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5 Best Jamaican Black Castor Oils in 2023

5 Best Jamaican Black Castor Oils in 2023

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best Jamaican Black Castor Oil is, then we recommend the Jamaican Black Castor Oil By IQ Natural as the best one.

I don’t like using any hair care products unless I know a fair amount about them. This is why I dived right into finding, getting, using, and thoroughly reviewing 5 popular brands of Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO). 

I also included a detailed how-to guide for JBCO in the second part of the article, so that this article can also serve as a comprehensive source of information on this oil. 

Hence, if you’ve got questions about what Jamaican black castor oil is and how to use it, I’ve got answers.

Our Picks for the Best Jamaican Black Castor Oil:

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The 5 Best Brands of Jamaican Black Castor Oil

While all of the products have the same basic ingredient—Jamaican black castor oil—you’ll find important differences in quality and effectiveness based on manufacturing processes and other factors. 

Here’s a closer look at five popular JBCO brands:

Jamaican Mango & Lime Black Original Castor Oil

Jamaican Mango & Lime
Jamaican Mango & Lime Black Castor Oil

  • 100% pure castor oil
  • Thickens and strengthens hair
  • Hydrates skin and scalp
  • No-mess applicator tip
  • Cons
  • Bottle is small—only two fl oz.
  • Can create a gummy feel
  • Mango and lime smell not suitable for everybody’s hairstyle
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This bottle contains two fluid ounces of black castor oil from Jamaican Mango & Lime. It’s a pure, all-purpose oil used to relieve itchy skin (including the scalp) while also thickening and strengthening hair.

You can run it through your hair as a scalp massage treatment, use it for hot oil treatment, or leave it in your hair overnight. Although the oil is thick and nourishing, it’s also non-greasy and easy to comb out. An included tip in the bottle top allows for precise and mess-free application.  

Plus, it has a subtle but invigorating mango and lime scent. If that smell isn’t quite your style, a coconut option is also available.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil by iQ Natural

iQ Natural
Jamaican Black Castor Oil by iQ Natural

  • USDA certified organic and all-natural ingredients
  • The company operates with a solid moral foundation
  • Thickens hair starting at the root
  • Helps treat dandruff and itchy scalp
  • Doesn’t include applicator wand
  • Strong smell
  • Might irritate scalp in those with allergies
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You can trust that this is high-quality castor oil because iQ Natural is committed to premium sourcing and manufacturing. They create their hair products in small batches to carefully control the quality in their certified facility in Oregon.

All of their castor oil is certified organic by the USDA. It contains 100% natural ingredients sourced from sustainable farms and facilities around the world. The company’s strong values help guide everything they do, which makes me feel good about buying from them.

Use the oil on your skin, hair, and feet. It effectively repairs and hydrates dry, thin, and damaged hair. You can comb through your hair or use it as a leave-in conditioner. It feels great, too, right from the moment it is first applied.

100% Organic Cold-Pressed Jamaican Black Castor Oil by Hair Thickness Maximizer

Hair Thickness Maximizer
100% Organic Cold-Pressed Jamaican Black Castor Oil by Hair Thickness Maximizer

  • Thickens and moisturizes hair
  • 100% organic and FDA certified
  • Includes no fillers, toxins, or additives
  • Made for maximum nutrition
  • Strong smell
  • Oil is thick
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Thick and nourishing, this Oil by Hair Thickness Maximizer focuses on restoring thinning hair to its previous full appearance.

The main distinction here is the high quality of the beans selected and the specialized manufacturing process. All Jamaican castor beans are 100% organic and adhere to strict FDA regulations. They have no added fillers, fragrances, GMOs, or other unwanted ingredients.

The castor beans are fire-roasted, pulverized, and then slow-boiled. That specific processing order maximizes the nutritional content.

Overall, they’re a great choice if you want 100% natural black castor oil, made under controlled conditions in the US, without any additions.

Aside from thickening hair, it also helps moisturize brittle hair and prevent dandruff.

Jamaican Black Castor Seed Oil by Leven Rose

Leven Rose
Jamaican Black Castor Seed Oil by Leven Rose

  • 100% all-natural with no added ingredients
  • Thickens and hydrates hair
  • Helps treat dry & itchy skin
  • Stylish, dark amber bottle
  • Natural smell
  • The formula can feel greasy
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This castor oil from Leven Rose is another excellent option if you want an all-natural product. It’s 100% pure organic black castor oil with no fillers, fragrances, or GMOs. It also complies with no animal testing, and is even vegan-friendly. 

It’s both hair and skin treatment. For hair, it adds moisture, shine, and softness, while being especially effective at reversing heating damage.

Additionally, Leven Rose also promotes the oil’s various skin benefits. Just a few drops soothe dry, itchy skin. Regular use helps reduce signs and symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, acne, and similar issues (if you are not allergic to castor oil, that is).  

The bottle is cool, too. It’s dark amber with a glass stopper-top. Even though it’s semi-transparent, the amber blocks light to help prevent the oil from oxidizing.

African Pride Black Castor Oil

African Pride
African Pride Black Castor Oil

  • Formula designed specifically for hair
  • Augmented with tea tree oil and soybean oil
  • All-natural ingredients with no additives
  • Bottle size is small
  • The applicator can be imprecise
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African Pride’s black castor oil is specifically formulated to lock in moisture and help nourish both hair and scalp. Aside from this oil, the product also contains tea tree oil and soybean oil, which each provide additional nourishment and protection. 

It’s another all-natural product with no sulfates, petrolatum, parabens, or mineral oil. You can safely use it daily. Most people massage it directly into their hair and scalp via the bottle tip applicator.

Finally, I trust the brand. African Pride has over 30 years of experience creating hair care products primarily geared towards black men and women.

Finding the Right Jamaican Black Castor Oil for You

Whether you’re new to this oil or have used it before, you’ll find this guide useful. Here’s a complete rundown of what the oil is, what it does, and how to use it.

What Is Jamaican Black Castor Oil?

Castor oil is a hair treatment dating back to ancient times. It’s used to protect, strengthen, and beautify all hair types.

Jamaican black castor oil is a type of castor oil made from castor seeds. Its effects are similar to castor oil with a few key differences:

  • Many people think JBCO is stronger and more efficient
  • JBCO has a different color and smell than traditional castor oil

This oil originated in the Caribbean, where it is a popular health and beauty product used for hundreds of years. Practically anyone with connections to the Caribbean is familiar with this oil.

Increasingly, more and more Americans know about it, too. The market for Jamaican black castor oil here exceeds $28 million a year.

One last thing about using JBCO. Yes, castor oil is a powerful laxative. However, if you want to use it for that purpose first consult your doctor. Easier, more effective alternatives are usually available. 

What Are the Benefits?

Alright, so you now know what it is, but what does it do? Well, this oil does a ton of different things. It’s a true multi-use product. Take a closer look.

Healthy Hair Growth

Yes, you can use castor oil for hair growth. The oil helps increase hair length and thickness, while also increasing hair growth & regrowth speed. Many people use it to counter thinning hair and conquer bald patches.

Additionally, it promotes thick, healthy eyelashes and eyebrows. Note that applying it to your eyelashes does require special care to keep your eyes safe.

Along these same lines, many people use the oil to help tackle dandruff, since it helps hydrate your scalp to prevent flakes from forming at the source.

Skin Health

Although it’s probably more popular as a hair treatment, this oil is also widely used as a skin treatment.

The main ingredient in castor oil is ricinoleic acid. It’s an effective anti-inflammatory agent that helps reduce wrinkles, increase elasticity, reduce acne, increase hydration, and more.

Many people use castor oil to cleanse their face. It clears pores without drying skin. If you’ve ever heard someone use the phrase “oil dissolves oil” when describing a face wash, the person was probably talking about some type of castor oil.

Nail Health

It has two benefits to nails. First, it’s a powerful antifungal and antibacterial agent. Regular application helps promote strong, healthy nails. Also, the oil helps soothe and protect the skin around your nails.

Pain Relief

To be honest, I’ve never found concrete scientific evidence that this oil helps treat or prevent pain. However, many people swear it does. They use it as a balm for any hurt or achy areas, especially joints. If it works for you, great, but pain relief isn’t a benefit I’ve personally experienced. 

How to Apply it to Your Hair

If you’re like me, you’re mainly interested in using the oil to help boost hair health and reduce hair loss. Fortunately, JBCO is versatile and easy to use. You can apply it to your hair in a wide variety of different ways.

To reduce hair loss, you can also use hair fibers.

Here’s a closer look at the most popular application methods:

Pre-shampoo Treatment

Shampoo dries your hair. Considering many black men and women already deal with dry hair, frequent shampooing can only make the issue worse.

This oil is often used as a pre-shampoo treatment & moisturizer. Apply it before shampooing to moisturize your scalp and hair. It also helps augment your shampoo’s anti-dandruff properties. There are even some castor oil shampoos out there on the market exactly for this purpose.

The key to effectiveness is regular use. Also, apply it thoroughly throughout your hair. Because this oil is a thick liquid, many people prefer to mix it with a lighter type of vegetable oil (or some essential oils.)

Hydration Boost

Is your hair seriously damaged or dry? I’ve found success with a moisture-infusion treatment. My friend swears it’s from Jamaica, but all I know is that it works well when my hair needs moisturizing. 

Here’s the recipe:

  • 1 tbsp Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • 1 tbsp argan oil
  • 1 tsp of olive oil
  • 1 egg
  • 4 tbsp conditioner

Mix it all together. Then massage it into your hair down to your scalp. Yes, it’s gross, but it also works. Cover your hair with a hot towel. If you have a heating cap, put that on, too. Regardless, keep it on your head for about 20 minutes. Afterward, rinse your hair with warm water.

Overnight Treatment

Apply JBCO to your scalp before bed. Spend about five minutes massaging it thoroughly. You want it to cover the base of the hair follicles on the scalp. Wrap your head in a scarf or towel.

You’re now ready for bed. Let the oil work its magic during the night. In the morning, rinse the oil from your hair.

Use overnight treatments about three times a week. You should see thicker, fuller hair in about two weeks. Generally, this treatment helps revitalize damaged hair, as well as accumulate enough Vitamin E (as castor oil is rich in this nutrient.) 

You don’t have to use overnight treatments three nights a week once your hair is hydrated and healthy. After all, that could seriously impact your social life!

Hot Oil Treatment

You’ll need a hot oil applicator bottle for this treatment. Fill it with equal parts of Jamaican Black Castor Oil and coconut oil. This can also work with some particular essential oils, for example.

Cap the bottle and shake it until the contents have mixed thoroughly. Place it in a pot of rapidly boiling water. After five minutes remove carefully.  

Use the applicator bottle to apply the oil to your hair. Cover as much of your hair as possible from scalp to tip. Only apply it to clean, wet hair.

Leave the oil in your hair for about half an hour. For best results, cover your hair with a shower cap or loose towel.

Finally, rinse the product away with warm water. You don’t need to use shampoo, although it can help remove the oil. Perform this treatment once or even twice a week on dry or brittle hair until you notice improvement.

What’s the Difference Between Castor Oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil?

Different production methods produce different benefits.

It all starts with the castor bean. Bizarrely, the hull of the castor seed is used to make the deadly poison ricin. However, removing the hull and then pressing the seeds creates castor oil.

Jamaican black castor oil beans

The beans are cold-pressed, a process used to create oil without using heat. Because heat can alter the chemical composition of the bean, cold-pressed oils are often considered pure.

Jamaican black castor oil starts with the same castor beans but uses a different extraction method. The beans are roasted, ground, and then boiled. Unlike castor oil, which is yellow, Jamaican black castor oil is darker (and sometimes extra dark) with a slightly-burnt odor. 

Both types of castor oil contain ricinoleic acid. As discussed earlier, ricinoleic acid is an omega fatty acid that helps moisturize, reduce inflammation, and stimulate follicle growth.

So, if they both contain the same main ingredient, what’s the difference between the two oils?

The pH level. Cold-pressed extraction lowers the pH of the oil, making it acidic. However, pure Jamaican black castor oil has high pH levels, so it’s more alkaline.  

Alkaline products have anti-inflammatory properties and work great as skincare products. They treat issues such as acne, sunburn, fungal infections, and other skin blemishes. That’s one reason why some people prefer this over traditional castor oil.

Another reason is that Jamaican black castor helps increase collagen production. Collagen helps increase skin fullness and elasticity, reducing signs of aging such as wrinkles.

Finally, many people consider JMCO a more pure form of castor oil. Although specifics vary, many people believe JMCO works faster than the traditional type when repairing damaged hair. While I’ve never tried traditional castor oil, JBCO has always worked quickly for me!

Is Jamaican Black Castor Oil Safe?

Generally, you shouldn’t have any problems. However, any new substance can pose a few risks.

The biggest potential worry with JBCO is an allergy. You might want to apply a small drop to your arm or wrist. Watch the area closely for about 30 minutes to an hour. If you don’t experience any redness, itching, or other irritation, then you probably don’t have an allergy to the oil.

Another potential problem is the risk of burn injuries. Many treatments involve the application of hot oil. Always wear gloves and take other precautions when creating any hot oil treatment. Also, make sure the treatment is suitably cool before applying to your head.

What’s the Best Jamaican Black Castor Oil?

There’s a lot to like about all of the choices listed above. If you’re looking for high-quality JBCO, any of the options are worth consideration.

However, if I have to pick my favorite, I recommend Jamaican Black Castor Oil by iQ Natural. I admit I’d prefer a pick from a brand from Jamaica or the Caribbean. But the Oregon-headquartered iQ Natural brand creates a quality product you can trust.

All of their JBC oil is made under strictly controlled conditions. They only create small batches of oil at a time to prevent any lapses in quality. Their oil is 100% certified organic by the USDA.

Also, they have strong company values. I feel good knowing that I’m supporting sustainable farms around the globe. 

Of course, they’re not the only brand with pure ingredients. Hair Thickness Maximizer is also committed to 100% organic and all-natural oil. If you’re dealing with especially rough or damaged hair, try African Pride Black Castor Oil.

It contains both tea tree and soybean oil to provide added nourishment. I wasn’t sure about this oil at first, but after I started using it, I can comfortably recommend it to anyone.

It’s improved the thickness and health of my hair and beard. Even better, it’s simple, safe, and easy to use. Check out JBCO today. If you’re like me, you’ll love the results!