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The 7 Best Hair Trimmers in 2022

The 7 Best Hair Trimmers in 2022

When it comes to discussing which brand offers the best hair trimmers, it’s hard to tell if you haven’t tried a majority of them.

After extensive testing and researching consumer reviews, we present our top picks and a buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

What Are the Best Hair Trimmers?

Anymore, it’s not as easy getting to the barbershop as it once was. Additionally, why not save yourself some money and learn how to touch up your cut in between appointments? A quality hair trimmer will help you do just that, and it’s not terribly difficult to give yourself a trim.

We decided which trimmers were best based on what they can provide to address unique needs, hence why there’s a “best for” category. Check out which trimmers made the cut (no pun intended) and which will work well for your current lifestyle. 

Our top 7 picks for the best hair trimmers:

  1. Best Overall: Philips Norelco Multi-Use Hair Trimmer 
  2. Best for Professionals: Oster Fast Feed Motor Trimmer 
  3. Best for Durability: Remington Haircut and Beard Trimmer
  4. Best for Ease of Use: Wahl Color Pro Lithium-Ion Trimmers 
  5. Best for Handheld: Remington Quick Cut Hair Trimmer
  6. Best for Precision: BaByliss PRO Outlining Trimmers
  7. Best Budget Pick: AMULISS Professional Hair Trimmers

It’s essential to understand why you need hair trimmers and how they’re integral to your grooming routine. There is also some confusion about the difference between trimmers and clippers, though they’re similar in many ways.

Read on to understand the multiple functions your hair trimmers can serve and why you shouldn’t skip out on owning a quality pair. 

Why You Need Hair Trimmers

Guy using one of the best hair trimmers on his beardline

Trakto Creative Design/Shutterstock

Hair trimmers are for shorter haircuts. These are different from hair clippers, which are for longer hairstyles. Used for closer cuts, it’s possible to use the trimmer to get that freshly clean-shaven look when you want to groom appropriately.

Styling is the advantage that you have when selecting hair trimmers over clippers. Trimmers are also safer than razor blades because they aren’t as sharp or aggressive. You can even purchase blades with hypoallergenic properties for men with sensitive skin.

A quality trimmer should last for at least two hours on average. Again, it’s not that difficult to cut your own hair, but you can easily mess it up if you don’t have the right pair of hair trimmers.

While performing hair maintenance for yourself, or even others, you’ll want to understand the nuances that exist between hair trimmers and which one is right for you. Each product listed below has unique qualities and capabilities that will make your life easier when it comes to home or professional use. 

The 7 Best Hair Trimmers in 2022

Below are the best hair trimmers for professional and home use. They feature a variety of accessories and also range from simple to intricate, depending on your needs and cutting style. Let’s take a look at which trimmers made the cut:

1. Philips Norelco Multi-Use Hair Trimmer (Best Overall)

Best Overall)
Philips Norelco Multi-Use Hair Trimmer
  • Allows for multiple cuts on the face, hair, and body
  • Maximum precision, even for beginners
  • Three hours of cordless use; durable battery
  • You get a lot of accessories
  • Blades may dull quicker than advertised
  • You don't always get a warning before the battery dies
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The Philip Norelco trimmers are perfect for styling your hair, body, or face, and the DualCut technology offers maximum precision, no matter your experience level. This package also includes self-sharpening blades that remain sharp after years of usage.

The stainless steel blades are reliable and won’t rust or dull too quickly. The full metal motor ensures high power and torque, and the drivetrain is enhanced with tempered steel. Despite the high-power engine, the Norelco trimmers aren’t noisy.

The cutting guards use a durable fiberglass material that prevents buckling and doesn’t bend. That means you’ll always get an even trim, and you have a little bit of room in case of accidental dropping.

2. Oster Fast Feed Motor Trimmer (Best for Professionals)

Best for Professionals
OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510
  • Perfect for heavy use
  • Powerful motor with low noise
  • Best choice for professionals
  • Extra sharp blades great for thick hair
  • Blades get hot with extended use
  • The lever gets stuck sometimes
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The Fast Feed’s powerful motor is surprisingly quiet, and the cord is extra-long for your convenience. The razors are incredibly sharp, but they might get dull quicker than other options. However, you can easily replace them when needed.

These trimmers can cut wet or dry hair with ease. The casing for the Fast Feed trimmers is a thick plastic material that can withstand heavy usage drops and is comfortable to hold, thanks to the ergonomic design. It’s also still lightweight so that you don’t get fatigued as you cut.

There’s a small taper lever that you can adjust with your thumb as you cut without breaking your concentration or form. These trimmers are perfect for pros and those who want to cut their hair multiple times a week to keep it low and clean.

3. Remington Haircut and Beard Trimmer (Best for Durability)

Best for Durability
Remington Haircut and Beard Trimmer
  • Heavy-duty super magnet motor
  • High polycarbonate shell 
  • Stainless steel blades deliver a precise cut
  • It comes with a storage pouch
  • Takes multiple passes to fully cut
  • Shell gets hot after prolonged use
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The Remington Haircut and Beard Trimmer is virtually indestructible. It comes in a polycarbonate shell and a thick rubber 8 ft cord for easy maneuverability. The blade system ensures no pulling or snagging and an overall even cut, as the blades are always aligned correctly.

The magnet motor delivers high power and makes for faster cuts, great if you’re always on the go and just looking to touch your hair up quickly. These stainless steel blades can get washed rapidly and easily under running water, without the hair clogging the blades. 

The rubber grips on the side of the trimmers allow for better control and comfort while cutting, which is essential if you use your trimmers frequently. The Remington hair trimmer is the most powerful and durable product on our list.

4. Wahl Color Pro Lithium-Ion Trimmers (Best for Ease of Use)

Best for Ease of Use
Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer
  • Excellent choice to trim kid's hair
  • It comes with the most accessories
  • It comes with an instruction manual
  • You can use it with or without the cord
  • Hair clogs the blades quickly
  • It has an overall flimsy feel 
  • Noisier than some other options on the list
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The Wahl Color Pro Lithium Ion hair trimmers are robust, and the taper lever enhances precision. They also come with additional ear guards to make it a breeze to trim around the ear area, which is the hardest part about a DIY cut.

The color-coded combs help beginners ensure that they aren’t using the wrong length to cut. Each comb has a lab with grade numbers, making it easy to choose anywhere from 0.8mm-25mm.

If you charge the trimmers for three hours, you’ll get 2 hours of cordless usage. Having a cord in the way can be difficult for those just starting, making the process longer.

The versatility of these trimmers with the different length combs, cord or cordless option, and removable blades is unmatched. The performance isn’t as high as some others on the list, but it’s a solid option, terrific to use for kid’s haircuts. 

5. Remington Quick Cut Hair Trimmer (Best Hand-Held Trimmers)

Remington HC420 Shortcut Pro
  • Small size fits in the palm of your head
  • Allows for a secure grip with maximum flexibility
  • Durable and sharp blades made out of stainless steel
  • Includes nine combs
  • Short battery life
  • Blade guards don’t always attach securely
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The Remington Quick Cut Hair Trimmer is a unique device that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It takes some getting used to, but it feels more natural to cut certain areas like the back of your head and the nape, thanks to the curved design. 

You can use these trimmers with or without a cord, though you only get 49 minutes of cordless usage. The blades on these trimmers are more than 50 percent larger than those on conventional trimmers. While that does make for a faster cut, it also takes away from the precision a bit. 

The cutting lengths range from 1.5mm-15mm, which is a smaller variety than some other options we have featured. The blades wash easily, so there’s less concern about clogging the blades and having trouble removing the hairs.

Overall, this is a good choice for someone who wants to keep their hair low and use these trimmers daily to maintain.

6. BaByliss PRO Outlining Trimmers (Best for Precision)

Best for Precision
BaByliss PRO Outlining Trimmers
  • Sleek design with metal casing
  • Hanging hook at the base
  • Comfortable grip
  • Excellent precision for styling details and close cuts
  • Blades get clogged with hair easily
  • Spring pops out with prolonged use
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If you’re looking for a pair of professional trimmers that will give you the closest cut possible, the BaBylissPRO GoldFX Outlining Hair Trimmer is a must. 

The trimmers can get used with or without a cord, they’re the best choice on the list for details like lines and designs, and it has an exposed T-blade with 360° views. The Ferrari-designed engine offers high torque and a fast cut despite the hair type.

The durable lithium battery will last up to two hours without the cord, and your hands don’t get tired thanks to the knurled grip, similar to a barbell. This is the most stylish option on the list, as the all-gold metal casing looks excellent in your grooming kit.

There’s also a hook at the bottom of the trimmers that you can use for hanging. If you want hard lines, crisp edge-ups, or any detail work at all, go with the BaByliss PRO trimmers.

7. AMULISS Professional Hair Trimmers (Best Budget Pick)

Best Budget Pick
AMULISS Professional Hair Trimmers
  • High-powered Ferrari design motor for a quick cut
  • 180 minutes of cordless use
  • It doesn't overheat with heavy use
  • They’re noisy
  • It does not come with any accessories
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The AMULISS Professional Hair Trimmers are a basic but solid choice if you need a low cut at home. These aren’t great with details and styling, but if you’re more experienced, you should achieve clean lines and styles. The blades are sharp, and users don’t seem to complain about hair getting caught in them frequently.

You can only trim in three lengths with these trimmers, so be mindful before you make the purchase. The most convenient feature of these trimmers is that the USB charging cable is compatible with any port. 

The AMULISS trimmers are lightweight comfortable to hold for extended periods, and the LED display shows you how much battery you have left in a bright blue color. If you’re on a budget, go with the AMULISS trimmers for a quality cut at an affordable cost.

Finding the Best Hair Trimmer for You

Pair of the best hair trimmers on a blue table

kheira benkada/Shutterstock

Hair trimmers can be a tricky purchase because there are many different styles and shapes. More importantly, they’re optimized to perform various purposes.

This means you have to know what you want to use to determine which hair trimmer is best for your particular needs. Consider the following aspects:


Trimmers should be resilient against wear and tear. You want your trimmers to withstand all forms of deterioration that could occur from their dropping and heavy use.

Quality blades are anti-corrosive and don’t crack easily or bend. Aluminum and stainless steel are the two most durable blade materials.


It’s good to have trimmers that you can pick up and go without much thought. You don’t want to waste unnecessary time and effort trying to figure out the right way to use the product.

The grip should be comfortable, and the lever to adjust the taper should be easily accessible with the flick of your thumb. Cordless versions are convenient because you don’t have to worry about it getting in your way, but at least make sure the cord isn’t so short that you have to stay near the wall to use it.

The best thing to do is pair the trimmers with your skill level. Numerous accessories such as different length combs, guards, a cleaning brush, blade oil, and even an instruction booklet are immensely helpful in making the process smoother. 

The Motor

After the quality and durability of the blades have been addressed, it’s time to look at the motor. The motor is in charge of moving the blades by generating the rotational force. The engine should have most of if not all of the following attributes:

High Power Output

Great motors are capable of producing a high power output. This will guarantee that your trimmers can handle the most robust hair out there. This attribute is measured in Watts.

The higher the wattage, the higher the power vice versa. With that being said, be sure to get your hands on a trimmer that has one of the highest watt ratings.


If you wish to trim hair without being disruptive to your surrounding environment, then the trimmer’s motor needs to be very quiet. You want it to make the least possible amount of noise.

Be sure to test the noise level of your trimmers before purchase. You can also check the decibel ratings of the different kinds of motors in stock as an alternative method.

Various Speeds

It’s good for trimmers to have variable rotational speed capacity. This will enable your trimmer to handle all types of hair easily. The slower rotational speed is excellent for stronger hair strands, while a faster rotational speed is good for weaker and thinner hair strands. 


Here are two essential factors regarding the blades that you must consider when purchasing hair trimmers.


You want your trimmers to be extremely sharp. This ensures that it will take the shortest time to achieve your goal. Furthermore, sharpness indicates that the blade is free from corrosion, rust, or other contaminants prone to causing diseases.

Removable Blades

To make good use of your trimmer well into the future, it has to have removable blades. This will give you the ability to attach newer and better knives at the very instant that your old ones expire. This guarantees that you won’t needlessly spend money on new trimmers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guy using the best hair trimmers on his head


Here are the responses to the most commonly asked questions regarding hair trimmers:

What’s The Difference Between A Hair Trimmer And A Clipper?

Clippers are a more general cutting tool used to cut large areas, but they do not cut very close to the skin. Conversely, trimmers are designed for outlining, dry shaving, edging, and light shaping on smaller surface areas such as around the ears, sideburns, and the back of the neck.

Can I Use A Trimmer To Cut Hair?

With a comb and a good hair trimmer, you can cut hair. Also, most trimmers have attachments to aid in trimming the length of the hair. If this is your first time, be sure to use a trimmer that has a slightly longer cutting attachment. The comb is handy when trimming the hair around specific patches of your head and for line-ups.

Can I Use Beard Trimmers On My Hair?

Although you can use beard trimmers to cut your hair, the quality will not be the same as hair clippers. However, they can be useful in time-sensitive situations and give you an awesome buzz cut.

Why Does My Trimmer Keep Getting Stuck?

The cutting unit could be blocked due to hair or dirt particles stuck inside. Properly cleaning your trimmer will fix this problem. Be sure to remove the cutting unit and clean your trimmer on the inside as well.

Why Do You Use Oil In A Hair Trimmer?

Oiling your blades will reduce friction and, in turn, keep your hair from snagging or pulling as you cut your hair. It only takes one drop of oil at the foot of the blade and one drop at the corners of the blade’s top. After the drops of oil are applied, turn your clipper to help work the oil in.

So, Which Are the Best Hair Trimmers?

We think the best hair trimmers are the Philips Norelco models because of the multi-use structure, cord versatility, precision, and overall ease of use.

The construction is durable, the blades are sharp, and it comes with several accessories to deliver a quality cut on multiple hair types.