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Wet Shaving Benefits | More Than You’d Think

Wet Shaving Benefits | More Than You’d Think

If you are thinking wet shaving is too fancy, you are wrong. It involves using warm water mixed with shaving cream.

You use a shaving brush to apply the solution on your face to soften the hair. You can also use a combination of shaving creams and glycerin-based soaps.

All these products help keep the face wet, hence ‘wet shaving’.

Benefits of Wet Shaving

wet shaving benefits

This method of shaving is making a comeback. It is a timeless way to get the perfect shave.

Even Daniel Craig was seen wet shaving using a straight razor in one of the Bond movies.

There is something manly about it. It takes you back to when you were young and saw your grandfather shave like this. It wasn’t when new types of razors launched that this method began to fade.

Dry shaving is convenient, but wet shaving, if done properly, can save you a lot of time. In light of this, mentioned below are some of the best benefits of the method:

Gives You a Perfect Shave

This type of shaving involves using warm water. This is why most men prefer shaving when taking a shower.

Splashing your face with lukewarm water softens facial hair. This reduces the resistance of the hair, making the shave smoother and cut-free.

Moreover, it enables you to cut pretty close to the root, increasing the time for the hair to grow back, providing a long lasting shave.


black skin exfoliation

The type of wet shaving brush you use does not matter.

Shaving brushes are made from different materials. You can buy a synthetic, boar or a badger shaving brush.

However, the way you use it is going to add to the list of benefits.

Think of the brush as not just a tool to apply shaving cream or soap on your face, but rather  as an exfoliation tool. Sure, it is different from what people normally use, but it pretty much does the same trick. It can help release trapped hair, clean the pores and soften hair. In addition, it also minimizes the increase in ingrown facial hair.

Extra Control

Again, it doesn’t matter what type of razor you use for your wet shave. There is a variety of razor blades available.

When you buy a wet shaving starter kit, you can choose between a slant, open-comb razor and a closed-comb razor.

The fact of the matter is that all these tools have a single razor. That is the real beauty of it.

Using one blade to shave gives you increased control over the proximity of the shave. This also helps reduce the risk of bumps and post-shave irritation.

In fact, this is why prominent dermatologists recommend using single blades single-blade razors. Select the grip you find comfortable and shave away!

Eco-Friendly Option

Did you know that in the US, more than two billion disposable razor blades and cartridges are found in landfills each year? This is a ridiculous amount of waste. Not to mention, we haven’t even taken into account empty cans of shaving creams and packaging that is disposed every year.

A single blade razor, the tool itself, can last a lifetime, if you are careful.

The blade lasts for 4 or 5 shaves. Your shaving brush, soaps and/or creams can also last a long time because you don’t have to use much of it while you shave.

Steel is a recyclable material.

Instead of throwing your blades away each time you get new ones, you can store them in a blade-bank and give them away for recycling. Think of a blade-bank as a safe storage device for blades. 

Selecting the Best Wet Shaving Products

The best wet shaving soap will contain a high amount of fat, which could be from vegetable oil or tallow, and the soap will contain glycerin.

Glycerin is a natural chemical that is extracted from vegetable oil. It is one of the most important elements for wet shaving because it acts as a humectant. It hydrates your skin by trapping water.

Plus, glycerin is also a good emollient because it reduces facial hair resistance and softens it, leaving the skin nice, supple, and moisturized.

The best wet shaving cream, on the other hand, must not contain many chemicals, which can give you post-shave irritation. Your shaving cream should also contain a high amount of glycerin to soften your facial hair and moisturize your skin.

Next up is your wet shaving brush. As mentioned, the type of shaving brush doesn’t matter.

However, as shaving brushes are long lasting, you should invest in the best one you can find. But it really boils down to preference. Synthetic brushes are fine but you can also buy a brush made from badger hair as well.

Top Wet Shaving Mistakes to Avoid

wet shaving mistakes

Simply splashing your face with warm water a few times isn’t going to get you a proper shave.

It can take a minute or two. Don’t use your face wash or a deodorant bar. They dry the skin. You need to use proper face-soap to soften the skin. Other products strip your skin off its natural oils.

Using Force

This is another common mistake people make. Wet shaving involves using a single-blade razor. You can’t use too much force or you will end up cutting your skin.

Some people apply force to get stubble, but the most effective way to use a straight razor is to cut across the skin.

If you press down on your skin, it will end up forming a ditch, which can later cause skin irritation and leave you with an inconsistent shave. 

Bottom Line

Therefore, buy the best wet shaving supplies, avoid these common mistakes and you will end up loving the wet shave method.

Wet shaving is the perfect way to shave properly.