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Black Men Tattoos – Find Your Answers

Black Men Tattoos – Find Your Answers

Choosing the right tattoos for your skin is always a strict process.

You never know how the tattoo looks on you unless you get it done. That is why many people get a temporary tattoo to see how things go before they get a permanent tattoo. For black men, however, choosing the right tattoo is not just about whether they look good. 

With some kind of generalization, we can safely say that most black men have a more difficult time getting a tattoo. There are these many questions that pop into your mind.

Wondering whether a tattoo looks good on dark skin is only one of those questions. Similarly, you need to know which type of tattoo is suitable for dark skin complexion. There are also concerns regarding how to best take care of tattoos and queries about redoing a tattoo in the future.

In this article, we have tried to answer all these questions in the best way possible. You should read this thoroughly if you are a black man interested in getting an awesome tattoo on your gorgeous skin.

We will start with the basic questions and make our way into an ultimate collection of the best tattoo design ideas for black men. That’s right; we have answers and some worthwhile suggestions.

What Tattoos Look Good on Dark Skin?

Let’s address the elephant in the room: not all tattoo designs look good on dark skin.

As you know, the tattoo industry caters to a fantastic variety of people out there. Because of this reason, a number of common tattoo ideas also bear some stereotypes inside them.

As it happens, choosing a random tattoo design doesn’t work if you want the tattoo to become an integral part of your identity. After all, we all need tattoos that express what we feel and represent, right?

Considering all these, we should first discuss what tattoos look good on dark skin. Don’t worry; you won’t be disappointed by the number. There are so many options even when you narrow down your selection to one of the subcategories.

Here are some core ideas, though.

  • You can choose tattoo designs that make use of bold lines. It will provide focus to your tattoo when you have paired the design with one of the best color tones. Instead of going bipolar between dark and light tones, you should try to mix both of them. In this way, you can ensure that the tattoo quickly becomes a part of your body identity.
  • To speak in terms of design, you can choose traditional and neo-traditional tattoo designs for black men. While the traditional form of tattoo designs involves only a few colors, neo-traditional designs will incorporate a broader design palette. The result? You get to choose between the two options — based on how colorful/subtle you want the tattoo to look.
  • While many black men prefer sticking to black and grey tattoos, it does not mean that you must keep color out of the question. However, a random-colored tattoo will be bad for your looks on any day. That is why experts recommend taking a color test before you get a colored tattoo inked. Depending on whether your skin tone is cool or warm, you have to make the right choices.
  • Legibility of the tattoo is also a concern while planning to ink on dark skin. In the end, the tattoos must be visible and legible to at least you, right? However, we should consider that tattoos are prone to change, depending on your growth and the skin’s exclusive characteristics. Experts from the field recommend sticking to a bigger version of the tattoo instead of something that may fade soon.

While these core ideas stay the same, you cannot just fixate on them. We should also consider several tattoo designers thinking of all these aspects when designing something for black men.

As long as you get inked from a trusted, experienced space, you won’t have to worry about the health/safety aspect of inking. Instead, you can focus on the design.

To sum up what we’ve been discussing, traditional and neo-traditional tattoo designs that use bold, legible, and large elements look fantastic on dark skin. These should be your keywords while trying to find a worth-inking tattoo for you or your loved ones.

What Type Of Tattoos Is Best For Black Men?

We already mentioned the significant factors that make a beautiful tattoo for dark skins.

However, even the mentioned keywords give you broad results sometimes. It could be a little problematic for many of you. Considering all these, we have listed some of the tattoo types for black men.

Please note that the world of tattoo designs is changing every single day. Therefore, please forgive us if you think we missed some of the superb tattoo design types on this list. By the way, you can always let us know about these options through comments.

Traditional Style Tattoos

These tattoos are probably the ones you have seen the most. The best part here is that you can go for almost any design in this department.

Because this design style uses a smaller palette of colors, the tattoos would look good on black men. You may not find so many advanced designs in this style, though.

Neo-traditional Style Tattoos

A slight departure from the traditional form of inking, the neotraditional style of tattoos uses a broader color palette.

It should be the best choice if you are looking forward to including more colors within your tattoo. There is a better chance of customizability as well because you have more colors to experiment with.

Blackwork Style Tattoos

In case you couldn’t guess from the name, a blackwork tattoo would use only one color: black.

Because the designer has to focus on how the tattoo turns out by controlling its depth and shades, getting a blackwork tattoo may be expensive. Are they worth it?

Well, on any day.

Japanese Style Tattoos

Japanese style tattoos are known for their impressive use of colors. However, before getting one of them, black men have to narrow it down to a few shades.

While the result may not be as vivid as the typical ones from the Japanese tradition, they look outstanding on any day.

Black and Grey Style Tattoos

As you can guess from the name, these tattoos make the best use of black and grey colors. The result?

They look so good on dark skin and can have designs that mean a lot. As long as you have a designer who knows the job, you are good with these tattoo designs.

These five are barely one percent of the tattoo design styles you can find in the world. However, we have chosen the ones that will assuredly look good for black men.

For instance, we haven’t included the realistic tattoo style on the list because it employs non-bold designs. In the end, a realistic style tattoo on dark skin may not have the expected results. We hope we answered your question.

How to Care for Tattoos on Dark Skin?

You may think that getting yourself inked is the final step of the whole tattooing journey. However, you are very wrong, since you have a lot of things to do.

As we said, despite all the optimizations, tattoos on darker skin tones don’t work as we expect them to. Because of this, black men have to follow some of the tips to take the best care of what they have inked on their bodies.

Here is why you shouldn’t miss these after-inking tips. If you don’t give enough care, the tattoo may have an entirely different reaction on your skin and may change color. Since you don’t want that, make sure you pay heed to the following things.

Listen to the Inker

Provided that you got yourself inked from an experienced professional, they would give you a sufficient set of instructions on how to take care of your body.

Even if you don’t get one, a simple Google search can help you a lot. For instance, it’s vital that you protect your body from bacteria and other threats when you leave the tattoo open for the first few weeks.

Ensure Moisture

Even when you don’t have a tattoo on your skin, moisturizing the body is essential. However, when you have a tattoo, moisturizing the skin can have added benefits. First and foremost, a moisturized skin will retain the original design of the tattoo with all the details.

On the other hand, letting your skin go dry might make the tattoo fade away or look bleak.

Besides, you should check out options like exfoliating your skin. Just keep in mind that exfoliating is great for black men in general, but you MUST do it if you have a tattoo. Experts say these tips would keep your tattoo and body in the best condition possible.

Could You Redo the Tattoo on Darker Skin?


Redoing your tattoo is a great way to make it look good again if the design starts fading. As we said earlier, a tattoo design may not work as you expected it to. If the design goes too soft or bleak, you should explore tattoo redoing options.

However, when you have dark skin, redoing tattoos requires some more research and attention.

If you put your skin under too much pressure, you may do more harm than lightening up your tattoo. Therefore, make sure you talk to a dermatologist or a tattoo expert before redoing the tattoo on darker skin.

We don’t want to portray this as an impossible task, but it’s just that you should pay more attention.

20 Tattoo Designs for Black People

Now that we have answered some of the biggest questions you have had about tattoos for black men, shall we check out the tattoo designs. We have created one of the best collections of tattoo designs for black men and women in this article.

These designs come from different sources, and many of them are so inclusive. So, anyone who wants to get a fantastic tattoo on their arm or wrist won’t have trouble picking one of them.

Please keep in mind that many of these tattoos are extremely tough to design. Therefore, you may have to spend a considerable amount of money on the tattoo artist to get these done. Once you do, however, you’d be able to flaunt these designs like never before.

#1 Lady Portrait Tattoo

Lady Portrait Tattoo on dark skin

This tattoo design by Brittany Randell is one of the best choices for black people. The design is pure class, as it doesn’t use too many colors.

Instead, to make things legible and neat, the designer switches back and forth between thin and bold lines. Regardless of your gender and worldview, you can check this out.

#2 Full-Side Tribal Tattoo

Full-Side Tribal Tattoo

This full-side tribal tattoo is another excellent choice for black men.

As you can see, this beautiful devil’s all about the details. While it takes up a lot of space on your wrist, shoulders, and neck, the design outstandingly flaunts ideas.

#3 Full-Arm Colorful Tattoo

 Full-Arm Colorful Tattoo

You may want to check out this design if you are looking for something that covers your full arm. Needless to say, the details are great, and they look very well.

Unlike what you may feel at the first set, this admirable design doesn’t involve too many colors, and the ones it does suit dark skin tones very well.

#4 Modern, In-detail Tattoo

Modern, In-detail Tattoo

Here is a tattoo design that brings the best out of tattoo artists.

While this one does not use a broader color palette, as you may see in the Japanese style, the design is all about shades and details. As you can see, the results look fantastic on black men and women.

#5 Minimal Neck Tattoo

Brody Polinsky Neck Tattoo

Here’s a minimal neck tattoo that black people should check out. It comes from Brody Polinsky, and the work here is superb.

The design involves only a few turns and pointers, but your body looks fantastic when you pair the tattoo with the right hairstyle.

#6 Cherub Tattoo for Black men

Black man tattoo Cherub

Samantha Robles has done amazing work with this tattoo design, making it a suitable pick for black men and women alike.

Once again, the excellence of the invention isn’t about the color but how the details are aligned in order.

#7 Ink the Diaspora Tattoo

Ink the Diaspora Tattoo

As we said earlier, choosing the right tattoo is often about identity, diversity, and claiming their world many black people.

If you are one of them, you should check out the many tattoo designs from Ink the Diaspora. These designs are not just pure class, but they speak a lot.

#8 Hand Tattoo Design

Hand Tattoo Design

This hand tattoo from Anderson Luna shows that you don’t need to dedicate too much space to ink a cool-looking tattoo.

In particular, this one blends the tribal designs and patterns that we have seen in many places so that the end-design looks classy enough.

#9 Pattern Tattoo

Pattern Tattoo

Let’s say you are looking forward to inking your legs. In that case, you should check this pattern tattoo design from Brody Polinsky.

Like the other one we mentioned from the same developer, this design also brings a lot of class to the world.

#10 Outer Space Color Tattoo

Outer Space Color Tattoo

As we mentioned, color tattoos are an impressive option for black men and women.

The outer-space color tattoo on this image is one of those designs. It’s designed by Miryam Lumpini, and it easily captures your passion for classy design and more.

#11 Folk Art Tattoo

Folk Art Tattoo

Would you like a tattoo design that appreciates your body as we know it? Then, you must explore this design from Ciara Havishya.

She has done an impressive job designing a tattoo with bold lines and fewer colors so that black people can choose it without any worries.

#12 Flower Tattoo for Thighs

Flower Tattoo for Thighs

Inking your thighs can be a confusing decision for many people, especially black women.

However, if you’ve decided to get one tattoo, you should consider this flower tattoo from Daniel the Gardener. It can impress the hell out of us without even using too many colors.

#13 White Ink Tattoo

White Ink Tattoo

This innovative design uses white ink instead of black ink. Therefore, even if you have a relatively darker skin tone, you can explore this tattoo design.

Crafted by Andrew Elliot, this new design uses some powerful lines and structures inside.

#14 African Comb Tattoo

African Comb Tattoo

Here is another tattoo design that flaunts the legacy and nostalgia of heritage. This one is also from Anderson Luna but is very minimalistic.

As you can guess, there is no use of colors, meaning that they look so well on any day.

#15 Face Tattoo Design

African Comb Tattoo

Last on our list is a minimal face tattoo for black people. Regardless of what your specific tastes are, you can check out what this minimal tattoo design has to offer.

This one makes the right use of dots and bold designs — in the end, giving you a classy thing to carry with you.

The Bottom Line

We hope we answered all your queries about getting tattoos on dark skin. The tattoos we asked you to look at are compliant with the directions we had provided earlier.

For instance, they use bold designs and keep themselves legible over time. Now that you know all these, it’s time to pick the right tattoo for you, isn’t it?