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How to Shave Your Balls Safely

How to Shave Your Balls Safely

Personal grooming means grooming everywhere – and that includes taking care of everything downstairs. Shaving your balls might seem like a dangerous proposition, but it’s easier (and safer) than most guys realize. Regular grooming helps keep your private area clean, fresh, and comfortable.

Don’t worry if the thought of shaving your balls makes you squirm. I’ve created a complete guide to teach you how to shave your balls – without hurting yourself. Let’s get started!

Why Shave Your Balls? The Benefits of Manscaping Explained

Many people assume shaving down there is mainly an aesthetic action. While a cleaner look is nice – it’s a safe bet that most ladies prefer it in guys – there are benefits to shaving beyond its look.

Routine grooming helps minimize the buildup of the following unpleasant substances that you’re better off keeping away from your area down low:

  • Sweat
  • Fungus
  • Bacteria

It helps the area stay cleaner and healthier. Plus, it looks better, too. Although most people will never see your balls, those who do will appreciate your commitment to detailed and thorough grooming.

Additionally, shaving helps reduce the amount of pubic hair that winds up in your shower or around your toilet. Now that’s a benefit that anyone who shares a bathroom with you is sure to enjoy!

Should You Shave Completely?

What are we talking about when we’re talking about shaving your balls? Should you trim the area down, where some hair remains, or should you shave everything completely smooth?

Well, they’re your balls, so ultimately the decision is up to you. Generally, you can’t go wrong with regular trimming, so you prevent a wild, bushy look.

But what about the balls themselves? Most guys don’t have a ton of hair on their balls. However, you probably want the length to generally match the length of the rest of your hair down there. If you shave most of your pubic hair completely, you’ll likely want to shave your balls, too.

Shaving down completely bald does have a minor downside. The hair does provide warmth and protection. Plus, it secretes certain pheromones and proteins. Removing all the hair on your balls can end up making the whole area smell funky.

Many guys prefer to leave a thin layer of hair on their balls to avoid these potential issues.

Before You Shave: How to Properly Prep

Wash your balls before you shave. It’s an important first step. Either a shower or bath is fine. Washing serves two purposes:

  • It helps remove bacteria from the skin
  • It softens the hair to help make it easier to cut

The temperature of the water is important. Warm water is ideal. If the water is too hot, it’ll burn your skin. If it’s too cold, your balls will pull into your body.

Warm water has two important benefits. It relaxes your balls. When they’re relaxed, they hang looser, creating more surface area for shaving. Additionally, warm water helps make the pores larger, so the hair is easier to shave.

Pat your balls with a cloth after washing. You don’t want them completely dry, but you do want to remove any large drops of water, which can interfere with the razor’s ability to connect with the skin.     

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Once you’re done with your prep work, wash your hands. When you prepare your balls for shaving, you’re touching a fair number of bacteria, so you want to clean your hands before moving onto the next step.

Next, always use two separate razors. Don’t use the same one for your face and your body. Our bodies have different bacteria than our faces, and you don’t want to cross-contaminate. You can spread unwanted issues like jock itch, staph, and other problems.

Technically, you can use a razor on your face and then use it on your body. But you can only do that one time. It’s usually easier and cleaner to simply have a body razor and a face one.  

If you’re using a safety razor, make sure the blade is sharp. You don’t necessarily need to use a brand new blade every time you shave, but it does make shaving safer and easier. At the very least, change the blade every two or three uses.

Use the Right Tools

So, you know you need a separate razor for shaving your body. What type of razor is best? You have a few options:

  • Electric trimmer
  • Safety Razor

An electric trimmer is a safe, efficient option. It allows you to get a close cut, making it the best choice if you want the smoothest look possible.

For most guys, the hair on their balls is fine. When you shave hair that fine with an electric trimmer, you don’t end up with stubble, so it’s different from shaving your face, armpits, and other areas.  

You can also use a handheld safety razor. It gives you a fair degree of control. Plus, using it requires no batteries or electric cords, giving you a bit more flexibility and freedom.

On the downside, shaving with a safety razor does require a bit more skill and dexterity compared to shaving with an electric. Practice beforehand by shaving your face. While a safety razor does have a built-in mechanism to help prevent accidental cuts, you want to know how to handle it correctly before using it on your balls.

Shaving Your Balls

Okay, you’ve finished with the prep work, and now it’s time to shave. Shaving your balls is a three-step process. Here’s what to do:

1. Trim the Hair with Scissors

If you shave your balls on a regular basis, you can probably sit this step. However, if the hair around your balls is thick or unkempt, you probably want to preface your shave by trimming the area with scissors.

Pull the skin away from your body. Carefully cut as much hair as you can. It’s okay to be conservative in your approach. Removing some hair with scissors makes shaving easier and more controllable, but you want to keep the scissors far from your skin.

To help protect from accidental injury, use the fingers on one hand as a guard. Hold the hair between the index and middle fingers with one hand, and then use your other hand to control the scissors.

2. Apply Shaving Gel or Cream

A high-quality shaving product helps reduce friction when the razor moves over your skin. While not strictly necessary when using an electric razor, it often does make shaving easier. Of course, you’ll definitely want to use gel or cream when using a safety razor.

You won’t find tons of options specifically for shaving your balls. That’s okay. You can use shaving products meant for faces.

For purposes of ball shaving, most guys prefer a gel or other product that creates a clear lather. The white, foamy lather might work fine for your face, but a clear gel allows you to maximize visibility when shaving your balls.

Additionally, look for products with natural ingredients. Aloe vera soothes skin safely and naturally, making it a popular option. Avoid menthol and eucalyptus. They can both irritate and even burn the skin on your balls, which is far more sensitive than the skin on your face.    

3. Don’t Try to Look Cool

Prep work is important, but it only takes you so far. When you’re actually shaving your balls, your success will depend largely on your technique. Shaving your balls is often awkward and cumbersome.

Truthfully, when learning how to shave your balls, it’s practically impossible to look cool. Accept that you’ll bend and stretch into often undignified positions.

First, mentally prepare yourself to take it slow. Are you rushing around in the morning trying to get out the door in time for an appointment? That’s probably not the best time to shave your balls. Give yourself plenty of extra time to do the job right.

Also, lighting, mirrors, and a step stool are all your friends. Make sure the area is well-lit so you can avoid those pesky shadows. A standalone mirror is often a helpful tool. Use it in combination with larger mirrors, if possible. Finally, a step stool lets you raise one leg up, which helps you access some of those hard-to-reach areas.

Final Thoughts

While most guys like the clean feel and well-groomed look of shaved balls, they typically don’t spend a ton of time thinking about how to shave their balls. Unfortunately, it only takes one minor accident to cause you tons of regret.

The safest and easiest way to shave your balls is by following the advice listed above. Proper planning helps prevent problems. Use the right type of razor, take your time, and shave in a well-lit area. Although it might feel a bit awkward at first, with practice, you’ll quickly learn how to shave your balls without a problem, and take your grooming regiment to a whole new level!