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How To Maintain A Properly Trimmed Fade Cut

How To Maintain A Properly Trimmed Fade Cut

Low fade, high fade, or mid fade, a fade haircut never goes out of style.

They look equally good on boys, young guys, and older men.

Bald fade black men also look great and make you want to get a fade cut right away (or persuade your loved ones to get one).

However, fades need a little extra attention to stay sharp and have that clean, fresh finish for a long time.

Sharpening the predefined lines by using a razor or with a barber’s help is the best way to maintain a properly trimmed fade cut, but if you haven’t been able to do that lately, have no fear.

There are a few things that you can do to maintain your fade between trips to the barber.

Using a straight razor often to sharpen the edges, buying the right hair products, and getting a proper haircut every two to three weeks are a few things you can start doing right away to maintain your fade haircut properly.

This article will explain in great detail the types of fade cuts and various tips and tricks to keep them sharp and crisp.

Types of fade haircuts

Black Man At Barber

Initially, fades were popular among men with short hair, but this kind of haircut has worked beautifully for medium to long hair over the years.

You can create a fade to pretty much any type, length, or style of a haircut.

Most people consider a fade cut to be one of the best hair cuts as it effortlessly looks great, and you don’t need to spend hours taking care of it.

Here are a few types of fade haircuts if you want some inspiration. You never know which might come off as the perfect one for you.

1. Low Fade Haircut

Low fade is probably the most popular fade haircut to add a touch of elegance to any style.

Just like its name, a low fade haircut runs low just above the ear and on the lower back of the head.

Slightly tapering the hair between the temples and ears will also elevate the classic look.

A low fade cut goes well with all hairstyles and works the best for men with medium to long hair.

There are various forms of this cut, from which you can choose one that will suit you best.

In short, a low fade cut is a perfect place to start if you want to experience a fade cut safely.

2. High Fade Haircut

Man With High Top Fade Haircut

High Fade starts high on the head and gets shorter as it moves down.

Typically, a high fade starts at a line that meets the corner of the forehead. It is a very cool hairstyle that goes with short, medium, and long hair.

Since the fade gradually comes down to the skin, the top part of the hair is strongly emphasized in a high fade cut.

You will want to maintain the hair on top to make it smooth and shiny, as it is the first thing people notice in case of a high fade.

This hairstyle is most popular among Asian and African-American men, but men all over the world find it very attractive.

3. Mid Fade Haircut

Mid Fade is exactly midway between a low fade and a high fade.

The cut starts halfway up the side of the head and tapers at the area between the temples and the ear.

If you want a fade cut, but do not want to go overboard, mid fade is probably the best option.

It looks great in all kinds of outfits and suits young guys as well as older men.

4. Taper Fade Haircut

Man With Taper Fade Haircut

Most guys swooned over by girls most often have a taper fade haircut. Timeless and classy, taper fade is loved by all.

Here, the top hair is kept long while tapering on both sides and the lower back of the head.

The edges are fine and smooth, thereby blending the hair to the skin. Like the name goes, a taper fade cut tapers and fades into the skin.

You can try different styles while maintaining the taper cut. Furthermore, this low maintenance haircut does not require much attention or styling.

5. Bald Fade Haircut

Known by the names skin fade cut, zero fade cut, and bald fade cut, this hairstyle involves the hair going right down to the skin level. It is almost as if you shaved the skin on your head.

Bald fade cut tapers on the sides and back, making it look exceptionally attractive and stylish.

Young fashion enthusiasts find exceptional joy in styling the skin fade using different outfits and hairstyles.

Bald fade black men are excellent in terms of appearance and style.

Even though there are plenty of haircuts for black men, a bald fade cut is the most popular one. It makes them look cool and sophisticated.

6. Undercut Fade Haircut

Man With Undercut Fade

The undercut fade is among the most popular short hairstyles for men.

Also called disconnect hairstyle, this cut disconnects the hair on the top from the sides and back. In addition, the ends do not taper much.

An advantage is that undercuts give the illusion that your hair is naturally voluminous and thick.

The sharp angles of the undercut also give a clean finish and make you look smart.

To sum up, undercut is not likely to go out of style. Ever.

7. Temp Fade Haircut

A temp fade, short for “temple fade” is yet another instagram worthy hairstyle that also has the names box fade, blow out or line up.

Temp fade is all about shaping the hairline into a rectangle.

Like the name, the temples on both sides and the lower back of the head are faded until the hair finally blends into the skin.

Before choosing a temp fade, try to figure if the hairstyle would suit your face shape.

If you want to flatten or get rid of weight from the sides of the head to make your face more elongated, temp fade is a good choice.

Men with round or square faces often fall in love with this style.

How to properly maintain your fade haircut

Making Fade Haircut

Truth be told, the key to a fresh looking haircut is proper maintenance.

All haircuts require care, but a fade cut needs extra supervision to stay the same.

Here are a few pro tips to keep your most loved fade cut in good shape:

1. Sharpen the edges

The perfect fade lasts only a few days, approximately 3 to 5 days. But the good news is, you can keep your fade cut fresh and new using a razor.

To prolong that fresh cut feeling, here is what you have to do: take a razor you usually shave with and clean up the messy parts.

Carefully shape all the predefined lines to make the edges sharp.

In addition, remember to shape three areas: neck hair, ear hair, eyebrow hair. You don’t want extra strands to ruin your beloved fade cut.

Learning how to use a razor to do this is pretty great because you can avoid frequent visits to the barber, saving both time and money.

This is a simple and effective method to maintain your fade cut.

2. Use the right products

True fact: wrong hair products can cause serious damage to your hair game.

Invest in good quality products that can nourish your hair without using a whole lot of chemicals.

For instance, choose shampoos that boost collagen production and make your hair healthy and smooth.

For treated hair, use products with ingredients that work well with treated hair. 

3. Reduce heat damage

We all love a bit of ironing, curling, and drying, but all these come at a cost: hair damage.

The best way to avoid heat damage is to limit the heat on your hair.

However, if necessary, use a heat protectant whenever styling the hair with a hot tool. Heat protectants work similarly to sunscreen. It’s that important.

4. Do not overbrush

In the case of a fade cut, the hair on top is special. But be careful not to overbrush your hair as this can weaken the hair strands and cause split ends.

Hair breakage is the last thing you want on your hair, so focus on the brushing quality instead of the duration.

5. Get a haircut

Black Man Fade Haircut

After all, there is a limit to using a razor to sharpen the edges of the fade cut. Barber visits are necessary if you want your fade cut to look brand new.

Experts recommend getting a haircut every two to three weeks. This helps prevent damage and get rid of split, wispy ends.


If you want to try a fade cut, shortlist the types of fade cuts you like and select based on your face shape and hair type.

A fade cut can totally transform your look into a more stylish and classy one, but it requires proper care and maintenance to stay the same.

To sum up, these are the tips to maintain a properly trimmed fade cut:

  • Sharpen the edges every three days using a razor.
  • Use the right products.
  • Avoid heat tools.
  • Do not overbrush.

Get a haircut every two to three weeks.