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The Asian Beard | How to Grow One & More

The Asian Beard | How to Grow One & More

If you’re considering changing up your facial hair, you may find some inspiration from the Asian beard. There are a few different varieties of Asian-styled facial hair.

You can try different ones depending on what your natural beard is like. Keep reading for all of the best Asian beard styles you could rock.

What Is an Asian Beard?

No one style of facial hair is the Asian beard. But several styles became popular in the Asian community. The tight goatee and subtle mustache is a popular look among Asian men, and many people think of a Confucius-style beard that is dramatically long.

So we can’t pin down any one look, but rather a several styles that encompass the definition of ‘the Asian beard.’ Many old-fashioned Asian beards require little trimming or upkeep, as they opt for the casual, natural look over a defined cheek line and mustache.

But if there’s one thing all of these styles appreciate, it’s the power of the mustache. Whether thin or voluptuous, many Asian beard styles feature a unique mustache. 

For the gentlemen that have patchy beards or struggle to grow their hair is thick and long, some of these styles can be ideal. Many Asian beards don’t require an excessive amount of facial hair. 

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Without further ado, here are twelve of the best Asian beard styles to use as inspiration when shaping and maintaining your facial hair. 

1. Stache and Chin Curtain

Man with an Asian beard and slicked-back hair


The stash and chin curtain is like the minimalist approach to the goatee. The mustache and chin hair should not be connected for this look, but instead, have free space between them. The mustache and chin curtain should be separate entities.

This style is ideal for those that don’t grow even patched on their cheeks but still want the full facial hair look. You can get creative with this style, growing out your chin curtain significantly, or you can add a dramatic mustache to the look.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you treat the mustache and curtain separately, or you’ll just be rocking the understated goatee. This look requires some consistent upkeep but fosters a distinguished and distinct look. 

2. Light Stubble

Man with a light stubble Asian beard


Another easy beard to grow if you don’t grow a lot of facial hair. The slight stubble is easy to maintain with trimming every once in a while. If you want to keep a casual and scruffy look, the subtle stubble is one of the easiest Asian beard looks to accomplish and keep up with.

As your hair grows out every few days, give it a quick trim with your razor until you can just see a slight shadow on your chin.

You can leave the mustache or shave it down depending on the exact look you’re going for. This style works year-round because you won’t feel hot in the summer but will still have some stubble to warm your face in the winter. 

3. Clean Beard

Asian beard on a business man


The clean beard is a much more modern look amongst Asian men. This well-trimmed and neatly cleaned beard are popular in the business world and for those that work in offices.

It has the appearance and boldness of a full beard but is also trimmed and professional, unlike a lumberjack-esque beard that is grown out wildly. This style requires significant upkeep to maintain the look, but it allows you to have facial hair while still having an air of sophistication and cleanliness.

While facial hair certainly isn’t dirty, sometimes the professional world frowns upon scruff. For something masculine and defined, try out the clean Asian beard style once your hair grows out enough. 

4. Dramatic Mustache 

Asian beard with dramatic mustache on a guy in the middle of trees


For a bold and iconic look, go for the dramatic mustache. This look will take some more work to pull off, and you’ll need certain products to sculpt your mustache and beard.

The dramatic mustache should be full and bushy and either drop down like handlebars or curve up in a funky flair. You can use bear wax, balm, or butter to help give your mustache and beard some shape. 

While this look is sometimes attributed to millennial hipsters, this mustache style has always been a common feature of Asian facial hair. It shows distinguishment and class.

If you want to wow your friends and strangers with your distinct facial hair, the dramatic mustache is sure to get noticed. And to make your mustache the real star of the show, keep your beard trimmed and tight around the chin. 

5. Full Face Beard

Man with a full faced Asian Beard wearing a suit


If you can grow facial hair well and struggle to manage sculpting and maintaining the long beard, consider going for the full and luscious Asian beard. This beard has serious volume, so not everyone can accomplish it. But if you can, it’s a showstopper. 

To achieve this look, you’ll need to have plenty of beard products and tools. To get the flowy, silky look you see in this picture, you’ll need to keep the facial hair well-conditioned and combed through.

A scraggly beard is a whole other look, and that’s not what you’re trying to accomplish here. So when opting for the full Asian beard, make maintenance a priority, or you’ll lose the sophistication of this look. 

6. Scruffy Beard

Asian man with a beard in a turtleneck sweater


The scruffy beard is the halfway point between the wise old man’s beard and the casual beard. The scruffy beard requires you to grow out the beard for a few months before taking some clippers to it.

But the best part about the scruffy beard is it requires little upkeep because it should have a relaxed, low-maintenance appearance. It’s still a good idea to use beard products in the shower, like beard shampoo and conditioner, to keep your facial hair healthy.

To achieve this look, you will need to grow a significant chin, cheek, and upper lip hair; otherwise, it will look more like a thick bottom beard or the casual beard.

 7. Wise Beard

Wise Asian Beard style worn by an older man

Mongkolchon Akesin/Shutterstock

If you want to go for that Confuscious-style beard mentioned earlier, you should try to grow this wise old man beard that many people think of as the Asian beard. This look is an easy beard to maintain but will take some patience to grow.

But unlike the lumberjack-style beard, you don’t need your hair to grow super thick or luscious for it to work. You can be patient with the facial hair you have and let it grow as long as you can.

Once your hair grows out a few inches, which will likely take several months to a year, you can use scissors to clean it up. The scraggly look works with this style, but trimming up the sides of your beard and your mustache with some clippers will give it another layer of wise demeanor. 

8. Chinstrap

Chinstrap Asian Beard on a young man in a button-up

Nutlegal Photographer/Shutterstock

The chinstrap beard is growing in popularity as it’s very easy to maintain and can appealingly frame your face. The chinstrap beard has no mustache or facial hair on the cheeks. If you have very dark hair, close to black, this style will look best on you because it will define your jawline. 

The style is popular among young men, as it’s ideal for men that struggle to grow the mustache that they want. If you have decent facial on your chin and around your jawline, but not on your cheeks and upper lip, you can still rock the chinstrap style.

This style can be kept short and trimmed like the subtle stubble, or you can grow it long and full, like the wise man beard without the bushy mustache. 

9. Casual Beard

Man wearing a casual Asian Beard


For the facial hair enthusiast that doesn’t want to deal with too much upkeep, you can grow out this very casual beard that is low maintenance. It is also perfect for people that struggle with growing facial hair super fast or very thick.

The thinner your beard, the easier it will achieve that casual vibe you’re looking for here. This style is also popular among young men because it is so easy to take care of. You don’t need any tools or products to achieve this look. All you need is some facial hair!

This style also looks particularly good when matched with some wild hair, whether it’s long or not. You should consider rocking the man bun if you like the casual beard look.

10. Thick on the Bottom

Guy with a classic Asian chinstrap beard

LightField Studios/Shutterstock

For a different take on the chinstrap style, you can leave your mustache but keep it trimmed. Then, let the bottom of your beard grow out into a thick layer of hair.

This style, like the chinstrap, offers a great look that will frame your face, defining your neck and cheeks, which can open up your face. If you struggle to grow a decent mustache or even cheek facial hair, you can focus on the lower portion of your beard. 

Usually, people have less difficulty growing the lower portion of their beard, so this is a great style to highlight the more thorough parts of your beard that you’re proud of! You can let the beard grow wildly and cut it now and then, or you can use a razor to trim it weekly to keep it looking clean and tight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions about these Asian beard styles and Asian facial hair in general, refer to these commonly asked questions and answers below. 

Are Asian beards popular?

Yes, among all men, the various types of Asian beards have become increasingly popular for contemporary aesthetics. 

How fast can Asian people grow facial hair?

The growth rate of facial hair in Asian men is no faster or slower than that of any other race. However, Asian men tend to lack thick facial hair and often have patches on their cheeks, which is why they’ve adopted these distinct styles. 

What’s the most popular Asian beard?

The most popular Asian beard style is the understated goatee. It fills in attractive areas of the face for facial hair, making it a favorite of many young and middle-aged men. 

What products should I use for my Asian beard?

It depends on the style that you go for, but many Asian beards require a trimmer to maintain the length. It also helps to have holding products like balm or wax.

What is a Chinese beard called?

The official Chinese beard is called a Fu Manchu and has a very long and exaggerated mustache that looks like whiskers. This look is a popular style among older Asian men. 

Is the Asian Beard for You?

If one of these styles appeals to you, start growing out your facial hair so you can rock one of these looks. The Asian beard is back and better than ever, so this is the time to hop on this trend that’s sure to stay around for years. 

Try out the dramatic mustache for fun, or stick with the clean beard to keep it professional. But have fun experimenting with these Asian beard styles!