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30 Black Curly Hair Men’s Styles in 2022

30 Black Curly Hair Men’s Styles in 2022

For all the black curly hair men out there, we have the ultimate list of hairstyles for you to try out! Whether you have sponge twists, long springs, or short, tight curls, we have a hairstyle that will work for you. Keep reading to find your new favorite look for your beloved curls. 

What Is Curly Hair?

Curly hair can mean many different types of texture. From tight, kinky hair to billowing ringlets to daring twists and cool crimps, curly hair has a wide range of looks. Curly hair and how it grows is a mystery in the science world!

We know the follicles produce curly hair, but we don’t know why or how. So if you have some fabulous curls, consider yourself a scientific miracle! On average, more than half of the black community has been blessed with bountiful curls on their head.

But we know styling can still be daunting, especially for men that don’t know where to start. But we’ve got you covered. Whether you have long ringlets or tight twists or have no idea what you want, you’ll find some wonderful inspiration on this list. 

Men’s Black Curly Hairstyle Inspiration: 30 Ways to Rock Your Curls

Curls are all unique and mesmerizing, but sometimes they can be hard to manage or decide on a style. Keep reading for our list of 30 awesome hairstyles for black men with curly hair to inspire you or show your barber on your next visit!

1. The Full ‘Fro

The Full ‘Fro black curly hair men's hairstyles


Of course, the massive and beautiful afro had to be first on our list. The full afro is one of the best hairstyles for black men to show off their bouncy and immense curls with pride. The length to which you let your curls grow is only limited by your follicles!

2. Two Ponies

For a unique and modern look, you can wrestle your curls into two ponytails on top of your head. The style works best with hair that has some length but can be done with any curl if you’re determined enough. 

3. The Shaggy Style

The Shaggy Style black curly men's hairstyle


A casual look that says you’re relaxed, the shaggy style is when you have tight, long curls that flop down over your head. This look was popular in the 70s and 80s and is making a fun comeback. 

4. Clean Fade

Black curly hair men's hairstyle

Mix and Match Studio/Shutterstock

A clean fade is a middle ground between a buzz cut and a side fade—they kind of combine for a super clean and crisp look. 

5. Asymmetrical Afro

A creative twist on the classic afro, you can have one side taller. The asymmetry may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly a departure from most hairstyles. 

6. Fohawk Fade

A fohawk fade is excellent if you don’t want to commit to a full mohawk. A fohawk fade means you have a super intense fade that practically turns your hair into a mohawk, but not quite. 

7. Long Curly Qs

If you have soft curls that hang by your ears, a long hairstyle is ideal for cultivating your curls and appreciating them. In this case, brushing is your enemy, as the natural ringlets are the best look.

8. Curly Undercut

Curly Undercut black curly hair men's style

ViDi Studio/Shutterstock

If you want to show off your curls but don’t want them in your face, this curly undercut is perfect. It leaves the curly hair on top of your head thick and luscious while cleaning up the sides of your head. 

9. Fluffy Ponytail

If you have big, round curls that go every which way, a great style to control them while showing them off is a fluffy high ponytail. The hardest part is wrangling all your hair into an elastic. But after that, it’s a breeze to wear. 

10. Extra Long Dreads

A classic and timeless look, long dreads are a stunning hairstyle in the black community and had to make it onto this list. We love some extra long dreadlocks, but shoulder-length ones are also super cool.

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11. Tapered Afro

Curly hair black men's hairstyle in a black and white image

Ranta Images/Shutterstock

A modern twist on the traditional afro, this haircut moves your hairline back, making the afro more distinct. Removing the afro opens up your face rather than hiding it without compromising the afro. 

12. Blonde Mushroom

This one sounds weird but is popular among basketball players and other celebrities. You keep your curls long on top with short sides, and then the curly hair is dyed bleach blonde for an eye-catching hairstyle. 

13. Dreads With Undercut

Dreads are distinct, but not everyone wants long ones that get in their way. A great option is dreading with a tight undercut, so you get to keep your dreads while relieving some weight off your head and cleaning up your neckline. 

14. Super Springy

If you have long, wild curls and want to embrace their natural craziness, you can twist curls to stand up whimsically. Springy hair makes you look like a fun and playful person and highlights the beauty of your long curls. 

15. The Buzz Cut

Black guy with a curly hair for black guys

ViDi Studio/Shutterstock

A buzz cut does not mean a shaved head. We suggest buzzing your hair down if it’s too much to manage to about 1/2 or 1/4 inches. This style means your curls will still be visible and lovely but much more maintained and out of your way. 

16. Tight Cornrows

Cornrows are a great option for someone that does not want to deal with daily maintenance. Tight cornrows create a beautiful, thick texture across the entire skull. Sometimes the braids can be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t take long to get used to the feeling. 

17. Sophisticated Bowl Cut

Bowl cuts are sometimes made fun of, but when done right they can be very classy. Specifically, black kinky hair can work perfectly for this style because the curls hold their shape so well. Bowl cuts are another cut it and leave it style; you don’t have to maintain it daily. 

18. Fade With Line Design

A super popular hairstyle among young black men is an artistic design cut into their fades. Line designs can be simple yet eye-catching, wrapping around the skull, or depicting a noticeable image of something like a rocketship. These styles require a talented barber and a fun imagination.

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19. Long and Relaxed

If your hair’s on the wavier side of curlier, you may want to embrace its softness. A great way to do this is to add relaxers to your curls, so they go down low and frame your face like a curtain. These hairstyles require little maintenance but can get in your way. 

20. The Tight Fro

The Tight Fro black curly hair men


A more low-key take on the full afro, a shorter, tighter afro has the same feeling but is easier to maintain. Tight fros are great for someone that loves the energy of an afro but doesn’t want to be weighed down with that much hair. 

21. Super High and Tight

A super high haircut adds volume to your head, making your face look longer and leaner. These cuts are usually just a few inches above the top of your head with super tight tapered sides with neat lines. 

22. Square Buzz

For something simple to maintain that has a dramatic look, you can square off your hairline with a buzzcut.

A square hairline frames your face in a unique and distinguishing manner. For something even more intricate, you can add a wave or scalloped pattern. 

23. Sponge Twists

Sponge twists are delicate hair twists about the size of someone’s thumb. They are much larger than a kinky curl but create a fascinating pattern on top of your head. The sponge twists take more effort to maintain but are worth it for the unique yet subtle style. 

24. Diagonal Fade

The diagonal fade is a modern twist on this popular style. For this fade, it starts higher towards the front of your face and then gets lower as it moves to the back of your skull. This creates a look that is unique to the fade but just as easy to maintain.  

25. Short Braids

Black curly hair men's style titled The Tight Fro black curly hair men


For loose and casual braids, check out these short, flowing brands. These make it easy to manage extra curly hair while adding a funky flair to your style. 

26. Highlighted Loose Rings

For those with loose, large curls, this is an awesome style. The combination of delicate, bouncy curls cascading down with honey-colored or golden highlights makes for a stunning look.

The highlights can also be lowlights if your hair is a soft brown and you want some black lowlights.

27. Fro and Fade Combo

Fro and Fade Combo as a featured black curly hair men's style


Combining the fro and fade together makes for a stylish and casual style you’ll love. This style is a breeze to maintain and combines the lusciousness of your curls with the crispness of a fade.  

28. Buzzed Mohawk

Feeling punk and edgy? Go for a super short mohawk that mimics a buzzcut’s length. A full-on mohawk can be a bit too much for some people, so you can cut down on the drama by shaving the mohawk super close to your skull but still having it defined. 

29. Smooth Afro

Not all afros are the same, and this one is specifically cut to look like butter! This afro is a few inches off the head and is a perfectly rounded shape. When done correctly, this style almost looks like a hair hat because it is so smooth. 

30. Tall Flat Top

Tall Flat Top black men's curly hair style

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

A very hip hairstyle, a square-shaped haircut is more attractive than one may think. Flattening the top of your curls gives your head a unique shape and distinct look. It also allows you to have all of your curls neat and cleanly cut. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are common questions about curly hair for black men:

​​What Is Wavy Hair?

Wavy hair is a midway point between soft curls and straight hair. We don’t feature wavy hairstyles on this list because this is for our curly-haired men!

What Is Coiled Hair?

Coiled hair has more defined ringlets than just ‘curly,’ and you can see the individual curls. They are often bigger than average curls, so you can see the shape.

What Is Kinky Hair?

Kinky hair is categorized under curly hair but is a little different! Kinky hair is tiny torsion twists. Each strand of hair grows in a tiny angle-like helix shape that makes it look much denser than other curls.

​​What Are Dreads?

Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that creates rope-like strands of hair by locking or braiding hair. Unlike regular braids, this process takes time and cannot be undone in a moment.

Can I Grow Long Curly Hair?

Yes! You can grow out your curly hair, so it’s luscious and long. It may take longer than straight hair, or so it seems. But growing hair takes patience and sometimes a few products!

Is One of These Curly Hairstyles for You?

Curls are practically a miracle and should be displayed prominently with pride. If you’ve always felt weighed down by your curls, try out one of these styles so you can embrace the twists.

We hope you saw an enticing haircut on this list and have already made an appointment with your barber. Enjoy your new look!