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5 Best Electric Head Shavers in 2022

5 Best Electric Head Shavers in 2022

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best electric head shaver is, then we recommend the Panasonic ES8243A ARC4 Electric Shaver And Trimmer For Men.

If you are considering shaving your head for the first time or you want to keep your bald look entirely smooth, your shaver is something you will use on the daily. 

You need something reliable, that cuts well, and that you can comfortably grip. Sifting through all the options to find the best electric head shaver can be time-consuming. Check out my top recommendations for electric head shavers.

Our top 5 picks for the best electric head shavers:

  1. AsaVea Men’s 5-In-1 Electric Shaver & Grooming Kit
  2. Panasonic ES8243A ARC4 Electric Shaver And Trimmer For Men
  3. Venyn 4-In-1 Richor Electric Shaver
  4. Dee Banna Wet/Dry Electric Rotary Shaver
  5. Phisco Electric Shaver Razor For Men

Benefits of Shaving Your Head

If you still have some hair and are considering shaving your head—possibly why you are looking into the best electric head shavers—rest assured, there are plenty of benefits. Not only will you eliminate constant concern about your hairline, but you could also save money, feel physically cooler, and even appear more attractive. 

Avoiding the Barbershop

You can sidestep the barbershop after you shave your head, which will not only save you money but also your precious time. Skipping the barbershop can even rid you of some awkward conversations if you dislike small talk with those cutting your hair. 

Depending on where you go to get your trims, a barbershop or salon, and how often you get cuts, this could save you roughly $150 to $400 a year

Avoiding a barbershop can also save you time—approximately five to eight hours per year, again, depending on where you go to get cuts and how frequently. 

Shaving your head also eliminates those occasional bad haircuts if you go to a new place or have a different barber or hairstylist on rare occasions. When someone doesn’t know how to cut your hair just the way you like it, you’ll inevitably run into trims that are not exactly what you wanted. 

Tossing Hair Supplements/Supplies

Products touted to regrow hair such as Rogaine are proven to work for some regions of the head on some individuals. However, these products come with some side effects, and your hairline is not worth something potentially life-threatening. 

That’s right, the active ingredient in Rogaine and off-brand competitors is Minoxidil, which can cause heart palpitations in some people. If you are at an even somewhat increased risk or age for heart conditions, you should avoid products like Rogaine if possible. Other longer-term side effects that we are yet to be aware of could surface in the future, as well.

Feeling Physically Cooler

Looking cool can be part of the perks of going bald. In hotter months are warm climates, feeling fresh is a major plus, too. Without a head full of hair and all of the styling products caking it down, you might be surprised just how much better a breeze feels in the summer. 

One important note: you need to wear sunscreen on your head after you shave it bald. Your head and ears get direct exposure of harmful rays, and the delicate skin on this part of your body hasn’t had a full lifetime to adapt with a base tan (which still doesn’t protect your skin, by the way).

You might be shocked at how quickly a scalp can sunburn. So, put a bottle of sunscreen right by your door, so you won’t forget before leaving the house. You can even keep a small container (out of direct sunlight) in your car as a backup. Just remember, sunscreen does expire, so toss the bottle in the car after a summer season and replace it when needed.

Once you have that SPF applied, you’ll be able to enjoy hot weather with more comfort than the days when you had thick hair covering the part of your body that retains and releases so much heat: your noggin. 

Looking Cool

Whether some men want to fess up to it or not, appearance is essential to most men, especially when trying to date or when needing to feel confident around other guys. There is something inherently cool about shaving your head. The bold statement is a sign of self-assurance. 

A shaved head goes hand-in-hand with other timeless cool vibes, such as motorcycles, ribbed muscles, or leather jackets. When you shave your head, you join the ranks of other men who do so and pull it off. Just think of Michael Jordan, Jason Statham, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, and even Patrick Stewart (Captain Pickard).

A shaved head also alludes to a clean look, a sense of authority, and lacks the aged appearance of the dreaded comb-over. You avoid the aging looks of bald spots like a friar or even Mr. Burns, a la The Simpsons. Shaving your head can have the intriguing and appealing paradox of making your look both more mature and sophisticated, yet also younger at the same time. 

Getting Used to Shaving Your Head

Even if you don’t have especially sensitive skin, the scalp can be a little different when you start using an electric razor on it. When you shave very close, you’re bound to experience a patch of razor burn or ingrown hairs in the beginning. 

Using a quality shaving cream, going over the skin with light pressure, and trying out remedies for ingrown hairs can help a lot. Try to avoid shave over a single area several times. It is better to have the smallest shadow of growth than have skin covered in an angry rash of razor burn.

If you do experience a lot of ingrown hairs, it can help to use a product with glycolic acid such as Roc’s Daily Resurfacing Disks (moistened pads). You can swipe one of these all over your head, allow to sit for 30 seconds to five minutes depending on how sensitive your skin is, and then wash off. The glycolic acid helps slough off the dead skin on top, helping to prevent hair from getting stuck under the surface. 

You can also exfoliate your scalp with special gloves for the task in the shower. The sensation of the gentle scrubbing gloves feels quite pleasant on a bald head. Exfoliating will leave the skin smoother and less likely to develop ingrown hairs.

5 Best Electric Head Shavers in 2022

We’re guessing that we don’t have to sell you on the benefits of shaving your head. After all, you’re just looking for a list of the best head shavers... right? If so, keep reading to learn about our top picks, their pros and cons, and more.

1. AsaVea Men’s 5-in-1 Electric Shaver & Grooming Kit

AsaVea Men’s 5-in-1 Electric Shaver & Grooming Kit
  • Waterproof
  • Five functions/attachments in one razor
  • Rubberized, ergonomic grip
  • Five flexible, rotating blades
  • Specifically-design for shaving head
  • Rare issues with battery life
  • Not quite as close of a shave as some foil razors
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The AsaVea 5-in-1 electric shaver isn’t just for your head. This full grooming kit includes attachments to deal with nose hair, beards or stubble, fulling shaving your face or head, and even a rotating brush for face cleansing. 

We like the handy non-slip grip that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and along with the five rotating blades, this helps you to move around your head to shave all of those harder to reach areas. You can even use the cleaning face brush to scrub not only your face but your entire scalp if you have a quality cleanser you like.

This ergonomic head shaver is also fully waterproof, so it’s a contender if you want to do your grooming in the shower. The lithium battery is said to run for up to 60 minutes on a two-hour charge. AsaVea’s 5-in-1 head razor runs about the middle of the pack in terms of price out of several razors—not the cheapest, but still reasonably priced.

2. Panasonic ARC4 Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men

Panasonic ARC4 Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men
  • Foil blade contours to face and head
  • Cuts well with sharp blades
  • Pivoting head and flexible foil razors
  • Trimmer pop-up razor
  • High quality
  • Replacement parts are easy to find
  • A little expensive
  • Less ergonomic grip
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Panasonic has some outstanding ratings on their shavers, but we like the Arc4 model for its battery life, the wet/dry capability, and the multiple foil razors on a pivoting head. Not to mention, this is among their top-rated electric razors.

This razor is a more traditional design with the handle, like the shape of clippers, but with four super sharp stainless steel foil blades. The foil contours and the head of the razor can pivot, so with both of these movements, you can reach your entire head and attain a close, smooth shave.

One hour of charging will get your roughly 40 minutes of shave time—not a bad ratio on the battery life. With a three-minute shave, that is about 13 or 14 uses before you need to charge it again. Better yet, you get an LCD indicator on the handle, so you know when it’s loading, when the battery is full, and when your charge is low.

We like the built-in trimmer, which pops up on the back of the razor, for grooming beards, sideburns, or even trimming body hair.

3. Venyn 4-in-1 Richor Electric Shaver

Venyn 4-in-1 Richor Electric Shaver
  • Affordable
  • Three-blade rotating head razor
  • Face razor, nose trimmer, and face brush included
  • Easy to change heads
  • Waterproof
  • The company donates to families of troops
  • Battery life could be better
  • Cheaper plastic handle
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Venyn’s 4-in-1 electric razor is another full grooming kit in one set, but with the traditional handle style (like clippers). This shaver comes with a three-blade rotating head for the scalp, along with a nose hair trimmer, a facial hair/sideburn trimmer, and a rotating brushing you can use as a face cleanser. 

This multi-function head shaver for waterproof, so you can trim your face at the sink, and then take it into the shower for the rest of the job. We like the face brush for cleaning with a bit more scrub, which can help prevent ingrown hairs. 

The detachable heads are straightforward to switch out and clean. We also appreciate Venyn’s charitable side. They state that ten percent of their total profits benefit soldiers and their families, supporting philanthropic causes for military spouses.

4. Dee Banna Wet/Dry Electric Rotary Shaver

Dee Banna
Dee Banna Wet/Dry Electric Rotary Shaver
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Waterproof and shaving cream compatible
  • USB quick charge
  • Up to 60 minutes of battery life per charge
  • Harder to find replacement heads
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The Dee Banna electric head razor is made with that ergonomic grip in mind. The oval handle is meant to fit in the palm with a firm grasp, which makes it more comfortable to reach every area of the scalp for a smooth shave.

The wet/dry capabilities with this shaver are fantastic. You can use it not only in the shower but also with shaving gel or foam and rinse clean. The five rotating razors cut hair growing in any direction or pattern—perfect for those with cowlicks in their formerly longer hair. 

You can get up to 60 minutes of continuous battery life, and the USB quick-charge makes it convenient to juice this baby up anywhere you can charge a phone. Don’t worry; the razor comes with a USB cord, so charging in the bathroom while you have your phone plugged in, too, is no problem. 

The Dee Banna is an affordable electric head shaver when some of the competition can cost up to (and over) $100. This razor is very budget-friendly for a five-blade electric model.

5. Phisco Electric Shaver Razor for Men

Phisco RMS8112 Electric Shaver Razor
  • Reliable quality
  • LED battery display
  • Quick charge with long battery life
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Waterproof and shaving cream compatible
  • Rare complaints of battery issues after several months
  • No pivoting head
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The Phisco electric head shaver features three rotating blades on a traditional-style handle. The battery life is quality on this razor. You can get a quick charge in only two minutes for a single shave if you accidentally let the battery die. One hour of charging this head razor will provide roughly 120 minutes of shave time.

This head shaver is entirely waterproof, and you can use shaving cream with it, too, which is a nice bonus. The three rotating blades pivot slightly to help contour to the shape of the scalp and get those hard-to-reach places. 

Phisco claims this shaver has self-sharpening blades, so a replacement head shouldn’t be a concern with this unit. We like the LED battery indication, the simplistic style, and the pretty reliable quality of this head shaver. 

The high user ratings echo that, with ample five-star reviews and a meager amount of negative feedback. Phisco’s head and face shaver runs about middle of the pack when it comes to cost—more reasonable than some competitors, yet still holding their own with fantastic ratings.

What to Look for in a Head Shaver

When buying your first, or fourth, full-head shaver you want to check for quality ratings. Naturally, your budget will come into play, too. Outside of that, what should you check?

Charge Time/Cordless Functionality

Many men will shave their head daily in the shower or right before showering. What if you forget to charge it and it quits on you? Will you be able to get enough juice with a 20-minute charge to finish the job, or does the shaver requires several hours, and a long time plugged into your electricity, to power up? 


The handle and grip angle on a shaver for your head can have different requirements than a shaver for your face. Many men find that the palm grip type of handles on some shavers make it much easier to get around the head than razors with a more extended, traditional handle. 


A wet/dry razor is essential if you plan to shave in your shower. Using the shaver in the shower can make the daily task of grooming your head so much easier when it comes to cleaning your bathroom. Not only can you get the job done quickly, but you can also rinse the tiny hairs down the drain. Not all razors are waterproof, though, so check for this feature.

Ease of Cleaning

Like anything that needs taking apart, some products are made to be made more straightforward than others. Electric shavers require regular cleaning to work correctly. Look into how easily you can disassemble the necessary parts to clean the razor.

Types of Blades

Some razors have blades like a traditional set of clippers; others have rotating blades (up to four or five). For most people, a collection of multiple rotating blades will work best on the scalp, as hair can grow in different directions and angles all over the head. A razor with various rotating blades will often shave all the hair, regardless of growth pattern, a little easier. 

With all of these features in mind, we rounded up five of the best electric head shavers on the market at the moment. 

So, What’s the Best Electric Head Shaver?

Regardless of the razor, remember that learning to shave your head and get all of the areas takes practice. You’ll likely miss a couple of spots in the beginning but keeping two shower-safe mirrors nearby can help you check for missed areas.

If you still can’t make up your mind about the best electric head shaver, our top choice is the Panasonic Arc4. This razor works for a variety of hair types and is of high quality. When it comes to something you are going to get daily use out of, we tend to opt for excellence over the lowest price. So, if you can swing it in your budget, we recommend giving this shaver a chance.