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Your Guide to the Hollywoodian Beard

Your Guide to the Hollywoodian Beard

The Hollywoodian Beard is sometimes referred to as an extended goatee or a beard with no sideburns. Its name may lead you to believe it’s a trendy, modern beard sported by today’s Hollywood elite.

Although that’s true, the beard first gained popularity among Hollywood men nearly 100 years ago. 

What Is the Hollywoodian Beard?

Image of the Hollywoodian Beard in an up-close image


So, what is a Hollywoodian beard? The Hollywoodian beard shape is a dashing and sophisticated-looking beard. The style looks like a goatee that has been allowed the freedom to continue growing past the sides of the chin area, where the goatee typically ends. 

The Hollywoodian beard first gained popularity in the Golden Era of Hollywood between the 1920s and 1960s. It’s now considered a modern vintage look because of its resurgence in the 2010s.

The Hollywoodian shape is made by essentially removing the sideburns from a full beard. The cheek hair is also removed and may be manicured neatly along the jawline by some wearers. The width can vary but it is typically worn to the ears like a chin strap.

The beard can also be shaped beyond the typical goatee width but taper as it comes closer to the ears. Once the basic idea of the Hollywoodian shape is achieved, the extra details are based on the wearer’s preference.

The length of the Hollywoodian beard is usually kept between 1-2 inches. The beard can be worn shorter or longer based on the wearer’s facial shape. The neckline can be kept neat or worn long and unkempt. 

It takes some manicuring to get the look just right and the shape can vary slightly to best suit your facial features. Here’s a quick recap of the main features of the Hollywoodian beard:

  • A wider, fuller cousin of the goatee
  • Also described as a beard without sideburns
  • A beard that has a history of signaling affluence and refinement

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Which Face Shape Is Best for a Hollywoodian Beard?

The Hollywoodian beard may not be suitable for every face shape. There’s a reason why the Hollywoodian beard looks so good on today’s television and movie stars.

The best face shape for the Hollywoodian beard matches a cultural ideal for men, which is often seen in actors:

  • High, prominent cheekbones
  • Square jawline
  • A strongly defined chin

The Hollywoodian beard flatters the diamond and triangle face shapes. It can also complement an oval face shape. If you have a round face, the Hollywoodian beard style should be kept shorter if you want to avoid the additional width on your face. 

Some actors, such as Viggo Mortensen, have worn a trimmed and neat Hollywoodian shape, with a well-manicured jawline and length that is kept in check.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale have worn the Hollywoodian beard with a longer, more unruly look. The Hollywoodian beard isn’t as flattering on men who should show off their jawline, such as men with a square face shape.

On the contrary, because the cheek hair is removed, the beard may not be flattering for men who want to hide facial features. A well-maintained Hollywoodian shape tends to highlight the cheek area and brings the focus to the mouth. 

If you cannot grow a full beard, the Hollywoodian beard may not be right for you.

Depending on where your patchiness occurs, the missing hair may work against the shape of the Hollywoodian beard. If you have a patchy beard, try to draw or imagine the desired beard on your face and see if your beard structure will work with this style.

How to Grow a Hollywoodian Beard

The easiest way to get a Hollywoodian beard is to manicure the shape from your full beard. Trying to grow and shape the Hollywoodian beard from scratch is possible.

But it will take a couple of months, and it would be less challenging to start by shaping a fully grown beard to the desired look. Start with an untrimmed beard that has been growing for at least three to four weeks if your facial hair grows quickly.

If it takes a little longer for your beard to fill in, let it grow for at least one to two months before trying to shape it into the Hollywoodian style. If this is your first time wearing a Hollywoodian beard, you’ll need to figure out exactly what shape works best for you.

You may prefer your beard to be longer and fuller or short and neat to compliment your facial features. Shaping the beard should be a breeze with the right tools. 

Manicuring the Hollywoodian Beard

When it’s time to shape your beard into the Hollywoodian style, you will need a comb, beard trimmer, razor, and beard trimming scissors to help you achieve the desired look. Here are step-by-step instructions for creating the Hollywoodian beard:

1. Standardize the Length

If you left your beard untrimmed, it’s time to get the beard to one consistent length. Start by combing your beard in the direction of hair growth and trim against the growth.

On your beard trimmer, use a guard to trim the entire beard to your desired length. Remember, the Hollywoodian style is typically worn 1-2 inches long.

2. Create the Shape

After you trim the beard to the right length, remove the guard from your clippers to shape the jawline. Before you remove any hair, decide how low you want the beard to be on your jawline and the thickness of the vertical hairline that connects the mustache to the beard.

Don’t hesitate to use additional tools, such as a ruler, to help you perfect the shape. When shaping the jawline, you are shaping the chin-strap of the beard.

Some men wear it extremely thin along the jawline and far below the cheeks. Others keep the jawline shape with about two inches of beard, so the line sits just below the cheeks. Bear in mind that if you shape the jawline very low, this will require more daily maintenance to keep the shape. 

When shaping the goatee, or the hair that connects the beard to the mustache, you’ll need to decide how wide it will be. This is often related to the jawline shape preference. 

For example, if the jawline is trimmed low on the face, you may want to keep the vertical strips very thin to highlight the low jawline shape. However, sometimes men choose to let the goatee hair taper at an angle into a thinner jawline near the ears. 

If you are wearing the horizontal jawline of the beard high on your face, you will probably not need to do any manicuring to the goatee area. 

3. Remove the Sideburns

With your clippers, remove the rest of the sideburn hair that connects the beard to your hairline. You can trim the hairline to your preference, but don’t let what’s left of the sideburns extend past the midpoint of the ear

Many men keep the sideburns trimmed to the hairline to better highlight the Hollywoodian beard shape. You can use a razor to get a clean shave over the sideburn area once they are removed. 

4. Clean Up the Cheeks

Once the sideburns are removed, it’s time to clean up any growth on the cheeks with a razor. Keep the cheek area clean daily to truly rock the Hollywoodian style. You can skip this step if your beard growth doesn’t extend to your cheeks. 

5. Shape the Neckline

The neckline on the Hollywoodian beard is typically kept very neat. The neckline can be trimmed right where the neck begins or about an inch above the Adam’s Apple. The neck can be shaved clean with a razor once it is shaped. 

6. The Details

The last step is to manage all of the details that will help your beard stand out. Use scissors to trim stray hairs and consider the shape of your soul patch, the hair between your lip and lower chin.

If you like an extremely manicured Hollywoodian look, you can shape this patch into a perfect rectangle for extra polish. Check the shape in the mirror and make sure everything looks evenly trimmed on both sides. Looking good!

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How to Maintain the Hollywoodian Beard

Man having his Hollywoodian Beard trimmed


Maintaining a Hollywoodian beard is relatively simple once the beard has been shaped. Over time, the beard should be kept trimmed about 1-2 inches from the face.

The beard can be styled every day with a beard grooming product such as beard balm, beard oil, or a leave-in conditioner for beards. The Hollywoodian beard is a short style that is easy to maintain. However, daily beard maintenance is necessary, no matter which beard style you choose.

Proper beard hygiene will prevent oil, dust, germs, and bacteria from settling into your skin and causing bigger issues. Here are a few simple daily steps that anyone with a beard should follow:

1. Wash and Brush the Beard Daily 

Your beard should be washed daily to remove germs, oil, and debris that you’ve collected in your travels. Choose a facewash that is right for your skin type. You can always condition the beard after the wash, so it’s important to choose the wash for your skin rather than your beard. 

Brushing your beard daily can also remove any foreign particles and will exfoliate the skin beneath the beard. Keeping the skin beneath your beard exfoliated can help prevent acne and ingrown hairs.  

2. Moisturize the Beard

Once you have shaped your Hollywoodian beard, you will need to moisturize it daily. You will only need about 3-4 drops of oil or moisturizer to work through your beard.

Choose a beard moisturizer that is right for your skin type. If you have acne-prone skin, choose a beard conditioner. If you have normal to oily skin, use beard oil. If your skin is sensitive, try to find a beard moisturizer that is fragrance-free and non-comedogenic.

3. Groom the Beard

Daily grooming will help keep the beard tidy and moisturized. Daily combing will help distribute moisturizing products throughout the beard and daily trimming will help maintain the beard shape. All this will help you look marvelous!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still wondering if the Hollywoodian beard style is right for you? Review these frequently asked questions to help clarify any remaining concerns:

How Long Will It Take For My Hollywoodian Beard To Grow?

The time it takes to cultivate the Hollywoodian beard depends on your beard growth rate. Beards typically grow about ½ inch per month, which means it will take the average man at least one month to grow the proper length for a Hollywoodian style.

Can I Shape The Hollywoodian Beard By Myself?

The Hollywoodian beard shape might be too intimidating to try on your own. If you visit a general barber for the assist, expect to pay around $25. If you visit a high-end barber for the shaping, it can cost between $75 and $200.

Is A Boxed Beard The Same As A Hollywoodian Beard?

The boxed beard style, or corporate style, is slightly different than the Hollywoodian beard because the sideburns are left on a boxed beard. The manicuring of the cheeks and jawline of a boxed beard is similar to the Hollywoodian style.

Can I Wear The Hollywoodian Beard Excessively Long?

Yes! The Hollywoodian beard is typically 1-2 inches long, but beards are about showing off personality. Once you get the basic shape of the Hollywoodian style, express yourself with the length that feels right for you.

Should I Trim The Hollywoodian Beard While My Beard Is Wet?

This may be a big mistake that leaves you with a shorter beard than you preferred. Wet beard hair is longer than dry beard hair, so make sure to let the hairs dry so that you will know the true length of your beard.

So, What Is the Hollywoodian Beard?

The Hollywoodian beard is a debonair beard that portrays class and style. It has the appearance of a well-manicured beard without sideburns. The Hollywoodian beard style can be easily shaped from a full-grown beard, and it’s easy to maintain once it is shaped. Enjoy your posh new look!