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The 7 Best Razors for Coarse Hair in 2022

The 7 Best Razors for Coarse Hair in 2022

Finding the best razor for coarse hair can feel like a wild goose chase at times. If you want the lumberjack look or like having a thick, full beard, then coarse hair is a blessing, but when you like to keep clean-shaving, it can quickly become a curse.

Whether you want to shave your face, body, or both, having coarse hair is a roadblock like no other and takes a special kind of razor to get by.

What’s the Best Razor for Coarse Hair?

If you’ve ever felt your hair tug as you tried to shave it, passed a blade over it without cutting, or torn up your skin trying to shave, chances are you have coarse hair.

No matter what area you want to focus on or what type of razor you prefer, you need to get one that can handle coarse hair. Not just any razor with work if your hair is super thick. You need one that can do a bit of everything as well as take on the toughest hair.

As you may already know, coarse hair is a different type of beast that requires a special touch to tame. Here are some of the best razors capable of doing just that.

Our top 7 picks for the best razors for coarse hair:

  1. Best Overall: Braun Electric Razor Series 5
  2. Best Electric: Philips Norelco Shaver 9000
  3. Best Manual: Gillette Mach 3
  4. Best for Facial Hair: Mercury Leaf Razor
  5. Best for Body Hair: Philips Beauty BikiniGenie
  6. Best for Sensitive Skin: Bambaw Safety Razor
  7. Best Price: Vikings Blade The Chieftain

Why You Need a Razor for Coarse Hair

Guy holding the best razor for coarse hair up to his chin


Razor burn, cuts, and irritation are just a few of the hardships you can face when you try to shave coarse hair. Using the wrong razor or shaving techniques on coarse hair is a recipe for disaster.

As you probably already know, shaving coarse hair with the wrong razor can be such a terrible experience that it may turn you off shaving entirely. The trick to getting the perfect shave every time on coarse hair is to use a razor that can handle it.

Razors that pull or catch the hair will irritate your skin and may lead to cuts and ingrown hairs. Razors that are not sharp enough or do not have a fine enough blade will simply skip over the hairs without shaving.

To get the best shave, you need a razor that can cleanly cut the hair right at skin level without endangering you. The ideal time to cut coarse hair is when it is warm and wet, so you need a razor that can handle that too.

Perhaps you’ve been using a heavy-duty razor and the wrong technique, but it’s more likely your razor is just not built to handle your level of hair.

If you’re tired of rashes, cuts, and patchy shaving jobs that irritate your skin for hours or even days, it’s time to upgrade your razor. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to effortlessly smooth skin.

Best Razors for Coarse Hair: Top 7 Picks

The best razors are defined not only by how well they shave but by how easy they are to use. These razors check every box. They offer the perfect shave on coarse hair, don’t irritate your skin, and are simple to use on even the hardest-to-reach areas.

1. Best Overall – Braun Electric Razor Series 5

Best Overall
Braun Series 5 Electric Razor for Men
  • Self-cleaning and lubricating
  • A close shave that makes skin soft
  • No cuts or razor burn
  • Needs cleaning cartridges
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Braun is one of the best razor brands, hands down. Braun razors offer the closest shave with the least hassle, and the Braun electric razor series 5 has perfected it. This razor works to give you the best shave in an efficient manner that won’t irritate your skin.

The series 5 is 100% waterproof so that you can use it wet or dry with equal effectiveness. The 8-direction comfort flex head improves skin contact in even the hardest-to-reach areas, and the auto-sensing motor makes every stroke more efficient.

The charging stand not only charges the razor but keeps it clean and lubricated, so it’s ready to go every time. Unlike other Braun razors, this one is very affordable and works for even the toughest of hair.

Users of the Braun series 5 have expressed great adoration for this razor. Not only do they love the impossibly smooth shave it offers, but charging, storing, and cleaning it is a no-brainer. Users notice their skin feels softer after one use, and nicks, cuts, and scratches are a thing of the past.

2. Best Rotary Shaver for Coarse Hair– Philips Norelco Shaver 9000

Best Rotary Shaver for Coarse Hair
Philips Norelco 9000 Shaver
  • Very close shave
  • Easy to shave hard-to-reach spots
  • Amazing handling
  • Plenty of extra features
  • Expensive
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Coming in at a slightly higher price point than the Braun, the Philips Norelco Shaver 9000 is the best electric razor. This bad boy has the most advanced rotary blades of any razor, making for a smooth and clean shave every time.

The nano particle-strengthened blades offer a closer shave than ever and a resilient and sharp edge that won’t tear, pull, or irritate the skin. Additionally, the 8-direction contouring head makes sculpting facial hair a breeze.

The BeardAdapt sensor checks hair density 15 times per second and makes automatic adjustments as you shave, making it ideal for even the thickest of hair.

This razor works for dry and wet shaving and uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers 60 minutes of power between charges. There is also a LED display to show when the shaver is on, the remaining battery life, and more.

Customers love this razor despite the price. They agree that it offers the best shave of any electric razor, cutting right down to the skin but never through it. Customers love how well this razor handles, the improved contour grip, and how easy it is to shave every nook and cranny.

3. Best Manual Razor – Gillette Mach 3

Best Manual Razor
Gillette Mach 3 Men's Razor
  • Close shave
  • Doesn’t clog easily
  • Easy to use
  • Creates unnecessary disposable waste
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Gillette’s Mach 3 razor is the best manual razor. It is easy to use and doesn’t have an overabundance of blades to get clogged up. The three-blade design is perfect for shaving your face or body and glides smoothly even when shaving coarse and thick hair.

The razor head has a lubrication strip that helps ease shaving and also indicates when the blade needs to be changed. Each head can accommodate at least 15 comfortable shaves before needing changing and the handle fits with any Mach 3 head.

The open-blade architecture makes rinsing the blade a cinch, and the stronger-than-steel blades can cut even the coarsest hair with ease.

The Mach 3 comes with 15 cartridges and promises a comfortable shave for even the most sensitive skin.

Long-time users point out that while the design of these blades differs marginally from the last style, they still provide a close shave and are easy to use on any body part. Users like how long-lasting the blades are compared to other disposable razors and that the package comes with 15 heads.

4. Best for Facial Hair – Mercury Leaf Razor

Best for Facial Hair
Mercury Leaf Razor for Men
  • Eco-friendly
  • Compatible with any safety razor blades
  • Less waste
  • Pivoting head for a closer shave
  • Hard to tell when blades are getting dull
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Mercury’s Leaf razor is the most innovative razor. It is a three-blade razor with a pivoting head that both reduces the number of strokes it takes to shave and keeps the blades flat against your skin.

This all-metal razor can use any standard safety razor blade and works on any body part. The flexible design allows you to get a close shave anywhere, while the shape and style make it feel like a small, disposable razor that’s easy to maneuver.

Customers like that this style of razor reduces waste. It also gives the same shave as a safety razor but offers more mobility. Many also found the design visually appealing.

5. Best for Body Hair – Philips Body Shaver

Best for Body Hair
Philips Body Shaver
  • Gentle shave
  • Small head
  • Trimming and shaving heads
  • Two trimming combs
  • Not rechargeable
  • Not showerproof
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The NikiniGenie is the perfect little razor to keep the downstairs neat. This electric razor is small and perfectly streamlined to make touch-ups and trim, as well as keep house. This razor is designed especially for thick, resilient hair.

It works on wet or dry skin and only needs AA batteries. Not only is this razor good for shaving and shaping, but it is also made to be portable.

It comes with two clip-on trimming combs, a trimming head, a shaving head, and a drawstring bag. It is easy to clean and made it into the top 8 ELLE Editor’s Choice in 2021.

Many people say that this razor is super gentle on the skin and is great for both trimming and shaving. While the Amazon listing says the razor is showerproof, it isn’t. It works for wet and dry shaving, but the main body isn’t waterproof.

6. Best for Sensitive Skin – Bambaw Safety Razor

Best for Sensitive Skin
Rose Gold Safety Razor
  • Much longer lasting than other razors
  • Satin-smooth skin after use
  • Shaves close and takes hair longer to grow back
  • Eco-friendly
  • Comes in many stylish colors
  • Difficult to use at first
  • Cutting risk
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The Bambaw safety razor was designed specially to reduce skin irritation and prevent ingrown hairs. This razor is entirely metal, making it eco-friendly. The only part that needs replacing is the double-edged razor blade. It also comes in entirely cardboard packaging.

Unlike other razors, this one comes with an in-depth digital user manual that will show you all the best techniques for shaving different hair types and body parts.

It also includes recycling tips for the blades, how to extend the life of the razor, and two recipes for homemade shaving cream. This razor is also extremely affordable and durable, meaning you won’t have to spend nearly as much on shaving anymore.

Customers commend the razor for granting an impossibly close shave, though many found it difficult to use the first few times. Users also say the blades stay sharper much longer than disposable blades, don’t get clogged with hair, and the final result is satin-smooth.

7. Best Price – Vikings Blade The Chieftain

Vikings Blade
VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor
  • Affordable.
  • Grows with you as you get better with safety razors.
  • Materials are heavy-duty yet high quality.
  • Might be too aggressive, so take extra caution.
  • Chrome corrodes without proper maintenance.
  • Butterfly design breaks easily.
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The Chieftain is a safety razor that comes with an affordable price tag. Not only is the razor cheap, but keeping, maintaining, and refilling it is just as inexpensive. Double-sided razor blades are one of the least expensive ways to refill a razor head, and they are even easier to recycle.

This stout razor offers the usual close shave and easy handling of a safety razor for a more affordable price without sacrificing the style of efficiency. Customers applaud the closeness of the shave, the easy handling, and the design.

Everyone who uses this razor can’t believe the quality is so high for the price. They say that while it takes longer to shave with a safety razor, the price of the blades, the ability to change the brand of the blade, and the impossibly close shave are all worth it.

Finding the Best Razor for Coarse Hair

The best razor for coarse hair on a table


Here are a few considerations you might want to think about before settling on one style of razor.

Electric or Manual

Electric razors are a good option for anyone looking for a faster shave with less risk of cuts. Electric razors help to reduce skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and rashes as there is no razor rubbing the skin that will cause razor burn.

Unfortunately, electric razors tend to also have a much higher price tag. They sometimes also are harder to keep clean and may not work with wet shaving.

Some electric shavers don’t shave as close as a blade either and the motor can burn out. Manual razors, on the other hand, shave closer to the skin and may be easier to get into odd places. They also cost less but usually need replacement parts.

The risk of cuts, razor burn, and ingrown hairs is higher when using a manual razor, but they all work with wet shaving methods.

Overall, electric razors offer faster shaving speed and reduced skin irritation, while manual razors are generally easier to maneuver and shave closer.

One or More Blades

The difference between one and more blades comes down to safety. One blade is the best for shaving, period. It will shave close, cut through any hair type, and never get clogged, but the risk of cutting yourself is much higher.

Using two or three blades reduces the risk of cuts but can lead to other issues like a clogged razor and razor burn.

Anything more than three blades is unnecessary and will only lead to more problems. The question comes down to how good at shaving you are, and how likely you are to slip.


The style of the razor greatly affects how easy it is to get into awkward places. A giant electric razor is not ideal for butt chins, upper lips, or underwear lines. Safety razors are easy to use in tight spots but are not as flexible as cartridge razors.

If you need to get into places that are hard to reach, you may want to consider skipping out on the bulkier razors. That said, if the razor gets too small, you may spend a lot more time shaving than you’d like.


The price is pretty self-explanatory. If the razor costs a bomb, then it’s probably not worth it, but a cheap razor usually means low quality, too. Electric razors tend to be the most expensive because they last much longer than disposable ones.

Cartridge razors are cheap, but you constantly need to replace the blade head, and that cost can add up fast depending on the brand. You want to make sure that the price you pay for the razor is equal to the quality and longevity of the razor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guy using the best razor for coarse hair on his face

Olena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions people have about using razors for coarse hair.

How do you get a close shave with coarse hair?

Always start by washing your face to remove oils and dead skin. Next, apply a warm wet towel for up to three minutes to soften the hair before applying shaving gel.

Shave with light strokes in the most comfortable direction and reapply shave gel as necessary. Shave your neck last so the gel has time to soften the hair. Finish off with a moisturizer to prevent dryness.

Can you use a rotary shaver on your balls?

Shaving such a sensitive area with any electric razor is a bad idea. They are bulky, increase the risk of cuts significantly, and aren’t made for any place other than your face. Plus, why would you want to use the same shaver on your balls and face?

Why is pubic hair so coarse?

According to Healthline, pubic hair is there to prevent friction during sex and regular movement. It also serves a purpose to prevent bacterial growth and may signal fertility to an extent. If the hair was finer, it wouldn’t do a very good job at reducing friction and keeping things out.

So, What’s the Best Razor for Coarse Hair?

For the closest, most comfortable shave, you need a razor that can cut through coarse hair.

Keeping coarse hair in line is a near herculean task when you use the wrong razor. Using the best razor for coarse hair ­– something like the Braun Electric Razor Series 5 – can make the job a lot less painful.