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Black Guys With Blonde Hair | Style Guide & Examples

Black Guys With Blonde Hair | Style Guide & Examples

Hairstyles have become a timeless theme that deserves a revamp, just as we’re searching for fashion trends.

A trend that has entertained many black male people over the last few days with black, blonde hair, the pull came from actors who wanted to look fresh and make a style that no one has seen in a while. 

Somehow, the idea may be frowned upon, but it takes the guts to play with the look and the courage to pull off with elegance.

Blonde hair and men black certain two words might seem weird, but when you see celebrities like Chris Brown, Djibril Cisse, Dennis Rodman, and Rigobert Song, the idea is going to be hip and chic in your head. 

So when the question emerges as to whether a black man with blonde hair is a fashion pull off or not, note these guys set a precedent to emulate.

Where to get blonde hair?

There’s also something about black guys with blonde hair that’s equally glam and relaxed. It’s no surprise, then, that this mind-inspired blonde hair is one of the hottest new styles of the moment. 

Bleach white blonde hair is a shimmering, ice blonde hair color that matches wonderfully with every ensemble and attracts a lot of attention, meaning you’re guaranteed to notice if you’re wearing this hair color. 

Besides, if you want to remember this for all the right reasons, it’s crucial to get yourself to the right hair salon. Below, find what you need to do on having platinum, blonde hair as a black male.

4 Tips for getting your hair blonde as a black guy:

black man with blonde hair

Until you take the blonde Hair Color plunge and dye your blonde, inform yourself with these handy suggestions to make sure your blonde Color looks the best with your black skin tone.

Colour does not cover color 

If you’ve already had your hair dyed, you’ll need to get the color removed before you start the process of becoming blonde. You will rid your mane of hair by using a hair remover.

Bleaching will be necessary 

Based on the initial hair color, further steps could be taken to process your old hair color and new hair color. If you start with black or blonde hair, platinum blonde hair includes removing most of the pigment out of your locks for a near-white appearance.

Have some color inspiration 

You’re still expected to keep a picture on hand to show your colorist. Though platinum blonde hair appears self-explanatory, there are various variations of the desired hue. If you like an icy, blue, or white ivory look, make sure to bring a photo to the salon to encourage your new hair color.

It’s important to be realistic

So you’ve found a picture of a beautiful, icy, blonde hair that you can’t wait to wear, but you’ve got jet black hair right now. Nice stuff you asked. It’s necessary to get interested in this phase of controlling your expectations.

The darker beginning of your hair color and the more time it takes to get your black hair to a white blonde shade on a black person’s hair. You are likely to watch a few lessons before you hit the perfect ice blonde hair color.

Step by step guide for coloring your hair blonde

guide to blonde hair

To get your blonde hair, you’ll need to blow your hair dry and then add a spray to make your hair look shiny and use a coloring brush and a comb to add the blonde color to the hair in tiny pieces. Take these moves to whiten your blonde hair.

  1. You’ll need anything you need for bleaching, for example, volume developer, powered bleach, brush, shampoo, a pair of gloves, and a mixing cup.
  2. In a mixing tub, take one-third of the volume creator and blend well with the driven bleach. Stir the mixture slowly until the mixture becomes homogeneous.
  3. Apply the mixture to your hair, take tiny sections and begin with the tips, and eventually get to the roots of your hair. Cover both parts of your hair.
  4. Hold it like it is for 30 minutes to 60 minutes after using a shower cap, check for any breaking hair, and repeat the procedure as needed.
  5. Wait for a half-hour or one hour for a blonde. Test a tiny part of the hair before washing your entire hair to make sure that all the hair is bleached or not. 
  6. Wash your entire hair with a purple shampoo, make sure there’s no stain left.
  7. Apply the mixture of the developer and toner to obtain the desired color hue.
  8. Now shampoo your hair, dry hair, and use a moisturizer, spray, or pomace to a smooth finish.

Different black men blonde hairstyles

popular soccer player Marco Balotelli

Many men are searching for dope hairstyles. Dope Haircuts for men add to their look, swag, and trust, making them outstanding from the rest.

But not every hairstyle can be favored by every person because we all have unique hairstyles. Today, we’re going to reflect on the best hairstyles for black men

Among new afro fades, sponge twists, fading mohawks, natural, flat tops, 360 waves, and a different of other black male haircuts, black hair has several choices. And if you want to get extra artistic and exclusive, apply some of the best swag haircuts to your hairstyles and surgical or rough sections.

Not only does blonde hair give black guys a hip look, but it also triggers a different, trendy shift in their overall personality. If we talk of black hairstyles, you can make a lot of variations of black hair because of their color and thickness.

You can make big hairstyles with a mixture of blonde hair. Today, we’re going to discuss the top ten concepts of blonde hair for black guys. But first, we’re going to show you the simple ideas and designs to get your hair blonde for a black guy.

10 black men hairstyles that are potential for blonde color

Black men with blonde hair have a boujee look.

Our experts have compiled top hairstyles for black guys with blonde hair that could be matched well. Here are black men’s dope haircuts worth trying out before your next visit to the barbershop!

Wavy Blonde Mohawk with Low Fade

Mohawk hairstyle is a trendy and exclusive hairstyle. Despite its beauty, this hairstyle still has certain drawbacks since this hairstyle fits black men’s oval face rather than the other face form. If you don’t have an oval face, that doesn’t mean you can’t try this haircut.

You may follow this look with a beard combination, as seen in the picture below. The sides of this hairstyle are shorter than the rest of the head. The top hairs are blond, which later developed into a wavy Mohawk shape. It is the edgy hairstyle of a black man with blonde hair.

Blonde Fade with Designs

It is a similar hairstyle of black men with blonde hair. It mostly lies in the form of a square face. The sides have faded high, offering a slightly bald appearance. Designs are made on the sides for a sleek look. The top textured hair is blond with a yellowish hue.

Highlighted Blonde Curls with Low Fade

Blonde curly hair gives the black man a cool look. As you can see in the picture below, this hairstyle looks perfect on a diamond or an oval shape. An extra element in this haircut may be added to the mustache. The sides are shorter, while the upper curls give a unique look. These curls are blond with a brownish or reddish color.

Taper Haircut & Blonde Hair

fade cut and blonde hair

Taper’s haircut is one of the most common black, blonde hairstyles. It matches the shape of an oval profile. The sides are faded with a low taper, while the top textured hair is blond. You should add two lines to your hand or back for a more trendy look.

Long Blonde Dreadlocks

If you’re a long-haired black man, dreadlocks should have been the first option. This hairstyle is also tailored to the round and oblong face. The thick dreadlocks are blonde, a stunning appearance. This style can also be paired with a short beard for even a relaxed look.

Blonde Buzz Cut

The blonde buzz hairstyle gives the black guys an enchanting look. This haircut is best suited to the oval profile. The hairs are blond and then shaped into a buzz cut hairstyle

High Top Fade Blonde Hair

This hairstyle gives a sleek and neat appearance to black men with blond hair. The haircut looks fine on a square or rectangular outline of the face. The sides are faded to the top, and while the top hairs are blond with a lovely color mix. The sideburns are made into a sharp, slender appearance.

Blonde Crew Cut

A black man with a blonde crew trim hairstyle gives a beautiful look. This hairstyle looks perfect in the form of an oval forehead. The hair is trimmed to a shorter height and the blonde.

Platinum Blonde Hair with a Beard

blonde moustache

If you’re a black guy with blonde hair and want a change of attitude or overall appearance, maybe you should try this hairstyle. If you have darker skin, you should add a baby blonde to your hair. You can also get your facial hair blonde for a balanced look, as seen in the photo.

Braids Blonde Top Knot

Braids and blonde updo or top knot mix adds a winning element to the personality of black men. This hairstyle is suited to men of any age group. The sides are thinner than the hair at the tip.

The top hairs are transformed into several braids, which are then attached to the top knot at the back of your head. The bun is a blonde with a dominant appearance. On one side of the head, a trendy line is created for a stylish look.

Like the Black Men With Blonde Hair Trend?

So, you’re going to pick which black men’s blonde hairstyle for yourself. Black men with blonde hairstyles are a beautiful look that can attract the eyes of the masses.

The benefits of this hairstyle are that it takes less time or requires the use of ingredients. Both these haircuts require less attention. You’re expected to wear these blonde hairstyles without delay.