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30 Curly Hair Men’s Hairstyle in 2022

30 Curly Hair Men’s Hairstyle in 2022

Curly hair can be a nightmare for both men and women, but men’s curly hair seems to be particularly challenging when it comes to finding the right look. So if you have curly hair and want to get some fresh and stylish ideas, keep reading!

What’s Special About Men’s Curly Hair?

Legitimately curly hair, which stays curly even when wet, is challenging to style. And while it’s more common to imagine how women struggle with their curly hair—especially long hair—men have a particular struggle in finding a look that is stylish and functional.

On top of this struggle, humidity can make a beautiful curly haircut look messy with frizz. But don’t get down on yourself just yet, because the truth is that having curly hair can be a curse or a blessing; it all depends on embracing the curls and finding a style that works for you.

And when it comes to men’s curly hair, straight-haired men have many reasons to be jealous. Curly hair gives men a texture, volume, and uniqueness that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

With proper maintenance and hairstyling, you will be able to rock this look with style. Some of the main benefits of men’s curly hair include:

  • Great texture
  • It makes you look younger
  • Longer hair can look great

Curly Hair Men Inspiration: 30 Ways to Rock the Trend

You might think that certain hairstyles are off the table for curly hair, but that’s not necessarily true. And here are 30 great men’s curly hair examples to help you find the right look!

1. Medium-Length Curly Hair

Curly hair men idea featuring Medium-Length Curly Hair

Minerva Studio/Shutterstock

One way to embrace curly hair is to grow out your hair to a medium or long length.

2. Long Spiral Curls

Long Spiral Curls for a piece on curly hair men


This example even further embraces curly hair by growing out long hair and giving it a messy style. It has fun and youthful energy.

3. Messy Waves

Messy Waves curly hair men's haircut

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

As this example shows, curly hair blends well with a messy style. The soft waves of this hair texture work well with this length and style.

4. Long Corkscrews

Curly hair men's haircut with Long Corkscrews


If you have naturally corkscrew curls, you might consider letting them grow long and hang loose. Corkscrew curls are unique, and this style captures youthful and casual energy.

5. Tapered Haircut

Tapered Curly Hair Men's Style

Jochen Conrad/Shutterstock

For those who don’t like long and messy curls, there are plenty of other hair styling options. This example shows that the classic tapered haircut works well with curly hair. You can still go long enough on the top to show off those curls!

6. Curly Bangs

Curly haired man with bangs

All kind of people/Shutterstock

When you’re already embracing your curls with long hair, don’t be afraid to let some bangs fall onto your forehead.

7. Round Curls With Beard

Curly hair mens' haircut titled Round Curls With Beard


Letting your hair grow evenly in all directions allows your curls to grow circular. This style almost resembles the Rezo cut for women.

8. Curly Waves

Curly Waves for a piece titled curly hair men

If your curls are wavier in texture, consider letting them loosely flow. This haircut has a nice part that keeps the hair off of the face. Overall it is a stylish and attractive look.

9. Wild Curls

Wild curls on a man

Fotouminate LLC/Shutterstock

This example showcases how unique curly hair looks with wild and messy hair. There’s a fun mad-scientist energy to this look!

10. Huge Top

Huge Top Curly Hair Men's Cut

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

This curly hairstyle embraces length on the top. The sides are neat but the wild energy on the top looks unique.

11. Spiral Curls With Fade

Spiral Curls With Fade on a curly hair man

Gustavo Frazao/Shutterstock

The fade haircut is a fantastic way to have a neat and professional haircut while still having some length on top. In this example, the spiral curls work uniquely with the fade style. The short sides contrast the longer top nicely.

12. Blended Curls

Blended Curls hairstyle for a piece titled Curly Hair Men

This medium-length haircut is long enough to have casual and messy energy, but short enough to look professional. The sides blend perfectly into the longer top.

13. Long Curly Hair

Long Curly Hair men's hairstyle


Long curly hair is a more typical hairstyle for women, but this example shows that it is also a stylish look for men. Assuming you have long enough hair, you should consider this look.

14. Curly High Top

Curly High Top Men's Haircut


This picture is another example of how curls look great with a high-top style haircut. It’s a way to embrace your curls that stays neat on the sides. 

15. Messy Bangs

Messy Bangs Curly Hair Men's Hairstyle


Curls generally blend well with messy hairstyles, but this example shows that you can also be free about having messy bangs. If you don’t mind some hair on your face, try out this look.

16. Skin Fade With Curls

Skin Fade With Curls on a black guy for a post on curly hair men


The skin fade is super stylish, but it’s not as common to see this haircut with kinky curls like this example. The dyed hair and razor line help to make this haircut extra hip.

17. Long Blonde Curls

Long Blonde Curly Haired Man

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

You probably don’t immediately think of a men’s haircut when you hear long blonde curls, but this example shows that a man can pull off this look.

18. Parted Curls

Parted Curls on a curly haired man

If you want the look of long curls all around your head but hate the idea of bangs, consider parting your hair to the side like this example.

19. Messy Quiff

Messy Quiff Curly Hair Men Hairstyle


The quiff is a super stylish look for men, but it’s not as easy to pull it off with curly hair. So if you have curly hair and still want a quiff, consider a messy version like this example. This look allows you to embrace your curls while still having some style. 

20. Two-Block With Curls

Two-Block With Curls for a piece on curly hair men


The two-block haircut is more common with a straighter hair texture. But this example is a unique haircut that blends the two-block and the undercut into one unique and curly haircut.

21. Fuzzy Curls

Fuzzy Curls on a man in a grey blue shirt


For certain hair textures, you have no choice but to embrace your curls messily. In this example, the corkscrew curls create a fuzzy texture.

22. Slight Waves

Slight Waves Curly Hair Men's Cut

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

For men with slightly wavy hair, they have a lot more freedom in hairstyle choices. This example showcases slightly wavy hair at a medium length with a part in the middle.

23. Corkscrew Bangs

Corkscrew Bangs, a great hairstyle for curly hair men

ESB Basic/Shutterstock

Bangs are fairly common with men’s curly hair, but having corkscrew bangs is a more unique hairstyle.

24. Afro Curls

Afro Curls, also known as the Richard Simmons hairstyle


An afro-style haircut is a classic way to rock your curls in a trendy way. This haircut has a contained yet wild energy.

25. Slicked Back Curls

Slicked Back Curls Hairstyle on a Man


If you don’t like the idea of bangs getting in the way, you can always slick back your curly hair like this example. 

26. Cropped Curls

Cropped Curls Curly Hair Men's Cut

Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock

Not every men’s curly hairstyle needs to look messy and chaotic. In this example, the cropped haircut has neat sides that contain the curls in style.

27. Messy Undercut Fade

Messy Undercut Fade Haircut

Bojan Culibrk/Shutterstock

The undercut fade style is a great way to look neat on the sides while still embracing long and messy curls on top. And considering how flexible fade haircuts are, you’ll have a lot of options with this haircut.

28. Tall Afro Curls

Tall Afro Curls on a black man


If your hair texture can handle a tall afro style, consider going for an afro like this example. It’s messy and fun but it also stays out of your face and eyes.

29. Wild Top With Short Sides

Wild Top With Short Sides Curly Hair Men's Hairstyle

ViDi Studio/Shutterstock

This example is a unique way to balance wild curly hair on the top with a neat buzz style on the sides. You can think of this haircut as the two-block style but for people who want to embrace their curly hair!

30. Faded Kinky Curls

Faded Kinky Curls for a piece titled Curly Hair Men


If you have ever wondered how the afro style would blend with the fade haircut, look no further than this example. The top has that wild curly energy but the sides look neat and professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the above example show, there are a ton of stylish ways to rock the look of curly hair. But before you consider yourself a men’s curly hair expert, let’s answer a few of the most common questions that people have:

Is Curly Hair Good On Guys?

Even though curly hair is often thought of as a bad look for men, with the right style it can look unique and amazing. Curly hair looks great on guys when they embrace the volume and wear whatever style they choose with confidence.

How Do Men Take Care Of Curly Hair?

Men can take care of curly hair in a similar way that women do. Mostly they should be sure to wash frequently with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and they can use dry shampoo whenever washing isn’t an option. For long curly hair, a foundation spray can be a lifesaver on humid days.

Is Curly Hair Genetic?

While some aspects of your hair (and your curls) depend upon the environment, having curly hair or not is largely dependent on your genes. Plus, curly hair is considered a dominant gene, which is why it tends to pass from parents to children so easily. Curly hair is also controlled by multiple genes working together.

Is Curly Hair Rare?

While it is hard to make an exact cut-off point on the spectrum between clearly straight hair and curly hair, it is safe to say that curly hair is a fairly rare trait. Truly curly hair—hair that stays curled even when wet—exists in about 11 percent of the population.

What Causes Curly Hair?

While it is safe to say that curly hair is caused by genetics, the more detailed answer involves the shape of the shaft of hair as influenced by disulfide bonding between the proteins in your hair. Specifically, curly hair follicles have a flat shaft which allows for more of this bonding to occur.

What Men’s Curly Hairstyle Is for You?

Despite the bad reputation that curly hair tends to get, these examples should be enough proof that there is no shortage of stylish men’s curly hair options available to you. So pick a look that works for you and start rocking it!