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The Monkey Tail Beard | Complete Style Guide

The Monkey Tail Beard | Complete Style Guide

Looking for a unique facial hairstyle but don’t know where to start? You might want to try out a monkey tail beard. You won’t find too many men with a monkey tail beard, so you’re bound to be the only one wearing this style on your block.

Monkey tail beard looks magnificent and fun, allowing you to make a great impression and turn heads. However, this style isn’t easy to maintain in the long run, like any good facial hairstyle. But if you’re feeling adventurous and want to pull off this style, we’ve got you covered.

What Is a Monkey Tail Beard?

The monkey tail beard is a facial hairstyle resembling a monkey’s tail. The style begins at the sideburns, and the beard swiftly wraps around the chin and down the jawline. Then, it loops around the mouth and rests above the lip where it ends.

Monkey tail beard is also known as the cattail beard. Overall, the facial hairstyle is fun and unique, while others call it weird. Nevertheless, it recently gained a massive following on social media.

In fact, the MLB star, Mike Fiers, took social media by storm last 2019 when he showed off this monkey-inspired look at a game against the Texas Rangers. If you want to try this style, it surely is a head turner. However, if you don’t want any drama, then you may not want to wear this style for your everyday job.

Why Wear the Monkey Tail Beard Style?

When the Oakland A’s pitcher was asked in an interview why he wore this style, he explained he only wanted to give people a good laugh. However, there are some other reasons why you wear this style, which might inspire you to pull it off:

Ease of Styling

Perhaps, it’s one of the best reasons you want to try this facial hairstyle. It’s effortless to clean-shave one side of your jaw and your neck using a pair of clippers. Remember to slowly move your clippers along the curved edge to get the desired thickness and avoid making it look very thin.

Fun and Attention Catcher

While many may dislike this look, especially women, it also focuses attention onto the person and can also make for a good conversation starter.

Raise Awareness

Many men use a particular beard style to raise awareness for various causes. Like the monkey tail beard, it’s a fun facial hairstyle that was all for the laughs. This style has many variations over social media.

Low Maintenance

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can surprise your family and friends with this beard style. It’s also very easy to fix. While stubble may grow on unwanted areas, you can always shave it off to highlight the monkey tail again. You might do this more often, but the process is pretty straightforward.

How to Pull Off the Monkey Tail Beard Style

If you’ve finally decided to try it, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve the look.

Use the Right Tools

While creating this look is fairly simple, you still need the right tools to make and maintain this beard style. If you want to create that perfect monkey tail beard style, here are some of the tools you need: 

  • Beard comb
  • Electric trimmer
  • Electric razor
  • Full-face beard

Always Start With a Larger Setting

After you’ve decided to give this style a try, you should start with a larger setting. Grow your beard first, so you have a full face of facial hair. The length of the beard depends on your preference, but if you want the authentic monkey tail beard style, a full-face beard is recommended.

Remember, you can’t undo a too-short facial hairstyle. So, a longer guard is a good starting point. Then, trim once or twice until you get acquainted with the desired length. Trim it gradually until you hit that sweet spot rather than cutting it hastily.

Comb Regularly

Don’t forget to comb your beard regularly to keep your facial hair from curling. When you comb it every day, you train the facial hair to wrap around your jawline and mouth.

Additionally, combing your beard helps you spread the oil through it and onto the skin to help with hydration and conditioning.

Decide Which Side to Remain

After growing a full-face beard, you need to choose which side of the beard to shave. This facial hairstyle requires you to let go of the hair from one side and another side to stay.

If you’re unsure, you can select the side with thicker hair to stay. Otherwise, just follow your gut and go with the side that you think can give you better selfies.

Hydrate Before Shaving

Hydration is one thing that most men forget before shaving. It’s essential in minimizing cuts and irritation when shaving your facial hair. It softens the skin and hair and allows the razor blade to slide easily.

That’s why it’s highly recommended to shave during a shower or right after it. You can also exfoliate to remove excess oil and dead skin cells to prepare the skin for shaving.

Shave With Gentle Strokes

You can first apply a shave gel and spread it over your hair for hydration during the actual shaving. Then, use an electric razor and start shaving with gentle strokes below your jawline.

Make sure to do it slowly to have clean edges down the jawline.

By applying light and gentle strokes, you can have more precise and crisp horizontal edges. Work your way and shave the sideburn and other areas where you don’t want facial hair, especially on the cheeks above the beard line.

Define the Tail

To perfect the monkey tail beard look, you need to define the tail by cleaning up some edges. Adjust the sideburn thickness as required to match the hair down your chin if you accidentally shaved the hair too much.

How to Maintain Your Monkey Tail Beard

Creating the monkey tail beard look is one thing. Well, anyone can do it. The tricky part is the consistent and proper care for your beard to make it look healthy and at its best. Here are some tips to help you maintain this unique beard style:

Regular Washing

Perhaps you already know that it can get pretty gross when you don’t wash your beard often. You can find crumbs stuck in there, much more if you have thick and full facial hair.

Of course, a beard is incredible. However, if you don’t wash it regularly, you don’t do yourself any favor at all. So, find time to wash your beard 2-3 times weekly to keep it clean and free from leftovers of the day.

Hydration Is the Key

The secret to a soft, shiny beard is hydration and regular conditioning. Use beard oil to hydrate and condition your beard and skin.

This helps in preventing irritation, controlling flakes, and maintaining hair health. Additionally, you keep the skin underneath moisturized. So, don’t skip this part when you decide to grow your beard.

Regular Trimming

Regular trimming is vital to maintain beard health. Use scissors to have a more precise trim and avoid damaging the facial hair. While using a beard trimmer is easier and faster, it can cause damage and split ends. Nevertheless, beard oil helps in reducing split ends.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Remember that the status of your facial hair reflects your inner health. If you wonder why you don’t get a healthy beard, it might be time to have a lifestyle check. A healthy lifestyle involves eating a balanced diet, regular workout, and the right amount of sleep every night.

Most Popular Variations of Monkey Tail Beard Styles

Good news – you don’t need to limit yourself to only one style because the monkey tail beard style has many variations, including:

1. Chinstrap Monkey

Perhaps, the chinstrap monkey tail beard style is the easiest and fastest to pull off. Unlike the other variations where you need to grow your beard first long, the chinstrap style doesn’t need much waiting. As soon as it’s ready, just remove the extra hair, and voila, you have this unique beard style on the spot.

2. Monkey Chin Curtain

Another easy variation is the monkey chin curtain. You can easily pull this off if you already have at least half an inch long of your beard.

Like the chinstrap monkey, it won’t give you too much hassle. With this variation, you only need to maintain the hair between your mustache and beard and remove the stubble. Then, you instantly have it.

3. High Mustache

Generally, the monkey tail beard style works with any mustache. However, it looks more defined when you grow your mustache to the chin on either side and let it fall slightly below your lip.

4. Patchy Tail

Feeling extra adventurous? Well, you can make this beard style more unique by creating some patches. This results in a style that looks like a raccoon tail.

5. Blonde Tail

The monkey tail beard style knows no shape and color. It can come in any form and color, depending on your hair’s natural state. Additionally, you can dye your hair and create a masterpiece monkey tail on your face.

Monkey Tail Beard FAQs

Ready to pull off this style? First, let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this monkey tail beard.

How often should you apply beard oil?

Beard oil is an essential part of facial hair health. If you have dry hair, apply beard oil every day. However, if you have oily hair, only use it 2-3 times a week. Once you notice oil buildup on your beard, minimize your usage.

How often should you trim your beard?

Trimming your beard is a good practice to even it out and remove damaged hair. Trim your beard every two weeks to get rid of uneven patches and split ends.

How long does it take to achieve this look?

As mentioned, you must grow your beard first before pulling off this style. The length of time to grow varies significantly. On average, it takes about 4-6 weeks to grow a monkey tail beard unless you decide to go for a chinstrap monkey.

How to grow a beard faster?

Every man wants a full, thick beard like what they see on the screen. However, genetics play an important role. Some beards may be patchy, while others are dense or even curly. It varies from person to person.

Nevertheless, you can help grow your beard faster with the right diet, regular exercise, and proper cleaning and grooming. It takes time and consistency, so it pays to be patient when it comes to beard growth.

Do I need to oil my mustache?

Yes, definitely. Beard oil helps maintain your beard because it hydrates and conditions your hair and skin. It’s part of the critical maintenance to have a good-looking and healthy beard.

How to get rid of waves in my beard?

A curly beard can grow wild quickly. It becomes out of control and hard to manage. While swoops and waves are common for those with thick beards, dealing with them is fairly easy. You only need a blow dryer and a round brush to fix the beard waves.

Should I pull off a monkey tail beard? 

Remember, the monkey tail beard style isn’t for everybody. Additionally, it isn’t professional. However, if you want a fun and unique look and think you can express yourself better through this style, go for it.

Where to end a monkey tail beard?

The style starts at the ear from either side, wrapping around your chin and mouth resembling the tail of a monkey.

So, What Is a Monkey Tail Beard?

Now you know what a monkey tail beard is. This style has been floating around for some time now, and it seems like many still want to try it.

It’s unique, exciting, and fun for those with a light-hearted and outgoing personality. Like any other beard style, proper maintenance and care should be observed to ensure well-defined edges to create that perfect look.