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Fat Men With Beards | 12 Real-Life Examples

Fat Men With Beards | 12 Real-Life Examples

Beards are timeless. Throughout history, beards have represented masculinity, ruggedness, and style. Plus, they look great on almost everyone. Fat men with beards need love, too! 

Face shape is one of the primary concerns for beard growers. However, you may also want to consider your body shape.

The style of beard you should wear depends on your height and body type (in addition to your face shape, hairstyle, and personal aesthetic). If you want to make the most out of your beard, keep these tips in mind whenever you’re ready for a trim. 

What Is a Good Beard? 

A beard changes the shape of your face, and depending on how you style it a beard can say a lot about your personality. You can look jovial, rugged, hip, intellectual, or sloppy. As a result, your beard plays a role in how others perceive you.

A perfectly styled beard can be your most influential fashion accessory. Some of the most famous men in history have worn beards, and they have never completely gone out of style.

The makings of a good beard are up to interpretation, but in general, a good beard will be neat, clean, and reveal your best facial qualities.

If you gained some quarantine weight, you might think you can’t rock a beard but that isn’t the case! Beards on chubby men look great if well taken care of and can help your face look slimmer (if desired). 

History of the Beard 

The beard has a long and storied history. At one time, men used facial hair to protect themselves from the elements. From Roman emperor Otto the Great to the brewery-owning hipsters of today, beards make a statement. 

In the 1600s, knights and other macho types thought of beards as a sign of courage. King Henry the 8th also wore a beard however, he did not believe that his subjects should wear them. He imposed a tax on any commoner who wore a beard.

In the 1960s, beards became a symbol of rebellion. It was extraordinarily customary to see wild, untamed beards during this period.

A few decades later, in the 1980s, a clean-cut androgynous look was in fashion, and beards faded in relevancy. Today, beards come in many shapes and styles. Changing the structure is an easy way to change your look. 

Beard Benefits

A beard can give you a chin if you do not have one. It can cover acne if you have oily skin, and it can even reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Beards may also make your face look thinner if you select the right style.

There are hundreds of beard variations and at the end of the day, you should choose the one you feel the most comfortable and confident wearing. When a person has a chubby face, the fat gathers around the jawline and cheeks.

This natural inclination can make your face look fuller and give you an appearance of softness. You can counter that softness by taking the attention off of those areas of your face. 

Remember, though, that the most important thing is your confidence. Whether you want to try covering your acne, wrinkles, lacking chin, or purely want something new, you deserve to feel your best! 

12 Fat Men With Beards That Inspire

Note that before you start trimming, you should take a detailed look at what your beard looks like now. Try to make each side even if you can’t make it work, you can see a professional or shave it off and let it regrow.

Both options are far better than having a bad beard! Are you ready to take the plunge into the facial hair universe? Below are some of the hottest beard trends that never go out of style.

1. The Box Beard  Best for Beginners

Fat man with a box beard throwing a present


The box beard is the most basic beard style, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. This style works exceptionally well if you have a naturally even-shaped beard.

To achieve the perfect box beard, you should: 

  • Let your chin hair grow out as much as you can 
  • Fade your sideburns, but don’t shave them entirely off
  • Trim the bottom of your beard to form a square shape

Trim the hair from the bottom sides of the beard to form a square shape on the bottom. Take a long straight comb and use it as a straight edge at the end of your beard. Run a razor underneath the comb, and then trim your mustache to match the square shape.

Remember to keep the sides short to keep attention off of your cheeks. It is essential to elongate the jawline as much as possible.

2. The Short Boxed Beard  Best for Baby Faces

Short man with a boxed beard in a studio


Do people have a hard time believing you’re as old as you say you are? You may have a baby face. If you’re constantly told you look young, a long square beard might look somewhat odd.

A short box beard is a perfect solution for a young man with a baby face. Just cut your beard into the square shape mentioned above, but trim it to where it is exactly 1/2 inch away from the face.

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3. Circle Beard  Best for Low-Maintenance

Fat man with a circle beard crossing his arms


A round-style beard suits those with busy schedules and those that want something low-maintenance. A round-style beard can work on a chubby face if you keep it trimmed and neat.

The best part? You only have to trim it every three weeks. Beyond that, you only need to wash it daily and let it grow naturally. You should also use beard balm, oil, and shampoo to keep it looking fresh.

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4. The Ducktail  Best for Standing Out

Fat man with a ducktail beard in a grey room


If you’re looking for something slightly more eye-catching, you may want to try a ducktail beard. The hair in the beard of a ducktail rests in a point. Think of a 1950s DuckTales haircut, but the point ends at the chin. This style will reduce roundness and make your face look longer and narrower.

This beard style is unique, but it requires grooming. Ensure you have a high-quality comb and beard balm on hand!

5. The Verdi  Best for Full Beards

Fat man with a Verdi beard sitting on the floor

Studio Romantic/Shutterstock

Verdi was an opera composer with a distinctive beard style. This beard style is voluminous on the sides and works well for those with naturally thick hair. 

Despite its length, the Verdi beard does not require excessive maintenance. All you need to do is trim excess hair and exfoliate to promote hair growth. You can take it up a notch by curling the sides of your mustache up to look exactly like Verdi.

6. The Hollywoodian  Best for Channeling Your Inner Celebrity

Photo of a fat man with a beard called the Hollywoodonian

Viorel Sima/Shutterstock

You have probably seen this style of beard on movie stars and rappers. For a perfect Hollywoodian beard, you should: 

  • Have little or no sideburns
  • Have a horizontal chinstrap
  • Keep the length very short to short never long

This beard is a bit challenging to style yourself you may need a professional to cut it for you the first time.

7. Scruffy Beard  Best for a Rugged Look

Scruffy beard on a fat man


If you find yourself rushing to get ready in the morning and cannot find the time to manage your beard, the untidy look is for you. 

To achieve the perfect scruff, shave and let your beard grow out for two to three weeks the result is a rugged, masculine beard that suits every face and body shape!

8. Five O’Clock Shadow Best for Date Night

Five o'clock shadow beard on a fat man

Aleksandar Mjatovic/Shutterstock

Nothing says sexy like five o’clock shadow! And yes, despite its short length, chubby faces and bodies can rock this lived-in style, too. 

The secret? Shave about two days before your big date. Then, let your hair grow naturally. After 48 hours, you should have some distinct stubble along your jawline swoon. 

9. Hipster Beard  Best for Craft Beer Connoisseurs 

Fat man with beard in the hipster style


Honestly, hipsters hopped on the beard trend before everyone else and that’s what makes them hipsters! 

Growing a hipster-like beard takes some time, but the stylishly manly result is worth the wait. The key to a hipster beard is the right grooming products. Scissors, trimmers, and shaving bowls/brushes are essential to maintaining the quintessential hipster beard. 

Plus, having an array of products for your beard is excellent for self-care regimens. 

10. Power Beard Best for the Long Run

Fat man with a power beard


Sometimes, you set your mind to something and stick with it. If you know you want your beard around for the unforeseeable future, a power beard is a practical (and classy) choice.  

A power beard grows for anywhere from a few months to years. Instead of cutting the hair into a specific shape, power beard-wearers allow the hair to grow in and only trim the straggly hairs or parts that look unkempt (like a neckbeard). 

11. Garibaldi Beard  Best for Revealing Your Inner Italian

Fat man with a beard in sunglasses

Cesar Fernandez Dominguez/Shutterstock

Mamma mia, this is a great beard! 

Inspired by Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi, this luxuriously thick beard works best for curly, dense hair. It is round at the bottom, with a neatly trimmed mustache that curls around the mouth. 

12. Faded Beard  Best for Highlighting Cheekbones

Fat man with a beard in a yellow shirt

ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock

Chunky faces have cheekbones, too. The faded beard is a great way to accentuate the high points of your face but conceal the chin or neck area. 

Faded beards work best when they reach about 4 to 6 inches in length. To get the faded look, use a trimmer and gradually thin the hair on your sideburns out until the hair disappears. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still wondering if you can rock a beard as a chunky guy? Read on for common questions from bearded fellows just like you. 

My Beard is Patchy. Any Tips?

Patchy beards are akin to cowlicks. You cannot get rid of them completely, but you can work around them. 

The easiest way to minimize patchy spots is to brush the hair against the root. This method increases volume and covers the patch but you will need to use gel to hold it in place.

What Can I Do to Make My Beard Grow Faster?

Waiting on your beard to grow can feel like watching paint dry, but there are a few things you can do to speed up the process. 

Beard oils work well for stimulating hair growth, especially ones with castor oil. Another tip is to regularly exfoliate your beard to get rid of dead skin and let your hair follicles breathe. 

What If Some of My Beard Is Gray?

There is a reason the term silver fox exists grey hair is attractive, even in beards! Having color variation is not a bad thing, and you shouldn’t pluck your hair in fear of looking old.

Gray hair adds dimension to an otherwise one-noted beard. However, if you strongly dislike your gray hair, you can always dye your beard. 

How Can I Detangle My Beard?

If you try brushing your beard with a stiff brush and use a balm to no avail, you can get tangles out with a blowdryer. The heat helps to shape head hair and beard hair alike. 

What’s the Difference Between a Tweard and a Yeard?

A yeard is a beard that grows for a year. In most cases, it will be about six inches long. 

A tweard is a beard that grows for at least two years. It separates the boys from the men because some men can grow them as long as 2 feet. This look is quite a commitment and requires a lot of grooming in the morning. 

What’s Your Favorite Fat Men With Beard Style?

Whether you want a fresh, intricate look or something low-maintenance, you can rock a beard! Having a chubby face or neck should not discourage you from growing facial hair.

No matter your body type, you deserve to feel confident, sophisticated, and happy with your beard each morning when you look in the mirror. With proper grooming, shaping, and product, you’re well on your way to having the beard of your dreams.