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How to Hide a Weak Jawline | Step-by-Step

How to Hide a Weak Jawline | Step-by-Step

A weak jawline can be frustrating when you’re aiming for a refined and dapper look. If you’re looking for the best way to grow a beard to hide a weak jawline, you’re in the right place.

Hiding a Weak Jawline: A Summary

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Growing a beard to conceal your weak jawline is an excellent and effective idea, but you’ll need a plan. Fortunately, it takes only a few steps and some patience to get the right growth.  These include:

  1. Adjust the length
  2. Trim up your neckline
  3. Use the right angles
  4. Trim the sides
  5. Get the shape right
  6. Maintenance

Now that you know the steps, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. It might seem like a lot at first, but it’s not nearly as bad as it seems.

How to Hide a Weak Jawline in 6 Easy Steps

You can easily hide your weak jawline by growing out your facial hair. That said, if you’ve ever tried to grow your beard, you know it’s more than simply “letting it grow.”

Instead, there’s a detailed process involved to ensure the proper length, coverage, and angles bring out your best facial features. This is especially true when it comes to hiding a weak jawline. But first, let’s define what a weak jawline actually is.

If your jawline is considered weak, that simply means it isn’t well-defined. Your chin is likely round or soft, there’s little to no demarcation line between your jaw and neck, and your chin may appear tilted back. 

Even though it’s a perfectly normal thing, a poorly-defined jawline can cause some guys to feel a bit self-conscious. It’s no surprise, then, that so many men seek out ways to conceal their jawline. There are a lot of things men try to disguise their weak jawline.

Chewing gum or chewing on a toothpick, weight loss, and certain face exercises are all ways you might try to conceal one of your least-favorite facial features. There are also surgical options, as well, if you’re interested in doing something more permanent.

That said, growing and cultivating a great beard is the best way to take control of your jawline. So, how do you use a beard to hide a weak jawline? Simply follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way.

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1. Adjust the Length

If you have a beard or like to rock a bit of stubble, you’re already on your way to concealing your jawline. Now, all you need to do is focus on the length and shape of your beard. 

If your beard is on the short side or you’re still bare-skinned, you’ll want to grow your beard out a few inches before starting any of the next few steps. If you’ve ever tried to grow out your facial hair, you know it can be patchy at first.

As it grows, those patches will fill in. You’ll need a few inches of good growth before starting to build out your beard’s shape. This is where patience comes in. Yes, it can be frustrating because you probably want to get things taken care of right away. But your patience will pay off in the end.

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2. Trim Up Your Neckline

Even though you might be wrestling with a patchy beard that can, at times, be a bit unsightly, you can combat that by trimming up your jawline to the most flattering shape. Before you reach for the clippers, though, make sure you have the right plan in place for how it should look. 

The general rule of thumb is that your hairline shouldn’t be more than 1-1.5 inches above your Adam’s apple. So although you might think it makes more sense to have your hairline right along your jawline, you’ll be doing the opposite of what you want. 

Trimming your facial hair to follow your jawline works well if your jaw is well-defined. However, you’ll want to cover the underside of your jaw to prevent any of your double-chin peeking through. 

If you don’t have a double chin but simply have a poorly-defined jawline, you can mess with your hairline a bit. However, if you’re trying to hide a double-chin, this neckline length is a pretty hard and fast rule.

3. Use the Right Angles

Angles are essential when it comes to shaping your beard to hide your jawline. Not only will the right angles conceal your jaw, but visually, they can completely change your jaw’s shape. You’ve already trimmed up your neckline, so the next step is getting the facial angles right and connecting the two.

This step will start building the shape your beard will eventually take, so it’s important you get it right. Using your finger, trace an invisible line from the top curve of your ear to the corner of your mouth.

Everything above that line should go; those are the little scraggly hairs that won’t contribute anything to growth. Now that you know your canvas, you can work on how sharp you want your beard to be.

Remember, this is where you get to decide what your jawline looks like. For example, if your jaw is rounded or you have a double chin, make good use of your sideburns by trimming them straight and clean. 

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4. Trim the Sides

Once you have a decent amount of growth, you can start thinning out the sides. This is important because the thickness of the sides contributes directly to how wide your face looks. No matter what beard length you ultimately go for, trimmed sides are an absolute necessity for hiding a weak jawline.

So, to get the side trim right, you’ll need to focus on your sideburns. Essentially, you want to keep your sideburns from your earlobes up short. Everything from your earlobes down should be part of the primary beard growth.

A good trick for getting your sideburns to sit just right is to brush them and use a beard wax to keep them flat. This is especially helpful if your hair comes in a little spotty when it’s short. You can grow your sideburns a bit longer, then style them, so they sit close to your skin.

5. Get the Shape Right 

Much like angles, getting the shape right for your beard is critical. Every guy has his own face shape, so you’ll need to figure out yours and grow your beard in a way that flatters your features while hiding your jawline.

If you want to figure out your ideal beard shape, you’ll first have to identify your face shape. You can break out the measuring tape if you wish to, but you should be able to tell by looking at which of the following shapes is yours.


If your face is longer than it is wide, then you have an oval shape. A jawline with sharper angles will suit you best, but you won’t have any trouble pulling off your choice of beard shapes.

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A round face is precisely what it sounds like. Your face is about as broad as it is tall, and the angles are soft. So a triangular-shaped beard that’s very short on the sides and longer at the chin will suit you best.


A square-shaped face is similar to a round face, only the angles are sharp instead of soft. If you’re trying to hide a weak jawline, an extended goatee that encircles your mouth and continues slightly up your jawline will be most flattering.


If your face is heart-shaped, you have a pointed chin with a wide forehead. This is the most common shape for men with weak jawlines. Stubble is usually ideal for this face shape.

To conceal your jawline, let the hair grow slightly longer on your chin and groom your mustache to grow out more. This will draw attention to the center of your face away from your jaw.


The triangular shape is essentially the opposite of the heart-shaped face. Your jawline is the broadest point on your face, with your forehead being the most narrow.

A close-cropped beard is your best bet with minimal side growth. Let the bulk of longer growth stay restricted to your chin to keep that jawline hidden.


If you have killer cheekbones with a narrow chin and forehead, you have a diamond-shaped face. Shape your beard on your chin to have a bit of a square shape, and do a gradual fade up through your sideburns. This will give you the illusion of a strong, chiseled jaw.


A long face with a similar jaw, cheek, and forehead width is considered rectangular. A larger beard will accentuate your face’s length, so you’ll need to find a good balance to conceal your jawline. You can grow your hair thicker on the sides for this face shape, but don’t go too crazy on the length.

6. Maintenance

Proper beard maintenance is key to keeping that weak jawline concealed. Here are a few things you should do each day to keep your beard in check.

  1. Brush or comb your beard daily.
  2. Trim the stray hairs above and below your hairline.
  3. Use beard oil or wax to shape your beard.
  4. Wash your beard in the shower just like you would your hair.

There you have it. If you can follow these steps, you’ll have an awesome beard and a strong-looking jawline before you know it. It might take a while to get your facial hair exactly how you want it, but once your beard grows in, it’ll just be a matter of maintenance. 

However, if you’re unhappy with your results or just can’t seem to get the hang of growing your beard the way you want, you can always go to your local barber. A professional will be able to give you a great shape, perfect your angles, and show you how to maintain it at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Still have questions about weak jawlines? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about weak jaws and the beards that cover them.

Do you shave your neck when you grow a beard?

The neckbeard is a difficult look for most guys to pull off, so it’s best to shave your neck when you grow out a beard. Not only will it give you a cleaner look, but it’ll also help keep up the illusion of sharper angles around your jaw.

What causes a weak jawline?

Weak jawlines are often inherited. Unfortunately, when that’s the case, only cosmetic fixes will hide your jaw. However, poor muscle development, declining collagen, weight, and aging also contribute to what type of jaw you have. 

How do you know if you have a weak jawline?

The easiest way to tell if you have a weak jawline is to check out your chin in relation to your lower lip. Stand in front of a mirror or find an image of yourself where you can see your profile. Your jawline is weak if your chin’s forward-most point is behind your lower lip.

How should I shape my beard for a round face?

A weak jawline is very common on round face types. If you want the best beard shape for a round face, you should focus on the sideburns and cheeks. You can grow out the length however you’d like, but keep the sides trim and tidy. That’ll give the illusion of a longer face shape.

How far down the neck should a beard go?

The lower line for your beard should end about an inch and a half above your Adam’s apple. This is the best way to create a clear dividing line that gives the illusion of a hard angle between your head and neck. 

So, How Do You Hide a Weak Jawline?

Growing out a well-shaped and well-groomed beard is the best way to hide a weak jawline. All you have to do is follow the steps listed here to get the perfect jawline-hiding beard. It might take time, but you’ll be thrilled once you see the final result.