving Your Face

You have to start fresh to be successful in growing a beard. To be successful, you must shave your face entirely, therefore, starting the process. Be sure that your facial skin is devoid of oiliness and dryness so that the hair follicles can breathe and grow. 

Exfoliate and Moisturize Frequently

Exfoliating is crucial in ensuring beard hair growth. For the first few weeks, you will notice a small yet significant difference in beard growth versus how you started. The result is good!

This means what you’ve been doing is working so far. So, you have to exfoliate and moisturize your face regularly. Exfoliating your face will further enhance the process. 

Hair Growth Oil Recommended 

Using hair growth oil for your beard is optional but recommended as it is beneficial in the beard growth process. You should be close to 10 weeks and have developed an almost full-grown beard.

Hair growth oil is a top product for moisturizing aside from the usual shaving cream. This will quicken the process of beard growth. The hair growth oils ingredients are primarily vitamin-based so they will prevent patchiness and further boost thickness. 

When you think of a conditioner, you would consider it for your head hair. Believe it or not, beard growth oil can also act as a conditioner for your beard.

Conditioning your beard with hair growth oil will help to prevent frizziness and soften the texture of your beard while helping to tame it, too. Due to some of hair growth oils key ingredients such as olive, avocado, and castor.  

Grooming Your Beard Often 

Upkeep is a must when it comes to your beard. This means to wash, trim and condition it regularly. A happy beard is a healthy beard because, without it, this will attract dirt, dandruff, and other bacteria. 

Maintaining Your Teenager Beard 

There are several things you must consider when deciding to keep your beard.

Washing and Moisturizing Your Beard Daily 

As stated previously, it is imperative to maintain upkeep for your beard. For this, always make sure you moisturize and wash your beard every day. It is also important to wash your face as well. This will help to prevent infections, acne, and another set of beard problems. 

Practicing a Healthy Lifestyle

It is easier said than done, but this helps strengthen the process of not only beard growth but maintaining it healthily. With getting a good amount of rest, the standard is 8 hours or more, you can help your beard grow by increasing your melatonin. Now and then, exercise can aid in this, too. 

Shaving Your Teenager Beard

Teenager beard guide on a boy in a red shirt


Shaving is a key component of beard maintenance, and there are several things you can do to keep your beard healthy.

Dab your Face With Water 

Before getting started, you should rinse your face with hot or warm water. This will soften your skin, making it easier to shave your face. Doing it without rinsing your face runs the risk of knicking your skin. This will soften your hair pores.

Apply Shaving Gel or Cream

Next, you’ll want to apply shaving gel or cream to your face. It’s important to cover all the places you want to shave for it to be effective.

Shaving Softly and Gently 

Shaving for the first time is exciting, but remember to be careful when you do so. Gently start shaving the places you want.

Use short, delicate strokes on the places where the hair is growing. Be firm but gentle, and make sure you’re pressing hard enough to remove hair but not too hard so you don’t hurt yourself.

Apply Aftershave

This part isn’t required, but it does help in moisturizing your face, therefore hydrating it, leaving you refreshed. Using aftershave also ensures softness after you rinse off your face.

Rinse, Repeat 

After you’re done, rinse off the aftershave or shaving residue with cold water. If you repeat this process regularly, this will help refresh your face for beard growth.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is Razor Burn and How Can I Prevent It?

Razor burn is what happens when your skin irritates from missing either one or two steps of shaving your beard or a dull blade. The only solution for this is to wait a day or two until your next shave. This will help your razor burn heal.

What Is the Difference Between an Electric Razor and a Regular Blade?

The major difference between an Electric or Regular razor is power. Electric shavers have a power source and you can just apply and move it around the places you want. A regular blade razor helps you shave the places you want efficiently.

Do Other Teenagers Have the Same Amount of Beard Hair?

Not everyone is the same. Some might have the same amount of beard hair, some might not. It’s often rare that you’re in the same growth process as another person.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Out a Beard?

Roughly, the estimated time to grow a beard is 30 weeks. However, this can be different for everyone depending on their hormones. It can either take shorter than 30 weeks for some or more than that.

Is It Possible To Be a Late Bloomer?

Yes! It is quite common for you to develop late with beard growth. The good thing is that even if it doesn’t seem like you will develop a beard in your teens, it will happen eventually. Early or late bloomer, it doesn’t matter because even though the process of beard growth is different for others, you end up on the same level eventually.

So, What Is a Teenager Beard? 

A teenager beard is a beginner stage of your first beard. You will have to maintain it daily for it to develop fully. For everyone, it’s different but regardless, it is a new and exciting experience.