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The 6 Best Back Shavers in 2022

The 6 Best Back Shavers in 2022

Looking for a guide to the best back shavers? We’re hair care experts, so we know a thing or two about which products work and which ones don’t. Read on to see our top picks for back shavers and how to buy one.

Looking for the Best Back Shavers?

Manscaping has taken off over the past decade. More and more men are getting rid of excess hair. While many men are proud of their hairy bodies, others aren’t too pleased. A back shaver is a worthwhile investment to add to your manscaping arsenal.

Admittedly, choosing a good shaver isn’t going to be easy. So we created this ultimate guide for the best back shaver to make things easier for you.

Our top 6 picks for the best back shavers:

  1. Best Manual Back ShaverbaKblade 2.0 Elite Plus
  2. Best Electric ShaverManGroomer Ultimate Pro
  3. Best Manual Shaver for Replacement BladesBRO Shaver Back Hair Shaver
  4. Best Versatile Back ShaverPhillips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500
  5. Best Budget Back Shaver – Razorba Back Hair Shaver 
  6. Best Manual Shaver for a Quick ShaveManBlade Pro Back Hair Shaver

Why You Should Shave Your Back

You might not be entirely sold on the idea of shaving your back. But, there are some great reasons to start doing it if you haven’t already. But first, let’s address the elephant in the room. Shaving your back hair won’t make it grow back thicker.

If this is your only objection, you can go right ahead and jump to the next section!

Many women like men with beards, and most don’t mind leg hair. But, back hair is right up there, with armpit hair as being universally unattractive to women. So, if you’re on the dating market, shaving your back hair may increase your chances of finding and keeping a date.

Shaving your back hair also makes you look more attractive. There’s a reason why bodybuilders and athletes have hairless bodies. They can show off their muscle definition if there’s no chest/back hair to cover up their gains.

Consider shaving your back if you’ve been hitting the gym and want to look more attractive. Finally, getting rid of back hair will help to reduce sweating.

Naturally, the hair on your back traps moisture, which ends up on the back of your shirt. So you can say goodbye to sticky shirts on a hot day. As a bonus, shaving your back will also help reduce “bacne,” those unsightly pimples on your back.

The 6 Best Back Shavers in 2022

As we’ll explain later, many different things go into the best back shaver. To put it all together, we have reviewed the six best back shavers currently on the market:

1. baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus

Best Manual Back Shaver
baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus
  • Super-sharp blades for a close shave
  • Multiple grip positions
  • Foldable handle for easy transport
  • Accessories included
  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Relatively expensive for a manual shaver
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We’ll kick-start this review with the best manual back shaver. If you are old-school and accustomed to shaving with a razor, this baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus is a great choice. It comes with a 4-inch blade to let you cover large areas in one swoop.

Its 18-inch reach also means that you can easily get to your mid and lower back. This baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus also comes with some great features for a manual shaver. For example, you can easily fold the handle when you need to travel with it.

Its S-shaped ergonomic handle also offers multiple holding positions depending on the area you need to shave. Furthermore, this shaver comes with the DRYgilde system. That means you can shave wet or dry, depending on what you like.

The product even comes with an exfoliator pad for your pre-shave routine. Plus, the backside of the shaver sports an applicator to help you apply shaving gel or cream.

Finally, you get little thoughtful extras, including a suction cup to mount the shaver in the shower and a little cleaning brush.

However, this baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus isn’t without faults. Admittedly, it is a little expensive for a manual shaver. However, we can see why given the extra features you get. Also, you can only use this shaver with baKblade blades, which can be an issue if you like variety.

All in all, this is an excellent manual shaver for people who’ve mastered the art of shaving. We don’t recommend this option for beginners, given the super-sharp blades. But, this is an excellent product once you’ve mastered your technique.

2. ManGroomer – Ultimate Pro

Best Electric Back Shaver
ManGroomer – Ultimate Pro
  • Perfect back shaver for beginners
  • Great value for money
  • It is jam-packed with useful features
  • You cannot use it while corded
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As you can imagine, shaving your back is a little different from shaving your face. So, if you’re just starting, we highly recommend getting an electric shaver. But, of course, you can always switch to a manual shaver after you have mastered your technique.

So, we recommend this ManGroomer – Ultimate Pro for your first foray into back shaving. The maximum handle length is 14-inches, and you can lock it into the length you prefer. So, it’s an excellent product for taller people.

This shaver also comes jam-packed with handy features. For example, the flexible shaving head allows the machine to follow the contours of your body for a quick, effortless, and surprisingly close shave.

Speaking of heads, you get two interchangeable attachments. The first wide-back groomer blade lets you shave large areas of long, thick hair. Then, you can use the additional foil body groomer for regular maintenance and touch-ups.

You even get a power burst button to increase cutting power for thicker areas. On the downside, you won’t get as close to a shave as with manual shavers. This flaw isn’t peculiar to ManGroomer, but rather an attribute of most electric shavers.

Still, you’ll get a close-enough shave that no one will notice. We highly recommend this product for beginners. It’s extremely maneuverable, doesn’t pull or tug on back hair, and is very easy to use.

3. BRO Shaver Back Hair Shaver

Best Manual Shaver With Blades
BRO Shaver Back Hair Shaver
  • Use any blade you like
  • 22-inch long handle
  • Broad head covers more surface area
  • Use it for wet & dry shaving
  • Affordable price
  • The handle isn’t adjustable
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We think the baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus is the best manual back shaver. But, its Achilles heel is the replacement blade. This BRO Shaver is a perfect alternative if you prefer to experiment with your blades. In addition, this shaver takes universal razors, so you have full reign to use the type and brand you trust.

There’s a lot more to this Bro Shaver than its versatile blades. You can use wet or dry, which you don’t always get with a manual shaver. Additionally, the shaver comes with comfy cloud shaving technology.

This feature is perfect for people who like to dry-shave and those with sensitive skin. BRO Shaver doesn’t skimp on features either. You get a 22-inch long handle, perfect for guys over 6’.

The product is made from stainless steel to use in the shower with no worries about rust and other water damage. Moreover, the 4.5-inch head width also lets you cover large areas with a single motion. The BRO Shaver does have its downside.

The handle isn’t adjustable, so it’s not obvious where you should grip it while shaving. The head also doesn’t pivot, so it may take some time to get your technique right.

Otherwise, this shaver is terrific if you’re worried about long-term costs. It even comes with ten safety blades to get you started. This shaver is perfect for anyone who thinks branded replacement cartridges and blades is a rip-off.

4. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500

Best Versatile Back Shaver
Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500
  • Versatile shaver works on multiple body parts
  • Affordable
  • Terrific charging and battery life
  • Comes with blade guards and attachment combs
  • The handle may be slightly short for taller people
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If you’re just starting to manscape, you’ll soon realize that there is no shortage of places to shave. Besides your back, there’s also your chest, legs, shoulders, underarms, abs, and groin. So, a lot of different shavers for each area can clutter your bathroom.

Enter Phillips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500. This shaver is designed for use on any part of your body besides just the back. You can use it on virtually any part of your body, except, of course, your face.

We highly recommend a dedicated shaver or razor for your face to avoid transferring germs. This Phillips comes with a clip-on handle. You can use the shaver just like a regular one for your chest, legs, and underarms. Then, simply clip on the handle to shave your back.

Furthermore, the shaver comes with a blade guard to protect your sensitive jewels while manscaping. This feature is also terrific for people with bacne and other sensitive skin issues.

The attachment combs are also a great addition. You can get just the proper shave you want. They are also great for touching up your back before the hair grows too long. Finally, the 1:1 batter performance ratio is a great spec. You need to charge most shavers for six to eight hours before you can use them.

But, this Philips gives you one hour of run time for every hour you charge it, and so on. However, this Philips Norelco has some flaws. The handle may be a little short for tall people.

The handle also isn’t adjustable, which can make navigating your upper back a little more stressful than it needs to be. Otherwise, this is a terrific product if you don’t want to spend tons of money on separate manscaping tools.

5. Razorba Back Hair Shaver

Best Budget Back Shaver
Razorba Back Hair Shaver
  • Lets you use your usual razor
  • It comes with GOAT blades
  • Affordable
  • Light on features
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You may be reading this review and thinking that your normal razor could do as good a job as any of these products. And, you might be right. The only problem is you can’t reach your back. Fortunately, the Razorba Back Hair Shaver lets you get around this problem.

The Razorba isn’t your typical back shaver. It’s more of an extension handle for your normal razor. You only need to insert the razor at the top of the extension and get to work.

The best part is you can use it for wet and dry shaving, depending on your typical routine. There isn’t much to say except this is a bare-bones product to help you reach your back. It’s light on features, but it does the job that it needs to do.

It is also very affordable and virtually maintenance-free besides cleaning it after every use. As a bonus, this Razorba comes with GOAT razors included to get you started.

6. ManBlade Pro Back Hair Shaver

Best Manual Shaver for a Quick Shave
ManBlade Pro Back Hair Shaver
  • Use your favorite blades
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • It doesn’t have a lot of features
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Manual back shavers get a bad rap for being slow. For this reason, a lot of people prefer electric shavers. But, the latter option doesn’t give you the baby-smooth effect of manual razors. This ManBlade Pro offers the best of both worlds.

First, you get a super-close shave. And, you can shave quickly. This shaver comes with an extra-wide head measuring 6 inches. This design ensures you cover maximum surface area with each stroke. You get an equally impressive handle length at 18 inches.

Plus, the shaver takes universal blades, so you can use the razor brand and type you like. The only caveat is that your razors need to be six inches to fit the head.

ManBlade even takes double-sided razors for maximum variety. Additionally, the product features an enviable rolling shave design. It is gentle on your skin while still getting you the close shave you desire. The main downside is this product doesn’t have an adjustable handle.

Again, this design flaw makes it difficult to grip it properly when shaving your upper back. Otherwise, this is a solid shaver that successfully bridges the gap between the quickness of an electric shaver and the close trim of a manual shaver.

How to Choose the Best Back Shaver

Image of a guy holding the best back shaver in his hand

Luis Molinero/Shutterstock

Hopefully, you are now sold on why it’s a good idea to shave your back. But, a quick Google search for back shavers will pull up hundreds of results. Choosing the right one isn’t going to be straightforward. Fortunately, there are a couple of features and qualities you can look at.

These criteria will help you narrow down your options and find the best back shaver. Here’s what to look for when trying to find the best back shaver:

Manual or Electric

Back shavers come in two major types; manual and electric. Of course, the best option depends on your personal preference. But, each option also has practical advantages and disadvantages worth noting.

Manual Back Shavers

A manual back shaver is just like your conventional razor. Except, it comes with a wider head which we will get to. These razors can have one or two blades. Again, the blades are much wider than your conventional Bic razor to cover more surface area quickly.

Generally, manual razors are cheaper than their electric counterparts. Their price makes them an excellent choice for budget shoppers. Additionally, you can use manual razors for wet shaving. This is helpful if you like to use shaving cream or shave while in the shower.

Manual razors also help achieve a closer shave than their electric counterparts. Meaning you can go longer in-between shaves. Lastly, these razors are easy to use. Manual razors aren’t perfect and come with some downsides.

For example, it’s easier to cut yourself with these razors accidentally. This risk is pronounced for people with bacne and uneven skin. Furthermore, manual razors are time-consuming. They shave slower than electric razors.

Plus, you need a shaving regimen such as applying shaving cream and aftershave products. Finally, manual razors can cause painful ingrown hairs in some people. In addition, a dull blade may require you to go over the same area multiple times.

This can increase the chances of ingrown hair and other skin irritation. You can solve this problem by going with a super-sharp blade. But, this option raises safety concerns, especially for novices.

Electric Back Shavers

Electric back shavers have a motor. But, they require electricity or battery power to run. A battery-powered electric shaver is more convenient. You can use it anywhere without needing an electric outlet. And, you don’t have to deal with a power cord getting in the way.

However, battery-powered back shavers can run out of juice at the most inopportune time. So, remember to recharge your battery often. Or, choose an electric shaver with a long cord.

Either way, electric shavers have some advantages over their manual counterparts. Firstly, these shavers force hairs up as they roll up your skin. This method means you don’t have to go over the same area multiple times, which can lead to skin irritation and ingrown hair.

Also, you’ll be able to shave faster. Electric back shavers are also convenient. You don’t need special treatments such as water, gels, soap, or shaving cream. Instead, you can go right ahead and shave your back hair. This minimalist approach helps if you are running late.

Finally, electric shavers are generally safer than razors, especially for beginners. This is because there are fewer chances of ingrown hairs, nicks, and cuts.

However, electric shavers have their disadvantages. For one, it’s challenging to achieve the same close shave as manual razors. So, you may need to shave your back more regularly. Also, you almost always have to use an electric razor for dry shaving.

So, if you prefer wet shaving, electric may not be an option. Finally, electric razors tend to have a high up-front cost. Plus, they require more maintenance and can be loud.

Wet/ Dry Shaving

Wet shaving simply means cutting hair close to the skin while it’s wet. For example, your skin and hair could be wet from just water or soap, shaving foam, or gel. Dry shaving, on the other hand, means shaving without using any water or shaving products.

Again, your preferred shaving method is up to you. But, there are both pros and cons for each option. The best choice between dry and wet shaving depends on the effect you want to achieve.

For example, if you’re going for a smooth finish, wet shaving is the best option. This is because razors get closer to your skin than shavers. As a result, you’ll go longer in between shaves. And, wet shaving helps to exfoliate your skin.

As a result, you may not need an after-care routine such as a scrub. In short, if you are looking for a baby-smooth back, wet shaving is the way to go.

If you’re pressed for time, dry shaving is almost always the best option. You don’t need to prepare your back before shaving or worry about rinsing it after. On the other hand, you shouldn’t rush wet shaving, even if you are experienced.

There’s a good chance you’ll cut yourself. Lastly, dry shaving is the better option if you have sensitive skin. There is an exception to the rule, though. Always use an electric razor for dry shaving. Using a traditional manual razor is a recipe for disaster.

You won’t get the same baby-smooth skin in this case. But, you can avoid skin irritation if you go with dry shaving. Whatever the case, choose a back shaver that supports the type of shaving you prefer. Some options even let you do both dry and wet shaving.

Head Size

We briefly mentioned head size in a previous section. Naturally, back shavers have a wider head size than your traditional beard shaver. This design makes sense since there’s a lot of surface area to cover on your back. A wide head helps to quicken the shaving process.

As a rule of thumb, go for a head size that’s at least three inches wide. You’ll be able to cover a decent area with one stroke. A wider head doesn’t always mean better. Sure, you can cover more surface area with a wide head.

But, you’ll get less control over your movements and increase the chances of an accident. If you value control and safety over speed, you can still go down to a two-inch-wide head. You’ll still be able to get a complete back shave in under ten minutes.

Handle Length

The main idea behind back shavers is to do it yourself. To allow this, these shavers come with an extra-long handle to help you reach the top and bottom of your back. The handle length should be at least eight inches for an effective back shaver.

You may need a longer one if you are exceptionally tall. You can also go for a back shaver with an adjustable-length handle. This way, you can be sure you’ll always reach your mid and lower back areas.

Blade Replacements

This consideration applies explicitly to manual shavers. You’ll need to replace the blades at some point. First, consider whether the shaver uses universal blade replacements.

This way, you can use your favorite blade brand and type that you are familiar with. It’s also easier to get a blade replacement if you are in a bind. Some shavers only work with a specific blade type or brand. This limitation isn’t always a bad thing.

The competitive manscaping arena means manufacturers are constantly trying to outdo each other. So, as long as you purchase from a reputable brand, their blades should work well.

Extra Features

Extra features aren’t always a must-have. But, they can help make shaving quicker, easier, or more enjoyable. Some of the additional features to consider in your back shaver include:

  • Blades Included – Again, this point applies to manual shavers. It is always nice to have extra blades included in your purchase. You don’t have to worry about your blade suddenly becoming dull. Plus, you may be able to save some money on new blades for a while.
  • Multi-Purpose Shaver – Most back shavers are designed for your back. But, some come with attachments so you can use them on your entire body. If you’re a big manscaping fan, this option could save you money. You wouldn’t need to buy a separate shaver for your armpits, chest, legs, neck, and pubic area. But, we highly recommend using a separate shaver for your face. It is a hygienic option. Your face is very sensitive to bacteria from other parts of your body.
  • Adjustable Power – This option refers to electric back shavers. Sometimes you need a close shave. Other times, you only need a quick trim before leaving the house. Either way, it’s nice to have different power modes to get the precise shave you want.
  • Ergonomic Grip – Shaving your back is a delicate art. This is particularly true if you are using a manual shaver. You need a good grip on your device. So, opt for a comfortable and firm handle. Ideally, you should get a good hold even when your hands are wet or coated in soap or shaving cream. Rubber handles are always a safe bet in this case.
  • Charging Indicator – Again, this feature applies to electric shavers. It’s always nice to know when your device is running out of charge. You don’t want to sit at the edge of your tub with a half-trimmed back waiting for your shaver to charge.

Tips for Shaving Your Back

Guy getting his back shaved with the best electric back shaver

Ipek Morel/Shutterstock

As you can see, there’s a lot of variety out there. We tried our best to categorize these back shavers according to their best use. Also, feel free to use the information we provided in the buying guide to choose your own razor.

It is only right we leave you with a few helpful tips for shaving your back hair yourself:

  • Get accessories such as an applicator brush and handle-held mirror to make the shaving process smoother.
  • Trim extra-long, thick, dense, or coarse hair before going for a close shave. Trimming thick hair ensures that your blade doesn’t get clogged with hair. Also, using a razor directly on thick hair can irritate your skin. You’ll have to go over the same areas repeatedly, increasing your chances of skin irritation.
  • Take a lukewarm shower immediately after trimming your back hair. It will help soften the fuzz and get the hair ready for shaving. However, a hot shower may strip your body of its natural oils, increasing the chances of irritation.
  • Use a shaving gel for wet shaving. It will help the blade glide effortlessly over your back, protecting you from razor burn. Also, shaving gel lets you see what you are doing.
  • Shave in the direction your hair grows naturally. This is a downward stroke for most people. The technique helps prevent the razor from tugging at your strands.
  • Use light, gentle strokes when shaving.
  • Rinse each part after going over it a few times. It will help prevent hair from building up in your razor. Then, reapply the shaving gel as needed.
  • Use moisturizer and antiseptic after shaving. This routine helps minimize skin irritation and seal in hydration. In addition, the antiseptic is crucial for killing any bacteria that may cause breakouts.