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30 Unique Men’s Haircut Designs in 2022

30 Unique Men’s Haircut Designs in 2022

Are you tired of asking for the same ol’ Ivy League or textured coif? Get some inspiration for your next trip to the barbershop with 30 unique men’s haircut designs that are far from your standard taper. 

What Are Men’s Haircut Designs?

A well-trained barber can turn your hair into a fashion statement with the right set of tools. Hairdressers transform your tresses into something unique and attention-grabbing using a scalpel blade and clippers. 

A thick head of hair is the ideal canvas for men’s haircut designs because it’s so versatile. The layers, colors, and textures add natural dimension. Customize the shapes to create something modern, like hard part lines, or switch your style with a personality piece. 

The only negative to men’s haircut designs is that they grow out very quickly. Before you commit, make sure that you’re available for touch-ups or prepare for your pattern to fade into the rest of your locks. 

Men’s Haircut Designs: 30 Ways to Rock the Trend

If you’re having trouble deciding on a flattering statement cut that captures your creative spirit, we’ve gathered up a little inspiration to get the wheels turning. 

1. Trendy Stripes

Trendy Stripes men's haircut design

Serhii Bobyk/Shutterstock

Ease your way into rocking something more striking later down the road by starting with a free-style swipe of lines. It’s complex and unique without crossing over into full-on hair tattoo territory. 

2. Intertwining Vines

Intertwining Vines mens haircut design

Vasily Smirnov/Shutterstock

Give the illusion of plaited hair without committing to long locks with a dramatic braided haircut design. The sharpened ends of the “branches” add a masculine flair. 

3. Nape Tattoo Hardcut

Men's haircut design with a Nape Tattoo Hardcut

Dmytro Kolesnikov/Shutterstock

While we typically reserve the slogan “business in the front, party in the back” for mullets, that saying applies to a striking nape shaved design. Keep everything more conventional in the front to balance out this showy pattern.  

4. Above-the-Ear Elaborate Pattern

Above-the-Ear Elaborate Pattern men's haircut design

Dmytro Kolesnikov/Shutterstock

If you’re feeling particularly courageous next time you sit down at the barbershop, give this freeform combination of circles, loops, and angles a shot. The overlaying swoops are flashy, perfect for the gentleman who’s not afraid to go all out under the clippers.

5. Abstract

Abstract, one of the most unique men's haircut designs

Dmytro Kolesnikov/Shutterstock

Can’t commit to a tattoo, but want to give it a shot anyway? An abstract masterpiece shaved into the sides of your head can be just as eye-catching, especially if you are willing to bring a bit of colorful hair dye into the mix. 

6. Faux Side-Burns

Faux sideburns men's haircut designs

Dmytro Kolesnikov/Shutterstock

You’ll want a barber with a steady hand to take on intricate men’s haircut designs like this one. The hairline leads directly into some seriously lengthy sideburns, complete with a snake-like pattern over the ear and down to the nape of your neck. 

7. Ripples

One of the most unique men's haircut designs, ripples on either side of the head

Dmytro Kolesnikov/Shutterstock

Unlike the V, which leads the taper towards the neck, an angular ripple moves the eye horizontally. This design would look incredible for those with longer hair who can swoop it forward into a soft shag. 

8. Sunburst

Sunburst men's haircut design on a guy with pink hair

Praiwan Wasanruk/Shutterstock

No one will ever question whether you’re a morning person or a night owl with a stunning sunburst motif. There’s plenty of room within the center section of the rising sun for your barber to show off their geometric handiwork. 

9. Square Hairline 

Square hairline men's haircut with design


A trendy option is a squared hairline, often done with a razor for precise angles. It’s crisp, professional, and works exceptionally well for adding shape to thicker hair. Wear it long on top for added texture and contrast. 

10. Ponytail Prism

Man with a ponytail and a dyed prism haircut design

Guilherme Publik/Shutterstock

Shoulder-length hair can mask an intense pop of color defined by shaved designs into your undercut. Pull your tresses up into a ponytail, and you’ll stun anyone who wasn’t aware you were hiding all that jewel-toned goodness. 

11. Wavy Lines

Men's haircut design with wavy lines

Dmytro Kolesnikov/Shutterstock

The asymmetrical lines create a stark contrast and undeniable edge. While it might not be your go-to look for a job interview, it’s a fun summer cut to keep you looking cool on even the warmest days. 

12. Funky and Fuschia

Guy with a funky fuscia haircut design

Praiwan Wasanruk/Shutterstock

Stand out with a pop of pink and abstract shapes shaved into your undercut. Keep the buzzed sides your natural color and choose something vibrant for your tousled top to pull off this daring design.  

13. Sophisticated Swoop

Man with a haircut design with a sophisticated swoop


A fancy flourish is both rebellious and classy, bringing balance to your look. Depending on the threads you’re wearing, you could easily pass for an eager young professional or a bad boy with an adventurous streak. 

14. Shaded Graphic

Orange hair on a man with a men's haircut design

Praiwan Wasanruk/Shutterstock

Create eye-catching 3-D shaded designs by masterfully building shadow into your fade. Amplify the look with neon curls to draw out light and dark areas. 

15. Lightning Strike

Lightning strike men's haircut design on a guy with brown hair


Let everyone you meet know you have an electrifying personality by opting for a bolt of lightning etched into your hair. The zig-zagging design layers fine, flat hair that could use a little texturizing. 

16. Lined-Up

Man with a straight haircut line on the side of his faded hair


Slick lines above the ear is one of the most commonly seen razored looks, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less attractive. The best part is that, with a bit of practice, you can keep your lines cleaned up with a set of clippers from the comfort of your bathroom. 

17. Office-Friendly Mohawk

Thick man with a beard and an office-friendly mohawk with a fade

Anton Watman/Shutterstock

Instead of an intricate shaved design on the sides of your head, razor-define your mohawk and swoop it back. It’s unconventional, but if you keep your ‘hawk styled on top, there’s no denying that it’s professional enough for everyday wear. 

18. Shooting Stars

Shooting star mens haircut design on a dude in a flannel shirt

Dmytro Kolesnikov/Shutterstock

An otherworldly design transforms a simple tousled ‘do into something utterly unique. The weaving lines between the stars add some softness to the look but keep things bold for maximum impact. 

19. Updated Bowl Cut

Updated bull cut men's haircut design on a guy who looks like Jim Carrey from behind

Bohdan Malitskiy/Shutterstock

While bowl cuts aren’t usually touted as high fashion in men’s haircut designs, this shaved look just might change that. It maintains the rounded shape we love to hate, but the mid-fade-to-skin-fade transition is a more contemporary option.  

20. Fan the Flames

Three men with men's haircut designs in their head with a woman's face, a flame, and a random design


If you want a “fire” look, it doesn’t get much more literal than flames trailing through your hair. Rich orange, red, and yellow dye could take this look to the extreme.

21. Tapered Hightop Box Fade

Man getting a tapered high top box fade

Serhii Bobyk/Shutterstock

Add a little visual interest to a standard hightop box fade by transitioning from a mid fade into a skin fade with a clean-cut tapered V shape. You can clean it up with a sharper edge line for a more dramatic look. 

22. Branded

Louis Vuitton branded men's haircut design on the back of a guy's head with an undercut

Rimma Mans/Shutterstock

Why limit showing off your favorite brands to just your clothes? Give a shoutout to your freshest ‘fits with logo-inspired men’s haircut designs.  

23. Heartbeat

Heartbeat men's haircut design on the side of a guy's head

puttitorn thipanpin/Shutterstock

Take the saying “wear your heart on your sleeve” to a whole new level with a heartbeat hair tattoo. It’d be even more customized if you bring in your ECG heart rhythm pattern for your hairdresser to reference. 

24. Hedge Maze

Hedge maze men's haircut design

Dmytro Kolesnikov/Shutterstock

Take passersby on a journey around your scalp with a maze filled with twists and turns. This one’s pretty easy to solve, but you can amp up the challenge by adding a few unexpected twists and tangles. 

25. One Cool Cat

A cat shaved into the back of a guy's head for a piece on men's haircut designs

All Themes/Shutterstock

Cat enthusiasts can express their love for feline friends without ever saying a word with a highly-detailed likeness of their kitty shaved into their hair. This one’s sporting sunglasses, but feel free to dress up your paw-footed pal in whatever accessories you can think up. 

Just make sure your barber has stellar skills before attempting this detailed picture. 

26. Sloping Lineup

Very simple men's haircut design with a sloping lineup


Ultra-trendy and endlessly cool, this fade cut masters the art of nuanced men’s haircut designs. The flawless lineup follows the natural hairline and seamlessly fads into a swoop leading down into the beard. 

It can also help give more shape to the cheekbone area, defining the line without being too obvious. 

27. Triple Lines

Triple lines men's haircut design

Donenko Oleksii/Shutterstock

Why have just one line when you can have three? Staggered stripes are more noticeable than one arch above the ear while maintaining an understated, sophisticated appearance. 

28. Staircase

Staircase boy's haircut design on a kid in a white studio


Add geometric shapes to a Caesar cut for a charming style with just the right edge. It’s relatively tame compared to the more extravagant techniques out there, but this cut is certainly not lacking in charisma. 

29. Hard Part Pomp

Pompadour haircut on a man with a hard line where the hair parts


A deep, disconnected line on a skin fade looks excellent with a slicked pompadour because it keeps your style looking sleek and tidy. Tousle it out with a bit of hair wax for a weekend-ready brunch look. 

30. Nested V

A nestled V men's haircut design

Jofram Gallipoli/Shutterstock

In contrast to the more subtle boxtop V, add a honed edge to the point for a more dramatic shift in your fade. The abrupt change from a textured crop to a layered face to a low skin fade is striking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Hair Design For Men?

A hair design for men is a shape or pattern shaved into shorter sections of the hair. Barbers accomplish these clean lines and complicated motifs with razor-sharp scalpel blades.

What Are Designs In Hair Called?

Designs in hair are often referred to as hair tattoos, thanks to their elaborate artistry. More conventional razored looks, like the shaved hard part, are typically called lineups or edge-ups.

What Hairstyles Are Common For Men?

Fades, tapers, and quiffs are common haircuts for men. Adding shaved designs transforms these classic styles into something more artistic and unconventional.

Are Hair Designs In Style?

Hair designs are very in style. There are limitless shapes to represent your interests, values, and personal fashion philosophy.

What Type Of Hair Is Most Attractive For Men?

Just about any haircut can be attractive, as long as the man sporting the look does so with confidence. Whether it’s intricate men’s haircut designs or a high and tight, your comfort is the essential factor in the attractiveness of your coiffure.

Are Men’s Haircut Designs for You?

Men’s haircut designs are a fun way to try something new or add a bit of spice to a standard style. Depending on your preferences, you can achieve a crisp, sophisticated lineup or something more abstract depending on the location and shapes of the pattern.