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What Is Heavy Stubble? | A Detailed Guide

What Is Heavy Stubble? | A Detailed Guide

Heavy stubble, or “the 10-day beard,” is one of the most flattering beard lengths. If you want to know how to rock the best heavy stubble beard, we’re here to help.

What Is Heavy Stubble?

Heavy stubble is a beard that’s about 4-5mm, or about an eighth of an inch, long. It gets its nickname, the “10-day beard,” because it takes the average guy about that long to grow it. Of course, this can vary from one person to the next.

Stubble comes in a few different varieties. First, there’s the standard five o’clock shadow, which usually appears for most men by the end of the workday.

If you let that stubble go for a day or two, you’ll have a light stubble. After that, you’ll have medium stubble, which comes in around 3-7 days, depending on how quickly your hair grows. This is nicknamed the “3-day beard.”

Then, there’s heavy stubble. 

Most guys want to grow a heavy stubble beard because it’s a universally flattering style. No matter what your face shape is, a short, well-groomed beard that appears effortless (even if it’s not) can look great.

And, if what Australian researchers say is true, it’s also the most attractive style. If you’re a daily shaver, you’re probably scratching your chin just at the mere thought of letting your beard grow any longer.

Growing out a beard of any length will likely lead to a bit of itchiness at first. But with proper grooming, you can have a heavy stubble beard that looks and feels great in no time. So, keep reading to find out how to pull off the best 10-day beard.

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Committing to the Beard

When you decide to grow out your beard, you’re committing to a few things. Specifically, you’re committing to the time it takes to grow the beard and the maintenance that comes after.

So, don’t toss your razor just yet. You’ll still need it, along with a few other supplies, to make sure all goes smoothly.

Go Shopping

There are a few items you’ll need to get your heavy stubble just right. Here’s a quick shopping list. Look it over, then I’ll break it down below.

  • Electric trimmer with swappable heads
  • Razor
  • Beard brush
  • Good tweezers
  • Beard conditioner, oil, and/or balm
  • Exfoliant (optional)

The first thing you’ll need to grab is an electric trimmer. Do your research and find a trimmer with heads you can swap out. You may want heavy stubble now, but if the beard bug takes hold, don’t be surprised if you want to change things up down the road. 

Next, invest in a good razor if you don’t have one already. You’ll still need it to get a nice, smooth hairline. A good pair of tweezers will help you lift out any ingrown hairs that grow along your hairline, too. 

Finally, stock up on your grooming tools. Although heavy stubble isn’t terribly long, it can still get unruly. So get yourself a high-quality stiff-bristle brush and some conditioner, oil, or beard balm.

The product will help keep the skin under your beard moisturized, and the brush will distribute it evenly and help exfoliate your skin. An optional item is a facial scrub. This can help loosen up dead skin, oil, and ingrown hairs.

Make a Plan

Now that you have all your supplies on hand, it’s time to make a plan. Growing a beard might be simple in theory, but you’ll need to consider some things.

Namely, your beard shape. But to determine your beard’s shape, you’ll need to find your face shape. Once you know that, you’ll be able to figure out which beard shape will work best.


A round bearded face shape requires some care to keep it from looking rounder. In your case, keep the stubble shorter on the sides and longer on your chin.

That’ll give the illusion of a longer, more slender face shape while still maintaining the attractiveness of heavy stubble. A goatee is an example of a style that’ll work great for you.


If you have an oval-shaped face, you can rejoice in knowing that pretty much any style will look great on you. With this shape, you should focus on squaring off your jawline. Essentially, you’ll want your hair slightly longer on your chin. This will amplify the ruggedness of your heavy stubble. 


Square-shaped faces boast strong jawlines, which are great for heavy stubble since longer beards can cause your angles to become exaggerated. Treat a square shape the same way you would a round one. Focus any length on your chin, keeping it low on the jawline. 


If your forehead is the widest part of your face and your chin is pointed, you have a heart-shaped face. Your aim should be strengthening that chin. So, focus your heavy stubble on your chin and mustache, and keep things short on the sides.


A rectangular face is similar to an oval face but with a wider jaw and forehead. A long beard won’t do you any favors, so stubble is a great choice. So, to maximize your features, try to keep the stubble slightly shorter on the chin and longer on the sides. 

The Final Word on Beard Shape

The importance of picking the right beard shape can’t be overstated. Your beard will enhance or detract from specific facial features, so if there’s something you want to draw attention to or from, take care when choosing which shape you’ll wear.

Get Growing

So, you have your supplies and your plan. Now comes the waiting game. Getting an authentic 10-day beard can take anywhere from 8-12 days. You might even see it within a week if you’re prone to fast hair growth. Here are the steps to getting a perfect heavy stubble beard.

Put Down the Razor

Once you’re committed to growing your heavy stubble, you’ll need to put your razor away. Most importantly, you’ll need to keep it away for a solid week or more while your stubble grows. Let your hair grow a full two weeks for best results so those pesky slow-growing hairs can come in.

It might look a bit of a mess in the interim, but try not to worry. Most things look a mess when they’re in an in-between stage. If you’re concerned about work appearance, consider starting the growth when you’re on vacation.

Trim It Up

After you achieve the right length, it’s time to start trimming. This is where things can get tricky. First, start by exfoliating. Either wash your face and give it a good scrub with your beard brush or buy a facial exfoliating scrub.

This will help get all your hair standing up and suss out any ingrown hairs that can lead to painful bumps and patchy spots. Next, break out the trimmers. Set the length to 4 or 5, but don’t forget what beard shape you decided on.

For example, if you have a round face, set the trimmer to 5 mm on your chin and 4 mm on the sides. Carefully go over your whole face with your trimmers. Start with the 5, then swap to the 4 when it’s time to do your shorter areas.

You might need to go over it a few times if your hair is thick or you have a lot of ingrown hairs. After you have your length taken care of, it’s time to pick up your razor and shape your hairline. Again, refer back to the shape you opted for and trim based on that.

The most flattering beard will end about an inch below your jawline. When you trim up your cheeks, make your hairline where your beard shifts to patchiness. Use your tweezers to lift any ingrown hairs.


Now that your heavy stubble is all grown in, it’s time for maintenance. Unfortunately, heavy stubble is one of the more maintenance-heavy beard styles because it requires regular trimming. But once you get it down, it’ll be just another step in your morning routine.


Beards love to harbor oils, bacteria, and dead skin cells, which can lead to acne and ingrown hairs. So when you’re trying to maintain stubble, you’ll need to keep your face clear of those things. Daily cleansing will wash away the dirt and oil that could collect in your hair.


You might not have to trim every day, but you may want to touch up your hairline. You can do this with a razor or a trimmer, but a razor will give you the cleanest hairline. However, once or twice a week, go over your beard with your trimmer to keep it at your desired length.


Heavy stubble isn’t very long, but it can still look unkempt. Use your beard brush to bring it into submission each day. If your hair is coarse or unruly, use some oil or balm to tame it. You’ll be surprised at what a difference these things can make.

Pros and Cons of Heavy Stubble

Guy with heavy stubble smiling at the camera


After reading through each step of the beard-growing process, you might be wondering, is heavy stubble worth it? In short, yes. However, there are always pros and cons to every decision.


It Looks Great

When done right, a 10-day beard is universally flattering. No matter your face shape, you’ll be able to pull off a heavy stubble beard.

It Gets Better With Age

The longer you have your beard, the better it’ll look. This is because the smaller hairs that grow slowly will come in over time, filling in any patchy spots. 

Maintenance Is Simple

Although you’ll still have to maintain your beard every day, heavy stubble is pretty easy to take care of. All you need are trimmers and a razor. You won’t have to worry about complex styling or breaking out the scissors to get just the right length. 


It Doesn’t Work for Everyone

Unfortunately, some face shapes simply don’t take to heavy stubble very well. For example, if you have a weak jawline, stubble could draw attention to it. So take an objective look at your beard once it grows in and decide whether or not it indeed does you justice.


Although maintenance isn’t complex, it’s absolutely necessary. Of all the beard types, heavy stubble is most likely to fall victim to scruffiness, and not in a good way. So keep your hairline straight and clean if you want to have the most attractive beard possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still on the fence about growing in a 10-day beard? Any type of beard is a time commitment, so that’s understandable. Here are a few answers to other questions you might have.

What makes a beard thicker?

Several things make a beard thicker. Time is one factor. The longer a beard grows, the thicker it’ll get. But you can also use supplements like Biotin and vitamin B7 and add more protein and essential nutrients to your diet to give your hair a boost. 

When should I trim my stubble?

Trimming your stubble every 2-3 days is sufficient for most guys. If your hair grows more quickly or slowly, you can adjust accordingly. You should trim up your hairline every day, though. 

What is heavy stubble?

Heavy stubble is the longest stubble length before you have a full-blown beard. Also known as the 10-day beard, this stubble is 4-5 mm long. You can grow this style out in about 8-12 days.

Is heavy stubble attractive?

According to evolutionary science, heavy stubble is an attractive look for men. Studies show that women are often more attracted to men with stubble than those who are clean-shaven. And, when it comes to beards, heavy stubble is the one they found most appealing.

Is 3 mm heavy stubble?

3 millimeters is considered designer stubble. It falls squarely between a 5 o’clock shadow and heavy stubble. Its nickname is a “3-day beard” because it takes about that long to grow in.

So, What Is Heavy Stubble? 

Heavy stubble, or the 10-day beard, is a beard that’s about 4-5 mm long. It looks great on most guys and is considered one of the most attractive beard styles. What’s best is that it’s easy to grow and simple to maintain.