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The Wave Check: All You Need To Know

The Wave Check: All You Need To Know

Chances are that if you’re part of the culture you already know what a du-rag is. For those that aren’t, you have probably seen one worn before.

The du-rag is a protective head covering, it is a statement, it is a cultural right. What is it protecting? The waves on your head, preparing you for a wave check. 

If you are looking for a new hairstyle and are interested in being part of the wave culture, check out our guide on obtaining waves and getting yourself ready for the wave check.

What’s a Wave Check?

A group of young black men has gathered and they all are wearing du-rags. One of them yells, “Wave Check!” What happens next? 

They proceed to show off their waves one-by-one, garnering positivity and admiration from the others. What you have just seen is a wave check.

A wave check is simple: it is when an individual takes off his du-rag to present the waves he has cultivated over time to others. Often a wave check can be turned into a friendly competition where men look to see who has the best waves of the group.

But it’s not just that, it is a means for young black men to gather together and share camaraderie as well as lift each other up in their efforts to have wavy hair.

The wavy look is so integral to black culture, it is considered a classic look

As a black man, there is nothing more uplifting than being around positive, like-minded individuals. Get your waves and join the wave check. Do it for the culture.

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