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7 Best Pre-Electric Shave Lotions in 2022 

7 Best Pre-Electric Shave Lotions in 2022 

There are a lot of questions surrounding what the best pre-electric shave lotion is. Trying to find the right fit for your shaving needs means working with your hair and skin.

But instead of getting frustrated and overwhelmed with the thousands of options available online, just read on. We’ve rounded up 7 of our favorite products, explained why we love each, and made a complete buying guide to help you find the right products for your face.

What Is the Best Pre Electric Shave Lotion?

Before using an electric razor, it’s a good idea to reduce the potential friction on your skin. Getting rid of this obstacle increases the smoothness of your experience and helps avoid irritation. With your whiskers standing straight-up, you can get in and out of the bathroom faster.

Let’s take a closer look at the best pre-electric shave products out there. Our top picks for your face focus on things all kinds of people look at when buying.

Our Top 7 Picks for the Best Pre-Electric Shave Lotion:

  1. Best Overall: Williams Lectric Electric Razor Pre-Shave
  2. Best for Sensitive Skin: Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion
  3. Best for Dry Skin: Majestic Pure Pre Shave Oil
  4. Most Versatile: Lemongrass & Eucalyptus Pre Shave Oil
  5. Best for Professionals: The Art of Shaving Pre Shave Beard Oil
  6. Best for Avoiding Irritation: Pherolink Pre Shave Lotion
  7. Best Fragrance: American Shaving Pre Shave Oil for Men

No matter who you are, if you need to tame some facial hair, you’ll want a lotion from this list. For the smoothest shave while avoiding irritants and even moisturizing your face, look no further.

Why You Need a Pre Electric Shave Lotion

Guy who didn't use the best pre-shave electric lotion for his face bleeding from his chin


Unlike the straight-razor, electric variants can be much more convenient. However, using these more-modern shaving tools comes with drawbacks. The irritation that comes with shaving can happen regardless of what you use to get rid of your hair.

While you won’t have to worry about cuts or nicks in your face, you have to be a bit more thorough for a clean shave. Not only can pre-shave lotion help you keep your skin looking nice and healthy.

But it can help electric razors compete with their primitive ancestors. The bonuses of using pre-electric shave lotions is that you can mix them with other hygiene products with no extra work.

You can apply a strong fragrance, moisturizer, and revitalizer while helping yourself get rid of unwanted facial whiskers. You can take advantage of the best option for you and your face. Let’s dive a little deeper into the choices.

The 7 Best Pre-Electric Shave Lotions in 2022

Regardless of your budget for these personal hygiene products, you can find a quality helper for shaving here. Depending on the extent of extra benefits or how often you shave, you may want a higher-end or specialized lotion. Here are our top seven selections.

1. Williams Electric Pre-Shave Lotion

Best Overall
Williams Lectric Electric Razor Pre-Shave,
  • Super affordable option
  • Highly reviewed and always in stock
  • Organic ingredients
  • Easy to run through quickly
  • Overly strong smell
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This best-seller holds that spot for good reason. Not only is it a classic and easy-to-use pre-shave lotion, but it’s easy on the wallet. We say this pre-shave experience is the best overall you can get. You can easily apply it anywhere on your body that you need to shave.

The organic ingredients and green tea aroma combine to both feel and smell soothing after you’re done. You can expect fantastic electric shaving with these bottles. The thin feel of the lotion does make it easy to go through, unfortunately.

Some pre-shave products are closer to gels than foams or liquids, which can help for longevity. Thanks to this affordable option from Williams, you can enjoy a great shave without worry. Make sure you’re a fan of the smell when you first start using it.

While different users have different noses, the antiseptic mixture with natural ingredients can put some off when using it. It’s a must-have if you need a simple and effective pre-shave lotion to get the job done.

2. Afta Electric Pre-Shave Lotion

Best for Sensitive Skin
Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion With Skin Conditioner
  • Acts as a moisturizer and conditioner
  • Ultra-affordable in bulk
  • Works quickly
  • Can cause hairs to stick after a shave
  • Small volume per bottle
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This shave lotion and skin conditioner from Afta will leave a great impression on those with sensitive skin. It can easily soothe irritants and leave one feeling cool after a good electric shave. The fast-acting and oil-free formula will make sure not to leave a greasy mess after the fact.

With a very slight scent to top it off, you’ve got a quality lotion for easily-affected skin, no matter where on your body you need to shave. The potential downsides come in quickly, however. While it is an extremely affordable product when you can get large packages of them at once, each bottle is pretty small.

The liquid pre-shave is nice when you have it, but can make you restock frequently. Thanks to how soothing it is on your skin, there have been cases where a certain stickiness during a shave leads to hair being left on your face. Sometimes this helps keep your electric razor clog-free, but if washing your face doesn’t handle the hair, it can get annoying pretty fast.

3. Majestic Pure Electric Pre-Shave Oil

Best for Dry Skin
Majestic Pure Pre Shave Oil for Men
  • Great at revitalizing dry skin
  • Completely alcohol-free
  • Works for multiple skins and hair types
  • Not as well-known
  • Expensive
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The close shave you can have with this pre-shave oil also gives you hydration and nourishment. The classic scent and high-quality brand backing are nothing small. You can trust this product to work best at giving new life to drying skin.

Majestic Pure is a brand associated with cosmetics and therapeutic products of all sorts. They work with hair care, body care, and oils of different varieties. However, they aren’t well-known in the realm of electric razors and pre-shave products. This lack of recognition can make the 4.2 out of 5-star rating seem a little daunting.

However, this gap in attention is mostly due to the decently high price for a somewhat small bottle. With so many benefits, it’s hard to question the price, but if you’re on a budget, this might not be the best choice. A modern solution for a modern problem. This shave oil also can work with non-electric razors if you feel so inclined.

4. Henna Guys Electric Pre-Shave Oil

Most Versatile
Henna Guys Electric Pre-Shave Oil
  • Special formula with multiple natural oils
  • Satisfaction guarantee with a refund policy
  • Great smell
  • No other size options
  • Thin consistency
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No matter the face and no matter the razer, this pre-shave oil can handle it. With a ton of benefits catering to plenty of situations, we can’t help but recommend the Lemongrass and Eucalyptus pre-shave oil.

We think that the specialized formula that this product boasts helps it conform to not just the pre-shave, but the aftershave and general conditioning of your hair. The smell is exactly as advertised. If you enjoy that natural-styled scent, you’ll love the clean experience, and if you don’t you know to skip over this one.

The fluid content of each bottle can be a bit tricky to apply with the container’s pump, so we recommend screwing it off to get your money’s worth from each purchase. Unfortunately, that same quality means you’ll have to apply a bit more to fully coat the parts of your body you’re shaving.

5. The Art of Shaving Electric Pre-Shave Beard Oil

Best for Professionals
The Art of Shaving Pre Shave Beard Oil for Men
  • Top-shelf quality
  • Works with tough beards
  • Devoid of alcohol and harmful synthetics
  • Top-shelf price
  • Can still produce a smell
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As a professional, you will want an exceptionally smooth shave for important events and work. This great beard oil has your back. With clinical testing to back up their claims, The Art of Shaving has gone above and beyond to provide a great shaving aid.

The downside that puts most customers off is the price tag. While it’s well worth the price due to its considerable quality, you do get what you pay per ounce. It can also work for other parts of the body, as well as women, thanks to the considerable work put into it.

The Art of Shaving has been improving the quality of hair removal since 1996. The storied company focuses on products for men and keeping the customer happy. Even the roughest and toughest of hair can be tamed.

There’s also the possibility that you get some distinct smell despite the unscented tag on the product. Individual noses may vary in picking this up, but the formula includes some possibility for a smell.

6. Pherolink Close Shave Balm

Best for Avoiding Irritation
Freelette Pre-Shave After Shave Lotion Cream
  • Multipurpose shaving solution
  • Fights irritation and redness
  • Works for aftershave as well
  • Relatively expensive per ounce
  • Synthetic ingredients
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For any shaving you need to do, it’s always nice to have one product fit the bill. This shave balm functions for the pre-shave, aftershave, and protects it from any irritants. It’s a great gateway from straight razors into the world of electric shaving.

The close shave you can get from this cream comes with a chemical smell indicative of its base ingredients. While the formula is great at relieving facial irritation and redness, it does come with some predictable downsides.

If you’re fine with that chemical smell, there’s no reason not to let this product start working for you. It fits on hair quickly and easily, and thanks to being closer to a cream than a liquid, each bottle lasts a decent amount of time.

You can expect balanced and moisturized skin after every clean shave. As long as you’re reaping the benefits of electric razors, you might as well get rid of the irritation that can come with them.

7. American Shaving Company Shaving Oil

Best Fragrance
American Shaving Company Shaving Oil
  • Classic scent
  • Natural formula
  • Satisfaction guarantee with a refund policy
  • Less focused on electric razors
  • Somewhat pricey for each fluid ounce
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With a robust sandalwood smell, we recommend this shaving oil for the classic barbershop vibe it brings to every shave. In addition to that, the well-made oil works for sensitive skin and a wide range of hair types.

The completely natural formula allows it to prevent irritation and promote good skin health while remaining environmentally responsible. It’s a fast-acting shaving aide that uses oils to give you a nice glide through each shave without any residue.

While the shaving oil works fine with electric razors, it does have more recommendations from its manufacturer for traditional razors. This doesn’t stop it from being a quality option for electric users, but it is worth noting.

Use smaller amounts to start with while shaving. This will help you avoid clogging up your machine. It’s a guarantee of a pain-free shaving experience with a wonderful aroma to remind you of its quality.

Finding the Best Electric Pre-Shave Lotion for You

Several of the best electric pre-shave lotions on a counter

Potybenko Irina/Shutterstock

We know that everybody’s different, and the added complexity of hair makes things even harder to clarify sometimes. When looking for the right pre-electric shave lotion, there are plenty of factors to take into consideration.

The Dryness of Your Shaving Set-Up

Based on your routine, you may shave around when you shower, which has a big effect on how you decide to use your electric razor. We recommend going for a dry shave early in your day. If you can shave just before getting in the shower, you’ll be ready to wash off any extra hairs kept around.

You can avoid the tricky moisture that can interfere with your razor and your pre-shave lotion. Some lotions provide the lubrication necessary to ignore some moisture, but many rely on having dry skin. Take a close look at the recommended circumstances when starting to use your lotion.

Pay for What You Need

Depending on how fast your hair grows and how often you want to manage it, you can narrow down what pedigree of product you need. Burning through expensive pre-shave lotion might not make much sense if you need to shave a lot.

If you find yourself shaving in preparation for a few big events each year, then splurging on top-shelf gels might do just the trick for you. Finding a good balance is always the goal, and you never deserve to be sold short.

Your Skin Type

Each person is different in this regard, and what works for people you know might be a good place to start, but only if they have similar skin, among other factors. You could be dealing with more oily or more dry skin by default.

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll also want to take a close look at the ingredients that go into each pre-electric shave lotion. Having to deal with irritation because of a lotion’s formula is something no one should need to deal with.

Finding reviews can be an easy way to skip past trial and error if people mention their skin type. The balance of your skin is delicate, and no amount of research is too much.

Where and What You’re Shaving

The thickness and style of your hair play a critical role in what product you should buy. Needless to say, some of our recommendations favor men’s hair and beards, but you can use plenty of these options on different parts of your body, no matter who you are.

The similarity between many hygiene products of this variety helps people use them for more than just advertised applications. This is another area where looking at user reviews can reveal seemingly hidden uses by unexpected customers. Your hair and skin are the real bottom-line when it comes to what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guy using the best pre electric shave lotion on his face in a barber shop

Nejron Photo/Shutterstock

Some questions that can come up when looking at pre-electric shave lotion have surprisingly simple answers, while others are a bit tricky. To cut down on the confusion, we’ve included some common queries.

Can I only use these products with an electric razor?

Many pre-shave solutions cover a wide range of shaving situations. This means you can find some oils, lotions, and gels that work for both straight razors and electric varieties.

There are plenty of products that heavily recommend one type or only work with one or the other, so pay close attention to what you’re buying.

Can I only use these products on a beard?

No, many of these allow for use across your body. Most pre-electric shave lotions show imagery of shaving a face, but that doesn’t force you to use it there exclusively. The best thing you can do is find a product that works for a lot of your body, regardless of what it is mainly advertised for.

Is using pre-electric shave lotion necessary?

When dry shaving, a pre-electric lotion is very helpful. Even if you are a wet shaver, you can still find great benefits from getting the right product to augment your experience. Cutting down on irritation and time spent shaving are only some of the potential benefits.

So, What’s the Best Scrub for Men?

With all things considered, we have to give our biggest recommendation to the Lectric Electric Pre-Shave lotion from Williams. This shaving lotion has the best of many qualities discussed in this list.

Best Overall
Williams Lectric Electric Razor Pre-Shave,
  • Super affordable option
  • Highly reviewed and always in stock
  • Organic ingredients
  • Easy to run through quickly
  • Overly strong smell
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It’s an affordable and well-known product that has secured a top position for a reason. When looking at what pre-electric shave lotion to use on any part of your body, take into account the uniqueness of your skin and hair, and what your routine allows for.