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6 Best Hair Dyes for Black Men in 2022

6 Best Hair Dyes for Black Men in 2022

Using an excellent hair dye product can give you a more refreshed, rejuvenated appearance. A recoloration of your hair could also boost your mood or confidence, whether it is at work or home.

You could also be fighting the war against grey hair, and you want to smooth it out a bit. There are many valuable products on the market, but you must stay educated on each of these options.

The 6 Best Hair Dyes for Black Men in 2022

When curating the list of top hair dyes on the market, we analyze many of the trustworthy websites in the industry, gathered the unique benefits, and balanced the positives and negatives. This set of recommendations should provide you with an informed perspective on beneficial products that satisfy your hair dye needs.

1. Softsheen Carson

Softsheen Carson
Softsheen Carson Hair Dye for Black Men
  • Even coloring throughout the scalp.
  • Applicator nozzle tapers the drip.
  • Gives the hair a thicker, but softer feel.
  • Product is not very long-lasting.
  • May not cover fully grey hair.
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The Softsheen Carson Hair Dye gives you a fortified, natural grey blend. Without the harmful effects of ammonia and peroxides, this product successfully locks in color and leaves you with manageable, soft, and conditioned hair.

The formula is moisture-rich with ingredients such as aloe vera and honey, which contributes to healthy hair and scalp in the long term. The application process is simple and straightforward, as it takes a total of five minutes. The natural and dark shampoo provides color for up to six weeks.

The formula helps in smoothing out the grey coverage, without making it looked like you dumped your head in the dye. The package includes an applicator cap, gloves, and an applicator bottle for drip-free permanent hair coloring.

2. Just for Men Comb-In Hair Color

Just for Men
Just for Men Comb-In Hair Color
  • Prevents the user of overcoloring.
  • No traces of ammonia or peroxide.
  • Easy to apply, no mess.
  • May not provide a long-term stable color.
  • Greyer hair areas may not fully cover.
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The Just for Men Comb-In Hair Color product provides you with an easy-to-use solution to hide grey hair. Because of the autostop feature, it will prevent the coloring from overdoing in the application. What happens is the dye will shut off the target color after ten minutes. This feature enables you to get the right amount of coloring and not make it look like you dunked your head in black dye.

In addition to the natural look, Just for Men Comb-In Hair color does not leave your head feeling stiffer, but it makes it feel softer and more manageable. What it also great about the product is that you can apply it to your beard, and have it match the top of your head, which adds to the authentic effects.

The application process is very user-friendly because the bottle comes pre-mixed. This benefit means that you don’t need to spend time working with the developer and dye to get your target color before you put it on. There is also a comb screwed to the tube, which allows you to spread the product across your scalp quickly.

Overall, the color blends in easily and will stay in for about eight weeks. What is also great is that the product does not contain ammonia or harmful chemicals.

3. Bigen EZ Color

Bigen EZ Color for Men Real Black Kit
  • Easy to apply and use.
  • Contains no ammonia.
  • Provides a more bold, vivid color.
  • More consistent color for longer, given the price.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Some users report an itchy scalp after use.
  • Limited traces of peroxides.
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If you are looking for a bold, intense black color, the Bigen EZ Color Hair Dye will give you a fresher, more youthful outward appearance. This product contains no ammonia and is free of hydrogen peroxide.

Within the application process, there is no excess dripping compared to other dyes, which means no stains on your clothing or skin. In addition to the great look that the product leaves, it provides excellent conditioning for your hair because of the presence of olive oil and aloe extract.

You can usually leave the color cream in your hair for ten minutes. But if you want a darker shade, you can leave it in for longer. Compared to some of the other non-permanent brands on the market, the effects and color are much longer-lasting.

4. Manly Guy Black Hair Beard & Mustache Color

Manly Guy
Manly Guy BLACK Hair, Beard & Mustache Color
  • Vast collection of all-natural herbal ingredients.
  • Vitamin-enriched and vegan properties.
  • Does not irritate or itch the scalp.
  • The application process is not messy.
  • May leave a subtle grey tint (that'll eventually fade).
  • Application is longer than some of the other products.
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The Manly Guy Black Hair Beard & Mustache Color product provides you with a 3-way product that is rich in vitamins and other natural ingredients. The product gets manufactured with pure henna, and it does not have harmful chemicals like PPDs and peroxide.

Manly Guy beard color is also hypoallergenic, which prevents burning, itching, rashes, and other reactions. The versatility of the Manly Guy Black Hair Beard & Mustache color gets highlighted through its efficient use on all hair and skin types, from straight hair to curly, to permed.

Overall, the vegan solution contributes to your hair becoming thicker and healthier. The color usually lasts for anywhere between four and eight weeks.

The application process is straightforward for all users. You only need to add water, mix it into a fine paste, and then apply it to your head. Every kit includes a hair cap, gloves, and detailed instructions.

5. Goldwell for Men Reshade Grey Blending Power Shot

Goldwell Men Reshade Grey Blending Power SHots
  • Ammonia-free and supports hair health.
  • Simple and straightforward application process.
  • Natural, smooth grey blending process.
  • Effects of the product do not last as long as other dyes.
  • Will not completely eliminate grey.
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The Goldwell for Men Reshade Grey Blending Power Shot enables users to make convenient use of a foam product that gets rid of grey color. It is a semi-permanent solution that drives a vibrant shade and leaves a natural, balanced grey look for people who do not want to eliminate the discoloration.

The hybrid, innovative foam technology simplified the application process and gave the hair quality color. Simple swing the bottle in a back-and-forth motion to mix the color components and then apply within five minutes. It results in a youthful look, with a masculine tone that will not quickly fade out throughout time.

Another great feature of this product is that there are no warm or reddish tones that will stay in the hair after applying shampoo. You can also continue to use this to dry hair through combing it, mainly because the solution gets activated through oxygen.

6. Pure & Natural Henna Powder Hair Dye

The Henna Guys
The Henna Guys 100% Pure Henna Powder Hair Dye
  • All-natural ingredients.
  • Contains no harmful components or chemicals.
  • Strengthens and conditions scalp and hair.
  • Does not provide long-term strength of color.
  • For some users, it might cause dry scalp.
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If you are looking for a product with natural and locally sourced ingredients, the Pure & Natural Henna Powder Hair Dye is a quality option. The Illinois-based company that created this product places importance on organic and natural components, and it shows.

It gets made from henna, which is a plant that provides significant health benefits and adds an extra level of color depth to the hair. Apart from strengthening the scalp and stimulating hair growth, the product does not contain parabens, allergenic preservatives, or PPDs.

The raw, vegan solution helps to provide an added benefit of hair conditioning. This product is especially useful for people with thinning hair who want more thickness and volume.

Choosing the Best Hair Dye for Black Men

Guy who's used the best hair dye for black men sitting on a red slide

Image Source Trading Ltd/Shutterstock

Image Source Trading Ltd/Shutterstock When choosing the best hair dye for black men, it is essential to be aware of the many ingredients and different types of products available. Each alternative serves a different purpose, whether it’s the strength of color, length of color results, or ease of use. It is also essential to define your appropriate shade and motivations for the color change.

Do you want a dramatic change? Are you looking to go a couple of shades darker or light? The answers to the questions determine the strength and longevity of the day. There are four different kinds to select from:

  • Temporary – this kind is for the short-term and usually fades out after a few shampoo washes
  • Semi-permanent – this option gets washed out about every 12 shampoos
  • Demi-permanent – the dye fades out after about 30 washes
  • Permanent – this alternative alters the natural pigment in your and will last until your hair grows out and you cut it

An important thing to note about permanent hair dyes is that it contains ammonia, which is necessary for the pigmentation change to occur. While this satisfies a lasting hair color change, continued use of products with ammonia can contribute to stunted hair growth.

Ammonia can also deprive the hair of essential oils and nutrients, so it is better to lean toward formulas that do not contain this chemical. This ingredient goes along with the smell of a hair dye product.

Be sure to avoid permanent hair dyes that have a pungent, strong odor. If you have a sensitive nose, there are a variety of semi-permanent hair dyes that are ammonia-free.

Don’t Make Comparisons

Another vital aspect to remember is not comparing yourself to the model on the hair dye boxes. The results look great on here, but the person’s hair is not exactly a replica for your desired results.

Most products with good packaging will provide a color chart on the side of the box, which allows you to align your expectations and make an educated purchase decision properly. When looking at the ingredients on the various products, be aware of the presence of PFD, also known as paraphenylenediamine.

This chemical, found in some hair color brands, comes with harmful symptoms like itching, blisters, flaking, and scalp irritation. What is worse is that these issues will continue for the days after, so be sure to look closely at what you are buying. Lastly, applying the hair dye can potentially be a messy and organized challenge.

Look closely at product descriptions to see if the hair dye comes with helpful applicator tools like gloves, easy-to-use highlighter wants, nozzles, or friendly bottles. This tool prevents the color from spilling on to you, your clothes, or your bathroom in your house.

What’s the Best Hair Dye for Black Men?

As you can see, there is a product for your hair dye needs, no matter what your goals are. If you want a youthful, refreshing look, some solutions eliminate grey. You can find alternatives to smooth out the grey hair in your look and provide a rejuvenating color.

There are even products that give you the best of both worlds by adding a conditioning benefit to your dry or thin hair. It is also essential to keep in mind the dangers of certain chemicals in products.

The hair dye industry is saturated, so it is easy to miss the presence of ammonia, PPDs, and other harmful radicals when looking at the label.

There is a tradeoff between longer-lasting color and these dangers, so try and strike a balance between the two. In the end, it is vital to stay true to yourself and pick a product that allows you to be your authentic, energetic self.