5 Best Electric Shavers for Black Men

Best Electric Shavers for Black Men
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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best electric shaver for black men is, then we recommend the Philips Norelco 7100 Shaver as the best.

Picking a quality electric razor can be a tricky task with the number of products out there for any man. For black men, unique challenges arise when it comes to shaving. 

If you are a black man with sensitive skin, finding an electric razor that cuts without having to go over the same area multiple times is crucial. Check out my top five picks for the best electric shaver for black men. 

Our top 5 picks for the best electric shavers for black men:

  1. Philips Norelco 7100 Wet/Dry Shaver
  2. Panasonic Arc4 Electric Shaver And Trimmer For Men
  3. MOOSOO Electric Razor For Men Electric Shaver
  4. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor
  5. Roziapro Electric Rotary Shaver Razor For Men 

The Best Electric Shavers for Black Men in 2022

No longer is it hard to find the best electric shaver for black men. We think our guide is one of the best you’ll find, and we’ll take that to the bank. We’ve rounded up our 5 best electric shavers, why we love each one, and a few pros and cons to consider.

1. Philips Norelco Shaver 7100

Philips Norelco 7100 Wet/Dry Electric Shaver
  • ComfortGlide rings are great for black men's skin.
  • 90,000 cutting actions per minute.
  • Lasts an hour on a single hour charge.
  • 5-minute quick charge option.
  • Use it wet or dry, even in the shower.
  • Pricey.
  • Battery only lasts an hour.
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The Philips Norelco Shaver 7100 is one of the best shavers for black man. Not only does it provide and extremely smooth shave that reduces irritation, but it also has over 90,000 cutting actions per minute.

Unique to this model are the ComfortGlide rings, meaning this is one of the most gentle shavers on the list. As a black man, your skin is more delicate than average, so you need a shaver that’ll be more gentle than most.

Even better is that this shaver has a 60 minute battery life, which should last about 20 shaves. It only takes an hour to charge, so you can reasonably go a month without charging. If you have the money to invest, we think this shaver is the best.

2. Panasonic Arc4 Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men

Panasonic Arc4 Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men
  • Foil razor with pivoting head.
  • Waterproof.
  • Pop-up trimmer built-in to shaver.
  • Battery life display.
  • Top rated.
  • A little pricier.
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Panasonic makes some notoriously well-rated electric shavers, and the Arc4 is one of our favorites. This four-blade foil style shaver is robust enough for thick hair and has a pivoting head to contour to skin gently. 

Many foil razors don’t come with extras, but the Arc4 has a pop-up trimmer we love for grooming beards, sideburns, or any other hair that you don’t want to buzz to a close shave. The Arc4 is also entirely waterproof for use either in or out of the shower.

The LCD-display lets you know when the shaver is charging, when the battery is full, and how much life you have left in your shaves. With a quick-charge time of one hour, it’s efficient, too. The motor on this shaver is said to deliver 13,000 cuts per minute and is robust enough for coarse hair.

3. MOOSOO Electric Razor for Men Electric Shaver

MOOSOO Electric Razor for Men Electric Shaver
  • Smooth foil-style shave.
  • Pop-up trimmer built-in.
  • Upgraded motor.
  • Waterproof.
  • Safety travel lock.
  • Gold-tone handle.
  • Head needs replacing every 6 months.
  • Slightly longer charge time.
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The MOOSOO foil style electric shaver rivals Panasonic’s Arc4 for cuts per minute, but with two fewer blades. MOOSOO’s shaver also has the pop-up trimmer built into the unit, but for a lower price than the Panasonic model. 

This triple-blade razor has a stainless cover, imported from Europe, that is specifically designed to glide over skin and reduce hair tugging or pulling.

The travel lock makes this electric shaver ideal to take on trips or to the gym, and you can get up to 60-minutes of run time before needing to recharge. We like that the capabilities rival the Arc4, but for a lower cost.

The classy black and gold-tone handle isn’t a bad feature either. Do take note, to continue cutting thick hair without tugging, this shaver does require a head replacement roughly every six months, sometimes sooner depending on the individual.

4. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor ES-LV65-S
  • High-power motor
  • Five separate blades
  • Built-in pop-out trimmer
  • Waterproof for wet shaving
  • Relatively pricey
  • Oversized head is difficult to control
  • Shorter shave time than others
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The Panasonic Arc5 is the top of the line on our list for best electric shavers for black men. We love that this razor has built-in sensors that automatically adjust trimming power. These sensors detect denser hair and alter cutting power.

The five-blade thin foil shaver goes easier on lighter areas of hair but provides more robust cutting power for coarse or curly hair. This highly-rated electric shaver is waterproof for the shower or use with shaving cream, and has the built-in, pop-up trimmer for beards, sideburns, and so on.

The top of this model also pivots in various directions for exceptional contouring capabilities. Panasonic states that the Arc5 has 70,000 crosscutting movements in the blade per minute so that you can expect a thorough, smooth shave from this little beauty. 

The Arc5 has the LCD-display battery indicator, holds a charge well, and also features a lock for travel or taking in your gym bag. This shaver is the most expensive on the list, but well worth the quality if you want an electric razor that will do the job right and last you a long time.

5. Roziapro Electric Rotary Shaver Razor for Men

Roziapro Electric Rotary Shaver Razor for Men
  • Rotary blades pivot to contour to your face.
  • Waterproof and shaving cream compatible.
  • Reasonable price.
  • LED battery level indicator.
  • Rapid 60-minute charge time.
  • No USB adaptor included.
  • Not ideal for particularly thick hair.
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If you prefer the rotary-style shavers over foil, the Roziapro 5-in-1 razor is one of our top picks. This budget-friendly, three-blade rotating shaver is a full grooming kit. The Roziapro comes with the shaver head, a nose hair trimmer, a facial sponge, and a facial brush. 

The rotating sponge and brush can be quite helpful when used with an exfoliating scrub to help prevent ingrown hairs. The trimmer (like clippers) is useful for grooming beards, sideburns, necks, and so on.

If your hair follicles are moderately thick, but sparser or you keep a close trim, this is a sound rotary electric shaver option. The indicator for the battery is a nice bonus with this razor.

Instead of the juice just running out on you, an LED display tells you as your shaver is charging, when the battery is full, and how much power you have left while shaving. Compared to some razors that take several hours to charge up, Roziapro’s 60-minute charge is quick and efficient.

Picking the Best Electric Shaver for Black Men

Guy using one of the best electric shavers for black men in the mirror

Shaving can be more complicated for black men than other skin types, especially with curly hair. You need a razor that will cut thoroughly through your hair type, do so without tugging, give you a close enough shave for a clean look, yet also do so without razor burn or skin irritation.  

If you’re of African descent and experience razor burns more times than you would like, you’re not alone. Razor burn is most likely to happen, regardless of your ethnicity, on areas of the body with thicker, more coarse hair. 

What Is Razor Burn?

When you have thick curly hair on your face, head, and anywhere else you shave, razor burn can be a daily frustration. The key is to find a shaver that will trim close enough to the skin for a smooth look without cutting the hair exactly at skin level or ripping it out by tugging.

Once a hair follicle is cut and sharpened and then must pierce back through your skin, the body can treat the hair like any other type of small skin poke or outside invaders.

An immune response with inflammation results in an attempt to ward off infection by what your body considers a hair-sized wound. When you add up the number of tiny skin injuries with nearly every hair follicle in a razor-burned area, painful, itchy, inflamed rash can result.  

Treating and Preventing Razor Burn

Razor burn isn’t just irritating; it can also cause ingrown hairs. Chronic ingrown hairs can then result in scarring of the skin, something nobody wants, especially on the face.

If you struggle with at least a little bit of razor burn or ingrown hairs, regardless of the shaver you use, try a product like Tend Skin or Bump Patrol after shaving. Before using a razor, you can also use glycolic acid moistened pads, such as Roc Daily Resurfacing Disks.

Just swipe one of these damp pads over the area and leave it on from one to five minutes (depending on your skin sensitivity), then wash off. Quality glycolic acid pads can leave your skin smooth, removing the dead skin cells, also helping to prevent ingrown hairs.

Just make sure to follow the instructions, as leaving glycolic acid on your skin without washing it off can cause further irritation and even peeling. 

Types of Electric Razors

Several of the best electric shavers for black men on display on a wall in a store

The two most common types of electric razors are those with rotating or rotary blades and foil razors. Non-electric shavers are, of course, an option. Traditional non-electric shavers tend to cut so close to the skin they can exacerbate razor burn in those with sensitive skin. 

With thicker or curly hair, you will likely have to go over one area a few times to cut all of the hair with an old-school razor.

If you can find an electric razor that works for you, they can be a dream—providing a smooth look, a fast shave, but often protecting the skin by guarding it with the metal foils between you and the moving razors inside.

Rotary Shavers

Rotary shavers work similarly to the design of an electric lawnmower, to put it simply. The blades spin and cut hair over and over, which can be effective at clipping hair but unfortunately also efficient at irritating the skin.

Some rotary razors have up to five blades, which can be too much for those of the more sensitive skin. If you do prefer the rotary style shaver, look for pivoting heads that will contour to your skin as you move the razor.

Also look for a decent protective guard between the blades and your skin, and check on whether you need to replace the head or if the blades are self-sharpening. If you are interested in rotary shavers, we have an article just about the best rotary shavers.

Foil Shavers

Foil razors have blades that move back-and-forth underneath a grid of oil that captures the hair. Generally, the foil style tends to work better on cutting curly hair and can sometimes be less irritating.

These types of electric shavers capture and cut coarse or unusually shaped hair, even when some follicles grow in varying directions. For this reason, foil shavers often work better for black men and their hair type.

Even with foil shavers, razor burn can still occur if you press too hard or get a device without sharp enough blades. Self-sharpening blades or replacing your razor head is crucial to avoid razor burn while also effectively cutting each hair.

The Importance of Battery Life and Charging

Hand holding one of the best electric razors for black men while punching through a yellow wall
Yuriy Golub/Shutterstock

When an electric razor starts to slow down, especially if you have a unit that slows until the battery dies instead of merely stopping, you’ll want to make sure you keep it charged and buzzing at full strength. 

When an electric razor starts to slow, it not only is less effective at trimming hair, but it can also grip and tug on each hair follicle. Pulling is something you want to avoid at all costs if you are avoiding skin irritation while shaving. 

The same is true for dull blades—they won’t cut well and can increase skin inflammation. So, pick a shaver with well-rated battery life, keep it charged, and replace the razor head if needed without putting it off for too long. 

Wet/Dry Capability

Another crucial feature to look for in the best electric shavers for black men is whether or not they are waterproof and if they are compatible with shaving cream or gel. Even if you typically dry shave with an electric razor, you might want to try using one of these devices with a soothing shave gel.

These minimize razor burn and help the razor glide over your skin more effectively. Some shaving creams designed for sensitive, razor burn prone skin can help reduce inflammation and provide a protective layer on the surface of the epidermis.

What’s the Best Electric Shaver for Black Men?

If you’re undecided on which razor is right for you, our favorite is the Philips Norelco 7100 because of the top-notch quality, wet/dry design, and the ComfortGlide rings that are perfect for sensitive black skin. This shaver is one of the most expensive on the list, so if you have the means, check it out.

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