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The 7 Best Beard Waxes in 2022

The 7 Best Beard Waxes in 2022

Great-looking beards don’t happen naturally; you have to take good care of them, and that means you need the best beard wax. There are many different kinds on the market, so you want to find the right type for your facial hair.

What’s the Best Beard Wax?

Beard wax isn’t just a product to keep your facial hair groomed. It also conditions your beard and keeps it looking nice throughout the day. The best overall beard wax is Badass Beard Care — with a name like that, would you expect anything less?

Though that’s the best on this list, it doesn’t mean there aren’t other amazing products out there. The list has something for everyone, like if you want something natural, something that gives shine, or something that holds all day long.

Our Top 7 Picks for the Best Beard Wax:
  1. Best Overall: Badass Beard Care
  2. Best for Natural Ingredients: Viking Revolution Beard Balm
  3. Best for Smooth Skin: Bluegrass Hive and Honey
  4. Best for Optimal Hold: Mountaineer Mustache Wax
  5. Best for Conditioning: Seven Potions Beard Balm
  6. Best for Natural Looks: Billy Jealousy Beard Wax
  7. Best for Shine: Urban Nomads Beard Balm

This shortlist tells you what products deliver certain features. The in-depth reviews below will help you pick something that suits your style.

Why You Need a Beard Wax

Guy who used the best beard wax on his mustache


You need a beard wax to tame the wild mane on your face. Seriously, even if your facial hair isn’t that wild, using beard wax controls the hairs so you can comb or style them a certain way. Beard wax can give your facial hair texture and volume or smooth it down out of the way.

There’s beard wax for any need. Some waxes condition more than they hold, while others offer a secure, stiff hold all day. You can find one that blends into your beard naturally so no one can tell you’re using any wax at all.

However, for some occasions, you might want a little shine to your look, and there’s a beard wax for that, too. Even if you’re still growing out a beard, you can start using wax on the shorter hairs to get used to the routine.

Waxes with conditioners and nutrients can help your beard grow stronger and thicker as well. It’s easy to apply beard wax to a clean beard.

Warm the wax between your palms so it’s soft and easy to distribute through your facial hair. Work it into your beard evenly. Once you’ve coated your beard, you can comb or style it as desired.

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The 7 Best Beard Waxes in 2022

These seven best beard waxes will keep your facial hair strong and healthy. They also give you great styling control so you can have fun trying new looks as your beard grows.

1. Badass Beard Care: Best Overall

Best Overall
Badass Beard Care Beard Wax for Men
  • Has extra hold and adds volume
  • Various scents to choose from
  • Includes nutrients to promote beard growth
  • Doesn’t use all-organic ingredients
  • Has a good hold, but isn’t extremely strong for active men
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Charlie Moyer, the founder of Badass Beard Care, started making his own products when his beard grew too coarse and itchy. He uses natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax to soften and hydrate your facial hair.

Badass Beard Wax comes in 12 different varieties so you’re sure to find a smell you like. The scent isn’t overpowering like many personal products, either.

The natural oils in this wax hydrate your beard, but it still has a decent hold. Even users with thick, long beards say the hold is about an 8 on a scale of 10. Since wax with a stronger hold uses man-made ingredients, this is a great rating for a natural product.

2. Viking Revolution Beard Balm: Best for Natural Ingredients

Best for Natural Ingredients
Viking Revolution Beard Balm
  • Softens beard with use
  • Penetrates hair roots to strengthen them
  • Moisturizes your skin as well as facial hair
  • Offers a very light hold
  • Has a strong citrus scent
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Viking Revolution uses natural ingredients in their beard balm. It makes a hydrating, conditioning product. When you apply this balm to your beard, you can even work it into your skin as a moisturizer.

The oils in this beard balm keep your facial hair from getting brittle, and the product won’t flake off as it dries. The only downside with this balm is the scent. Many users say the citrus fragrance is way too strong.

3. Bluegrass Hive and Honey: Best for Smooth Skin

Best for Smooth Skin
Original Beard Wax by Bluegrass | Hive & Honey
  • Has a long-lasting hold
  • Doesn’t create any build-up
  • Uses beeswax from local bees
  • Consistency can be hard to work with
  • Doesn’t have fragrance varieties
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This company is in Lexington, Kentucky, and uses wax from local bees to create the product. In addition to high-quality ingredients, it also works really well to keep your beard looking smooth and styled.

Users don’t have much to complain about with this quality wax. The only remarks are that they wish there were different scent options instead of “fresh.” One user also wishes there was a beard balm instead of a wax.

4. Mountaineer Mustache Wax: Best for Optimal Hold

Best for Optimal Hold
Mustache Wax by Mountaineer Brand
  • Contains no chemicals
  • Tames beard frizz for a smooth look
  • Extra firm hold for styling
  • Doesn’t specify essential oils used
  • Smells like beeswax
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The Mountaineer Mustache Wax is a great natural option for extreme hold. Despite its name, it’s ideal for use on your beard as well as your mustache. There are no chemicals so you can feel confident applying the wax to your face.

It doesn’t get gummy after application so it conditions your beard and skin all day long. There are no scented options of this wax, which can be a pro or con depending on your taste. The beeswax smell is all you get.

5. Seven Potions Beard Balm: Best for Conditioning

Best for Conditioning
Seven Potions Beard Balm
  • Extreme hold with no stickiness
  • Organic ingredients
  • Very subtle scent
  • Only has one fragrance option
  • One of the most expensive options on the list
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Seven Potions is an organic brand that doesn’t test on animals. You’re paying more to support a quality company, but the product you get is worth the price. Since it’s so hydrating, you can save money in the long run by not needing an additional beard conditioner.

This beard balm softens your facial hair, reduces split ends, and eliminates dandruff. No one wants a balm that flakes or makes you itch, so this organic product is top-notch.

6. Billy Jealousy Beard Wax: Best for Natural Looks

Best for Natural Looks
Billy Jealousy Tin Man No. 1 Nourishing Beard Wax
  • Blends in without residue
  • Softens facial hair
  • Doesn’t flake or itch after hours of wear
  • Moderately expensive option
  • Has a strong chemical scent
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Men with frizzy beards will appreciate how Billy Jealousy smooths your beard and keeps it combed the whole day. The product doesn’t add any shine to your hair so it looks natural.

Though there are three different fragrance options, men using this product noticed that it smells like a salon. It’s a strong, perm-like scent to wear on your face all day. Depending on your beard length, this might prevent you from using the product.

7. Urban Nomads Beard Balm: Best for Shine

Best for Shine
Urban Nomads Best Beard Balm & Wax
  • Lightweight wax won’t pull down your hair
  • Conditions with use
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Slightly sweet scent
  • Has a cream consistency that lessens the hold
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If you want a shiny beard for a fancy night out, Urban Nomads is the balm for you. It’s more cream than balm so you can work it into your facial hair and leave the shine.

Since this balm makes your beard shiny, it feels a little oilier than other options on this list. It won’t dry and stiffen your beard as much as wax does. If you’re looking for extreme hold, this product won’t do it, but it elevates your beard style.

Finding the Best Beard Wax for You

Image of the best beard wax being applied by a barber

Friends Stock/Shutterstock

You have an idea of what the seven best beard waxes can offer, but there’s more to consider before you buy beard wax. Make sure you take all these factors into consideration.

Balm vs Wax

Beard balms condition your beard by nourishing and softening your facial hair. Beard wax focuses more on delivering a stronger hold to style your beard. There’s a bit of overlap in some balms and waxes.

You might find a nourishing balm that also has a little hold, though it won’t be as strong as a dedicated wax. And you can buy waxes that also condition and soften your beard.

Style and Hold

The reviews above outline what degree of hold and styling ability you’ll get with each product. These are the most important factors when buying beard wax. You want something to keep your facial hair tame while also having the ability to style it as you want it.

Many brands offer different levels of hold across their products. If one of the brands reviewed above catches your eye but doesn’t seem like the right hold for you, check out their other products. You can find options ranging from less hold to a more extreme strength.


The ingredients of each product vary depending on the brand, of course, but also the purpose of the wax. Natural ingredients don’t deliver as strong a hold as man-made ingredients.

For example, paraffin is a strong man-made wax that holds much better than beeswax. But beeswax is natural and is better for your hair. It’s not crucial that you use natural ingredients in your beard wax. You can condition it after you wash out the wax.

If you take good care of your facial hair, using beard wax with man-made ingredients won’t negatively impact your facial hair growth or volume much at all.

Price and Volume

It’s also worth considering the price of beard wax. Ingredients play into the price, so anything natural or organic will cost more. The size of the container also impacts the price.

Organic beard wax will cost more even for a small container, while man-made beard wax costs less and you can get more for your money. 

Think of how much wax you’ll use daily on your beard before buying a larger container. Wax can last anywhere from six months to a few years without losing any quality, but you don’t want to have one product growing old in your cabinet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guy who used the best beard wax

LightField Studios/Shutterstock

You have a lot of background about beard wax, along with the seven best options to try. In case you have more lingering questions, check out these answers.

Why do you need to use beard wax?

Beard wax helps you style your facial hair into certain looks, as well as to keep it out of your way when you’re working, being active, or eating. Many waxes also condition and hydrate your beard so it grows stronger and thicker.

Is beard wax harmful?

No, beard wax isn’t harmful. Most products include natural oils to nourish your beard when you use them. Even if you use man-made wax, you can wash it out at the end of the day and condition your beard overnight.

How do you care for your beard?

Care for your beard as you do the hair on your scalp. Wash it in the shower and condition it. Using beard wax to style it during the day can keep it out of your way so it doesn’t get pulled or caught in anything. At night, gently wash out the wax and hydrate your beard with balm or oil.

What is beard wax made of?

The most common ingredient in beard wax is beeswax, but some products use paraffin for extreme hold. Beard wax also includes oils to help break down the wax for application. The oils hydrate your beard as well.

How often can you use beard wax?

You can use beard wax every day if you need to tame your beard or style it that often. If you’re going to use that much product, it’s ideal to opt for a natural wax so it won’t make your facial hair brittle with use.

So, What’s the Best Beard Wax?

The best overall beard wax is Badass Beard Care because it has a good hold and nourishing ingredients. But the seven beard waxes on this list are the best on the market.

You’re sure to find the right wax for your needs, whether you need extreme hold, organic ingredients, or a nourishing conditioner.