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The 7 Best Clippers for Bald Heads in 2022

The 7 Best Clippers for Bald Heads in 2022

There are a lot of questions surrounding what the best clippers for a bald head are. Trying to pinpoint the perfect clipper or shaver for you is tricky. But don’t worry — we’ve rounded up our 7 favorite options to make your search far less stressful.

What’s the Best Clipper for a Bald Head?

The unique shape of the head versus other parts of your body can make a huge difference when shaving. Let’s take a better look at the best head shaving products out there. Our top picks for the top of your head focus on ease of use, ergonomics, blade sharpness, and more.

Our Top 7 Picks for the Best Clippers for Bald Heads:

  1. Closest Cut: Wahl Professional Balding Clipper
  2. Best for Versatility: AidallsWellup Man’s 5-in-1 Electric Head Shaver
  3. Best Value: Andis 17150 (TS-1) Pro Shaver
  4. Most Ergonomic: BroShaver Lion Series Bald Head Shaver
  5. Best for Experienced Barbers Wahl Clipper Self-Cut Compact Kit
  6. Most Heads: Electric Head Razor for Bald Men Wet and Dry
  7. Best for a Portability: Telfun Head Shaver for Bald Men 5-in-1

The best clippers have a good combination of usability and power for the time it takes to charge or plugin.

Why You Need Clippers for a Bald Head

Guy looking upward and wondering why he needs the best clippers for bald heads

Chris Tefme/Shutterstock

Rocking the bald look requires a shaving tool that can get rid of a lot of hair at once. It needs a mix of power and precision to cut close to your scalp without being uncomfortable. The right one can make the difference between entirely bald and just trimmed down.

A balding clipper or versatile shaver can help you fit the process into your schedule. Without the right type of razor, it can take up to hours out of your day to get the right look. Taking into account if you need to shave or have help is another huge consideration.

Many head-shaving clippers also come with extra attachments and convenient features to make grooming easier overall. The best on the market can make not only shaving yourself bald a breeze but looking your best super easy.

You can take advantage of the best option for you and your head hair. Let’s look at the choices we recommend.

The 7 Best Clippers for bald Heads in 2022

Depending on the extent of your hair growth and how long you’ve been shaving this way, you might choose a heavier-duty clipper. Regardless of your budget for these personal hygiene helpers, you can find a quality product for bald shaving here. 

1. Wahl Professional Balding Clipper

Closest Cut
Wahl 5-Star Balding Clipper 8110 (Very Powerful)
  • Affordable despite being professional-grade.
  • Super-sharp blades provide a close cut that lasts.
  • Powerful motor allows for a close, one-pass cut.
  • Sharp blades can cause cuts if you’re not careful.
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This high-precision model is equipped with all the necessary bells and whistles to make short work of balding. It adheres to expert standards to shaving, appropriate even for career barbers and stylists.

You can easily apply change up the length of the hair with its clipper attachments. Other accessories include a cleaning brush, attachment combs, and oil. Even with its professional branding, don’t be afraid to let it make your life easier.

Users love the ability to quickly and efficiently shave their heads. What it lacks in subtlety, it more than makes up for in speed. The professional level of settings and adjustments can throw off more casual shavers, especially before they get used to all the customization you can do.

Make sure you’re going to be using this beast a solid amount. While its features, prowess, and reviews make this the best overall clipper, it’s still decently expensive.

2. AidallsWellup 5-in-1 Head Shaver

Best for Versatility
Aidall’s Wellup Men’s 5-in-1 Electric Head Shaver
  • Easy to clean
  • Very versatile and can be used for other shaving needs
  • Compact enough to bring around
  • Not great for those who have big hands
  • Chassis feels somewhat cheap 
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This multi-purpose shaving tool covers more than just head shaving. No matter where you decide to get rid of your head hair, this product has you covered.

Wet or dry, alone or with another, this 5-in-1 shaver can take care of it. The six-blade-head is its main feature. While its heads are not as thorough as a clipper’s blade or straight razor, it makes up for this with a versatile design and extra tools.

There is extra set-up and clean-up involved, however. If you decide to shave wet rather than dry, the time the razors take to dry can be annoying.

Working it into your grooming routine is a must. After 90 minutes of charging, you’ll be good to shave for that same amount of time (90 minutes). It’s a completely cordless clipper. User reviews rave regarding the ability of these clippers to polish off quick touch-ups.

It’s highly portable and works for a lot of varied types of customers. Some bemoan the plastic hinges when cleaning the clipper. There are some interior design issues that could be improved upon with more spendy options.

3. Andis Pro Foil Shaver

Best Value
Andis Pro Foil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver
  • Used by professionals
  • Gives a close shave
  • Good battery life 
  • Can be aggressive on the face
  • Quite lightweight, which makes gripping harder
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The close shave you can have with this expert clipper gives you complete control over your hair. The compact design and high-quality components combine to make it one of the fastest trimmers out there.

You can trust this product to work best with all skin types and hair varieties. Andis has created a professional-grade clipper that’s as easy to use as any ergonomic 5-in-1 or basic razor. While quite pricey, this cordless helper is quick and simple in practice. 

User reviews keep coming in thanks to its ease of use across the world. Replacing and cleaning the foils and cutters can be a nuisance thanks to their small size and unique design, but it’ll only get easier and easier to do.

With over 30,00 global ratings, it’s easy to see that this clipper delivers when many similar models can’t. If used regularly, many users can speak to the efficiency of this dependable product.

The foil aspect of using this clipper can make many types of skin upset when first being used. Some users had to deal with bad irritation from changing things up from other models.

4. BroShaver 5-in-1 for Bald Men

Most Ergonomic
BroShaver 5-in-1 for Bald Men
  • Specialty ergonomic design
  • Super simple to clean and upkeep
  • Dry and wet shave versatility
  • Lesser-known
  • Takes extra time to recharge and let razors dry
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This lightweight and multi-headed clipper suits both dry and wet shavers alike. Its special ergonomic design makes getting rid of hair on your head simple. Even if you’re shaving on your own, you can expect an easy time.

Similar to many electric razors, the hair that would otherwise clump up and get everywhere during a shave gets stored inside the large head. It’s super simple to clean by popping the special head open.

Razor replacements are cheap if you decide to replace them, and the extra accessories give you more bang for your buck. Extra shaving guards for precision cutting can help you get the look you want as well.

Similar to other clippers made for high versatility, after shaving in the shower, you’ll need to deal with an extra bit of waiting for razors to dry. The few user reviews love the overall quality seen in the accessories and guards for the circular blades themselves.

5. Wahl Self-Cut Haircutting Kit

Best for Experienced Barbers
Wahl Clipper Compact Personal Haircut Kit
  • Great for beginners barbers
  • Can be used with or without cord
  • Comes with 16 different types of blades
  • Price is on the higher end
  • Has a very loud motor when in use
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The two Wahl products on this list are both professional-quality tools anyone can use. This is a far less expensive and easy-to-approach design. The compact size and low weight can mess with some users, however.

With quiet clipper technology and a ton of blade guards for exact length control and easy trimming around the ears, it’s a pretty easy recommendation. Problems can come up due to the uniqueness of its frame.

Many people expect a certain weight when using clippers, and the fact that so much of it is gone when using this product feels very strange. The small size can make this even more difficult if you have larger hands.

Users of both sexes speak about the versatility of shaving with this Wahl model. It has some unorthodox design issues that affect long-time clipper users. Overall, users find this change in pressure cumbersome at first, but most make the adjustment.

6. FEIMUOSI Head Shaver

Most Heads
FEIMUOSI Head Shaver
  • For wet and dry shaving
  • Inexpensive
  • Small size
  • The display can get busy
  • Small size
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The useful conglomeration of tools available for the low price of this clipper alone makes it tempting. This tiny shaver already boasts six unique functions with its interchangeable head, along with an LED display for a variety of circumstances.

The tiny size makes for a great travel companion and helps with quick storage. That same size can be a bit of a drawback because of its unorthodox design.

If you have larger hands, it can be especially awkward to use yourself. The generally helpful display lets you know if it’s charging, how much time is left when shaving, and things like when you should clean it.

Some functions of this display get used more than others, making it a strange addition. Users enjoy the efficiency of this six-bladed machine.

The low cost comes up in a few of the more positive reviews, which we couldn’t agree with more. One of the downsides pointed out by user reviews is the lack of manual and customer support when troubleshooting this particular model.

7. Telfun Head Shaver 5-in-1

Best for Portability
Telfun Head Shaver 5-in-1
  • The travel case is great
  • Ergonomic design
  • Smart lock to save energy
  • The slow charge doesn't last too long
  • No charger included
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This tiny Telfun clipper works in almost any shaving environment. You can bring in whatever shaving gel or foam you feel comfortable with and have little to worry about when cleaning this product.

The design works well for many positive users, although it still retains some drawbacks. Many reviews mention that attachments and accessories can pop out of the proper socketing. The battery life ends up being the biggest disappointment for users.

The major downsides of this head clipper come from its charging foibles. While features like a smart lock are in place to avoid unnecessary activations, it’s got poor battery life. With two hours of charging, you get 90 minutes of action.

No charger comes with the product, either. You’ll need to take advantage of USB options exclusively. This isn’t the end of the world, but needing a mobile power brick, computer, or suitable USB charger can be a small hassle.

Finding the Best Clippers for Your Bald Head

Guy looking at the best hair clippers for bald heads in the store

Orion Production/Shutterstock

We know that everybody’s different, and the added complexity of hair makes things even harder. When looking for the right clipper for balding cuts, there are plenty of factors to take into account.

The Dryness or Wetness of Your Shaving Routine

Based on your routine, you may shave around when you shower, which has a big effect on how you decide to use your clippers. You might not always shave other parts of your body when you decide to shave your head, and vice-versa.

Many modern trimmers and versatile options are compatible with dry and wet environments. Classically-designed clippers like the Wahl products and the Andis can’t handle the wet but are more focused on power.

Working within a set routine will help you realize when you want to shave, and what tool can help you accomplish the job fastest.

Motor Power

Depending on how fast your hair grows and how often you want to manage it, you can narrow down what level of product you need. The professional-level shavers are great but can be overkill for quick fades with little hair.

You might as well get the power you pay for. If that means you only need an inexpensive head clipper, that’s okay.

There’s no reason to get a stylist-recommended super-tool if you’re not using it consistently. Finding a good balance is always the goal, and you never deserve to be sold short.

Your Skin Type

Each person is different in this regard. Just like your hair type, this can make a big difference in how you shave. Some unruly types of hair require more passes or might warrant a much more powerful device.

For the sake of your skin, you’ll want to consider if you need pre-shave gel or foam and if that means a waterproof clipper is needed. Some irritation can be avoided by different shaving techniques for dry situations, but it’s going to mean a lot of trial and error.

Finding user reviews can be an easy way to skip past trial and error if people mention their skin type. The balance of your skin is delicate, and no amount of research is too much.

Battery Life

For clippers that come with cords, this is less of an issue. Those models sacrifice a lot of portability and waterproof designs for power. If you need a portable option or something for wet shaves, it’s a huge concern.

Not only is the charge held by a portable clipper important to look for, but the longevity of the battery as well.

It’s not uncommon for a lithium-ion battery or similar power source to give out before the motor in heavy-duty clipper varieties. The measure of longevity versus convenience is another important set of competing factors for many clippers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Man using the best clippers for bald heads on his own scalp


Trying to learn about clippers suitable for bald and balding heads can be annoying and confusing. If you are new to this type of shaving, we’ve answered some common questions for convenience.

How Close Should Balding Clippers Cut to My Skin?

While this measurement can be different depending on your style, most clippers should be set to leave 0.1 to 0.2 millimeters of hair left.

Although it’s called balding, it isn’t a complete removal of all hair, which would likely take chemical treatment to achieve. Some stubble is expected.

Is Dry or Wet Shaving Better?

There isn’t a set answer to this question. Much like people’s differing skin and hair types, you can expect a style of shaving that works best for you based on previous experiences.

The more easily your skin is irritated and the type of clipper you’re interested in, try out different varieties until you find the best option for you.

Can I use My Balding Clippers on My Face?

Many clippers are perfect for use on the face, and in some cases, can also be used as body trimmers. Many modern shaving devices have a multitude of functions for maximum convenience as well.

So, What’s the Best Tool for Shaving a Bald Head?

With all things considered, we have to give our highest recommendation to the Wahl Professional Balding Clipper.

Closest Cut
Wahl 5-Star Balding Clipper 8110 (Very Powerful)
  • Affordable despite being professional-grade.
  • Super-sharp blades provide a close cut that lasts.
  • Powerful motor allows for a close, one-pass cut.
  • Sharp blades can cause cuts if you’re not careful.
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It has professional standards on its side and combines the best of many classic designs to bring a long-lasting powerhouse to anyone’s routine. Great for top-level barbers and stylists as well as the common man.

When looking at different balding clippers, there can be an overwhelming number of options. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use these options to start your search if nothing here suits your head hair.