Hairstyles For Men over 50 | 15 Looks We Love

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As the 50s start creeping up, men usually need to change their look to hide their big little insecurities like graying, receding hairline, baldness, etc. A few stylish hairstyles can efficiently deal with these issues, taking your already handsome features to another level. Thus to boost your self-esteem and confidence, we urge you to go through our list of 20 best hairstyles for men in their 50s. 

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The Best Hairstyles for Men Over 50

#1 Classic Slick Back

A classic slick back hairstyle is a timeless masterpiece that suits almost all men of all ages. This smooth hairstyle has an excellent vintage appearance that makes it likable and famous among older men. Slick backs can look extra enchanting and powerful when paired with stubble or a neatly shaped mid-size beard. You can opt for a heavy hold gel to get the classic 1980s slick back or play it subtle with matte hair wax. These matte water-based pomades will give a more natural and subtle look that is excellent for daytime.

  • Hairstyle requirements: This hairstyle is excellent for men who have medium to long hair. Long hair gives the best results, while medium hair will need twice the product to hold and set the hair.
  • Hair Color requirements: Classic slick backs look excellent and dramatic on a head full of dark hair. You can dye your hair or go total platinum for an equally sophisticated look.

#2 Plain Long Hairstyle

This long hairstyle is perfect for men who tend to have slightly curly hair. The natural wavy curls can accentuate your face in the right spots. Men who enjoy a little dramatic look can indeed look forward to growing their hair. However, men with ultra-thin hair should avoid this as sparse long hair isn’t the most flattering.

  • Hairstyle requirements: You can let your hair flow naturally or take a little help from textured spray to let the curls stay in their natural shape. 
  • Hair Color requirements: Fortunately, this hairstyle looks equally handsome with or without dye. We highly recommend gray hair for men who wish to look experienced.

#3 Buzz Cut

Hairstyle for men over 50 1

A Buzzcut has a widely colossal following because of its effortless look. This hairstyle is exceptionally low-maintenance but at the same time looks more masculine than any other cut. This cut is a perfect choice for men who like to spend less time in front of the mirror. With zero maintenance, you can spend much time doing tasks you love rather than tending your hair or styling it. 

  • Hairstyle requirements: Buzzcuts can look good on men with both sparse or thick hair.
  • Hair Color requirements: Since the main motive of the cut is to have minimal hair at the display, you can rock this hairstyle with any hair color. A solid salt and pepper can look equally suitable for this type of hairstyle.

#4 Side Part With Light Fade

A side part is a classic cut, but you can jazz it up with a low skin fade to make your look exciting. This hairstyle is a perfect amalgamation of old and new that often makes several heads turn for sure. The side part in this hairstyle doesn’t need to be extra side-swept. The look is perfect for people who do not like to touch their hair constantly.

  • Hairstyle requirements: The side part with fade works the best on small to medium-length hair. You might have to set your hair with light setting spray in case of medium-length hair, but short hair will not need any extra touch-ups.
  • Hair Color requirements: This particular hairstyle looks excellent on full platinum hair. You can also opt to dye the hair at the top for an exciting look.

#5 Quiff + Beard

The structured quiff is one of the most popular choices of hairstyle for men of all ages. The hairstyle will indeed make you look younger and sporty without a doubt. The versatile quiff suits all face types and jawline structures. You will undoubtedly get extra brownie points for carrying this hairstyle with a short well-sculpted beard. This hairstyle is a quick and intelligent way to add extra volume to your hair.

  • Hairstyle requirements: This hairdo is ideal for medium hair as the quiff requires a little length.
  • Hair Color requirements: The combination of quiff +beard looks quite polished when you go for a complete gray look. Salt and pepper would look very busy and messy when paired with this haircut.

#6 Messy Textured Side Swept

Hairstyle for men over 50 2

The messy textured side swept is a modern touch to a more classic side-swept. This hairdo is an excellent way to look adventurous as well as young. With this hairstyle, men suffering from a receding hairline can hide their forehead by sweeping the hair in the front. You will need to cut the hair with layers to achieve maximum messy texture.

  • Hairstyle requirements: This attractive hairdo works flawlessly for men in their 50s with a lively spirit and medium-length hair. Even thin hair will look voluminous with the added layers and textures.
  • Hair Color requirements: If you love your entire platinum hair, then rock this hairstyle with your grays. Men with thinner hair can opt for deep and light brown highlights to create extra volume.

#7 Messy Caesar

A messy caesar cut is an excellent combination of plain caesar with a little bit of oomph. This messy caesar is perfect for men in their 50s with light bald spots and heavy receding hairline. The cut focuses on setting the front layers in the opposite direction of a slick back. Your hair will move towards your face and fall back on your forehead. A plain caesar can make a face look boxy and sharp, but a messy caesar cut will make the hair look natural and effortless. You can use clay to texturize the hairstyle further.

  • Hairstyle requirements: This updo requires short hair and needs a little setting now and then. If you have thin hair, go for extra layers to balance and fluff up the head.
  • Hair Color requirements: If your hair is transitioning from black to gray, then this is a suitable transitioning hairstyle to opt for.

#8 Man Bun -Two variants

A man bun is a very trendy and hip hairstyle that has ruled the lives of many young ones, but age has nothing to do with this hairstyle. On the contrary, older men tend to carry on this hairstyle with extra grandiose. The first variant is a whole bun where you need to tie all of your hair in a bun but to make it look extra stylish, opt for a skin fade from the sides. The second variant is a half up and half down look where you can tie a bun by taking half of the hair. You do not need a side fade for this variant.

  • Hairstyle requirements: This goes without saying, but a man bun needs long hair. Luckily, the hairstyle is suitable for men with thin and thick hair alike.
  • Hair Color requirements: You are free to experiment with any color shade on this hairstyle. One can rock this hairstyle with naturally gray hair or spruce it up with deep browns and blacks.

#9 Clean Shave 

Hairstyle for men over 50 3

A full bald clean shave is a drastic change, but it can look powerful and attractive when done with confidence. The look is excellent for men who are very insecure about their bald spots and gray hair. The other plus point is the freedom of zero maintenance. If you are worried about looking a little flat, we highly recommend grooming your beard to accentuate your facial features.

  • Hairstyle requirements: NIL
  • Hair Color requirements: NIL

#10 Ivy League Haircut

We cannot make a list without adding the most structured, fashionable, yet low-maintenance hairstyle for men in their 50s. An ivy league hairstyle is achieved by cutting the sides moderately small and keeping a long voluminous quiff at the top of the head. This hairstyle is trendy in the corporate world, thus making you look professional in no time.

  • Hairstyle requirements: This hairstyle suits every face type and hair type in general. You can indeed decide the length of the top quiff according to your preference.
  • Hair Color requirements: Older men can rock this hairstyle with a classic brown or keep it low-maintenance by letting your natural hair color work its charm.

#11 Short Pompadour 

A short pompadour is a very accessible hairstyle that requires minimal effort and maintenance. This hairstyle is perfect for older gentlemen who wish to relive the retro pompadour era with a modern touch. The hairstyle needs a minor touch-up now and then; thus, we highly recommend using a strong hold pomade to keep it structured throughout the day.

  • Hairstyle requirements: Men with medium to short length hair can make this hairstyle their own. The length of your hair will decide the volume of the pompadour at the top, so choose the height accordingly.
  • Hair Color requirements: This short pompadour looks excellent with a salt and pepper hair color. 

#12 Flat Top Hairstyle

Hairstyle for men over 50 4

This hairstyle is considerably modern, but older men can very easily carry this without looking over the top. The main structural element of this hairstyle is a completely flat top and slightly faded sides. We suggest you avoid using gels as it can ruin the shape of the hairstyle. Instead, you can opt for a light mousse to keep the whole hairstyle voluminous and puffy.

  • Hairstyle requirements: We recommend this hairstyle for men who are blessed with considerably thick hair. The thicker the hair, the better this hairstyle will look.
  • Hair Color requirements: Flat top hairstyle can look extremely fashionable with a head full of silver hair. Since the hairstyle is utterly focused on the shape- flat top, we would not suggest a peppered hair color for this one.

#13 Hair Twists For Black Men

Hair twists can look very impressive for men with afro-textured hair. The hairstyle is easy to carry and takes considerably less time than the traditional dreadlocks or braids. African American men in their 50s can try this look irrespective of the hair length. To make this hairstyle modern by a notch, you can complete the look with a temp fade.

  • Hairstyle requirements: These hair twists look equally stunning with short or long hair.
  • Hair Color requirements: A head full of platinum hair will indeed elevate the entire look. Since the whole hairstyle is based on the shape of the twists, you do not need to worry about specific hair colors.

#14 Gel Parted Hairstyle

This gel parted hairstyle is a true gentleman’s hairstyle that needs no introduction. We highly recommend this hairstyle for extra formal functions and big ceremonies where a polished look is imperative. The important part is using gel, but parting can be done on any side, according to your choice. 

  • Hairstyle requirements: Medium-length hair is a perfect size for this hairdo.
  • Hair Color requirements: You should opt for a nice salt and pepper shade. Platinum grays would look equally impressive for people who do not wish to dye their hair. 

#15 Spiky Silver Hair

Our last but surely not least is the spiky silver hair for men who wish to look sharp. This hairstyle is highly casual, subtle as well as low maintenance. Men can style their spikes with a firm hold gel or a mineral pomade for a natural sheen. You can mess the tips in all directions to make it look a little messy and sporty.

  • Hairstyle requirements: Generally, this hairstyle looks outstanding on small to medium hair length. However, you cannot create tips and spikes in various directions with short hair, so medium-length hair can undoubtedly give the best results.
  • Hair Color requirements: As the hairstyle shouts adventure and sports, we recommend keeping a peppered look for this hairstyle. A complete silver frost can look equally stunning and fantastic.

What’s the Best Hairstyle for Men Over 50?

We hope our list of 15 exciting hairstyles brings a waft of freshness and style to your 50s. As mentioned earlier, these hairstyles work excellently to hide a few shortcomings while boosting your self-confidence. Which one caught your eye the most?

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