10 Long Hair Low Maintenance Hairstyles for Black Men

10 Long Hair Low Maintenance Hairstyles For Black Men
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If you are one of those men that want to keep their hair longer but not have to deal with hours of maintenance each week, you are in the right place.

Just because a hairstyle is longer does not mean that it has to be more work.

We have put together ten of our favorite options for the black man with long hair.

Let that hair grow and enjoy this list with all the options you will ever need for styling.

1. Bun Hairstyle

Men With Bun

If women are allowed to have a messy bun, why can’t the men?

The bun hairstyle is great because it can be done in many different ways, and you can get creative with the styles that you put together.

If you want to keep your hair long all around and put it up in a bun, you can.

You can also keep everything relatively short on the sides and just put the top in a bun. The possibilities are endless, and it only takes minutes.

The half top knot is a favorite because of how simple it is to put up, and it can look great, even on those not so great hair days.

2. Long Black Dreads

Long black dreads are going to take some work, but they are an excellent hairstyle for the black man.

Once you have your dreads in place, they should be relatively low maintenance.

Now there are many different ways to wear dreads, and you may see them come up a few more times on our list of the best hairstyles for black men, but this is an option that you should seriously consider if you want long term low maintenance.

Keep in mind that dreads don’t need to be perfect.

If you want to keep the maintenance down, go with more of an island look where the width of the dreads varies instead of having everything perfectly even.

3. Long Cornrows

Long Cornrows

Cornrows are a classic way to wear your hair, and if you do them correctly, you may not have to worry about extra maintenance.

A cornrow is meant to be an elegant and clean look. Take the time to find an expert stylist that will get your cornrows set just right.

If they are tight and set right then, you won’t have to worry about having to change them anytime soon.

If you like a clean-cut and smooth look, the cornrows are a way to go.

There is no movement with the cornrow look, and that is something that makes many men happy because they won’t have to worry about stopping at the hairstylist quite as often.

4. Natural Long Afro

A long natural afro never seems to go out of style. The great thing about the afro cut is that you can do what you want with it.

If you want to get high maintenance and style it, you can; if you want to just put it up in a bun, you can do that as well.

The only thing about the afro is that you will have to find hair products that will work for you.

Sometimes a hair product is said to be great for styling black man’s hair, only to find out it does a terrible job.

If you plan on rocking the afro, be prepared to invest a bit in hair products, but you will eventually find a fit that will work well for you.

5. Layered Afro Hair

Man With Layered Afro Hair

The layered afro hair look is a younger style haircut that can work well to dress up or down.

If you like styling your hair from time to time and want to keep it longer, there is a lot you can do with the layered afro.

With this look, the hair on the top of your head is going to be a little shorter than the hair on the lower section of the head.

You can style these several different ways, but we must say this look pairs well with some facial hair.

6. Long Front Fringe Afro

Here is another style for the man who wants his hair long but also likes to keep the sides trimmed tight.

With the long front fringe afro, you are going to be setting the fashion bar relatively high, and although it may take a little styling on your part, it will be well worth it.

With the long front fringe afro, the front is cut the same length as the rest of the hair.

Where the front would usually be cut shorter not to block your face, now you have extra hair in the front that you can style any way you want.

If you’re going to pull it back, push it to the side or keep it just as it is, you have that choice.

This is a great looking cut that is worth thinking about if you plan on growing your hair longer.

7. Micro Dreads

Men With Micro Dreads

We talked about some natural dreadlocks as one of our other choices, but this time lets dive into the world of micro dreads.

Micro dreads are perfect for the black man with long hair. These dreads can be styled in so many different ways and worn either up or down.

If you are a man that likes to experiment with hair color, there are some really fun variations you can do with your micro dreads as well.

Black men tend to like the micro dread because it can be styled in a professional way for work during the day, and then you can adjust the styling for social life at night.

It may take a bit of time to get yourself to the long micro dread hairstyle, but it will be well worth it in the end.

8. Jumbo Dreads

If we are going to talk about micro dreads than the jumbo dreads certainly should earn a spot on our list.

The dumbo dreads are such an impressive and stylish look.

You will spend some time obtaining this style, and again you will need some excellent hair products, but if you can obtain the jumbo dread hairstyle, you will not regret it.

The jumbo dread hairstyle for a black man is a very artsy looking style. We love when dreads are kept long on the top, and then a fade is done underneath.

This just brings a whole other level of sophistication to this look. If you want something truly unique that stands out from the crowd, this is a great choice to consider.

9. High Braided Bun

Men WIth High Braided Bun

We know this list is for low maintenance hairstyles for black men, but the high braided bun is so trendy right now that it had to earn a spot on our list.

This particular hairstyle is going to take a few months to perfect, but once you do, the maintenance should not be all that bad.

The high braided bun allows for small sections of the hair to be seen close to the scalp, and they will gather together at the top of the head into a large bun.

The bun can be braided or just wrapped, and either way, it looks great.

As far as the braids are concerned, you can do them in several different ways to get the style that you want.

The initial project of creating this look indeed takes a time investment. However, once it is in place, the maintenance should not be all that bad.

In fact, with how great this look is, you may find you don’t mind spending some extra time on your hair.

10. Long Hair

We saved our simplest option for last. Who says you need a hairstyle? Why can’t long hair just be left long?

The answer is that it can!

You do not need to style your hair; you do not need to choose a bun, or a cornrow or a dreadlock. If you want to wear your hair long, then you should.

You will have to invest in the proper products and make sure that you have the necessary tools to style it should you want to do something more than just let it naturally flow.

Long natural hair can be a great hairstyle, and it can be as low maintenance as you want it to be.


Handsome Hipster

We hope our top ten long hair low maintenance hairstyles for black men have given you some insight as to all the different options you have out there.

Don’t be limited by one particular style. If you have a goal in mind for your hair, speak to your hairstylist about it.

There could be steps that you can take that can move you closer to that perfect long hairstyle.

It may take several months to grow your hair out, and you may spend some time and money finding the right products for your hair.

Don’t let long hairstyles scare you. If you have never let your hair grow, now may be the time to give it a try.

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