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30 Rugged Lumberjack Beards in 2022

30 Rugged Lumberjack Beards in 2022

Lumberjack beards are no longer just for chainsaw-toting woodsmen. Handymen, bikers, hipsters, and white-collar businessmen alike are now rocking different types, lengths, and styles of lumberjack beards. 

What Is a Lumberjack Beard?

A lumberjack beard is a long, full beard around the entire lower face, including the chin, lower lip, chin strap, cheeks, and sideburns. For the full lumberjack look, it’s often coupled with an equally strong mustache. 

It’s not as long as what some may call this beard’s cousin – the Viking beard – and it can be as neat or as unruly as you’d like. As you might have guessed, the term “lumberjack beard” comes from lumberjack workers in the logging industry. 

Because of their challenging, grueling work cutting and transporting trees by hand, lumberjacks became known for their courage, masculinity, strength – and so did their beards that were often left to grow out because appearance wasn’t as important as getting the job done.

That said, lumberjack beards are suitable for men who:

  • Want to look tough, courageous, and confident 
  • Don’t like the appearance of their chin 
  • Desire a masculine look that matches their “tough guy” personality 
  • Don’t mind a lot of maintenance or a scruffy look 

Lumberjack styles are versatile, and any man can find a shape and length that works for their particular facial structure, hair type, and desired overall look. Keep reading to discover how to best rock this culturally-significant style in your own way. 

Lumberjack Beard Inspiration: 30 Ways to Rock the Trend

We can talk about lumberjack beards all day, but because there are so many different styles and variations, it can help to see things for yourself.

With that, let’s take a look at some of the coolest woodsmen-friendly beard styles available so you can head to your barber right away. 

1. The Classic Lumberjack 

The Classic Lumberjack Beard

Just Dance/Shutterstock

This lumberjack beard style is simply classic. The mustache effortlessly blends into a beard that is long but not too long, scraggly but not too scraggly, thick but not too thick.

There is an attitude of “I don’t care” mixed with the thought of “I know I look good.” You can get up, run a hand over your beard to smooth it out, and spend the day chopping down trees – or working in your office. 

2. The Long and Strong  

The Long and Strong Lumberjack Beard


This lumberjack beard is long and strong, emitting a work-hard, play-harder look. It is welcoming and friendly and best suits men with long, straight heads and faces to complement it. 

3. The Short and Sharp 

The Short and Sharp Lumberjack Beard

Just Dance/Shutterstock

This is one of the best lumberjack beards for men who work hard but still want to look good while doing it. It’s a neater beard with clean edges influenced by the sharpness of a lumberjack’s ax. 

4. The Dark and Handsome 

The Dark and Handsome Lumberjack Beard


If you’re not a handyman at all and care a lot about your physical appearance but still want to portray your masculine qualities, the dark and handsome lumberjack beard might be perfect for you.

It’s well-groomed with smooth edges and would look best with men who like to put thought and time into their hairstyle as well. 

5. The Three S’s  

The Three S’s Lumberjack Beard

Head Over Heels/Shutterstock

This beard is soft, small, but still serious as ever. It’s a winsome look for men with more delicate facial features but who still want to be taken seriously. 

Overall, this more clean-cut beard should be rocked with a well-maintained head of hair or otherwise cleanly bald head. 

6. Rectangular Fashion Lumberjack Beard 

Rectangular Fashion Lumberjack Beard


A rectangular lumberjack beard is unique, fierce, and very stylish. This beard has a rectangle-styled trim on the bottom edges of the beard and a squared-off front-facing look due to the corner trimming on the mustache. 

This beard is a standout look that works well for tattooed men, high-fashion men, or men who simply like to stick out in a crowd. 

7. Classic Lumberjack With Pointed Mustache  

Classic Lumberjack Beard with Pointed Mustache  

Just Dance/Shutterstock

This style is very similar to the classic lumberjack beard, but instead of the mustache blending into the beard, the mustache stands out with pointed and curled ends. 

It’s a more whimsical and fun look, great for scruffy men who don’t take themselves too seriously and want to add a bit more character and personality to their overall look. 

8. The Clean-Cut Viking 

The Clean-Cut Viking Lumberjack Beard

Nick Fedirko/Shutterstock

This lumberjack beard looks similar to a Viking beard, given its significantly long length. However, it is still more of a lumberjack beard than a Viking beard because it is more clean-cut and has intentionally rounded edges. 

This look works well with tall men who have shorter hair, as both qualities highlight the striking beard even further. 

9. Chin-Up Lumberjack Beard  

Chin-Up Lumberjack Beard  


If you’ve always wanted to have a more prominent, tougher-looking chin, and you’re privileged enough to grow ample hair in the chin region, why not accentuate your chin with this lumberjack beard style?

Round out the edges around the chin area to give the appearance of a strong, bold, and confident appearance. This look works best for larger men – otherwise, it might make your chin look disproportionate to the rest of your face. 

10. The Scruffy and Lovable 

The Scruffy and Lovable Lumberjack Beard


This is one of the best lumberjack beards for men with curly or slightly curly beard hair who don’t care to over-maintain it. It’s an endearing and friendly look and fits well with pub-lovers and adventurers alike. Cheers!

11. The Scruffy and Serious 

he Scruffy and Serious Lumberjack Beard

Just Dance/Shutterstock

This lumberjack beard style is similar to the scruffy and lovable one as it works best for men with curly beard hair. 

However, the main difference is that it is not as well maintained or trimmed on the edges, creating an overall “don’t mess with me” appearance. If you’re looking for a job as a bouncer in an Irish pub, you might want to give this one a try. 

12. The Two-Toned Smile 

The Two-Toned Smile Lumberjack Beard

Anatoliy Cherkas/Shutterstock

This lumberjack beard style looks almost classic at first, but two features make it stand out from the rest. 

First, the mustache is a lighter color than the beard, creating a unique contrast and making both parts shine individually. Second, the beard does not come up under the bottom lip, creating a more “smiley” effect. 

13. The Lumberjoe 

The Lumberjoe Lumberjack Beard


We call this beard style the “lumberjoe” because it’s not quite a “lumberjack” in length but still resembles the lumberjack beard in its style and attitude. 

Mostly groomed but still a bit rough around the edges, this style works well for men who have office jobs but like to push the envelope ever so slightly. 

14. Business on the Top, Party on the Bottom 

Business on the Top, Party on the Bottom Lumberjack Beard

G-Stock Studio/Shutterstock

This lumberjack beard combines a rugged, rough, and semi-unruly beard with a smooth, groomed, and slick head of hair. It’s exciting because it adds mystery and intrigue to your personality – no one will know what they’re going to get from you. 

15. The Cheeky and Short  

The Cheeky and Short Lumberjack Beard


Short and stout men sometimes stay away from lumberjack beards because they don’t want their beards to look overbearing. However, you can still get the lumberjack look with a short beard by trimming down the cheeks – almost to a chin strap. 

This makes the beard hair look a little longer without overwhelming the face or looking disproportionate to a shorter body frame. 

16. The Covered Cheek  

The Covered Cheek Lumberjack Beard


Quite the opposite of the cheeky and short mentioned above, this lumberjack beard style takes it up a notch – literally – by growing out the beard from right under the cheekbone. 

This is an excellent look for men who want to look as masculine as possible and tends to complement taller men with slender faces.

17. The Hipster Lumberjack 

The Hipster Lumberjack Beard 


People love to hate hipsters, but we have to give it to them – they often look great. Of course, the lumberjack beard and overall lumberjack look are ironic for men who work at tech jobs or coffee shop.

But that’s why a more trimmed, groomed, and narrow lumberjack beard fits this overall look the best. Pair it with a casual button-up and a stylish, fresh haircut, and you’ll be good to go! 

18. The Pointy Lumberjack 

The Pointy Lumberjack Beard


Try the unique and cutting edge (pun intended) pointy lumberjack beard style if you want to make your beard even more fashion-forward and modern. 

This is a fantastic look for high-powered businessmen who want to convey their personality while still demonstrating authority and looking put together.  

19. The Elongated Face 

The Elongated Face Lumberjack beard

Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock

This lumberjack style is subtle; trimmed consciously to reflect your natural facial shape. It results in a slimming look as if your face is slightly elongated. If you tend to have a shorter or rounder face, it can give the illusion of something longer and thinner. 

20. The Thinker  

The Thinker Lumberjack Beard


This lumberjack beard is similar to the covered cheek, as it is big, burly, and masculine. However, this style does not require the hair to grow to the cheekbone. 

This results in more face shown overall and looks friendly and more open. It’s terrific for open-hearted and thoughtful men, mainly because you’ll have a lot of beard hair to scratch and twirl while contemplating the greater things in life. 

21. The Mouth Coat 

The Mouth Coat Lumberjack Beard

Wedding Decor/Shutterstock

We call this style the mouth coat because it perfectly frames the edges of the mouth. This can accentuate facial expressions that use the mouth. However, it is not suitable for messy eaters, as it’s easier to get food stuck on the top of your beard with this style. 

22. The Long-Stashed Lumberjack 

The Long-Stashed Lumberjack beard

Anatoliy Cherkas/Shutterstock

If you love the look of a long mustache but also want a lumberjack beard, you can have the best of both worlds by simply growing out your mustache even longer! 

This is a fun, lighthearted look, perfect for comical and friendly men. It’s sure to be an attention-getter and conversation starter wherever you go. 

23. The Dynamic Duo 

The Dynamic Duo Lumberjack Beard

SOK Studio/Shutterstock

The dynamic duo is a lumberjack beard style in which the hair on your head almost – if not precisely – meets the bottom edge of your beard. 

Of course, this works best for men who have or wish to have a long head of hair and present a fascinating, dynamic look that can be both masculine and slightly softer if you wish. 

24. The Perfect Match  

The Perfect Match Lumberjack Beard

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

With the perfect match, thick and prominent sideburns work to connect the lumberjack beard with the head of hair, with the resulting look of the two parts coming together as one – a perfect match. This style works best if your beard hair and head hair are the same color. 

25. The Reflection  

The Reflection Lumberjack Beard

Just Dance/Shutterstock

Some lumberjack beards look similar to a chin in shape, but this style looks similar to the top of the head, creating a reflection effect or parallel effect. This is a nice style for men who have more rectangular head shapes. 

26. The Down Under 

The Down Under Lumberjack Beard

Daniel Jedzura/Shutterstock

This lumberjack beard style is specific for bald men who want to emphasize the growth of their beards.

You will grow out your lumberjack beard as long and strong as possible while keeping the top of your head shaved, creating a dramatic look that can make a bald head look beautiful (in the manliest way possible, of course). 

27. The Lumberjack Fade  

The Lumberjack Fade Beard

Roman Chazov/Shutterstock

This style is appropriate for men who love lumberjack beards but can’t or prefer not to grow out their beards too long. You can have the look of a long beard without the actual length by fading out the sideburn region.

28. The Table

The Table, one of the best lumberjack beards


This is one of the best lumberjack beards for men who want to look cool, calm, and collected. Not only are the edges well-trimmed.

But the front of the beard is maintained well also, providing a flat, table-like appearance. If you want to look like you know what you’re doing, opt for this lumberjack beard. 

29. The Magician

The Magician, a great option for lumberjack beards


The magician look is similar to other lumberjack beards with pointed and curled mustaches, but the beard itself is kept to a minimum. 

This style works well for magicians and other performers who want to look whimsical but don’t want their beards to distract from their art. 

30. The Bowl Cut Beard 

The Bowl Cut Beard Lumberjack Beard


Bowl cuts are not always the most fashionable look, but having a rounded, bowl-like lumberjack beard is an attractive, more approachable take on the classic lumberjack beard. 

It’s an excellent option for men in colder weather who want a long and thick beard to stay warm but also want to look stylish and put together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure if a lumberjack beard is right for you? Let’s go over some common questions about this beard style so you can learn a bit more.

Are Lumberjack Styles Good?

Lumberjack styles are masculine, intriguing, and can look fierce, friendly, funny, or even frightening depending on the look you’re going for. They are an excellent beard style, given their versatility and flexibility. 

What Are The Benefits of a Lumberjack Beard?

Lumberjack beards look great and can add an aura of confidence to any man. In addition to their appearance, lumberjack beards don’t require ample shaving, which protects your facial skin and can keep you warmer in cold weather. 

Who Can Have a Lumberjack Beard?

The only requirement for a lumberjack beard is the ability to grow longer and fuller facial hair. Lumberjack beards can work for both straight hair and curly hair. 

They can also work for thin and thick hair, although thicker beards tend to create the stereotypical lumberjack beard look more easily. 

What is Lumbersexuality?

Lumbersexual is a pop-culture term for men who have never held an ax in their life but rock the lumberjack beard. It’s a combination of a rough and rugged look with stylish, modern, and urban elements. 

Although the term is cheeky and perhaps snarky, there is nothing wrong with a self-identified “lumbersexual” man. 

Who Are Lumberjack Beards For?

Men who want to hide their chin shape or facial structure, men who want to emphasize their cheekbones, and men who want to look more masculine can all benefit from lumberjack beards.

However, given their versatility in appearance and style, any man can rock a lumberjack beard well when they choose the right style. 

What’s Your Favorite Lumberjack Style?

Now you know – many awesome lumberjack beards can work well for various hair types, shape preferences, outfit trends, fashion senses, and lifestyles.  

We hope that you feel confident to take your growing beard to the next level by shaping it into a lumberjack beard that fits your style and personality.