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How to Keep Razors Sharp: Extend Your Razors Lifespan

How to Keep Razors Sharp: Extend Your Razors Lifespan

We all use razor blades to keep our facial hair looking on point, but they don’t last forever. Even high-quality razor brands start to get dull after a while—making them less effective and more likely to damage our skin when we use them.

While there’s no such thing as a razor that lasts forever, we can do plenty of things on our end to keep them in good shape. Here are some tips on how to keep razors sharp.

Clean Them Out

Clean Them Out

Razors go through a lot when we use them, and shaving cream and hair can get jammed inside the blades. When that happens, you get a gunky blade that’s more likely to rust.

One of the most obvious things we can do to prevent this is to give our razors a thorough rinse after we shave. If you want to be even more effective at cleaning, dedicate an old toothbrush to get between the blades.

Dry the Blades

Water plus metal for an extended time is asking for rust, and the same is correct for razorblades. That means you want to dry out your razor as thoroughly as possible before you put it away. You don’t have to do anything special; just wiping down on a towel after use can do plenty.

It’s important to note that you don’t want to keep your razor in the shower or anywhere it can get wet. Yes, it’s easy to access if you need it, but the humidity increases the chance of rust. Tuck your razor in a cabinet to reduce moisture.

Rubbing Alcohol Trick

If you want your razor to dry quickly, dip it into rubbing alcohol. Water will evaporate faster when it hits the air this way, plus you get a super-clean blade as a result.

Baby and Mineral Oil Soaks

Two other soaking options are baby and mineral oils. If you soak your razor in these, the oils will help prevent rusting, especially if you do this after each use. 

Keep in mind that this method isn’t completely foolproof. A lot of razors come with moisture strips, to help smooth out the impact of shaving on the skin. Mineral and baby oils can potentially dissolve these strips, so be careful with this option!

Other potential oils that can help prevent rusting are olive and vegetable oil.

Use a Razor Cover

Use a Razor Cover

Razor covers do a lot of work when it comes to keeping out moisture from your blades. If you have a double edge safety razor, then leather sheaths are an excellent option. They’re also pretty inexpensive. For other types of razors, blade guards and cases can help protect your blades. 

Even with these covers, you should still store your razor away from the bathroom or sink. It’s also essential to dry your blades off before putting them in their cover. Otherwise, you’re just trapping moisture inside, which increases the chances of rusting.

Clean with a Cotton Ball

Cotton balls are great for cleaning your blades because they can get into the thin places between razor blades. If you soak one in alcohol, you can clean, disinfect the razor, and keep the rust away all in one.

Sharpen the Blades

Sharpening razor blades can seem like an obvious way to keep them sharp, but the trick is knowing how to do it. The technique is actually pretty simple, and it can help even disposable blades last even longer than usual with not a lot of effort.

Take a pair of jeans (or a piece of denim even) and place it on a hard, flat surface. Run the razor of the jeans in the opposite direction that you usually use when shaving. Repeat this motion ten to fifteen times in one spot, move to another, and then do it again.

This process helps both with sharpening the blades (by applying friction) and cleaning them out (by putting pressure on the edges in the opposite direction than usual. While denim works best, you can achieve similar results by running the razor over your arm in the same manner.

Once you’ve finished this process, be sure to rinse off the blade, dry it off, and store it securely, as we’ve discussed above.

While this technique won’t make your razors last forever, it will increase their lifespan, improving their performance, and reducing the budget you need to spend on blades. And who doesn’t want that?

Wrapping Up

Depending on your shaving routines, you may go through a lot of razors. Even so, caring for your razor blades will help you get a better shave over time. 

We hope these techniques have helped you get some more mileage out of your razors, no matter what brand you use!