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Low Fade vs High Fade

Low Fade vs High Fade

You have endless options when looking for a haircut, you know. And the world of hairstyles is not predictable at all. By the time you finish reading this article, someone might have set a new trend on Instagram or TikTok. However, there are a few things people are still confused about when it comes to hairstyles. One of them is making the pick between low fade and high fade. As you may know, you have low fade and high fade options regardless of the significant style you are going for.

Considering that you now have a more acceptable space for trying out different styles, you can combine low fade and high fade looks with an immense variety of designs. But how do you find which among low fade and high fade is better for your style? While it is not an easy task, the following guides will make things a bit more bearable. In the article, we have explained the differences between low fade and high fade haircuts and how you can make the most suitable pick.

We have also talked about a few other things like drop fade. We hope it will help those who are a bit confused about these choices. However, we need to introduce both haircuts before we do the low fade vs. high fade comparison.

What Is a Low Fade Haircut?

Low Fade is one of the most popular hair-cutting techniques used for men. The best part is that you can easily integrate the low fade technique to an impressive variety of hairstyles out there. Many professionals use a low fade cut to ensure that the significant hairstyle gets a little push. In this hair cutting method, the hair from both sides of the head will be tapered down, moving towards the lower part of the head.

When the hair leaves the temples and reaches the ears, it would become thin and modern. Therefore, people tend to integrate a low fade haircut when they have already chosen a short hairstyle. In the end, low fade haircuts ensure that the shape of your head is amplified to the maximum level. Moreover, as we said earlier, it could function as a necessary push for the ongoing style.

Despite being quite popular and impressive, a low fade haircut is not a Herculean task. Even though the easy option is to ask an experienced hairstylist, you can get a low fade haircut on your own. This aspect might come in handy when you already got a style but wanted to add a bit more charm. It is also impressive that you do not have to worry about maintenance. This haircut is easy to take care of.

What Is a High Fade Haircut?

Another popular hair-cutting technique in town, a high fade haircut, is entirely customizable. Therefore, it will be easier for you to customize how the haircut engages with your chosen main style. Among other things, a high fade haircut would be made with the help of a big shave. It would be so widespread that the temples and the top part of the ears would be covered.

As you can guess, the hide fade haircut gives you enough room for experimentation. However, you have to deal with a few concerns when choosing a high fade haircut instead of a low fade one. For instance, the technique would not look so great if the tone of the scalp is different from the skin tone. Therefore, it can look a little problematic in the end.

Again, there is no stopping you when exploring the potential high fade haircuts. You would not have trouble doing the haircut by yourself, either. However, an experienced professional may do a better job of suggesting whether a high fade haircut is suitable for you. Also, as we said earlier, people of some ethnicities face a problem while getting a high fade cut.

Is Low Fade or High Fade Better?

As you can guess, the answer to this question is tricky. The reason is simple: as we have mentioned above, both hair-cutting techniques have their advantages. For instance, low fade ensures that you can better augment the shape of your head, among other things. On the other hand, high fade haircuts ensure that you can have a complete look based on the tone of your scalp and the skin. Therefore, we cannot deny the potential usability of both types of fades. However, you can consider the following aspects if you choose between low fade and high fade hair-cutting options.

  • As we mentioned earlier, some people run into problems with high fade haircuts. These issues occur for people of African origin since they could have different tones for the scalp and the skin. So, if you belong to such communities, you may want to stay away from high fade. In that case, the low fade will be the better choice.
  • Low fade has some other advantages as well. For instance, the hair-cutting technique does not mess with the room for customization. On the other hand, a high fade cut can consume a lot of space from your head, as the cut can spread to the temples and the upper-ear area. If you have similar concerns, you should stick to low fade.

While these pointers may seem quite important to some people, others can ignore them simply. If you can do the latter thing, picking the right choice between low fade and high fade is just about what looks the best for your body and other outlooks. In the end, you need a hairstyle that goes along with the fashion statement you are making in general.

Is A Low Fade Good?

As we said earlier, a low fade is a really good option for most people. Listed below are some of the prominent reasons why we think low-fade haircuts are great.

  1. Low fade haircuts can be integrated with other hairstyles without any issues. Therefore, even if you have chosen a different hairstyle already, you can bring a low fade into it. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about other hair-cutting techniques out there.
  1. Compared to high fade haircuts, low fade haircuts do not cause any problem. For instance, you do not have to worry about itching or high space consumption. Instead, you can still enjoy the room for experimentation and customization.
  1. You do not have to be an expert to get yourself a low fade. But, of course, we recommend approaching a professional hairstylist if you want the best results. You can achieve similar results with the help of suitable tools and tutorials.

Considering all these, we think a low fade is suitable for most people. But it could be a better option for lots of people.

How Do You Know If a Fade Suits You?

Here is the tricky part about both types of fades. You cannot determine whether a fade suits you unless you try them. For instance, we can consider the case of high fade. High fades are known for taking up too much space from your head. While it will work for some people, others may find it repulsive at times. So, you will not know whether a fade suits you until you have seen yourself with that fade.

However, experienced hair stylists and professionals can help you here. They have been working with many people in the past, and it is easy for them to conclude. A professional can tell whether a particular fade would suit you based on the fashion statement and a few other aspects of your body. Then, you can build on the same idea to find the most suitable fade option for your hair.

This is what it means in real life. You may have found a really impressive photo of a low or high fade. It does not mean you can go ahead and get the same look. Among other things, the final results would depend upon the individual. The bigger problem is that you cannot take these steps without proper guidelines. Then, of course, you cannot reverse these actions in the spur of the moment.

What Is A Drop Fade?

A drop fade is not a particularly new type of fade. Instead, it builds upon the classic fade to provide space to enhance the overall look of the haircut. This particular technique receives the name because the fade will be dropping behind the ear. A lot of people go for drop fade when they want to stand out from the crowd. As you can guess, you would not have trouble combining drop fade with other hairstyles you have seen on the web.

Long story short, a drop fade can add so much potential to your original style statement. And you would not have difficulty finding a lot of subsections and individual hairstyles from the category.

The Bottom Line

We hope we have cleared your doubts regarding low fade vs. high fade. Of course, we have provided more information on topics like drop fade and how you can choose between the duo mentioned above. If you still have any confusion, do let us know through your comments.