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30 Trending Long Beard Styles in 2022

30 Trending Long Beard Styles in 2022

If you’ve avoided long beard styles in the past, here are some suggestions for a sophisticated and fun new look.

What Is a Long Beard Style?

As you can imagine, long beard styles are…long. Typically, having a beard of six inches or longer will grant you instant access to the Long Beard Club. But even beards that are three or four inches long can have the potential to get you a Long Beard Guy label.

But what’s so great about a long beard? For centuries, many cultures around the world have revered the long beard. Places like Greece, India, Africa, and Scandinavia all have a history of placing great importance on a long beard. The long beard has historically symbolized:

  • Wisdom
  • Strength
  • Power and status
  • Wealth
  • Vitality
  • Aggression

While modern views on the long beard don’t necessarily match up to this list, there are still plenty of reasons to try one out. Long beards:

Long Beard Inspiration: 30 Ways to Rock the Trend

If you’re considering growing your beard long, there’s no reason for it to get straggly. Here are 30 long beard styles you can try to get that great length and still look good.

1. The Yeard

The yeard long beard style

Just dance/Shutterstock

The Yeard is the classic Beard you’ve grown for a year (Beard + Year = Yeard). You can brush it out for a fuller look, or trim the ends to prevent it from looking straggly. You can also do zero styling to really show off how much you can grow.

2. The Lumberjack

To get your favorite mountain-man look, keep your sideburns extra-narrow and trim your beard to an even length. No matter how long or short your beard is, a uniform length will keep it clean and out of the way. You can also utilize your mustache for added personality. 

3. The Outline

To create this look, all you have to do is keep the outline of your beard neat and trim. However bushy, full, or long it grows, a defined outline will make it look clean-cut and intentional.

Keeping your sideburns and the shave line on your cheeks straight and clean will also make your beard look neater and less wild.  

4. The Harden

The Harden beard takes its name from James Harden Jr, the shooting guard for the Brooklyn Nets. To copy this basketball star’s epic look, you have to work on getting the fullest beard possible. 

Don’t shave or trim your beard at your cheeks, and wash it regularly for a fluffy appearance. At five inches long, the Harden is a little shorter than typical long beard styles, but it makes up for the lack of length with its incredible fullness.

5. The Boss

The boss long beard style

Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock

With trimmed sideburns complete with a fade, this long beard style looks both professional and capable. The fade simulates graying temples, which can make you seem distinguished and more authoritative. You can pair this beard with a stylish haircut for a polished, more confident you.

6. The Viking

Vikings use braids to decorate their long, flowing beards. You can use braids the same way to highlight your favorite beard aspects. Braid your mustaches, or make one smaller braid along the top layer of beard to add dimension and creativity while also keeping your beard neat. 

7. Double Braid

Part your beard into two halves and braid them separately. These double braids will make you look like you mean business, but also gives you a way to keep your beard tidy and organized. 

8. The Biker

If you want to look a little more grizzled, the Biker can help you. Biker beards are full and long, with substantial sideburns and a long mustache. You can trim your sideburns a little to keep them from getting too bushy.

You can also keep your top lip neatly trimmed to prevent hair from getting in your mouth. Other than that, all you have to do is keep it clean and keep on growing.

9. Full of Waves

The wavy beard look is terrific with longer beards, as you can get a fuller effect. Inches of soft beard waves cascading from your face will help bring definition and uniqueness to your style.

Shampooing and conditioning your beard can help the texture stay where you want it and keep your beard looking healthy. 

10. The Shape

For a more modern look, you can bring a unique and funky shape to your beard. Shaping the body of your beard will provide more personality, giving you a chance to express yourself. You can also practice shaping techniques as you go. Just be careful not to take too much off!

11. To a Point

The pointy long beard style


If you’re a fan of Rasputin-like facial hair, trim your beard into a point. It can make your face look longer and thinner, and also emphasize your cheekbones. However, achieving a perfect pointed beard can be tricky, so you might need the help of your barber to keep it centered.

12. Sculpted

You can still sculpt your beard into a sleekness while keeping the length. Trimming your beard hair closer to your cheeks can help add definition to your look. You can also trim the sides and the end for your favorite effect. 

13. The Hipster

The Hipster demands pairing a majestically wild beard with a sophisticated coif haircut. For this look, you’ll need an evenly lengthed beard and mustache combo to contrast the elegance of your hair. Avoid any ragged ends or uneven bits with careful trimming, and be sure to condition well too.

14. Handlebar Glory

Handlebar glory long beard style

Anton Watman/Shutterstock

Focusing on your mustache is another great way to spice up your look. If you grow your mustaches long, use sculpting wax to tease them into the perfect full handlebars. They’ll add another fun dimension to your look and make you look better groomed. 

15. The Rebel

The Rebel consists of a full, bushy beard and a small tie or braid at the very bottom. This look is incredibly easy to cultivate and doesn’t take much time. Plus, you can make it your own by adding more tiny braids.

16. Chin Pony

Chin pony long beard style


The Chin Pony is a statement as well as practical. Simply tie an elastic around your beard to keep it out of the way. You can also add an elastic every few inches to add a more dynamic effect.

It’s a much easier approach for the guy who doesn’t have time to braid but still wants a tidy, long beard. 

17. Long Beard, Long ‘Stache

Grow out your mustache so it’s the same length as your beard. It’ll blend seamlessly so that you have a more uniform appearance. With this look you can also braid your mustache into your main beard to keep it neat, or if you want to go as Gimli for Halloween.

18. Rounded Beard

Rounded long beard style on a guy in a plaid shirt


You can achieve this look by trimming the ends of your beard into a uniform rounded shape. If your beard naturally comes out in a fan shape around your face, you can trim the sides into long, straight edges for a longer beard. That way, the rounded bottom will be at the very end of your beard, making your face seem longer and leaner.

19. The Refined Gentleman

Keep your beard long and straight, but trim the ends for a squarer, blunt bottom. Trim your mustache so it doesn’t flow into your beard, and wax the ends into a stylish, refined curl.

20. Curly and Bushy

For a wilder appearance, go with curly and bushy. This style works especially well if you’ve already got some unruly chin hairs.

If you’ve got straighter beard hair, all you have to do is cultivate the growth and use beard balm to fashion curls using your finger. The balm will help the curls to stay put, and you can get a fashionably curly beard in no time.

21. The In-Line

The in-line long beard style


The In-Line requires a little more care than other beards. Carefully shave your neck and the line at your cheeks so your beard stands out from your face.

Then, trim the edges of your beard to simulate the line of your jaw while still keeping it long. From the profile, your beard will come straight down to a corner before slanting off towards the beard’s end.

22. The Sea Captain

Trim down your sideburns next to your ear, but allow the rest to grow nice and thick. Shape the edges of your beard into an oval. If you wish, wax the ends of your mustache into points. 

23. The Hagrid

The hagrid long beard style


If you want to get especially bushy, allow your beard to grow thick and full. Trim your mustache to keep it out of your mouth, but don’t do any more maintenance. Then, you can use beard balm to crumple the hairs together to get a nice wavy look.

24. The Full Head of Hair

If you’re a fan of growing out your head hair as well as your beard, you can rock both without looking like a Sasquatch. Trimming your sideburns and using a fade will help define both your beard and your luscious locks without them blending. 

25. The Fade

The Fade requires a short hairstyle with the sides going down into a fade. Starting from your sideburns or lower, if you desire, fade from stubble into your luscious long beard. Maintain the fade with a trimmer or at your barber’s. 

26. Sleek and Silver

Sleek and silver long beard style

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

 If you’re gray or growing that way, embrace the look with a sleek and silver-streaked beard. Keep the top of your head short, bald, or styled to put more of an emphasis on your beard. Then trim the sides straight and brush it for a sleek appearance.

27. The Bandholz

From the acclaimed beard expert Eric Bandholz, comes the Bandholz beard. To achieve this look, keep the majority of your mustache trimmed so that it doesn’t cover up your mouth.

Then, allow the ends of your mustache to flow seamlessly into the rest of your beard. It will make your beard look more in sync with your mustache instead of having the appearance of two facial hairstyles. 

28. The Spade

The spade long beard style

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

Making your beard into a spade shape will give you a nice, full-looking beard. It can also help define your jaw, even as a lengthy six-inch face warmer.

Spade-shaped beards command attention, and while typically a little shorter than your average long beard style, they still provide an aura of personality, authority, and vitality. 

29. Trimmed Mustache

Beard length is all very well, but deciding what your mustache should look like is another task entirely. If you’re not a fan of elaborate ‘staches and prefer something simple that doesn’t get in your mouth, go ahead and trim them up.

A neatly trimmed mustache contrasts fabulously with a long beard and helps you look more refined.

30. The Garibaldi

The Garibaldi style pairs a neat mustache with an unruly beard. Garibaldi beards are usually six to eight inches long, featuring a rounded bottom.

The mustache should flow evenly into the rest of the beard. The majority of your beard hair can be left to grow as it pleases, so long as it doesn’t creep past the trimmed bottom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still wondering if it’s worth it to grow a long beard style? Here are some questions and answers to help you decide:

What does a long beard say about a man?

Historically, a long beard refers to wealth and wisdom. However, by today’s standards, a long, well-kept beard is often a more friendly or socially welcoming look than a clean-shaven face.

Are long beards trendy?

Long beards are still trendy in [year]. As long as they are well-kept and tidy, beards of any length are fashionable. Long beards especially can be statements of style and class.

What’s a good beard length?

A good beard length is anywhere between a half-inch to several inches. The best beard length for you depends on your preferences, style, and whether or not it makes you feel attractive.

Do girls like beards?

Plenty of women will prefer beards over clean-shaven faces. Some studies show that women associate beards with the potential for a long-term relationship and pick their partners accordingly. 

Are long beards attractive?

Long beards symbolize vitality and status, which are attractive qualities for many potential partners. Longer beards can also point to a man’s health and grooming habits, so if you’ve got a clean and shapely long beard, you’ll be more attractive than a man with careless stubble.

What’s Your Favorite Long Beard Style?

The long beard style is here to stay, and there are plenty of ways you can make it work for you. Choose a beard, keep it clean, and have fun dressing it up or down from refined gentleman to Hagrid-style and everything in between.