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10 Toddler Boy Haircuts We’re Obsessed With

10 Toddler Boy Haircuts We’re Obsessed With

Is your boy fussing about wanting the most on-trend hairstyle that will make him look cooler among his friends? We understand your plight and frustration, and thus to make your job easy, we have curated the most trendy haircuts that shall look flattering on every boy.

These haircuts indeed have enormous personalities than your regular bowl cut, so your kids are bound to love them! In addition, you can wave goodbye to those sobbing eyes at the hairdresser.

Our list also offers a wide selection of haircuts for boys with thin, thick, curly, or afro hair that will make them look like their favorite superhero, character, or internet celebrity. Read along to transform your kid’s look on his next hair appointment.

#1 Gentlemen Side Part For Toddler Boy

When your youngster wishes to look like a handsome gentleman, this is the only haircut that fits the bill. Even kids with thinner hair can enjoy looking like a sleek gentleman without worrying about the thickness of their hair.

If your kid has slightly curly or wavy hair, this haircut will look a little wavy but cute nonetheless. The main magic element of transforming this look into a modern haircut is the side fade. 

Step-by-step guide:

  • To start with the cut, we recommend cutting the bottom with a number two or three clipper heads.
  • The clipper head for the top part needs to be way broader as you need the length for side parting.
  • The whole bottom should have a clean straight line cut, while the top should have a little longer hair.
  • Part the hair as desired and swoop the remaining hair on either side of the head.
  • You can start fading the other part to complete the whole cut.
  • Stand-alone clippers can work excellent to clean around the ears and neck.

Styling guide: To make the hairstyle look more pronounced and sleeker, try to use kid-friendly hair gel. The hairstyle won’t budge for an entire play-filled day!

#2 Sporty Faux Hawk 

The sporty faux hawk haircut is for kids that are passionate about trendy hairstyles. This hairstyle will surely unleash his inner rockstar in no time. The faux hawk is a perfect cut that has a subtle balance of messy hair and pointy tips.

This look is excellent for boys that have decently medium hair. Fine and straight hair will undoubtedly give the best results when it comes to faux hawks. Parents can decide the length of the hawk according to the child’s face and preference.

Step-by-step guide

  • To get the perfect faux hawk, partition the crown hair and pin it in place.
  • You can use a number three or four clippers to chop and blend the rest of the hair.
  • Untie the crown hair and start cutting them in a triangle shape.
  • The crown area should have longer hair than the rest of the head, so be careful while cutting those hair strands.
  • Layer the front hair to create a nice textured look.

Styling guide: Style the freshly cut hair with extra light mousse and tousle it to give its signature textured look. 

#3 French Crop With Angular Top Fringe

This cut is an attractive hairstyle for boys who want an advanced-level french crop. The angular top fringe gives a nice look to a relatively simple french crop. The haircut is highly manageable and does not require extra styling.

Step-by-step guide

  • You can proceed to cut the hair similarly to that for a french crop.
  • The entire hair length should stay the same, while the front hair should fall inversely towards the face.
  • Before lining the front in a straight cut, you need to take a considerable chunk to create a fringe.
  • The haircut will look like a classic french crop from the backside, but instead of a straight cut ahead, it will have an angular top frame.

Styling Guide: Styling requires minimal effort as the cut is usually short in length. Light hold gel will complete the look by fixing the angular tip.

#4 Standard Curly-Swirly

We highly recommend this haircut for boys who have a head full of beautiful curls. Since the coils are the main highlight, the size of the entire haircut does not play a critical role. You can cut the hair as per the school’s guidelines for a teacher-approved safe cut.

Step-by-step guide

  • The entire length of the haircut should measure the same from the back to the front.
  • You can use scissors to line up the hair around the ear.
  • To get a perfect finish, try to use the pull-out technique during the entire cut. 

Styling guide: Since curly hair does not need further styling, you can leave the hair to flow and bounce naturally.

#5 The Mop Top

Some toddlers aren’t cut for the standard haircuts. They need wild and crazy hairstyles that match their hair texture and personality. This Beatles band-inspired haircut consists of a tapered neck and hair with a considerable amount of loose wavy hair on top of the head. The hairstyle is excellent for tots with wavy and thicker hair.

Step-by-step guide

  • Start by keeping an excellent clean cut around the ears and cutting the hair to get lovely long layers.
  • You are not looking for perfection here, as the hairstyle is supposed to be a little rugged.
  • Blended wispy bangs around the eyes will complete the look.

Styling Guide: The more tousled the hair, the better this hairstyle will look. 

#6 Afro-Tight Curl + Fade

This particular hairstyle is an ideal cut for all African American toddler boys. The afro- texture can be a little challenging to handle; thus, a haircut as sleek and practical as this one will undoubtedly make them look dapper. Apart from the regular fades, this haircut doesn’t need any further maintenance.

Step-by-step guide

  • The goal is to keep the sides short and the top long.
  • You can start by buzzing the back and side with a zero-number clipper.
  • The top part needs a crisp trim to a short length.
  • Once the top is set, go back to the sides and give a smooth fade for the cut to look clean and polished.

Styling guide: You can apply a little mousse to keep the curls moisturized. Since the hair is tiny, it doesn’t need any extra styling.

#7 Crew Cut 

A crew cut is the most low-maintenance haircut available for thin-haired kids. This cut is one of the shortest hairstyles that looks clean, neat, and smart. If your kid studies at a school that has strict dress codes, this hairstyle is going to be your favorite cut for a long time.

Step-by-step guide

  • You can skip the scissors for this one and jump directly to the hair trimmer.
  • Trim the entire head to the same length according to the preference.
  • Do not forget to clean the cut by shaping it behind the ears and at the back.
  • A quick side fade can add a touch of style and suave to this hairstyle.

Style guide: Since the hair length is considerably small, it looks immaculate without any styling product.

#8 Hipster Haircut

A hipster haircut is one of the most trendy haircuts ruling the fashion industry. This haircut would look excellent on kids with thick hair and oval faces. This haircut is opposite to shaggy hair and requires a little maintenance.

Step-by-step guide

  • The entire process is divided into two steps.
  • The first is smoothly shaving and fading both sides while keeping a considerable amount of hair at the front.
  • The crucial task is to fluff up the crown hair in a perfect circular shape resembling a half pompadour.

Style guide: Hipster haircut needs a lot of hair crème to set the hair. The final step is to use a light hairspray to fix the entire updo.

#9 Surfer Hairstyle

Surfer hairstyle is for kids who do not want to cut their hair too short. The length of this hairstyle is short, manageable while satisfying the urge to have long hair. The cut strikes a perfect balance of not too long and not too clean, making it a hit among boys.

Step-by-step guide

  • The ear and nape area should be short with clean lines.
  • The sides need to be an inch long, while the top should be two-inch long.
  • You can play with the height of the inches according to your choice.

Style guide: Apply a simple saltwater texturizing spray to give it the beachy surfer look.

#10 Curly Caesar 

The caesar cut closely resembles the french crop but with a few different detailings. This hairstyle is excellent for boys with moderately curly hair. This cut is a perfect solution for boys who do not like a head full of curly hair.

Step-by-step guide

  • Start by cleaning the hair behind the ears.
  • Keep a standard length for the entire head and condition the hair to fall on the forehead.
  • To finish off, give a dramatic side fade to emphasize the top curls further.

Style guide: This hairstyle doesn’t need much hair maintenance, but a tiny amount of pomade can accentuate the curls better.

What’s the Best Toddler Boy’s Haircut?

We hope our haircut guide gave enough ideas for a fancy cut filled with character. Feel free to pick any one style that fits your criteria of maintenance, hair length, and style. Lastly, don’t forget to capture your toddler’s expression after their haircut!