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Derma Roller for Beards | Effective or Not?

Derma Roller for Beards | Effective or Not?

Men should use the derma roller for beard growth to keep their hair shiny, healthy, and luscious. Let’s see how this helpful tool can help your beard appear fuller and thicker!

Why Use a Derma Roller for Beards?

The derma roller is a specific device that can help stimulate hair growth, increase collagen production, improve skin health, and boost circulation. But why is the derma roller more effective than other hair-growth procedures? 

  • Derma rollers use micro-needling to increase keratin production, boost blood flow to the affected area, and activate cell growth factors. 
  • This helpful tool can help heal the skin, get rid of any wrinkles, and manage acne scars or long-term skin damage. 

How a Derma Roller Works for a Beard

Before users can begin using the derma roller successfully, they need to know the proper step of how to use this hair-growth tool:

  1. The micro needling structure of the derma roller punctures the skin.
  2. Our bodies recognize the superficial damage of the micro-needling and begins to heal the affected area (beard).
  3. The minimal skin damage and immediate physical reaction results in a boost in circulation, improved nutrients in the area, and an influx of hormone-rich blood to the beard.

How Often Should I Use the Derma Roller?

Individuals who are looking to grow their beard and stimulate collagen production need to make sure they do not overuse or under-use the derma roller. When It comes to anything in life, consistency is key the same goes for beard growth. Using the derma roller is an essential part of skin and hair health.

As a beginner, using the derma roller once per week is enough to begin stimulating hair growth in small patches. Focusing on a small area of your beard can help your skin acclimate and gives the user a chance to see how their skin will react to the micro-needling process.

After you have used the derma roller for a few weeks, users can then increase the number of times they use this therapy to 2-3 times per week instead of just once per week to stimulate hair growth. Make sure to not improve the frequency of the derma roller use too suddenly, as this can cause skin damage or skin irritation. 

Tips on Using a Derma Roller for Beard Growth

Derma roller for beard displayed in an up-close image


Beginners using the derma roller should keep certain tips in mind while using this microneedling tool to avoid any skin damage or facial irritation. 

  • Wash your skin, moisturize, and cleanse the area before using the derma roller
  • Roll the derma roller in al directions to ensure consistent growth of the beard 
  • Do not use the derma roller if you have acne under your beard
  • Clean the derma roller with a specific sanitary solution between uses
  • Apply light pressure during the first few uses of the derma roller to avoid excess irritation or skin damage 

Microneedling for Beard Growth

Microneedling is the process of using the derma roller to increase collagen production in the skin beneath the beard by using micro punctures.

This therapy method is a simple procedure that is cost-effective, well tolerated, and has cosmetic benefits [4]. Individuals who want to use the derma roller should know the details of microneedling before beginning this beard growth method.

How to Minimize Microneedling Irritation

Microneedling can be painful, especially if you do not take care of your skin before, during, and after the derma roller procedure. Since this collange therapy is minimally invasive and can puncture the skin, it can cause some irritation and discomfort.

Before Using the Derma Roller

One of the best ways to minimize any pain or discomfort before you use the derma roller on your skin is to avoid any harmful or exfoliating products, avoid laser procedures, avoid shaving, and avoid using drying cleansers. Instead, prepare your skin by moisturizing the area and using vitamins to stimulate collagen production.

After Using the Derma Roller

To minimize any disorder or skin irritation after using the derma roller, individuals should apply topical creams or lotions to increase moisture, avoid washing your face with harsh chemicals, avoid wearing makeup, avoid direct sunlight, and avoid harsh exfoliants for the first 48-72 hours. 

Blood Flow for Beard Growth

Using the derma roller can help bring excess blood flow to the beard area. Understanding the role that blood circulation plays in beard growth is critical to analyzing the science behind beard growth and the effectiveness of the derma roller. 

Increases Circulation 

The skin under your beard requires the same nutrients that the rest of your skin does, whether the skin on your legs, arms, or face. Your facial skin needs to have excess moisture to avoid dryness, peeling, and irritants and the same goes for your beard skin.

The nutrients that are required to stimulate beard growth include zinc, iron, vitamins, and minerals:

  • Zinc Zinc helps boost circulation by improving antioxidant properties and increasing the strength of the hair follicles (more hair follicles lead to a fuller beard).
  • Iron Iron deficiency can cause balding and hair loss, so replenishing your skin with iron can lead to a healthier beard.
  • Oxygen Oxygen stimulates repair in skin damage.
  • Protein Amino acids and proteins help get rid of old skin, use keratin to build stronger skin, and protect against UV rays and free radicals.
  • Vitamin A Vitamin A helps prevent sun damage, protect against sunburn, and repair broken skin. It supports the replacement of skin cells, provides a barrier against infection, and maintains the integrity of the skin [3]. 
  • Vitamin C Vitamin C protects your skin from free radicals and increase healing times.
  • Vitamin E Protects your skin against sagging, wrinkles, and breaking.

Removes Dead Skin Cells

The next way to increase blood flow for beard growth is to get rid of dead skin cells after improving the circulation. A build-up of dead skin cells can reduce hair growth, block healthy pores, and cause acne.

If your skin cells die, your beard will stop growing. Exfoliating your skin and using a derma roller can help cleanse, moisturize, and exfoliate the skin under your beard. Some tips include:

  • Use a facial skin moisturizer to keep the skin under your beard soft and clean
  • Use beard oil to moisturize the hair itself
  • Use argan oil or beard oil to protect your hair from sun or heat damage

Collagen Benefits for Beard Growth

Man who used a derma roller for beard growth in a 9 part image showing his beard growth progress


Derma rollers for your beard can help increase collagen production, a helpful amino-acid building block that strengthens your skin, prevents beard damage, and boosts the repair of broken or damaged skin.

Using the derma roller can help increase collagen production and blood flow to the beard area. Studies have shown that skin aging can be addressed using nutrients to restore skin hydration, elasticity, and density [1]. 

Amino Acids for Beard Repair

Derma rollers can help increase the amino acid production to boost collagen production and beard growth. Hair follicles are the main structure that make up your beard.

Individuals can strengthen the cuticle, cortex, and medulla of their hair follicles by increasing collagen production. Studies have shown that L-lysine is an effective amino acid for iron and zinc uptake [2]. 

Prevent Free Radical Damage

Using collagen can help prevent free radical damage, such as wrinkling and sagging, that can lead to brittle beard hair. If your hair and skin is constantly exposed to chemicals, free radicals, and pollution, that can cause long-term damage.

Preventing free radical damage is possible by using a derma roller to stimulate collagen production and ingesting more antioxidants through a healthy diet. 

Improve Skin Elasticity

The next benefit of using the derma roller to increase collagen production is to improve skin elasticity by increasing blood circulation, shrinking your pores, and increasing hair growth.

Even though everyone’s body decreases collagen production as they get older, using the derma roller and a collagen supplement can be effective in creating shiny and thick hair. 

Beard Growth Tips 

In addition to using a derma roller for beard growth, those who are looking to have healthier beard, cleaner skin, and fuller hair should use these beard growth tips.


Intake of adequate nutrition, along with using topical creams and supplements, is essential to boosting testosterone levels, improving hair quality, and leading a healthier life.

Focusing on certain nutrients, such as lean proteins, zinc, healthy fats, iron, whole grains, complex carbohydrates, and fruits and vegetables can lead to healthier hair growth. 

Vitamins and Supplements

Intaking the right vitamins and supplements is key to filling in any nutritional gaps that you have in your diet. Taking a supplement or multivitamin (that includes vitamins A, B, C, D, and E) are helpful in stimulating hair growth. 


Another aspect of a well-rounded life that can improve your overall health and stimulate hair growth is exercise.

Exercise improves blood flow, stimulates follicle production, and boosts testosterone production. Studies have shown that exercise has increased serum testosterone concentrations and resulted in hormonal changes [5]. 


The final piece of a healthy life that can lead to a fuller beard is sleep. During sleep, testosterone is produced, helping with beard growth.

If someone has obstructed sleep or sleep fragmentation, this can lead to reduced testosterone levels [6]. Creating healthy sleeping habits that are consistent can help with a well-rounded and balanced life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Up close image of a derma roller for beard growth


Before individuals can choose the best derma roller for their specific needs, finding out the answers to these frequently asked questions can help put their minds at ease. 

How do derma rollers for beard growth work?

The derma roller works by using the microneedling process by puncturing the skin to a superficial area with tiny needles.

The tiny needles make small holes that stimulate the skin healing process, bringing blood to the area to repair the damaged skin. Using the derma roller increases vitamin and mineral production for beard growth, such as keratin, stem cells, and collagen. 

Is the derma roller painful to use?

Although it may seem like micro-needling could be painful due to the small punctures in your skin, taking care of your skin before, during, after the process can make the procedure painless.

Starting slow by using the derma roller once per week can avoid skin irritation and using moisturizers, cleaners, and exfoliating creams can help reduce skin damage. 

What is the best post-derma roller care for my beard?

To avoid any skin irritation or broken skin, users should use skin repairing creams and serums to soothe hot spots and facilitate repair. Serums, hyaluronic acid, facial oil, argan oil, or vitamin C are all effective in helping exfoliate and clean the skin.

Are there any risks or side effects from derma rolling?

Forutantel for users of derma rollers, the most effective negative effects of using a derma roller is mild skin irritation. If you overuse the derma roller too often at the beginning of the process, some individuals can develop more serious reactions, such as wounds, eczema, or psoriasis.

How do you choose a derma roller?

Beginners using a derma roller for beard growth should keep a few aspects in mind when selecting the perfect tool needle length, material, shape, and a number of needles. 

The needle length should be between 0.75mm and 0.25mm, ensuring the needle is long enough to stimulate blood flow without damaging the skin. The needle material is either stainless steel or titanium, with titanium material being firmer and less susceptible to causing facial skin damage. 

The shape of the needle is the next factor to consider rounded microneedles are the best option for acne scars and harder skin, whereas flat derma roller options might be better for men who are experiencing significant beard hair loss. 

The last factor to consider when choosing a derma roller is the number of needles. The more needles your derma roller has, the better. Try and find a derma roller with a number of needles between 190 and 540 to cover enough surface area. 

So, What is a Derma Roller for Beard Growth?

A derma roller for beard growth is a helpful tool that uses micro-needling to make small punctures on the skin to stimulate follicle growth, collagen production, and healing processes.

Learning the steps of how to use the derma roller, tips for best practices, and beard growth tips can help individuals take care of healthy and luscious beard hair. 


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