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Yeard Beard | The Year-Long Beard Challenge

Yeard Beard | The Year-Long Beard Challenge

You know what happens when you skillfully combine the words “year” and “beard”? You get a “yeard,” or a yeard beard, or a year of beard. 

What Is a Yeard?

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A yeard is a funny way of saying that you want to grow a beard, a full beard, for a year. By the end of the year, you want your beard to be the product of 12 full months of growth. That means 365 days of no shaving or trimming that goes too far.

The significance of the yeard dates all the way back to the earliest days of beard history. Frankly, it’s common knowledge that the beard is all about how long you’ve been growing it. And the longer you’ve had that hair on your face, the better you are as a man.

A good beard is a point of pride for anyone who can grow one, and the yeard is the perfect culmination of that. Keeping your beard growing and looking good for a year or more is no small feat. It’s a badge of honor.

With more and more people turning to a yeard challenge the year of the beard if you will it’s important to understand how beard growth works and changes in each stage. Such knowledge will only help you in your journey. And will keep you looking manly all year long.

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History of the Yeard

Nobody knows exactly when the yeard first came on the scene. For some, the yeard has been a lifestyle for decades.

Throughout the long passage of time, a good beard signifies anything from divinity, honor, strength to the unruly, unkempt depictions of Vikings that the English propagated during the conflict in the Middle Ages.

There’s nothing new about the yeard phenomenon. In some sense, the yeard has always been with us. While the yeard challenge is more of a 21st-century invention, men have been growing year-long beards for as long as, well, men have grown beards. 

But Wait, There’s More

There was a time when certain cultures valued hairlessness. Ancient Egyptians would shave their entire bodies to be more beautiful. Ancient Romans often kept their beards trimmed or completely shaved.

But throughout early Mesopotamia and Ancient Greece, beards were a symbol of pride. Ancient Greeks, in particular, considered a good beard to be a sign of wisdom, status, and maturity. Their highest gods had huge beards, so the men also had huge beards.

The only time they cut their beards was during periods of mourning or grief. Conversely, Romans would let their beards grow when they were in mourning. 

A More Modern View

So in a sense, the yeard has been around since the dawn of time. We don’t know if the first people had thick, full, luscious beards. But we know razors weren’t around when light first broke on the earth, so it’s safe to assume that. 

It takes meticulous care and attention to grow a nice beard. And men still do it. But today, when men have a plethora of shaving instruments and accouterments, why do they still choose to spend an entire year growing a beard? 

Wherever it came from, the yeard challenge encourages men to grow their beards for an entire year with only minor trimming. But once that year is up, the beard is there for whatever you might want to do. And it’s long enough to do just about anything with, so that’s exciting. 

So how would one go about growing a yeard? Are there any risks, or is it all just a good time? And are the risks worth the reward? Let’s dig in a little deeper. 

The Yeard: A Year of Beard Growth

Does growing a beard for an entire year sound feasible? It ought to: as we’ve already established, people have been accomplishing such feats for centuries. And with the modern tools at your disposal, it should be easier now than ever before. 

Your beard is going to grow in stages when you swear off shaving. Be prepared to take each one in stride. Remember that your beard won’t look the best at all times, especially not in the early days. Just stick with it. 

Phases of Growth

Every guy goes through different variations of growth stages with their beard. The first few phases last for about one to two weeks. After that, once you get into your second month of beard growth, things will slow down and look like what you want. 

  • Phase one is about a week-long; we like to call it the stubble phase. The stubble on your face at the end of phase one tells you a lot about how fast your beard will grow.
  • Phase two might last longer, more like two weeks.It’s in phase two that patchiness rears its ugly head. You’ll get a sense of how your beard will come in through phase two.
  • Phase three is the phase that separates beard growers from non-beard growers. If you’re struggling to grow your facial hair at this point, it probably won’t get much better. Shaving and starting over isn’t a bad idea. 

Things are going to pick up in the fourth phase. You’re two months in, and you probably have some nice, thick facial hair. You’re going to want to start thinking about grooming and how to keep everything tame as the last phase comes upon you.

After two full months of beard growing, things will probably slow down. Your beard will fill in, but more slowly. You’ll still see growth; it won’t be at the same rate as before. And now’s the time for you to decide: are you going for the yeard or not?

Growing Faster

If you’re struggling to get through the phases of beard growth, you can always try a couple of things that might improve how quickly your beard grows. There’s no guarantee that these tricks will work, but why not give it a try?

  • Eat clean
  • Wash your face
  • Massage your face
  • Take some vitamins
  • Rest to boost testosterone levels
  • Exercise more
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

If you look at that list and think that growing a beard isn’t for you, I’d encourage you to look again. These are all simple, everyday steps you can take to feel better about yourself and grow the beard of your dreams. Get after it. 

Products Help

If you’re this interested in a yeard, you’ve probably spent some time doing meticulous research and analysis. You’ve probably read about all the oils and creams you can put in your beard. You’ve maybe even tried one or two just to see how they work.

There are many options out there, so it’s important to know what will work and what will leave you frustrated and throwing things that you regret purchasing. So let us walk you through some of the products that actually do the job for you.

Beard Balm

Beard balm is like conditioner, but for your beard. And specifically, it’s like a leave-in conditioner for your beard. Not only does beard balm make your beard soft and smooth, but it will moisturize your beard and help you style it.

Beard balm can also encourage growth for your beard. So if you’re struggling to get through a phase or just want a little extra boost, slap on a little beard balm and see what happens.


Using a good exfoliant is probably more important for the face that still exists beneath your delightful beard. But it’s still essential if you want to keep your skin healthy and smooth. You know, in case you ever decide to shave again.

A good beard scrub that exfoliates the skin can also help reduce and treat ingrown hairs. It can eliminate all that dry skin and make your beard shine under the right light.

Hydrating Mist

Finding something called a hydrating mist might not feel like the manliest thing to do, but it will benefit you and your beard in the long run. If you’ve ever grown a beard before, you probably know that it can get itchy and irritating under there.

The best way to combat this is to keep your skin hydrated. It will give your skin relief and help your beard soften for less irritation in the future. If that isn’t a win-win situation, I don’t know what is.

Beard Oil

So beard oil is the thing that everyone has heard of, at least once in their lifetime. Like beard balm, beard oil is like a conditioner for your beard. It helps to moisturize your beard and the skin underneath, and it helps keep your beard soft. 

Beard oil can also help you tame your beard if it’s a little unruly and might promote beard growth. Using beard oil in the first two or three phases of growing your yeard will be especially effective. 

Another great benefit that beard oil provides is it can make your beard look fuller and smell so good. So if your beard is a little scraggly and a little smelly, beard oil is definitely your best bet for taking care of those simultaneously. 

And After a Year . . .

Man with a yeard beard cutting it with scissors

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Once you’ve reached a year of growth, your yeard is ready to take on the world. The world is your oyster or rather, your beard’s oyster. You can do anything you want with it. And it’s time for you to make the most of all the hard work that went into your beard. 

It’s time to get creative when that year is up. If you’re itching to shave it all off the moment the clock strikes midnight, then you probably won’t have a beard much longer. And that’s perfectly fine.

Just don’t squander this opportunity to try something unique. When you have a full yeard, you can do almost anything. You can trim, sculpt, shape, or tend to it, or whatever strikes your fancy. Maybe you could taper it down to the tip?

Or perhaps you could try some new beard products for styling? This is your opportunity if you’ve ever wanted to try putting authentic Viking braids in your beard.

And depending on what your wife thinks of the whole situation, it might be your only opportunity to do something that cool. The point is quite simple: you just to an entire year to grow the beard of a lifetime. Don’t waste all that effort by shaving it off right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions.

How Long Is a Beard After One Year?

This question can depend entirely upon the man growing the beard. If you’re an experienced beard grower, it’s probably going to be longer after a year than someone who just started their beard journey yesterday. But on average, a man’s beard grows about six inches in one year. 

How Do I Shape My Yeard?

So when you’ve spent an entire year growing out your beard, you want to start doing something fun with it. Shaping is as easy as evening it out, shaving down your sideburns, and cutting away stray hairs. You can groom it and care for it to your liking until you’ve found something that suits your face.

How Long Should My Beard Be After Three Months?

After three months, your beard should probably be between one inch to one-and-a-half inches long. Again, this depends on your beard-growing experience and how well you care for the thing. But on average, this rule tends to apply.

Can Any Guy Grow a Beard?

Generally speaking, yes, any man should be able to grow a beard theoretically. However, it seems to be the case that only about 50%-55% of guys around the world are actually capable of producing a beard. 

Must I Shave My Neck?

When you’re growing a big, year-long beard, shaving your neckline is a good idea. It helps emphasize your jawline and really makes your beard the feature of your face.

So, What Is a Yeard Beard?

When you make the decision to grow out your beard for a year, you are growing a yeard. The process can feel long and tedious, but the end results are well worth the wait. Once your yeard is complete, nothing can hold you back.