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30 Trending Marine Haircuts We Love in 2022

30 Trending Marine Haircuts We Love in 2022

When it comes to the marines, you probably don’t picture a bunch of soldiers worrying about their hairstyle before getting ready in the morning, and this simplicity is the exact benefit of the marine haircut.

Whether or not you’re in the military, this article will teach you everything you need to know about marine haircuts, from the basic buzz cut styles to the more intricate styles that leave some hair on the top.

What Is a Marine Haircut?

The marine haircut, sometimes more generally called a military haircut, is the short hairstyle associated with soldiers. These haircuts are usually short buzz cuts, but they don’t have to be.

Marine haircuts vary along with several different factors, including length and fade. The origins of the marine haircut stem from the strict Marine Corps hair regulations, which stipulate that:

  • It generally needs to be neat and well-groomed
  • The back of the hair can’t touch the collar
  • Hair must be shorter than three inches
  • The sides and back must have a 3/4 inch taper  

Those are the strict regulations that led to this hairstyle. But the marine haircut is by no means restricted to the military, and it is a hairstyle that is particularly trendy these days. Besides being professional and easy to maintain, the marine haircut will make you look resilient and disciplined.

And if you do not need to meet military hair regulations, you can take the best parts of this haircut while still “breaking the rules” to give it a more personal style. The benefits of a marine haircut include:

  • Looks professional
  • You appear rugged and disciplined
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lots of variety

So if you are looking for a new hairstyle and want something straightforward, professional, and easy to maintain, keep reading to learn some of the most trendy ways to style the marine haircut.

Marine Haircut Inspiration: 30 Ways to Rock the Trend

Whether you are about to join the military or are a civilian looking for a new haircut, check out the following examples to see just how flexible the marine haircut is.

1. Mid-Fade With Flip

 Marine haircut with a Mid-Fade With Flip

Roquillo Tebar/Shutterstock

The sides and back of this haircut are a textbook version of the marine haircut, but the top gets a bit more creativity. It has more thickness on the top but especially has a length in the front to get a great flip styling.

2. Comb Over Marine Cut

Comb Over Marine Cut


This haircut would meet the standards of military regulations, but it is not as dull as the standard buzz cut. There is enough length on the top to comb over to one side—you can style it with gel as well. 

3. Full Buzz Cut

Full Buzz Marine Haircut

Suwit Chanaaiyarat/Shutterstock

One easy way to get a haircut that would be allowed in the marines is to go for the full buzz cut. They went for a short number one around the entire head in this case—talk about easy maintenance! 

4. Cropped Marine Cut

Cropped Marine Cut

Lucian Coman/Shutterstock

This cropped haircut leaves a nice amount of hair on the top while still meeting regulations for length. It has the unique look of almost no fade on the sides, and if you don’t need to meet military regulations, you can go even longer on the top.

5. Marine Cut With Line Up

Marine Cut With Line Up

Joseph Dilag/Shutterstock

The even buzz around the whole head with the perfectly even (razor-shaved) line up around the sides gives this marine haircut an intensely clean and neat look.

6. Hide Fade Marine Cut

Hide Fade Marine Cut

Sonthaya Chuthueng/Shutterstock

This hide fade marine cut is short and low maintenance. There’s just a bit of length on the top that you can style with, but mostly this haircut is about simplicity.

7. Military Bowl Cut

Military Bowl Cut

Olesya Kuznetsova/Shutterstock

This haircut might not meet military regulations for men, but it’s still worth checking out for how stylish it is. Consider this version of a bowl cut for civilians who want a fresh look incorporating the military style.

8. Buzzed Fade

Buzzed Fade Military Haircut


This buzzed fade allows you to have a marine-style haircut without going too short. The mid-level fade blends perfectly into a top with enough length to style with gel.

9. Marine Cut With Long Comb Over

Marine Cut With Long Comb Over


This fresh-looking military haircut is both intense and stylish. The length is short enough to look neat and disciplined, but it’s also long enough to have a great casual style and a nice comb over to the side. 

10. Military Style Dreadlocks

Military haircut with dreadlocks

Ranta Images/Shutterstock

If you can pull off dreadlocks, consider a haircut like this example. This military-style of dreadlocks has the intense look of discipline but also captures the fun and exciting energy of dreadlocks.  

11. Spiky Marine Cut

Spiky Marine Cut

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

This haircut has a low skin fade that leaves a lot of hair on the top. The length probably exceeds official military guidelines, but the high and spiky style is an excellent contrast to the neat look of the skin fade.

12. Medium Top With Fade

Medium Top Marine Cut With Fade


There’s just enough hair on the top to do some styling with, but otherwise, this haircut is extremely neat looking with its short skin fade on the sides.

13. Long Top With Fade 

Long Top Military Cut With Fade 

Luis Molinero/Shutterstock

This haircut is another great blend of casual and military. It has neat fading on the sides and leaves enough hair on the top to style with some gel.

14. Viking Style Military Cut

Viking Style Marine Haircut

Max Shvedov/Shutterstock

You might think twice about this haircut if you are about to join the marines, but consider this Viking style cut if you are a civilian looking for a stylish way to sport the marine haircut trend.

15. Short Caesar Cut 

Short Caesar Cut with a marine haircut inspiration

arul kakap/Shutterstock

This military-style haircut is like a short version of the Caesar cut. It has a mid-level skin fade and just enough hair on the top to do some styling if you want.

16. Short Comb Over

Short Comb Over marine haircut


With subtle fading on the sides, this haircut leaves enough length on the top and an obvious part to comb over the hair. It is a professional haircut that captures military neatness without being too intense.

17. Standard Military Buzz Cut

Standard Military Buzz Cut Inspired Marine Haircut

Manny DaCunha/Shutterstock

If fancy and stylish aren’t your thing, consider this standard military-style buzz cut. It is easy to maintain and can work with or without facial hair.

18. High Fade Marine Cut

High Fade Marine Cut

Junial Enterprises/Shutterstock

This high fade military cut leaves almost no hair on the sides and just slightly longer hair on the top. It is an easy buzz cut that will leave you with no maintenance!

19. Bald Fade

Bald fade marine hairstyle

Tim Masters/Shutterstock

This bald fade style is a great look for someone who wants to downplay the fact that they are balding. This haircut is short on the sides and almost resembles a Raccoon cut.

20. Long Buzz

Long buzzed marine haircut


If a super short buzz is too intense for you, consider a longer buzz. This haircut is even around the entire head, and this hairstyle requires little to no styling while still offering versatility.

21. Marine Caesar Cut

Marine Caesar Haircut


You would expect a Caesar cut to have slightly longer bangs, but this haircut is an interesting blend of a Caesar style with military regulations. The look is both neat and stylish.

22. Mid-Fade

Mid fade marine haircut on a kid


You might have to think twice about facial hair if you’re in the military, but as a civilian, you can feel free to blend your marine haircut with whatever facial hair you like. You can pair this mid-fade with a short beard is both neat and casual. 

23. Medium Military Buzz

Medium military buzz cut on a guy in sunglasses


This haircut is a medium buzz all around the entire head. If simplicity is your goal, this haircut is easy to do yourself and requires little to no maintenance.

24. No Fade With Sideburns

No Fade Marine Haircut With Sideburns


If the fade look is not for you and you want to sport some facial hair, consider going long on the sides like this haircut. The lack of fading allows the sideburns to blend into the facial hair smoothly.

25. Medium Flat Top

Marine Haircut with a Medium Flat Top


This medium-length flat top with shaved sides is a haircut that strongly captures the intense military look. If shaving is not for you, you can also incorporate this style into a fade on the sides.

26. Bald Fade With Beard

Men's Marine Hairstyle with a Bald Fade With Beard

Dragana Gordic/Shutterstock

This bald fade is a bit longer than the previous bald fade example, and it leaves enough hair on the top to do some styling with. The gentle fade on the sides blends nicely into the medium-length beard.

27. Long Marine Cut

Long marine haircut with a guy in the military wearing a popular hairstyle

LightField Studios/Shutterstock

This long haircut might just barely meet military hair standards, but unlike the short buzz cuts, there is plenty of hair on the top to style with. 

28. Low Fade With Line Up

Handsome marine wearing a Low Fade With Line Up


The low skin fade on the sides and the neat lineup cut make this haircut a standard-looking marine cut. It has intensity and professionalism all at once.

29. Crown Style Marine Cut

Crown Style Marine Cut

Jordi Mora/Shutterstock

This haircut is flexible, depending on how pronounced you would like the crown to be. But overall, it’s a great way to get a stylish haircut but still follows military guidelines.

30. Mohawk Military Cut

Mohawk Military Cut

Suzanne Tucker/Shutterstock

If you want a marine haircut that particularly screams intensity, consider a military cut with a mohawk like this example.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you can see from those examples, the marine haircut is a lot more flexible than it sounds. While the name comes from the neatness, discipline, and conformity prevalent in the military, it need not be a boring hairstyle.

What Is A Marine Regulation Haircut?

Like most military branches, the Marine Corps has strict grooming regulations to ensure that soldiers maintain a suitable appearance. For the marines, the specific rule for haircuts is that no piece of hair can be over three inches when fully extended. In addition, the back hair can’t touch the collar, and the taper on the sides/back must be ¾ inch.

What Is A Marine Haircut Called?

The marine haircut is a style unto itself, although you will often see the same hairstyle categories of buzz cuts and fades. In hairstyling terms, the most common type of marine haircut would be the high and tight. The high and tight is a crew cut in which the sides and back are shaved and fade into slightly longer hair on the top.

How Do You Do A Marine Haircut?

To accomplish the short hair and fade style of a marine haircut—which you can do by yourself at home—you will want to use a buzzer and shave in layers. Start with the shortest cut on the bottom layer, and work up to the top in two or three layers of larger cuts. Afterward, you can carefully cut with a size between the two layers to blend away the lines.

What Is A Military Fade Haircut?

There’s no one way to do a fade haircut, and soldiers and civilians can choose between low, mid, and high fade styles. But the military style of fade has a particularly clean look because it usually involves shaving down to the skin on the sides and then fading into short hair on the top.

Can Women Sport A Marine Haircut?

Military-style haircuts are indeed considered more acceptable for men, but that is because they are a more popular style for men. There are plenty of variations on the marine haircut, and as long as you have confidence, this haircut works for any gender.

Is the Marine Haircut for You?

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the marine haircut and how flexible it is. So if you think you want the low-maintenance, rugged looks, and trendy appearance of this haircut, you should try out one of these styles!